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Businesses often look at investments in terms of tangible returns, or ROI. However, measuring corporate wellness with the same yardstick might be a mistake. Any debate of whether corporate wellness initiatives have any real ROI has been put to rest with a multitude of studies and statistics over the years.

The most recent one, a report by ‘Safe Work Australia’ reveals that 92% of the claims over serious work-related mental health problems, were attributed to mental stress. Guess what the compensation paid to workers for work-related mental health problems was? $543 million!

That’s an eye opener as good as any. But if budget-oriented businesses do not want to settle for anything less than quantifiable metrics to measure ROI, then here are four of them.

#1 – Employee Engagement

An unengaged workforce is more likely to be emotionally and cognitively detached with their work, which will affect their productivity and hence, your bottom line. A study conducted by Gallup, an American advisory and analytics company reveals that a highly engaged workforce, on the other hand, can help you boost your profits by up to 21%.

Hence most successful organizations today consider employee engagement as one of their key business strategies. How do you measure engagement though?

Set clear expectations, provide your employees with the means to maximize their potential and skills, encourage ongoing communication and identify and be mindful of your employee’s emotions. At the end of the day, there should be a marked improvement in employee productivity, customer outcome, and annual turnover, which are measurable markers.

#2 – Absenteeism

Workplace wellness programs, such as the ones offered by Happy Melon in Australia, are directly connected to reduced employee absenteeism. There are not one, but over 50 studies and research papers that have established this correlation. Here are some of the obvious benefits of such a program:

  • Better physical health
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Reduced levels of blood pressure, manageable blood glucose levels and lipids
  • They are less likely to be obese

The ROI on every dollar spent on employee wellness can be as high as $2.73.

#3 – Productivity

There’s been a lot of focus on the costs associated with poor employee health. But what often goes undetected is the cost associated with poor productivity, where the employee may be physically present at the workplace, but is not as productive as they should be.

This is called presenteeism and it is estimated that the costs associated with it are twice or thrice as high as direct health care costs.

  • Employees experiencing depression are 131% likelier to have p
  • Something as common as Neck Pain is associated with 79% of presenteeism cases.

Even brief physical activity can help prevent, or at least mitigate the effects of workplace stressors, which may contribute or even be solely responsible for presenteeism.

#4 – The Bottom Line

Let’s sum it all up.

What happens when your workforce is more engaged, less absent and more productive? It’s the business that wins. Even small businesses that focus on employee health and wellness often outperform large corporations by staggering numbers, as this study reveals.

Well, if stock prices and quantifiable metrics are what businesses understand better, then what better than a substantial uptick in the bottom line?







Every country has what they would call a national sport. It is not necessarily official, but people everywhere will be able to identify it by name if you ask them.

For Scotland, that sport is, without question, golf.

It is the sport to which people pay most attention. It is why, historically, there are so many popular professional golfers who hail from Scotland. It is the primary sport that makes people sign up for and make deposits at sportsbooks. It is why so many people in Scotland not only play golf for leisure, but follow the professional circuit so closely.

And it is why the Scottish Open is such a popular PGA tournament everywhere, as well as why there was so much buzz around the 2014 Ryder Cup, the last time that event took place in Scotland.

So…what gives? Every country has a backstory that explains why a particular sport is so popular, verging on religion. What is it about Scotland that has made it such a hotbed for golf?

Let’s find out.

A Rich History

Golf isn’t some relatively new phenomenon in Scotland. It has roots that stretch back centuries.

Seriously: centuries.

 Dates are disputed, but it is generally believed that golf entered the fold in the 15th century, sometime around the 1450s, when King James II banned the game only for it to then take off.

If you’re asking how golf reached Scotland, the answer is simple: They invented it. The country is credited with developing the first 18-hole game and the guidelines used to play it.

Though the sport itself didn’t take off for roughly two centuries thereafter, when the St. Andrew Society of Golfers was formed in 1754, countries are always attached to games that they birthed. And golf is Scotland’s baby, which explains why it has become and remained so iconic within the region.

Golf Course Galore

As a result of golf being incepted in Scotland, they have a great deal of courses, many of which are tourist and PGA attractions.

By the end of the 19th century (early 1880s), there were 42 courses in the country. That number has increased exponentially over the past 250 years. There are now a total of 550-plus courses in the country, making it the most densely populated territory in the world.

These courses are not spread out evenly. Edinburgh and Glasgow house 161 courses between them, which makes up roughly 29 percent of the total count.

At the same time, it does feel like 18-hole courses are everywhere. It’s a running joke that people in Scotland will say there’s a golf course in every town. They are being facetious, but they’re not technically wrong. Everyone in Scotland is within reasonable driving distance of at least one place to play. Even the northern Scotland Islands have a total of 14 courses—and, again, they’re islands!

With so many spots to golf in Scotland, how could any sport rival its popularity?

Climate and Accessibility

No, Scotland is not a warm-weather country. They get all four seasons, and some places experience them to more extremes than others.

But that’s part of the Scottish charm. People in the United States can liken it to their state of Colorado: There’s a chance you’ll experience all four seasons in one day, regardless of the time of year! That can make it hectic to get through a full 18 holes, but the unpredictability also adds an intriguing element for diehards.

It isn’t just Scotland diehards, either. The variance in weather is part of what makes them such a tantalizing spot for traveling golfers. Some will head to parts of the country where it gets warmer and sunnier during certain times, but many others take joy out of the inconsistent conditions. It also helps that Scotland has some courses with great views on the coast.

And last, but certainly not least, golf’s popularity in Scotland has soared by virtue of pure accessibility.

Where in other places it’s considered a sport of the privileged or mostly male-dominanted, that isn’t so much the case here. Men and women, adults and children—they all play golf. It is both a rite of passage and a wildly popular hobby.

Important still, Scotland is also known for its sheer number of lighted courses. Very few other places will light their courses well enough for you to play deep into the night. Scotland isn’t just among the exceptions. It’s the largest one.


Another year, another lockdown, and this one may be even more strict than before considering the situation caused by the new variant of the Coronavirus. It is dangerous to go outside or meet anyone, and quarantine is the only solution left. So why not make it worthwhile and productive altogether

To make things better and free of boredom, we have come up with a small list of all the right options you can utilize to make this lockdown entertaining. So read along and feel free to try whatever option suits best for you. 

Online Gaming Session

Thanks to modern-day technology, the internet is flooded with tons of online games that one can play via smartphones or other gadgets. Moreover, you can ask your friends to accompany you too. Recent online games that are trending and Scribble, a draw-and-guess match you can play on your browser. 

Another one recently on the list and trending is Among Us—a mobile phone game with a murderer playing bluff among other players. Guess the killer and kick them out by voting among yourselves. These multiplayer games are the perfect source of entertainment and help you interact with your friends during a strict lockdown period where you can’t meet them personally. 

Virtual Video Games

Okay, so this is not a new way because virtual video gaming sessions have been happening since forever. Sadly, this is the only alternative because lockdown and strict quarantine have left us with no option to gather up and play video games with our friends live together. 

So, in that case, a virtual online video game session it is. The perfect way to not only keep you entertained but also maintain your social life via numerous players online from around the world and amongst your group of friends. 

Host Netflix Party

No quarantine is complete without a group movie night! And thanks to the best streaming platform in the world, you can now host a virtual movie night via Netflix Party. Netflix Party is an extension of Netflix where you can stream and chat with your friends in real-time from anywhere. The best part about it is that you won’t have to worry about synchronizing your movie playtime or sound etc. everyone will have the same scene on their screen. 

But we can’t guarantee that all your friends are going to have the same library if some of them live abroad. Since Netflix has a strong geo-restriction based on different regions, you may have to get hold of the best VPN for Netflix to access those restricted titles and libraries. It may seem like a hassle, but honestly, you will open up a variety of new TV shows and movies that were otherwise unavailable in your location. 

Sign-Up for a Cooking Course

Cooking is therapeutic, and since all of us are spending our time home, cooking our own meals, we might as well make it exciting and fun, turning it into a full-fledged source of entertainment. There are numerous tutorials available online, but only following those may not be as helpful and entertaining as following a complete course with timed and interactive classes. 

And a plus for all this is that it will help you stay busy during quarantine and keep you entertained and productive throughout your time at home. And most of all, you will be learning a new skill altogether, which is a fantastic thing to do in itself. 

Start Streaming a New Show

Busy life and busy routine made our watchlist grow uncontrollably, making us stop and ponder over the long list and finally choose the show that you wanted to watch all this time but couldn’t due to time constraints. Now, you have all the time in the world, so go for it! 

Pick the show of your choice, grab your favorite snack, and start your binge session without a hint of any guilt. You will be amazed to see how good and relaxing it is to relieve yourself off of all the day’s stress by unwinding yourself in front of the screen and finally giving yourself the “me time” you rightfully deserved. Just don’t let yourself get addicted to it. 

Final Thoughts

Besides the options mentioned above, there are tons of other ways for you to keep yourself entertained and not all of them have to be regarding gaming or streaming. In the end, it all depends on what you enjoy the most, for some book reading can be entertaining and therapeutic. For some of their pets or spending time with their families, you do what you find best for yourself. 



Wherever you are in the world the right garden furniture can really create a special design feature in any garden. Whether you are considering a beautiful wooden bench nestled under a tree, a wrought iron bistro set carefully placed on a smaller patio or a much larger table and chairs where the whole family can come together to eat on those gloriously balmy summer evenings you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

There is a huge range of garden furniture on the market which offers something to suit every style of garden and of course every budget. The only problem you might have is working out exactly what is the best solution for your garden.

The weather

It goes without saying that the weather is likely to be a huge factor in your decision on what garden furniture to purchase, particularly if you live like Scotland where the weather isn’t always as kind as it could be. Due to its northerly location, the weather in Scotland is a little colder than it is in England with summer temperatures tending to be an average of around 15–17 °C. It can also be a little windier. This does not however deter the hardy Scots people from their enjoyment of the wonderful outdoors, in fact far from it. Gardening is an incredibly popular pastime with people of all ages and there are some particularly beautiful flowers that grow very well in Scottish soil.

When considering your purchase of furniture for your garden you will probably want to think about how much time you are prepared to dedicate each year to maintaining your garden furniture. Whilst some materials may only require a wash with soapy water at the beginning of each season, others will require a little more effort to get them looking their best. Wooden furniture, for example, can become a little rough as a result of the elements and if you want to keep it looking as good as possible then it will benefit from a gentle sanding at the beginning of each season. This should be followed by at least one coat of some form of wood treatment – what you use will depend on the type of wood that your furniture is made from. This can be time consuming as you will need to leave plenty of time for it to dry thoroughly between coats. You will also need to ensure that it is dry before you can start the work – if you don’t have a garage or workroom that you can use you will need to wait for a dry spell in the weather.

Wrought iron garden furniture is stunning but can also need some attention on a regular basis, rust spots can develop over time and if these are not treated, they can increase in size, so this is worth considering as well. Metal patio furniture sets are a good alternative that need much less maintenance before they are ready to use, giving you more time to spend relaxing in your garden.


Something else you might want to consider is where you will be placing your garden furniture. If you only have a small patio then a larger table, whilst very impressive, simply might not fit. A bistro set is a particularly good choice for a smaller garden or even a courtyard garden, where it can offer you the perfect seating solution for that early morning cup of tea whilst you listen to the radio or read your paper.



If you suffered an injury due to a person’s or entity’s negligence, a lawyer can help you make a claim for your case and get you the right compensation for the incident. Unfortunately, there are many instances where people act on their own without legal guidance resulting in a failure of getting the claim. Filing injury claims will typically pit you against insurance providers who are poised to offer you an amount that is one-sided and would not cover the total loss you’ve suffered due to their client’s act or omission. There are also other practical reasons why a personal injury lawyer can help you and your case, so you must consider them.

1.  They Are Specialized On This Type of Cases

There are different types of specializations in law and lawyers typically focus on a couple of areas to maximize their energy and efficacy on those types of cases. From the experience of Brian from Brian D. Guralnick Injury Lawyers, to win a personal injury case, you have to be an expert in the field, do extensive research, and be a strong advocate for the victims. Facing a legal team from insurance companies or large corporations can be daunting without the proper legal advisors on your side. Your lawyer will help you face your adversaries while providing you with the utmost treatment you deserve to help you recover and get them to face their responsibilities.

2.  Focus On Your Recovery

If you’ve suffered an injury, chances are you’ll be spending some time in a medical facility recovering and may not be able to work on your case. Your lawyer will help you find the best medical treatment while working on your case so that you’ll be able to get compensated as soon as possible. Referring to a tagline of a reputable West Palm Beach law firm “Demand More”, the responsible party should also cover for the losses incurred due to the event which includes, loss of salary or income, medical bills, PTSD, and other damages. Recovery means getting your life back after a tumultuous experience.

3.  Cases Can Be Complex

A lot of people are selling insurance, you might even have one or two. They are not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s in the details where the devil rears its ugly head. Experienced lawyers may even find it challenging to navigate through their agreements so it’s important to get a seasoned legal representative to guide you through the process of your claim. They will be able to advocate for your rights and guarantee that it is upheld in accessing coverage from your insurance.

4.  Protects Your Interest

Defendants and their team may apply predatory practices to turn the tables against you and your claim, so it’s important to have someone who’ll scrutinize every detail they’ll present on the case. These practices may include confusing you by misusing jargon, manipulating the interpretation of the law to gain a favorable claim value, not providing information about your claim, or even dragging out the case so that it’ll go beyond the statute of limitations. An experienced lawyer can easily spot these tactics and would respond in kind to steer the negotiations back on track.

The trauma and loss due to the accident are often enough to break a strong person’s will to fight or seek recompense from the people responsible. However, it should not be so, accepting a meager offer from the defendant’s representatives without consulting legal advice would not only injustice but would jeopardize your chances of taking back control of your life.


While many of us may be drawn to attractive sports cars like a BMW M5, Porsche 911, or Aston Martin Vantage, the truth is that there are many situations in which they are rather impractical. In a small peaceful shire, where there are not many long roads to cruise down and people value their tranquility, such boisterous, flashy vehicles are seen more as disruptions than objects of envy.

Instead of buying a new BMW sedan or some equally ostentatious coupe, you may want to consider something a little more low-key and more suited to the town environment. Unlike in the USA, hatchbacks are still very much popular due to their small footprint and disproportionately high cargo capacity. However, a compact crossover would be just as practical, and these configurations generally boast far better safety ratings than similar small automobiles.

But just because you’re shopping for a small car, that does not discount the possibility of something fun and expressive. There are more than a few hot hatches available and many SUVs offer on- and off-road capabilities to suit a variety of tastes. Here are some of the best models across several categories for those looking to feel at home in their idyllic community.

#1 Ford Fiesta

While the Blue Oval’s hatchback may be dead and buried on its home shores across the pond, it is actually one of the most popular vehicles almost everywhere else in the world. In fact, it was the top seller in the United Kingdom for 2020. The latest generation is powered by a three-cylinder engine developing 125 metric horsepower. This may not sound like much, but it is more than enough to get the small, light hatch around town and it also means that fuel economy is beyond reproach. However, an available 85 metric hp diesel engine boasts even better mileage figures.

Inside, it is relatively spacious, though the back seat can be tricky to access with only two doors. However, the boot is a little small for the segment, with only 311 litres of cargo capacity on offer. On the plus side, it is easily accessed, and the rear seats can be folded down to increase this to 1,093 litres.

#2 Volkswagen Golf

The four-door hatch from the German automaker has remained popular in the UK. The most potent motor develops 148 metric hp, which is enough to move a car of this size from 0-62 mph in around 8.5 seconds. There is a hybrid variant too, which lowers the sprint time to 6.4 seconds and improves the overall miles per gallon.

Four doors make it much easier to live with for a family, with more space to go around for heads and legs. The boot is not much larger than what you’d find in the Fiesta, though.

#3 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

If you are after something a bit more premium but do not want a full-blown sports car, then something along the line of a Merc A-Class or similar from BMW or Audi may be your cup of tea. Naturally, even a base model is far pricier than you would expect from some of the humbler nameplates on this list.

Of course, you definitely get your money’s worth. A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder paired with an automatic transmission gives it respectable acceleration, while fine German craftsmanship means that it delivers in the fun department, too. The cabin is not as spacious as some may like, especially for those in the rear, but cargo capacity is respectable at 370 litres.  On the plus side, the materials used are all very high-grade, and the styling and comfort are without reproach.


Personal finance is a big challenge. Doing monthly budgets and making it work is a truly wearying and exhausting task to do. Though, it is a need. Unfortunately, there will be times when your budget won’t be enough. 

At times like these, it would be a good idea to figure out how to reduce your expenses and save money.

The Wonders Of Saving

Saving requires strict discipline and firm determination. It cannot be easy, but the endgame will make all that effort worth it. Knowing your reasons for saving can serve as your motivation to work even harder. There are three solid reasons to save. 

It can offer you freedom. Opening a savings account can help you keep track of your savings. Storing your money in an account can help you watch it grow and reach your long-term financial goals. Through that, you can aim for a new home, car, and even education funds!

Saving can also provide you with financial security. Having money stored aside can give you a blanket of security during financial emergencies. That means less worry and stress!

Lastly, it can give you the option of taking calculated risks. You can start up a business or pursue your passions and hobbies without worrying about expenses and money!

Ways to Reduce Monthly Expenses To Save Money

One way of saving money is to cut and reduce your monthly expenses. There are multiple ways and methods you can accomplish this.

First and on top of the list is making a budget. Sticking to a budget is not really a fun experience, but it sure does save you a great amount of money. You can start by setting limits and controlling your spending. There are various approaches and ways to budget, so finding one that suits you won’t be that difficult.

Another foolproof way of saving is using promo codes. As stated by the Ninja Team, primaryarms.com coupon codes are one savvy way can reduce your family’s expenses on pretty much anything! Acquiring promotional deals and coupon deals can give you useful discounts and will no doubt lessen your bills.

You can also try freezing your credit cards to keep your spending under control. Steer clear from using your cards if possible. Though, you can use them for large purchases to build credit by keeping a positive payment history.

Scheduling no-spend days is also a great way to save! Assigning days when you won’t buy anything or spend anything can make a great difference. Commit not to spending on anything aside from necessities such as food and water. 

Another way to save is by cutting down your energy bills. Unplug devices and appliances that are not in use. You can install LED or CFL Light Bulbs as they are at least 4 times more efficient and long-lasting than incandescent bulbs. Also, utilizing your power strips and timers can help save a lot of energy. 

Of course, there are other ways to save money! You will need to decide which ones would be best fitted for you and your lifestyle. 

It’s best to save at your own phase and time. Plan properly and take it slow so as to not get caught off guard. Do it religiously, and you’ll be surprised with how fast you’ll see the results of your hard work and determination!


There’s definitely more to Scotland than the mysterious Loch Ness monster. The Scottish Highlands and its rugged, rural landscapes are dotted with castles and inviting waves that appeal to everyone, whether a fan of Mel Gibson’s periodic movie, Braveheart, or not.  

Family vacation travel RV, holiday trip in motorhome, Caravan car Vacation. Beautiful Nature Norway natural landscape.

If you’re raring to taste Scottish whiskey and wear this land’s androgynous costume, the kilt, make your road trip around Scotland unforgettable and highly enjoyable by renting out a campervan. A campervan hire is one popular way to explore your holidays and the weekend around Scotland’s rough terrain.  

What is a campervan? 

More popularly known as an RV (recreational vehicle) in the US, a campervan is simply a van that has undergone internal and external modifications, making it ideal for camping. A campervan’s interior is remodeled to accommodate basic facilities similar to what you have in your home. Some panel van conversions have limited roof height, while some have been fixed to have a high-top roof for extra headroom and beds when on site.  

Choosing the right one can make or break a great trip, especially around the interesting terrains of the rural areas.  

Not convinced? Read these compelling reasons why you should hire a campervan on your next trip to Scotland.  

1.  A campervan hire saves you on accommodation and other costs  

Hiring a campervan would cost you as low as 20 GBP daily, and these motor vans are equipped with basic facilities that allow you to cook your food or skip booking cheap hotels, which, by the way, would cost you almost the same price as a daily campervan hire. Scotland is campervan-friendly, and you can find free places to park your motor home by downloading an app to locate these sites.        

A campervan hire to tour around Scotland is helpful especially during the peak season, where accommodation rates are high and rooms, few and far between.      

2.  A campervan hire can help you get that epic adventure 

With campervan hire and a map (or a phone app), you will have more freedom to explore the exotic and less-crowded spots, making your trip more exciting and unforgettable. With a motor home, you can stay and leave as long as you want, and visit places you wish without restraints. All you have to do is switch the vehicle on and drive off for that scenic drive. 

A campervan holiday around Scotland allows you to explore non-traditional attractions in the country. There’s a lot to see, hear, taste and experience; whether you’re a historical or cultural geek, a stunning view of natural attractions await you. Lochs, castles, mountains, geoparks, beaches and country parks, are all yours to explore.  

Major cities and smaller towns in Scotland have a varied and unique feel to them. For instance, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen each have different sub-cultures. So are lesser-known places such as Paisley. After going to the best attractions in these locations, pack up your bags and head on to the countryside. You’ll be greeted by Scotland’s rural area which houses over 2000 castles and more than 31,000 freshwater lochs.  

3.  A campervan hire gives you freedom    

You don’t have to wait for favorable weather before camping in any of Scotland’s breathtaking sites. Instead of looking for a dry area before pitching a tent, all you have to do is stop in any spot with a picturesque landscape to rest and enjoy the view. 

A campervan hire in Scotland gives you the liberty to go wherever you want, and there are no major restrictions. Drive along the famous North Coast 500, which is touted as one of the best coastal road trips in the world. This scenic drive is dotted with wild beaches, ancient castles and hidden trails. It’s not surprising why so many tourists find this route one of the world’s best.  

And while you’re at it, consider leaving your campervan hire in the designated parking site for a short while. Jump on a ferry towards the Islands of Scotland’s West Coast, namely Jura, Mull and Islay.     

By traveling a long stretch of road during the day and camping, picnicking or surfing along the shore, you can explore the best of both worlds. If you’re tired of the waves, opt for a calmer mood and park your campervan along with the rugged cliff-top spots. The choice is yours to make.  

4.  A campervan hire gives comfort and convenience 

As its name implies, motor homes are equipped with basic facilities similar to what you have in your home. Campervans have a heating and air conditioning system, kitchen and bathroom facilities, including a hot shower, and the more modern ones have an entertainment system such as DVD player and television.  

Instead of stopping by often for bathroom breaks, or waiting for your morning breakfast and coffee, you can continue having that scenic drive and reach more destinations in the process, with a campervan hire. If you see a picture-perfect site, just stop by and take out your chair to appreciate the scenery.  

5.  A campervan hire helps you become a traveler, not just a tourist 

While both a tourist and a traveler go to different locations, each of them has a different approach in going for a trip. A tourist typically visits a new destination to enjoy the place. In doing this, however, a tourist stays in his or her comfort zone and is limited to visiting popular spots.  

A traveler, on the other hand, makes an effort to experience not only the sights and sounds but spends time to meet the people and visit lesser-known places, to understand the culture. For instance, you can do two things in Scotland to show that you’re a traveler.   

Enjoy Scottish Whisky. There’s no doubt about whisky being Scotland’s best product. And the best mixes are located in Scotland’s Highlands. A campervan hire allows you to access whisky breweries, being that there are self-drive malt whisky tours around Scotland’s world-famous Whisky Distilleries in the rural areas.  

If you want a great tummy filler, try the traditional haggis, shortbread and other Scottish cuisine staples. 

Mingle with the Residents. A campervan hire lets you explore Scotland’s Highlands, where it’s less crowded, giving you enough space and time to interact with locals and understand what makes their community unique. People living in the countryside are typically more welcoming and their subculture remains intact and untouched by the modern lifestyle changes called for by living in the big city. With your campervan hire taking you to remote and exotic destinations, the chances of experiencing the traditional and authentic Scottish culture are better. You’ll get more fruitful and memorable interactions with the country lads.    

6.  A campervan hire gives you peace of mind  

If you want to enjoy your holidays going around Scotland or practically anywhere in the world, completely switch off your worry, stress, and problem radar.        

Because there are virtually no restrictions in hiring a campervan to move around Scotland’s countryside, you will be able to enjoy your tour better, having nothing to worry about, in terms of time, destination, logistics, and the like. With a campervan, you’ll have the freedom to go wherever you want, so you can travel without guilt or worry.  

7.  A campervan hire allows you to travel with friends and family 

A car rental can only fit three persons the most. When you’re a group of more than three people, you need a bigger vehicle, and a campervan fits the bill. With a campervan, you can fit all the passengers and their luggage easily and have some free space to boot. 

You already know the basic facilities in some motor homes, and agree that modern types of campervans are perfect for spending your holidays in Scotland, especially if you’re tagging your kids along or want to have an adventure-packed trip with your loved one.      

Another advantage of a campervan hire is that you can take your furry friend along while exploring Scotland’s famous and exotic spots. Not only are the Scottish friendly to travelers, but they’re also accommodating to your pets, too.   

How to choose the right campervan 

In Europe, campervans and motorhomes are classified in the following categories: 

  • Class A- This is the poshest version of the motorhome, and aptly called the ‘King of the campground’ due to its luxurious feel and spacious interior. Class A motorhomes are typically up to 25 feet in length but can reach as much as 40 feet.  

The size of a Class A motorhome allows it to have the best amenities possible; among them a heating and air conditioning system, a refrigerator, bathrooms, televisions, entertaining and living spaces.  

  • Class B- A true campervan falls under this category. They’re the smallest of the family of recreational vehicles and are highly popular for their ideal and compact size. A campervan is more than a van with sleeping space, some can be classified as a home on wheels. Most campervans are equipped with a small kitchen and dining space, beds, and some storage space. Some larger models or self-converted vans have a toilet or wet room facility. These types are appropriate for travelers who just want to get from point A to point B and explore the place rather than spend too much time inside the vehicle when not driving. Simply check out Camper Champ for the best deals. 
  • Class C- Vehicles under this category are called motor homes and not campervans. They’re the smallest in the group and thus offer limited levels of comfort and luxury.   

Motorhomes parked at scenic coastal campsite in the North West Highlands of Scotland

Generally ranging between 20 – 33 feet in length, these modified vehicles can sometimes accommodate up to eight people, with the least space left for storage, though.   

Final Thoughts 

Being familiar with what’s inside a campervan and determining whether the vehicle has all the basic facilities that you need is the key in choosing the right vehicle. For those hiring a campervan for the first time, a basic one will suffice in going around Scotland, since you’ll likely spend most of your time enjoying the area.  

Hiring a campervan to spend a holiday in Scotland also means you have to be a responsible traveler. Park only in designated areas so you don’t damage the landscape. And as they say, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.   



With so many issues currently going on in the world – from war to global hunger to the coronavirus pandemic – it can be hard to know how to even start to help. But there is no need to worry or despair, as helping out is often much easier than you might think. In this guide, we will outline five simple ways to make a noticeable difference. Read on to get started.

Donate to Charity

If you’ve got money to spare, simply donating to charity can be one of the simplest ways to change the world. Whether it’s the Syria Appeal, ending world hunger, or helping regions of the world particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, donating can be done online in just a couple of clicks. If you have no money to spare, there are other free ways to help. Carry on reading for some ideas.

Create a Petition

No matter how big or small your concerns about the world are, you can always write to a member of parliament directly about your thoughts or stir up public sentiment by creating a petition.  Through the power of social media, your ideas can spread like wildfire and even become a part of public policy. What’s remarkable is that in the UK, you only need 10,000 signatures for the government to respond: if you get it up to 100,000 signatures, they will even debate it in parliament!

Volunteer at a Food Bank

Even in a country like the United Kingdom, there are families going hungry, especially during our current turbulent economic downturn. As a result, food banks are always looking for willing volunteers. There are two ways that you can help: either by directly donating food to the bank or by helping with the stocking and administering of food parcels. Either way, they will be very grateful for your contribution.

Become Part of the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Like many people in the world, it’s likely that one of your major concerns is the coronavirus pandemic. It can seem completely out of our hands, but one amazing point to consider is that the NHS is directly hiring people to help work in vaccination centres. You can either sign up as an employee, being paid while helping others or volunteer for free and put your spare time to good use. While the work will be naturally quite draining, it will definitely be hard to beat in terms of accomplishment; directly saving lives and changing the course of the pandemic throughout the world.

Call or Text Family or Friends

The lives of our friends and family can be a complete mystery, with us often having no idea how they are truly feeling inside. That’s why simply checking in with them can be a vital service. You may have no idea what your words mean, but by simply talking about your day or even by sharing your complaints, you might be helping them out of a very dark place.


There are many things that art teachers need to keep a close eye on.

How students are progressing with their work, how they present themselves, and how they work within their brief. Marking students’ pieces can be very difficult as art is generally about the individual’s way of working, and the motivation behind the finished piece can be very difficult to pick apart.

But aside from the difficult marking, the art teacher has other things to think about, like safeguarding and taking care of students’ work while it is in their care. Having a student’s hard work destroyed or damaged can be devastating for all parties involved, as this may be the culmination of several years’ work.

So, where student work is concerned, the art teacher needs to take extra precautions to ensure that it comes to no harm.

However, this is far easier said than done. Here are three things that all art teachers should take into account while storing their students’ work.

1 Insurance

Ensure all of the students’ work is insured by a good company. Specialist policies that cover insurance for academies will have the necessary coverage for keeping work safe and secure.

This is particularly useful if there is, for example, a large class and they are all working in the 3D area of fine art. If anything is knocked, broken, or chipped you can get the correct compensation.

This can prove valuable in the event of a college, studio, or classroom being broken into and items are stolen, as this will be eligible for insurance compensation to help your students recover from any material losses.

2 Student financial support

Having the right student financial support can be very useful not only for the art teacher but for the students as well. This can be done by researching cheaper prices for materials and supplies and making sure that students are getting the best deals they possibly can.

This may include talking to local art suppliers and shops to get a discount or having a reward system based on good grades. There is a wide variety of things the art teacher can do to make the students’ financial situation a lot easier. Art is by no means a cheap subject to follow, and any aid that is given would be really appreciated by students.

3 Display options

A way to avoid disaster is by ensuring that students’ artwork is properly stored. This can be in display cases or on shelving units, however, this can be risky as these can be knocked in an overcrowded classroom.

The best way to display the masterpieces is to have them where they can’t be damaged but can be viewed from a safe distance. This can be difficult to find, but having them placed in a classroom in an area or the classroom that is not being used can not only provide inspiration for students; but keep the pieces under constant observation by the teacher.