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Children can be a headache to travel with especially when it’s an international trip. So can imagine when you move to a plane things have the potential to get a lot worse. As a parent, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid having a long stressful flight when traveling with your children. 

Although the pointers below are not a full proof plan, according to Movingbabies, using them can make your journey significantly less stressful. Here is what to do;

#01. Figure out Which Airline You Want to Use and Book Your Seats


The thought of your toddler screaming their discontent in another passenger’s ears, the whole flight, is probably one of the things you are dreading. While this might be a bit hard to avoid entirely, you can put some measures in place to prevent causing too much damage. 

When making the bookings, ask for an aisle and a window seat. This way, if the plane is not fully booked, you can also use the middle position to hold some of your things. If on the flip side all the seats are occupied, you can politely ask to exchange one of your places with the other passenger.


#02. Make a Doctor’s Appointment


You need to remember that as an adult, your immunity is a lot stronger than your child’s. Therefore, diseases and infection that may not faze you could seriously affect them. Therefore, see your doctor when you settle on a destination so that they can tell you which shots you need and when to get them.

#03. Start Packing Early


Most people always end up leaving something when they start packing at the last minute. When you have kids, this can be disastrous considering all the things you have to carry with you. Therefore, make a list of all you need to pack so that you have enough time to buy what you do not have. 

As long as your child is below the age of four, you will also need to have a reliable baby car seat and a functional baby stroller with you – the earlier you start packing, the less your chances of forgetting essential items.


#04. Socialize with Other Mums


Spending time to talk to other mum’s will give you insights you probably overlooked. They can give you tips on what to pack and hat to leave, how to keep your child calm during the flight, or even how to stay sane when your child does not behave.  It will also be good for you to talk to someone from the airline you plan to use. Developing good rapport will come in handy when you need a favor.


#05. Choose the Right Hotel


Dispel the notion that any hotel will be suitable for your family. By spending some tie online, you will notice that some places are more ideal for your family than others. Additionally, do not assume that they will provide you with things like cribs and baby food. 

Therefore, when you are making your reservation, make sure to include the fact that you have a child and to also put in your requests beforehand.


#06. Do Not Dilly Dally at Home


When you are traveling on your own, you can afford to delay at home and then hurry to the airport. With a child, this is not ideal. Therefore, work on your schedule to ensure that you can leave home with an hour to spare. This way, even if you get a flat tire on the road or your taxi is late you do not start getting frazzled because this anxiety will pass on to your child.


Being a parent can be overwhelming, especially if your child is under the age of five. Therefore, if you can get special treatment without having to offend or inconvenience anyone goes for it. Additionally, if you are stuck do not hesitate to ask for help – whether it is from other passengers, the flight attendants or even the airline’s front desk.

Every year most households set aside some time for general cleaning. The time of year may vary, but for most people the preferred season is spring. However, while routine cleaning may merely be tiring for most people, it is an impossible chore for older adults. It only means that while they may clean their countertops and wipe the floors, dust and dirt can accumulate in the house in the long run.

As a relative whether a daughter, grandchild or nephew, you need to help them spring clean. It might seem like a hard and tedious job, but if you follow the following pointers from Bypurify, you will be done in no time.

Become a Master Spring Cleaner with These Simple but Effective Tips


Knowing earlier on what undertakings you will assign to yourself can genuinely lessen the heap of spring cleaning while additionally providing care! Regardless of whether you do it without anyone else’s help or get help, here are some unique considerations for seniors:

  1. List and prioritize the work-spring cleaning generally involves cleaning the whole house and everything in it. If you try to go about this work without a plan, you will get tired before you are even halfway. Therefore, make a list of all the things that need to do and then prioritize what you need to do first. 

  1. Assess the house and then remove clutter. Every home has knick-knacks, most of this are things that you buy or inherit that sit on a shelf collecting dust. You will need to go around the house with your relative identifying what they use. You sell the rest of the items, donate or destroy them. When going about this task, make sure the homeowner is present. It will save you from disposing of something that was of sentimental value to them.

  1. Have a work schedule. Even though you may know what you need to do, you should be able to decide when to do it. The program you make should be accommodating for all the people involved with the work. Additionally, make sure you are realistic when allocating time to different activities. Otherwise, you will find that you or the people involved did some things in a hurry and therefore need to be repeated.


  1. Get the insights of the relative in question. When you get around to the actual work, you need to know what the homeowner wants. They may prefer to use a particular detergent or will want you to repack the pantry a certain way. Since they will be the ones living in the house, you should pay attention to, and follow, their instructions as tightly as you can. Additionally, do not forget to ask them if they have any allergies to the cleaning agents you may be using.

  1. Get an extra pair of hands. Spring cleaning is not a one day job, and therefore, do not wear yourself out trying to do everything alone. You should involve other family members who may be willing to help. Alternatively, you could hire professionals to do the job.


  1. Involve them in all the stages. You should consult the homeowner throughout the planning process.  Additionally, when you get to the actual cleaning give them some work to do as well. This way, they will not feel left out or discriminated against. On the days when you might need to get them out of the house, you can give them a task to do outdoors or have someone take them out for lunch or shopping.


Sometimes our elderly relatives may not have the strength to live alone, and in this case, you can have the caretaker handle the cleaning activities. However, if they are still in good health and able to take care of their home by themselves, then you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner for them.  It should be something portable and easy to use. 

Additionally, an air purifier will be a welcome present. Your relatives can put this in the room they use the most. This way, you do not have to worry about them inhaling dust, pollen or mold, any of which can cause an allergic reaction.

If you’re property-rich and strapped for cash, you have probably heard about equity release schemes and how they’re changing a lot of people’s lives.

Well, if you haven’t, you shouldn’t worry.

Basically, equity release schemes allow you to unlock the equity from your home. They come in two forms – lifetime mortgages and the home reversion plan. A lifetime mortgage typically involves taking a secured loan on your residence, and you don’t have to pay until you die or move into residential care. 

Home reversion plans, on the other hand, involve selling of a portion of your estate to get valuable funds. They are the best option if you want a guarantee that you’ll leave a percentage of your property to your kids or any other beneficiaries.

Be sure to check out sovereignboss and see how much you can release by using the equity release calculator.

Understanding Equity Release 

According to financial reports by various companies, equity release plans are slowly taking over the market, and most people prefer them to traditional mortgages. 

Most seniors are opting to take the equity from theirs to finance their retirement or even to supplement their pensions or incomes. Equity release allows them to enjoy the benefits of having built such equity while also maintaining the ownership of their estates and assets.

Well, here are some of the reasons you should join this percentile and get yourself an equity release plan:

Features of Equity Release Schemes

There are a variety of reasons why retirees are opting to take out equity release plans, and some of these include:

#01. You Get to Reside in Your House

One of the most significant benefits of equity release plans is that, according to federal law, you have the right to reside in your home until the life of the loan ends.

As per statistics conducted by several psychological associations, selling your family home and moving to a new environment can cause not only emotional stress but also physical turmoil to 70% of the population.

There are also the expenses associated with moving like solicitors fees, moving company fees, removal costs, stamp duty & the emotional price of up-rooting you and your family from a place that you’ve spent the majority of your life bringing up your offspring & other family-related matters.  

By taking out an equity release scheme, you can be able to maintain your independence & have the right to remain in your family home for as long as Mother Nature wills you to.

#02. You Live a Life of Luxury

100% of the people that take the equity from their homes get to fulfill their dreams, retire peacefully, and relax. 

Some choose to go for the long-awaited holidays to foreign and exotic locations. Others, on the other hand, opt to purchase a brand new Lexus or any car of their choice or to carry out those home renovation plans they’ve been dreaming of for years.

For others, it’s merely pleasurable spending cash on their family by gifting their children now, rather than later and seeing them enjoy bringing up their grandchildren without the monetary constraints that the modern society is imposing.


#03. You’re Guaranteed Returns

Almost every equity release plan provides you with the benefit of having guarantees throughout your life. It can be the guaranteed interest rates for your lifetime on your prestigious enhanced lifetime mortgage scheme or, for your income lifetime mortgage plan. 

There’s also the no negative equity guarantee that the lifetime mortgage plans also have, ensuring that all equity release schemes are adhering to the Safe Home Income Plan (SHIP) regulations. The no negative equity guarantee makes sure that your successors can’t ever incur any debt over & above the estate’s market value once you have passed on or moved into residential care.


Therefore, if you’re still considering taking an equity release plan, you can see the various perks you’ll be enjoying, and they’re not limited to those, there are many more pros to taking out an equity release scheme. 

You have to ensure that you consult with your financial advisor before you head out to take out one. They’ll help you know what your particular needs are and advise you accordingly.


Casio Edifice watches are well-known watches all over the world and has become a status of symbol for interested watch lovers. Casio was famous due to the manufacturing of cameras, calculators, and computers since 1946 but after few years Casio Company started to produce luxury style watches in 1974 and got a very good response from the market. Basically, it is a Japanese based biggest Electronic giants Company which headquarter in Tokyo. Casio edifice considers one of the best and luxury manufacturing world’s famous watch models which has become a need for interested people to wear the best-recommended watch models of the company. There are numerous online well-reputed watch models which are famous in the world and have a very good response from the interested communities. With high-performance metal, analog and a sporty style features Casio Edifice watches has become the world’s famous watch models in the world among luxury watch lover’s communities. Through a fusion of dynamic design with advanced features, the Casio watch brand has become in the top trend watch list since from its origin. Luxury watches lovers; always try to find the best quality watches and the most attractive design watches which can attract the world’s audience attention to wear on special occasions

Why Casio Edifice Watches are so Famous Among Luxury Watch Lovers? 

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Best Recommended Models of Casio Edifice Watches

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How to Find the Best Casio Watches?

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The UK has been experiencing record-breaking heatwaves in the past few summers. In fact, the latest bank holiday weekend was the hottest one yet. A heatwave can be irritating; however, it can also be made into something enjoyable. In this article, we will go through the best things you can do during a heatwave. 


  1. Play Online Bingo


One of the best ways to enjoy the sunshine is by playing online bingo. This is a game that is highly beloved by so many people because of its simple rules and engaging gameplay. In recent years many bingo sites have emerged to offer an immersive online experience. You can benefit from playing online bingo on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. This means you can sit back in your garden and enjoy the sun while having mobile bingo fun. When the sun is out, it can be the best time to enjoy the thrills of bingo. If it gets too hot, you can always go back inside and carry on the bingo fun on your mobile device.


  1. Enjoy the Shade


The best thing to do during a heatwave is to avoid the sun during the hottest hours. This is usually between 11 am to 3 pm, and during these hours you can cool off in the shade. One of the best places in Paisley to enjoy the shade is Barshaw Park. It has many benches to sit, and a relaxing vibe to enjoy. You can enjoy your ice cream or lolly while sitting on a bench in the cool shade. 


  1. Go to the Beach


A day out to one of the beaches in Scotland can be one of the best things to do during a heatwave. However, you must be sure that you bring along plenty of water and apply sufficient sun cream. Scotland’s beaches come alive during the heatwave, and they tend to be very crowded. This makes it essential to get in early so that you can get the best spot. For beach lovers, a heatwave provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beach and to cool off in the sea. 


  1. Play Some Board Games


A heatwave is also the perfect time to get some family round and get involved in some indoor fun. With the fan on, you can start enjoying some fantastic board games. Games such as Monopoly are always guaranteed to be engaging for the entire family. Moreover, it gives you a chance to enjoy an activity as a family which doesn’t involve phones or tablets. When playing indoor games, you should make sure that your house remains as cool as possible. In particular, this is important for older people and younger children as they can be particularly at risk when a heatwave strikes. Therefore it is crucial to make sure that everyone remains hydrated, and that they are comfortable. 


  1. Visit a Waterpark


One of the best places to cool off is a water park or a swimming pool. It can be great fun to cool off in a waterpark, and it is a perfect family getaway on a hot day. There are quite a few water parks in Glasgow that provide fun for the entire family. Alternatively, you can check out some swimming pools in Paisley. An escape into water always feels better during a heatwave, and it is a fantastic way to cool off in warm weather. 


Closing Thoughts


The most important thing to do during a heatwave is to stay safe. You can do this by remaining hydrated and sticking to cool spots. Once you have checked off these safety requirements, you can start having some fun in the sun. It is important to make the most of it since the hot weather usually never lasts long. 

With the increased use of electric gadgets, children are under the risk of not knowing how to play and thus socialise. You can imagine where the world is heading to if the existing generation lacks the communication skills required to run and sustain personal and business growth. As a parent, you should consider installing an outdoor playground and decorate it. The decoration will be a factor that will be encouraging your children to play outside.

For instance, you can start by installing decking boards. These boards will be applicable as a children playground, and if you have visitors, you can host them on the deck. The idea is to decorate the playground beyond imagination to ensure that your children would prefer playing outside rather than staying indoors with television. So, how can you achieve a refurbished playground? Here are tips to consider while decorating an outdoor playground for children.

Planting Artificial Flowers

Children are fast learners, and this enables them to gain and retain the knowledge of something they’ve seen. If your child has attended a wedding or saw a ceremony that involved flowers, they’ll try the activity. Therefore, plant artificial flowers on sandbox which will be used by your children over and every day. Their creativity will mesmerise you, and you’ll discover their potential by watching them play with the flowers.

The advantage of artificial flowers is they’re recyclable and safe for use. Find flowers containing colours attractive to children, which include yellow, red and blue. These colours are appealing to children, and it’s the main reasons why they are used to decorate children playgrounds in schools. Fill pots and plastic containers with sand. Artificial flowers will decorate a child’s playground, will be planted or plucked as children wishes.

Buy a Mobile Mud Pit

Why do children love playing with mud? First, clay can be moulded to create various images. Similarly, it can be destroyed to make other moulds too. Buy a mobile mud pit in which your children will be mixing mud to mould various items. It is easy to assemble the pit and clean it, which makes it convenient for your child creative activity and cleaning for you. You can move the mud pit to a position away from the house to prevent it from dirt. Also, when your children are through with the mud pit, you can put it away. As much playing with mud is involving and fun, you have to ensure that you incorporate other things to exemplify the experience.

Do you have a whiteboard? Well, it’s a suitable device on which your children will paint with mud and later clean it for new drawings. A whiteboard is ideal for expanding children creativity because they’ll be drawing what they imagine or see.

Homemade Waterfall

Another thing children love playing with is water. If you have empty plastic bottles, cut them through to create a passage for water. The good thing is you can work along with your kids to design a waterfall at home. Therefore, let your children connect hose pipes to plastic bottles. Fix the jars on standing wooden support. Your imagination will be the limiting factor.

So, imagine how a waterfall looks like and fix the bottle identically. For example, the containers shouldn’t be straight. You can put one bottle on the left and attach the other on the right but slightly below the one on the left to receive water. Arrange the bottles to look like stepping stops up a mountain and let the child colour the bottles using different paints.

Ensure there is a basin to collect water under the bottles from which the kids will draw water and put it back through the first bottle. First, children will put mud and other items in the containers and watch them flow through the waterfall. It might block the waterfall system, and it will be up to the children problem-solving skills to unblock the passage. Designing a waterfall outside the house will ensure that the invested material used to build your home remain safe because children will be engaged most of the time outside playing.

Composite Decking Boards

It is an ideal way of decorating an outdoor playground. First, it is safe because they are fixed firmly from beneath them. When children are playing, there will be nothing to trip them. So, order the decking boards from Ultra Decking, a reliable company whose goal is to design and install the decks at affordable prices.

However, there are various factors to consider before you order them. For instance, some colours of composite boards absorb heat. So, ask the manufacturer about the best colour to use for your deck, especially if your deck will remain uncovered from direct sun rays. Other factors to consider are the size, fastening methods, quality, and add-ons.


Seesaw is one of the activities that would make you miss your childhood. The thrilling feeling that comes with bouncing up and down is unimaginable. If you want your children to experience the stimulating nature of seesaw, take a tire and cut it into two. Put each of the halves on opposite sides but should be parallel.

Find a wedged pivot and put at the centre of the two halves of a tire. Place a board on top of the pivot and hit a nail through to the pivot. Each end of the board should be above the tires. The tires increase the energy which pushes the board back up, and thus your children will enjoy the experience. Ensure you teach the children how to use the seesaw and implement safety measures.

Balance Beam

Designing a balancing beam is easy because you need old boards or timber. Balance beam can be used on any flat surface, including composite decking boards. Children can use a balance beam to exercise and practice gymnastic activities they’ve seen on television. Design an intense beam on which even an adult can use because it will be best if you practice using it along with your child.

A balance beam is ideally a play station, but it’s advantageous because it helps in the development of children and it’s an outdoor activity. Therefore, design and decorate balance beams of 4*4 or 4* 2s and demonstrate to your kids on how to use them. Alternatively, if your child is conversant with balancing on the beam, incorporate wheels.

Train your child to balance and ride through a small surface like a composite deck. Ensure the floor has rails on which the child will support himself. Consequently, let the child ride the beam through the compound before allowing them to walk with it on community pavements.

Tire Swing

Have you come across adults swinging? Well, swinging is one of the relaxing activities you can involve yourself. Once you are given a push for several rounds, you can swing until time runs out. You can never tire from swinging if the sitting equipment is designed to prevent sore.

So, find a material ideal for sitting and assemble it to sturdy rails. For example, smoothen an old tire and fit a chain through it. Ensure there is nothing that undermines the safety of children while swinging. Especially, if they have been to a party, make sure that the children suit they wore for the occasion are all removed before they jump on mini-trampoline or any swing. Decorate the chains and ensure the surface is flat and has no stones which can harm the kid in case of a fall.

Take away

Children are required to play to ensure that their brains develop correctly. However, if you restrain them from playing outside because they’ll get hurt or disorganise your compound, you’ll be depriving them healthy brain development. Therefore, consider the above tips while designing and decorating a playground for children.

The ideas are ideal because you can disassemble the equipment when the child is through with playing. Additionally, they are cost-effective and easy to clean. For example, cleaning a deck and mud pit is easy.


Paisley Abbey” (CC BY 2.0) by paisleyorguk

The internet has improved our lives in multiple ways. From finding information to enjoying the latest movie releases, the online world has changed the physical world around us. However, even in an age where digital technology reigns supreme, it’s nice to have something tangible. With Paisley being well renowned for its prowess in the world of weaving, visitors are always looking to take a piece of the region home. However, there’s a lot of potential beyond the famous Paisley shawl.

With more people now visiting Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Paisley is starting to reap the benefits of increased tourism. However, when you delve deeper into the statistics, spending across Scotland is down. According to the Scottish Tourism Industry report for 2017/2018, day visitors spent 8.7% less than they did during the previous year. Moreover, total visitor spend was down 7.4%. In essence, what the stats suggest is that more people are coming to the area, but they’re spending less. Although the reasons for this will be varied, the internet could play a part in the spending slump.

Make Use of Picture Perfect Paisley

Think about it; today, you can take your own photos and store them on your phone. In days gone by, visitors would either have to get them developed at a local shop or buy postcards as souvenirs. Obviously, separating people from their smartphones is impossible at this point. However, thanks to modern technology, you can encourage people to turn their digital photos into physical products, a possibility many welcome. Using an online service, you can create high-quality postcards in a variety of styles. From standard formats and bookmarks to premium paper cards, the possibilities are almost endless.

For individuals, that’s great as it means they can have a tangible reminder of their time in Paisley. However, it’s also something retailers can use to their advantage. As well as shooting and printing their own postcards, local businesses could also offer printing as a secondary service. In other words, a local shop can become an affiliate of an online printing service. Not only would the additional affiliate revenue boost their bottom line, but it would also give customers a way to have a physical reminder of their trip.

3d printed objects by westonhighschoollibrary, on Flickr
3d printed objects” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by westonhighschoollibrary

Alongside similar lines, 3D printing could also provide another high-tech way for Paisley businesses to increase tourism and, in turn, spending. While an industrial-sized 3D printer is by no means cheap, the cost of owning one is starting to fall as they become more common. Something such as the Monoprice Select Mini V2 comes in at under £200 and has the ability to create desktop-size 3D prints with a surprising degree of detail. Naturally, you’re not going to be able to create a truly lifelike representation of something for that price. However, you can print something that’s a nice memento of a local landmark or setting, potentially even customising it to the visitor’s preferences.

Using this technology, shop owners could offer standard printouts of attractions such as the Town Hall or Paisley Abbey. Alternatively, the truly entrepreneurial could give visitors the ability to turn their snapshots into figurines. The process itself may take a day or two. However, if it’s organised correctly, visitors could collect their 3D model at a later date or have it mailed to them. Either way, it’s another way in which businesses could create something lasting and help generate more income from the glut of tourists that visit the area.

Embrace New Business Models

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you totally forgo the idea of using the internet as a way of making money or encouraging people to visit Paisley. In fact, we actively encourage it. However, with so many things on the internet available for free, it seems it may not always best for business. As we’ve shown, though, you can still use it to your advantage. With a little bit of thought, it’s possible to harness the power of modern technology to create something tangible and, in turn, drive business. Printed postcards or 3D models are a great start, but there’s so much more you could do.

Paisley has and always will be a must-see place for visitors to Scotland, not least because of its famous fabrics. With the number of tourists on the up, more opportunities are set to present themselves in the coming years. For businesses and the local economy, these are opportunities not to be wasted. The average visitor spend may be down, but that doesn’t mean things have to stay that way. By finding innovative ways to combine the power of the internet and new tech with our inherent love of physical objects, there’s no reason Paisley can’t set the trend when it comes to providing physical gifts in an online age.

St. Mirren needed the Premiership playoffs last season to save their top-flight status. After finishing 11th in the Scottish Premiership, the Saints overcame Scottish Championship team Dundee United to preserve their place in the division. Now, after that dramatic penalty shootout wins, according to hardbonuscode.co.uk St. Mirren have started the new season in the top flight. Yet, the Saints haven’t got off to the start they had hoped for.  if you are a St. Mirren football fan in Scotland, you can wager on the Saints every matchday in the Scottish Premiership by entering this exclusive Totesport Promo Code. 

After three games of Scottish Premiership play, St Mirren sits eighth in the table with three points from nine possible. A loss to Hibernian and Rangers were close-run affairs. Meanwhile, a home 1-0 win over Aberdeen was a solid result from the Saints. 

Now, St. Mirren have plenty of room for improvement with winnable matches on the horizon.

Goodwin can be a fine coach at St. Mirren

Former Saints player Jim Goodwin took over the squad in the summer following the departure of Oran Kearney. The manager added 10 players to the St. Mirren squad ahead of their loss to Rangers over the weekend.

Although the attack has only scored one goal in three matches, Goodwin’s defense has received praise for conceding twice in 270-plus minutes of football. Rangers’ goal in game week 3 came from a moment of brilliance as Borna Barisic’s free-kick landed in the back of the net from an unlikely distance.

Goodwin was always on a tough road at St. Mirren this season. The player turnover and the loss of first-team coach Jimmy Nicholl, who left to coach at Dundee, were frustrating. The manager has had a lot of work to sift through since his arrival. 

Can Morias fill the goalscoring void?

St. Mirren scored 34 goals in 2018-19, which was the third-fewest of any team in the Scottish Premiership. Goodwin has attempted to rectify the Saints’ goalscoring problems by signing three forwards. 

Tony Andreu arrived from Coventry City, Jonathan Obika joined from Oxford United, and most recently, Junior Morias was added from Northampton Town. Morias is perhaps the most exciting of the three. Even Goodwin described his signing as “very lucky”. 

Morias spent time in the Fulham and Wycombe Wanderer’s youth systems before moving onto an assortment of lower league and non-league teams. In 2017, he popped up at Peterborough United scoring 10 goals in 45 matches. As is the case with many footballers, Morias was a casualty of a new manager taking over the squad in 2018. He went on to spend one season at Northampton Town where he scored six times in 19 League Two matches.

At only 24, Morias is a solid forward St. Mirren were shrewdly able to sign. Although Morias hasn’t got off the mark yet, Goodwin knows the striker’s quality should shine through as the season wears on. 

St. Mirren have plenty of room for improvement. With Morias and the other nine players signed thus far, the Saints should ease their way away from relegation.


Security setbacks can be devastating in the business world and must be avoided at all costs. It can be incredibly frustrating to be going through a period of growth and success only to have this stunted by an issue like a virus or data loss, which is why every business owner needs to know a few key steps to prevent a security setback. Unfortunately, cybercrime is a huge problem in today’s digital world and one which will only get bigger over the next few years. It is possible to protect your business and stop any setbacks from occurring with the following steps.


  1. Education


First, you need to educate yourself and your team on what security threats there are and how you can stay safe. Employee negligence is the most common reason for a security issue, so when your team is aware of what the dangers are and how they can avoid them, it should help to prevent any security setbacks. This training should include:


  • Creating strong passwords
  • Not responding to unsolicited emails from people that you do not know
  • Only downloading applications from trusted sources
  • Not sharing sensitive information online
  • Making regular backups of data


  1. Use Secure Networks


In today’s digital era, many employees work remotely, whether this is at home, in a cafe or on the train on the way to work. While this brings many benefits, it can also be dangerous if they are connected to public WiFi as this is a network which is not secure. As it’s not secure, it means that a cybercriminal could gain access. Therefore, it is important that staff only use secure networks for working and using a VPN when working on public WiFi.


  1. Security Software


Security software can protect your business against a wide range of digital threats like ransomware. This software should always be obtained from cybersecurity specialists like www.mcafee.com, and the software should be kept up to date so that you are always protected against the latest threats.


  1. Create Regular Back-Ups


Backing up important data is an important security practice that every business needs to do. Backing up data to an external device will ensure that no information is lost if the original version is damaged, lost or stolen. This is a simple security measure but one which is often overlooked and could prove to be incredibly costly if not followed.


  1. Ethical Hacking


Once you have a cybersecurity system in place, then it is a good idea to hire a company that offers ethical hacking services. This is a safe way of testing your security system and identifying any weaknesses which could be exploited so that you can strengthen and create a watertight system.


These five steps should help your company to prevent any security setbacks. There has never been a time where security has been such a big issue for modern-day business primarily due to the continuing rise of cybercrime all around the world. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent a security setback when you know how and make security a priority throughout your organisation.

Since Boris Johnson took over from Theresa May as prime minister, there have been a number of ‘tax and spend’ commitments that he has announced. Some Westminster observers have already detected some minor push back on some of Johnson’s ideas from HM Treasury, now in the hands of the former Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Given that the new administration is yet to fully cost all of the ideas the new PM has come up with, some think that Javid is likely to have his work cut out by the time he has to finalise all of the figures in his first budget. And yet, Johnson – who appears to be setting the government on a footing that looks increasingly like a general election is coming – continues to operate in a manner designed to win votes, including his ideas for revitalising the UK’s property market.

It may be easy to understand why Johnson is running his premiership in a way that feels like an election is underway already. With the overarching issue of leaving the European Union hanging over the government – the central plank of his leadership campaign was to deliver Brexit by the end of October, ‘do or die’, after all – he may have an election forced upon him even though he has stated repeatedly that he does not want one. The new PM has already pledged to raise the threshold at which income tax is paid at the higher rate from £50,000 to £80,000 and proposed a similar rise in the level at which National Insurance Contributions are made, for example. However, he hasn’t stopped there and Johnson’s plans for stamp duty could also have a significant impact on those who have investments in the property market in the UK, too. 

In fact, it was long before he became PM, that Johnson said an economically stimulating budget would be needed in 2019 – something that would aim to breathe new life into the housing market. While he was in the hustings for the leadership of the Conservative Party, he said that he would ‘make significant cuts’ to property tax in order to revive the growth of house prices which have stagnated somewhat over the last couple of years in some areas.

Of course, a pledge or an aspiration that is made in the heat of a leadership election campaign may not turn out to be government policy when in office. Many a prime minister has seen their plans thwarted by a more fiscally prudent Treasury team over the years, after all. That said, the question many professionals in the property market are genuinely asking themselves is whether or not the government will honour his promise to lower stamp duty land tax – or SDLT – as it is officially known.

At the moment, only homes that come with a price tag below £125,000 are not subject to any form of SDLT. The only exception comes for first time buyers who are allowed to purchase a home that is free from the tax so long as it is priced under a £300,000. During his election campaign, Johnson said that he wanted to stimulate the upper echelons of the housing market by bringing down Osbourne’s SDLT rates on residences valued over the £1.5 million by lowering the stamp duty rate from 12 per cent (where it remained under Philip Hammond) to a much more affordable seven per cent. 

However, Johnson did not leave his plans for overhauling stamp duty there. He also said that he wanted to raise the thresholds for all types of stamp duty from their current position to £500,000. Given that the country’s average property price currently stands a little over £243,000, this would make a big difference to the average house buyer, whether they are new to the market or selling up and moving. 

Some press reports have said that Johnson’s idea has not been properly funded because there would be an obvious hit to Treasury receipts if the policy he suggested were to be enacted in a budget. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), for example, said that the income the government received on housing transactions below the proposed threshold of £500,000 over the course of the last financial year was £3.8 billion. The IFS went on to say that the drop in tax receipts to the Treasury of the policy would be slightly higher if it was rolled out because of the number of residences that are worth just over £500,000 would have asking prices just below the threshold to avoid the tax. That said, if the policy stimulates the market, then more houses will end up being worth more than half a million pounds in time so it is not yet clear how successful the plans might be.


Johnson has already indicated that an emergency budget may be required in the autumn in order to prepare the UK’s economy for Brexit. Whether that is put together prior to a managed departure from the EU or as a result of a so-called no-deal scenario in November remains anyone’s guess. Indeed, whether the SDLT thresholds and rates will be changed significantly is also a matter of speculation at the moment for much the same political reason. However, it is clear from Johnson’s rhetoric where is fiscal instincts lie.