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If the UK gaming business does one thing, it’s having an excellent understanding of their customers. That’s why virtually every online casino provides new and returning players welcome bonuses, since it’s a fantastic incentive to register with or return to a site. These bonuses may be highly profitable but also quite hard to grasp if you play online.
Various bonuses can be utilised to play games in specific ways, and certain criteria must be satisfied to withdraw any wins. Before joining an online casino, many individuals do not understand the criteria and squander their time and money without cancelling anything.
Apart from various terms and conditions, some games also play better than others, leading to uncertainty about where to start. Knowing how these perks operate might thus assist lessen your irritation and get you started on why you initially joined has done a great deal of work. The information provided is relevant mainly to UK Casino sites, however Casinos in other countries have very similar incentive systems, depending on the local legislation.

Types of bonuses

One of the essential things to remember is that new and old players have various benefits. Many casinos will offer players different bonuses to accept, and it doesn’t exactly fit all.

The most frequent bonus is a bonus, often known as a welcome bonus. Two variants exist, a deposit bonus and a no bonus deposit. Essentially, you will receive a percentage of your first deposit back as a bonus with a deposit bonus. These can vary in both percentage and amount, with many Casinos operating a 100% bonus. The no deposit bonus means that you receive an amount of money as a bonus just for registering, although this is usually a small amount.

Free spins are the second most popular bonus. These free spins are for the player upon registering an on-site account and are primarily intended for the use of slot machines and many sites, such as the pools casino, require a small deposit prior to issuing the free spins, but this can be a great option for many player.


Bonus Terms and Conditions

Just as awesome as these incentives are, they are meaningless if you cannot withdraw your gains; therefore, it is vitally crucial that you understand the criteria that must be satisfied. Online casinos often advertise the deposit bonus, saying that if you register, you will receive up to £1000. However, only if you satisfy the necessary criteria will you receive the entire £1000. Most commonly, you have a matching amount, say 400%, so you have to deposit £250 to earn £1000. Also, it is crucial to remember that if the bonus is “up to 1000”, you won’t be allowed to deposit more than the desired percentage.

The no deposit bonus would require you to bet a specific amount of money before cashing out any winnings. Pay attention to the terms and conditions for each no deposit bonus., We recommend finding an online casino with the lowest wagering requirement to make it easier actually to be able to cash out your winnings.

Some games are more generous than others.

Some may only allow you to play on one or two slot machine games when you receive free spins as a welcome offer from an online casino. You would be better advised to study the games stated in the requirement and select a site where you have a higher chance of winning the chosen game.

The payback percentage and the hit frequency of the game are the things to pay attention to when researching. The payback % is the total amount of all wages that you win. A decent proportion is a little over 97%. How often you win when you spin the slots is the hit frequency, a greater frequency implies that you win more often. The high payback and hit rate allow you to take full benefit of free spins and the no deposit bonus, so you don’t lose the reward.

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For the last decade, I have slowly but surely built up my CV (or resume, as it is more commonly known in North America). During that time, I have had the distinct pleasure of living and working in 8 different countries across three disparate continents, and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of teaching English as a foreign language.

Unfortunately for me, I did without the aid of any online guides or resources. I, in fact, you could say I operated off of a pretty blank canvas. Fortunately for you, I am here and ready to share what I have learned with you, in order to help you get on the fast track to being either an online English teacher, an English teacher traveling abroad, or as in my case, a bit of both!


1  – The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

The fact is, I was pretty naive when I first started, back in 2011. I guess I assumed that everybody in the world could either speak English or wanted to, and in the first few months at least, had a really tough transition in explaining some of the finer points of English grammar and vocabulary. However, even the act of taking that initial foray into the world of teaching English proved invaluable and there are free tools and services when  you teach English.

As I was working in a Slovakian national park office, I was teaching adults, and believe me when I tell you that their questions were as diverse and interesting as any I have faced from kids (at least from a linguistic point of view). The reality is that no student expects you to have all the answers (a lesson it took me a while to learn), but they appreciate your efforts to help them get closer to an answer.

For instance, I was once asked the difference between using verbs with “-ing” and using verbs with the preposition “to” in front of it. Without getting too technical here, I stumbled across a genuine learning moment for myself, in that English alternates between usages of the gerund and infinitive. Normally, this is the kind of nuance that native speakers use but do not know they are using, as I found when I recently visited the delightful town of Paisley, in Scotland. (More information on this splendid place and visitor attraction can be found here).

As I delved deeper into my own research, I discovered so many more examples of features we native speakers utilise that are intriguing to learners, so I made it my mission to collect them, and add them to my overall knowledge bank. Whether teaching online or in person, having that information at my disposal has made it much easier to provide the data that my students need in an instant. Again, taking that initial movement towards acquiring these facts is the most important thing.


2  –  Be open to new experiences

Over the years, I have lost count of the amount of opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to take part in. Whether it is playing in a beach soccer tournament in Qatar (reaching the quarter finals, no less), or invited to the 150th anniversary of a small town winery in Slovenia, the chances for new and exciting possibilities are almost limitless!

Even in the new world of technology, these doors are opened in a way that few could have imagined even a generation ago. In fact, I have learned more about global culture and customs through real conversations with my students (online or face-to-face) than I ever thought possible.

In person, being an English teacher abroad is often to play the role of an ambassador for the nation you are from, as a kind of walking and talking advertisement for that country for those you are teaching. The students you interact with may never have met an individual from that part of the world before, so it might take a little getting used to for them.

Even in Quebec, where I taught for a year, I encountered a whole host of students who had never come face to face with a British person before, or even a “real” British accent! Many of them were fascinated at the subtle differences in pronunciation and slang that exist between the differing strands of English, and I was proud to showcase a tiny slither of my traditions and customs to them.


3  –  The road to success is never as we imagined it at the start

Even if I had planned a road map for where I would be right now, I could never have imagined that it would have led me here. That is not to say that I regret a moment of my career path, because I do not, but rather that by traveling down the road less traveled, I have had the good fortune to gain skills and abilities that I did not expect to have at this point in my life. 

In Spain, for instance, I got to help coach a junior soccer team to the regional finals, and assist in weekly swimming meets alongside the head coach. I also co-led a week-long ski trip to the southern edge of the Pyrenees, as well as donning a beekeeping costume to get up close and personal with a large swarm, and see the honeycombs they produced.

What do all these have in common? First of all, my professional career has taken weird and wonderful turns, and enabled me to have the confidence to flourish in whatever life throws at me (especially useful now I have a young daughter!).

Secondly, it has enabled me to take the perspective of going with the flow, approaching each new obstacle with a calmer and more rational mindset. Last but by no means least, it also allowed me to meet my now wife, and share so much of this journey with her.

Even teaching online has led to many of my students referring me to their friends and family, and keeping the unpredictable wheels of my life turning!

Technology has been very instrumental to the life of humanity. It has made the method of getting things done relatively easy. Compared with the primitive age, a wider gap exists between then and the present modern age of technology. In this present time, with the use of cutting-edge technology, you can reach out to family and friends easily without leaving your couch and can even see each other without travelling miles to their specific location. It has given a chance to do business smoothly in a modern way. Modern technology has created an avenue of making money while getting entertained daily through casinos. With offline casino games in different casinos where you want to wager on, a lot of winnings will be given, greatly benefiting your stake.

Unravelling What Smart Glasses Are

Glasses are fashion kits that add up to the look of humans after dressing up. Without wearing glasses, many people see their dressing and fashion as incomplete; as a result, much importance has been attributed to it. The innovative modern technology has brought a new phase to glasses beyond being a fashion kit to becoming smart glasses. Smart glasses are computer glasses that can be worn like fashion glasses. Smart glasses are more sophisticated than ordinary glasses as information is added, making the wearer see differently or beyond the standard view. Smart glasses have been programmed with the latest technology, and they can change tint through electronic devices built along with them. It is designed in such a manner by which it can receive information either from external or internal sensors and retrieve data from other sources. Smart glasses can be like a smartphone having all its features.

How Smart Glasses Work

As the name portrays, smart glasses work smartly like smartphones, making them more advanced than ordinary glasses. Smart glasses are powered by touch, which can be used in controlling the device smoothly and quickly, functioning like the mouse and keyboard we are used to in operating our devices, through touching, swiping, tapping.

Smart glasses can be controlled by using built-in control devices on the frame of the glasses. Through our speech, smart glasses can be made to do what we want them to. In the same way, body recognition like head, eye, body movements, nodding, or directional looking of the eyes and thoughts can be used to control the smart glasses.

Benefits of Using The Smart Glasses

Beyond the technological innovation to smart glasses, it gives a better and clear vision to the wearer. The level of light or brightness entering through the smart lenses can be filtered and controlled with liquid crystal technology. In addition, with the liquid crystal, the visual overlays of the smart glasses can be optimized.

Features of Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are designed with different cutting-edge technologies that give convenience in getting some specific tasks done without needing many devices in doing it. These features are what make these glasses to be regarded as smart. They are:

  1. Sounds;
  2. Smarts;
  3. Microphone;
  4. Camera;
  5. Projector and Prism.

Sounds: smart glasses have a sound feature with audio inputs and cellphone reception. With these features, the smart glasses wearers can hear sounds and or speak through them. The speaker for the wireless audio inputs and cell phone reception is located on the end part of the ear rest. In its functioning, audio will be transmitted into the ear through the bone conduction in place of the air conduction via the audio canal.

Smarts: this feature makes the technological glasses smart. It is the feature of the Central Processing Unit, which is the brain of the programmed computer that is integrated into the glasses. The CPU process receives information from either internal or external sensors and gives the wearer the requested information. The computer brain; CPU is located on one of the arms of the ear rest.

Microphone: with the microphone feature that the smart glasses have, you can listen to music, podcasts, get feedback from the information processed, and notifications through it. The mic on the smart glasses makes it work like smart devices, and you can connect it with mobile devices without using external devices while listening to music simultaneously. This microphone for cellphones and hands-free voice is situated under one of the hinges of the smart glasses. Most of these smart glasses also have micro speakers.

Camera: in this present age camera is an essential feature of all smart devices to take selfies and film events. With the camera feature, the wearer can easily capture and film an event. Smart glasses have a camera with small lenses which are fitted in the frame of the glasses.

Projector and Prism: the glasses use a projector located at the upper part of the lens. It displays images and video digitally, and while doing this, it doesn’t hinder or obscure the usual view to be seen by the eyes. The projector is known as a curved mirror or curved mirror combiner.

Cutting-Edge Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

The Ray-Ban smart glasses have brought a dynamic innovation to how smart glasses are used and their features. It is the most stylish type of glasses of all time. Ray-Ban takes the frames of Wayfarer and is coupled with cutting-edge technology, which makes it stand above other smart glasses in the market. It is equipped with two tiny cameras of 5 megapixels to capture photos and videos more distinctively. In addition, it has three microphones and two speakers, giving the wearer more time capturing pictures and filming for up to 30 seconds. With it, the wearer can receive phone calls, listen to music or podcast on the go and still rock the most fashionable glasses. Ray-Ban smart glasses have different lenses, from transparent to opaque sunglasses, and they are in six different colours, cool, slick, and free from quirks making the wearable stylish.


Technology is not static; it keeps evolving with time to meet the demands of people. One of those ways technology has revolutionized humanity is by introducing Ray-Ban smart glasses, which are cutting-edge. This shift to wearable tech glasses will give wearers the privilege to live smart through photos and videos capturing, listening to music, reading text messages, receiving calls, and broadcasting live. In addition, this Ray-Ban technology has complement fashion to create and design tech product that gives a good look and smartness all in one. 


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There’s no doubt that financial literacy remains a significant issue in the UK, with an estimated 39% of adults (20.3 million people) suggesting that they don’t feel confident managing their money.

With around nine million Brits also in serious debt, it’s clear that an underlying lack of financial literacy and knowledge can lead to significant fiscal issues over time.

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of financial literacy further, while asking why it should become a central component of secondary education.


What is Financial Literacy and Why is it Important?

 In simple terms, financial literacy refers to the confident understanding of various fiscal concepts, from saving and investments to the impact of interest rates on your total debt burden.

The goal of building such comprehension is ultimately to establish a sense of control over your finances, creating a scenario where you can successfully optimise your earnings and make choices that lead to an improved quality of life.

On a fundamental level, financial literacy also translates into the ability to accrue wealth and navigate unexpected issues, such as a sudden job loss or decline in earnings.

With these points in mind, the importance of financial literacy is evident, but it’s also fair to surmise that individuals with this ability are far better at calculating their disposable income and allocating this to specific goals.

Without this skill, it can be incredibly difficult to make informed spending and saving decisions, impacting your finances negatively on a daily basis.


Is There a Crisis and What are the Solutions?

 Under David Cameron’s government in 2013, we saw a proposal to make financial education mandatory in secondary schools throughout the UK.

However, this mandate has failed to deliver results over time, with a recent survey commissioned by Ipsos Mori finding that a staggering 90% of people in England admitted to learning “nothing at all” or “not very much” about finance at school.

This is thanks largely to a lack of expertise in the classroom, with many teachers feeling ill-equipped to teach the basics of this topic to students.

Despite this, there’s little doubt that financial education for secondary school pupils represents an excellent way of solving the lack of literacy on these shores, particularly if there’s a clear focus on core money management skills and the teaching of how interest impacts on debt liabilities.

Another solution could also be to change the mindset of Brits, who have historically sought to improve their financial circumstances by saving and cutting costs.

However, it may be more prudent to seek out additional income streams through the financial markets in the current climate, particularly when you consider how the cost of living continues to rise and the rise of hybrid or remote working in the modern workplace.



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The basic concept is to build a private tunnel on top of a public network (known as a VPN tunnel), which will provide anonymity, security, and privacy to VPN users.

It’s critical to note that the devices connected to the VPN can be located anywhere on the planet.

The virtuality of this network is explained here; there are no direct connections between devices.

A VPN free can be thought of as a reserved and private conduit between machines that are never physically connected to each other but end up in a single, secure “place,” relying on public infrastructures.


What is a Virtual Private Network?

It’s a virtual private network, or VPN, which is a secure connection between two (or more) machines that aren’t necessary connected by the same line.

In the opening to this essay, we briefly reconstructed the VPN’s essence; now, let’s try to go a bit more into the subject.

When we talk about a VPN for Windows, we’re talking about a network service that can be used to hide one’s identity online, or to safeguard one’s privacy.

It’s essentially the same as extending a LAN, or a private local network with connected devices, to the entire world. Your office’s secret can be transported across continents with the help of a VPN.

It is important to work on data packet routing, using the IP protocol for transport on a large scale, in order to achieve this technological miracle.

Thanks to a series of highly interesting processes that deserve to be better examined, the virtual network can become a form of private physical infrastructure.


What is the purpose of it?

Now that we know how the VPN system works, we can fully appreciate its full potential. Many entities, in fact, rely on these systems to communicate.

Given the vast amount of sensitive and/or secret information that companies and government agencies may handle, it’s no surprise that they make extensive use of it.

Building a secure physical network is typically prohibitively expensive, and this option is not always feasible due to geographic constraints.

VPNs are also extensively utilized by private persons who prefer to use them to trade data and travel the Internet’s “Mare Magnum” in perfect anonymity.

This method of navigation is quite safe, has no limits or ” geoblocking,” and allows you to select between using a protocol based on a personal server or relying on third-party servers.

Those who use the best free VPN for Windows know that dealing with confidential data over the internet is like crossing the Wild West: anyone interested in intercepting data can do so using sniffing techniques.

These aren’t only the actions of huge hackers: intercepting data is a skill that many people may learn to use for investigative, commercial, or fraudulent purposes.

In the corporate world, for example, there are numerous attempts by experts in this field to intercept private communications in order to steal company / industrial secrets, and so on.

There is an ongoing battle with people who try to gain access to private data that can be extremely valuable. Information is the new gold in this digital age, and confidentiality is unquestionably the most sought-after service.

When playing online casino games, it is true that the house has the advantage and will win more often than not. However, following these tips and tricks will significantly increase your chances of winning and reduce the amount you lose.


  1. Know your odds and payouts

You’d be surprised how many people don’t spend the time to learn the payouts of the games they play. Learn the probabilities and payouts of blackjack, slots, craps, and roulette. The more you know about the different games, the more likely you are to win. Payouts and odds can be found in FAQs or on the casino’s website. If you can’t find them there, contact customer service and ask them directly.


  1. Stick to your strategy

You must be sticking to your strategy after each hand. If you are playing blackjack or slots, you must follow the game’s basic strategy. If you are playing online roulette, craps or baccarat, you can’t follow a strategy because those games don’t have one. But there are ways to improve your odds at those games at i99bet, and you can learn them by reading guides on the casinos’ websites.


  1. Don’t be afraid to quit

It is easy to see value in a game where a player starts with a few dollars, and the house will lose it all. But there are games where you can win big and still walk away happy. If you aren’t satisfied with the amount you’ve won and think you can do better, quit and try your luck at another slot machine.


  1. Never chase losses

The most common problem in online casinos is chasing losses. Don’t do it. There is always the chance that the numbers you are chasing will come up again, but if they don’t, you can be sure that your losses will keep piling up.


  1. Play to win, not to break even

This may sound very obvious, but it can be tough for people to accept. Many people think that the best option is to play only to break even because if they win, they will at least have won something. But if you are playing to win, you are making the right decision every time.


  1. Look for bonuses

If you are playing slots, blackjack, or roulette, look for bonuses and promotions on the casino’s website. If you find a promotion, it will increase your chances of winning. There are often reload bonuses and free spins available for free.

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to be a success the next time you gamble

Online gambling is a lot of fun, and it can be profitable too. To become successful at online gambling, you need to be willing to try different strategies and systems, and you need to read some of the top gambling blogs on the internet. You will learn all about bonuses, free spins, slots, and blackjack games. You will learn how to beat the house at online gambling. And the best part about online gambling is that you can do it whenever you want.


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All over the world, climate changes have been remarkably noticeable. Extreme weather is gradually becoming a common phenomenon in all corners of the world. And now more than ever, people are learning to change and implement new ways to protect their homes and resources amidst the huge transition.

From a recent survey, it was discovered that extreme weather not only affects lives, destroys homes and most importantly disrupts lives. Additionally, it impacts utility bills, by causing a swift increase in utility bills across the globe. This has no doubt led to a state of anxiety amongst home owners.

From the reports at NOAA, extreme weather events caused close to $95 billion in damages. Extreme weather encompasses a lot of elements which include flooding, tornados, heat waves, flooding, blizzards and long seasons of freezing weather. Each of these events can cause long lasting damages on the utility bills we incur.

For a start, you must understand that when it comes to your electric bills, weather plays a significant role. First, you must hack your life, instead of letting weather conditions hack you. An output of intense heat in the summer season can cause certain shake ups in your bill. Extremely high temperatures from July will cause a spike up increase in August/September bills.

Typically as the weather gets hotter, it’s expected that people will often stay at home. This simply implies that the AC will keep running more for longer duration. Because, everyone will want a cooling effect from the harsh weather conditions. This would also mean, the longer people crave to stay at home, the more they tend to use most of the other appliances often.

For students that choose to come home after school or college during summer, they frequently leave the lights on, use the refrigerator, spend long hours on electronic devices, and use the laundry and dishwasher more.  All these events and more, tend to increase the summer electric bill. In contrast, when the temperature gets colder, the various heating systems and devices on our various homes tend to run longer and work more intensively to provide warmth in our homes. For instance, if the temperature outside is about 50°c, the heating systems usually need to run for a few minutes every hour in order to maintain the temperature in our homes. However, when the temperature begins to drop to zero and below, it’s mandatory that it may come on more frequently and run for a longer duration so as to maintain the indoor temperature. Which often means, your electric bill will be on the high side. 

Knowing the dangers and effects of these turbulent weather conditions on utility bills is a step forward in providing solutions to this global problem. We understand that we can’t defeat nature by fighting against unforeseen weather conditions. However, you can hack your life by trying some productive tricks to be a step ahead by preparing to prevent the havoc it wreaks on our bills. 

Firstly, you must put your thermostat to good use because for every one degree you raise your thermostat, it means a 2% reduction in your bill. 

You must also reduce the frequency of A/C use. Remember that even if it’s just a few degrees, it does make a lot of difference. And we are all about making a difference regardless of the little milestones we will attain. To reduce the AC use, a lot of people often tend to close their shades and blinds to keep the room cool. When the atmosphere is cool, it’s pointless to switch on the a/c or keep it running for longer durations.

You have to unlearn some habits and learn new habits that will help you as you intend to reduce your utility bill. It’s easy to have our lights on and leave electronics on for several days, because you have been indoors most days and even when you are going out you still leave them. It’s advisable to always turn off your lights when you are not using them or going out. 

Avoid leaving your electronics on, when you are not using them, especially your T.V. Even if you are home all day, if you are sure that you won’t be watching your T.V, it’s best to always switch it off.

Reducing the frequency of high energy chores is one area not to neglect. Due to extreme weather, and you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to eat more and use more dishes and equally have more chores to do. However, you must strategize in your ways. It’s wasteful to wash frequently daily. It’s more logical to save it all for later and do a one time thing.

For your gas bill not to be drastically affected, you can sometimes fire up the outdoor grill, rather than cooking inside. This will also be a fun experience for you and your family. For some homes, it’s a perfect way to bond together and build fond memories. 

According to consumer experts, during heat waves, it’s advisable that utility customers can try to achieve a cool environment in the night, when the Air conditioning doesn’t necessarily have to work so much to achieve the desired temperature. The next day, clients can make efforts to preserve as much cold air as necessary by simply ensuring the windows and doors are tightly locked or sealed. Events that will also create heat in the house must be duly avoided.

Knowing how to navigate through adverse weather conditions will go a long way to help maintain good utility bill records.




Since the situation of COVID-19 has eased a bit, the UK has facilitated its rules of visiting with regard to traveling between France and the UK. This does not only mean that the fully vaccinated people will be able to travel but also means that the situation of COVID has improved in these places. Further, if you are an American and wish to visit France, you must obtain an ETIAS France for Americans. In order to learn more about travelling between France and UK, keep reading the article.

The government of the UK has made certain changes to the rules regarding COVID-19. Even though there is a slight difference among the rules of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, majorly it is an end of the various lists like amber and red.


Accepting Mixed Vaccine Doses

About a month ago, the UK government declared that they are considering fully vaccinated as people vaccinated with doses of different vaccines. This is applicable to individuals who have been vaccinated with Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and/or AstraZeneca. This must have taken place during a vaccination programme in the UK Overseas Territories, the US, Europe, or the UK.

Earlier, the government mentioned that an individual is required to have a couple of doses of the same vaccine type for being recognised as fully vaccinated. This rule is applicable to England solely and not applicable to other countries of the UK.

From the 4th of this month, the rule is applicable to individuals vaccinated a number of nations that comprises New Zealand, Israel, and Australia.


Mixed Nations

Beginning from 4 October, the UK will consider individuals vaccinated under 2 distinguished vaccination programmes as entirely vaccinated. This can mean that a person got one dose in the US and another in France. Further, this rule is applicable to everybody vaccinated under the programmes in UAE, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kuwait, Japan, Israel, Dominica, Canada, Brune, Bahrain, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, UK Overseas Territories, the US, Europe, or the UK.


Pre-departure tests – Over!

People who are fully vaccinated and have plans to visit England from a nation listed among the countries in red list are no longer required to take a pre-departure PCR test. Further, they can travel only with a proof of their vaccination. Further, any individual who is fully vaccinated in the US will also be required to provide a proof that they are a resident of the US.

Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are yet to follow the government of UK regarding this rule. This is why, currently, they require pre-departure tests.


Rapid Antigen instead of PCR

The government of UK is thinking about making it occurs that visitor of England take a test of rapid antigen on the second day of their arrival. This is to replace the PCR test. Not only are these tests half the price of PCR tests but also more efficient. It is possible that by the end of the month, this change comes into effect. However, the precise date has not been declared yet. It is clear that England will follow this rule. However, the other governments of the UK are yet to declare the same.


Important Tips

The following are some crucial tips to take into consideration when thinking about travelling between UK and France.

  1. The children aged less than 18, who are travelling with adults that are fully vaccinated, are not required to provide an essential reason for travelling. They are also not required to isolate themselves upon arrival.
  2. The entry requirements of the UK are applicable to both vaccinated as well as unvaccinated individuals.
  3. France is currently on the red list. The green, amber and red lists are reviewed by the UK government every 3 weeks.
  4. If you wish to travel to France for a holiday, you may. However, according to the provided advisory by FCDO, it is crucial to limit travels to essential visits only. This will help reducing the risk of getting infected. However, if you still decide to travel for nonessential reasons, it is your risk to take.
  5. In case you wish to travel to France with an important reason that is not listed, you will be required to consult the French Consulate in London to assist you for a reason not listed in the International Travel Certificate.
  6. There are no preventions to travelling for the UK residents or citizens from France to the UK.


The Bottom Line

Travelling between France and the UK requires following certain guidelines. While England has changed several rules related to travellers, other nations of the UK are yet to do so. So, it entirely is based on the reason you wish to travel and your destination country.




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International vacation options may be few this summer, but who needs them when there are so many wonderful vacation spots in the United Kingdom?

When you travel through the four countries that make up our island nation – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – you’ll come across a variety of dialects and old languages, as well as unique communities and traditions, myths, and stories. Surfing hotspots, difficult rock formations, strenuous mountain excursions, and deep, glassy lochs are all waiting to be explored.

So forget about the hassle of looking for your passport and spending hours at baggage claim this summer. Rather than waiting for new green list additions or protracted quarantines abroad, start planning your staycation with our curated list of the top things to do in the UK especially if you are a student living in student accommodation in Nottingham or student apartments in Edinburgh, etc.

You can go on great trips to the UK’s coolest towns and cities, from Manchester to Belfast via Oxford and York, where you’ll find breathtaking modern architecture, amazing bars, historic landmarks, pubs, and restaurants that are ready to welcome you with open arms.


Laugh your heart out at the Edinburgh Fringe

Every August, comedians and performers take over the Scottish capital for a month of performances, plays, and theatre. Expect a combination of fresh material, classic favourites, sharp one-liners, and strange experimental comedy, as well as a mix of first-timers and big-name headliners. It’s the world’s largest arts festival, and it turns Edinburgh into a buzzing, exhilarating hub of activity. Arrive with a jumble of tickets in your pocket or do nothing and let the Fringe take you where it will.


Learn about the conspiracies of Stonehenge

Millions of people visit the world-famous prehistoric stone circle on Salisbury Plain each year, but that doesn’t take away from its allure. Were these majestic standing stones, made of bluestone brought from Wales over 150 miles away, a celestial calendar, a burial place, or a sacrificial site? Was it created by the magician Merlin and a horde of giants? Is it possible that its origins are mystical or perhaps extraterrestrial? Or is it just a remarkable act of human willpower? Visit to determine what you believe the monument’s true storey is.


Hunt for fossils at the Jurassic coast

The Jurrasic Coast is a 95-mile length of the south England shoreline known for its distinctive geology. The rocks, which stretch from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, document 185 million years of Earth’s history – and they also look pretty beautiful. Beer’s stunning cliffs, Lyme Regis’ historic seaside town, Chesil Beach’s sweeping shingle ridge, Old Harry Rocks, and West Bay’s golden sands are all highlights. Lulworth Cove, a stunningly blue secluded bay, and its neighbour, Durdle Door, a majestic, natural limestone arch, are not to be missed.


Scottish Highlands

Nothing compares to the Scottish Highlands. If you enjoy being active and adventurous, this countryside is your playground – think boating, biking, and hiking, it is surely a buzz among the student accommodation in Scotland. The environment is stunning, but it’s also rich in history, mystery, tradition, and legend. Tour historic castles, both standing and in ruins, visit the Highland Folk Museum, visit the Glenfinnan Monument, which honours those who perished during the Battle of Culloden, visit the Clava Cairns standing-stone burial mounds, and sample drinks at one of the area’s many distilleries.


Trek UK’s highest peak.

Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain on mainland Britain at 1,345 metres above sea level, is waiting to be conquered. The Mountain Track, which most walkers utilise, and Carn Mor Dearg Arête, a more arduous ascent for experienced scramblers and hill walkers that can take more than ten hours to complete, are the two primary routes up. Consider going on the National Three Peaks Challenge if you enjoy heights. Climb Snowden, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, the highest mountains in Wales, England, and Scotland, on your own or even as a part of an organised event.


Watch a Shakespeare play in his hometown.

Being a groundling (i.e. buying a £5 standing ticket and watching Elizabethan-style) at Shakespeare’s Globe in London is unforgettable. Still, nothing beats being in the audience of one of Bard’s most beloved plays in his homeland. Visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and the chapel where his body was laid to rest in 1616 before seeing a Royal Shakespeare Company production at the riverfront theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.


Sip butterbeer at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter fans all across the world will recognise the United Kingdom as the setting for the films. There are filming locations and locales that are said to have inspired JK Rowling strewn about, and you can even go visit and check out the places where she penned the books, such as Edinburgh’s Elephant House. Potter fans should pay a visit to Leavesden Studios, which is located on the outskirts of London and where the majority of the films were shot. On the Warner Bros Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter, you may wander through the Great Hall, peer into storefronts on Diagon Alley, order a butterbeer, and even ‘fly’ your own broomstick.













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We all have outdated and extra furniture pieces in our homes. Some articles can be valuable, and some can be useful for household decor. These furniture pieces often become useless due to the outdated finishes or faded colors. Updating such furniture can add to their value, and these pieces can become quite helpful for renovating your home.

Such outdated wooden parts can be updated by coloring them. Spray painting is an easy DIY (Do It Yourself) method to color wooden, plastic, and metallic household items. Furniture spraying can help achieve a smooth and decent finish for outdated wooden parts. Spray painting can be pretty efficient for wooden goods with a complex or irregular shape because such features are sometimes challenging to deal with a brush. Painting with the help of a paintbrush may leave drips and marks on the surfaces upon drying. On the other hand, furniture spraying can always provide a near-perfect finish to different furniture parts. You can get these services from experts who provide such solutions.

What can you paint?

Whenever you make up your mind about sprinkling wooden goods, you should closely observe the parts before working because some articles may be antique, and coloring them may reduce their value. High moisture resistant and sun-blocking pigments are used for colorizing outdoor household items.

Disassemble the parts first

Depending on the type of wooden article you are going to colorize, you may have to disassemble its fittings for a better and complete finish. It is recommended to unscrew and remove any handles or knobs attached to the wooden pieces you will colorize. You have to paint all the parts separately and then assemble them afterwards. In this way, there will be no unworked spots left on the object.

Cover surrounding things and areas

When shower painting, its minute particles can quickly settle on surrounding areas and things. So, it is better to cover these things and places with newspapers, masking tapes, or drop clothes for their protection.

Sand the surface before spraying

Before colorizing a wooden surface, make sure to smooth its texture by thoroughly applying sandpaper. This will remove the rough edges from the surface of the object. First, use coarse sandpaper and then repeat it with fine version sandpaper to achieve an entirely smooth surface.

Clean the surface well before painting

After making the surface perfectly smooth, consider cleaning the sawdust with the help of a vacuum cleaner, compressor, or a soft piece of cloth. Ensure that you don’t bring water or any other liquid near the part to be colorized because it can penetrate the wood. This will damage the wood and make it difficult to catch the pigment properly. Moreover, when the surface is wet, dust and other particles may settle on it from the surroundings.

Use a Professional Sprayer

For a genuinely professional-looking finish, always use a pro shower. HVLP and Airless sprayers are considered as two main pro sprayers.

·       HVLP

HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayers have a turbine to create air pressure. The pigment moves into the cup gun, which is picked by the blowing air. This blowing air sends color out of the nozzle in the form of a fine spray.

·       Airless

This type is also used for professional spray painting purposes. Airless sprayers work without air. Pigment is pressurized and sent through a hose and tip specifically made to atomize coating. Airless sprayers have a comparatively larger capacity up to a five-gallon bucket. You can use these to apply pigment to more expansive areas as compared to the others.

Best paint for wooden furniture

When thinking about the best paint for furniture, enamel comes to mind, a hard-drying pigment for wooden surfaces. It gives a durable and beautiful finish after drying. It is best for colorizing furniture, trim, and cabinets.

Practice on a Scrap Object First

It is good to practice paint sprinkling on an extra wooden piece or a cardboard before trying it on the actual wooden surface. This will give you a rough idea about the nature of the behavior of the shower. Like, how consistently and powerfully the shower behaves, etc. You will get to know about the final look that the paint will provide after drying. It is recommended to try and practice the spray gun for a few minutes before finally going for it.

Apply Primer Before Paint

Wooden surfaces may sometimes require multiple coats of color to catch them properly. So, it is suggested to apply primer before colorizing the exterior. Let the primer dry properly, and then go for the spraying.

·       Which Primer Works Best?

Primer choice is quite critical because it plays a significant role in the overall finish of furniture. The wrong choice of primers may lead to a chipped or scratched finish in a short time.

The primer can be applied with a commercially available rattle or with a pro shower. Commercially available canned primer provides an excellent finish, but be sure to choose a labeled “bonding” or “adhesion” so the primer will adhere to the wood.

You may also find an adhesive or similar bonding primer in a liter or gallon container and use an airless or high volume low pressure (HVLP) pro shower to apply it.


  1. Do a scratch test of primer by applying it to a small area and let it dry overnight.
  2. Try to scratch it with your fingernail the next day. If nothing comes out, you are in control.
  3. If it can be easily scratched, purchase another primer.

Warning: Many paints and primers have toxic chemicals that affect your body and cause irritations like skin problems, etc. So, it is better to cover our hands, face, etc., with personal protective equipment before performing the action. You may consider ventilating the place by opening doors, windows where necessary. Ensure the use of respirators and face mask for extra protection.

Avoid spraying in windy or dusty conditions

Try to work when it is not windy to avoid stray sprays of paint and dust accumulation on the furniture surface. However, always ensure good ventilation.


paisley from drone

Most people think that a travel bucket list is only for those whose time is nigh. Rather a bucket list is mere a catalogue that consists of personal goals and experience. It is well known that human lives don’t come with an expiry date.

The main idea of a bucket list is to maximize great life experiences whilst you still have the opportunity. There is one common thing that most people tend to put off in their life. And that is travelling.

On that note, you need to start by drafting your bucket list to make your life easy. Here are some of the top tips on how best you can put together a bucket list.

Brainstorm Your Ideas

Do not always brainstorm when you are always serious or when you are playing online casino game that needs close attention. Rather brainstorming is fun. Even though it is fun it is also overwhelming. First and foremost, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve and at some point, imagination runs wild.

Whilst you are brainstorming, you need to surround yourself with inspiration. But one would ask, how can I get this inspiration? Well, it’s quite easy. Moreover, all you need to do is to read some wonderful travel blogs that are all over the internet. You can also ask your friends about their favourite and memorable travel experiences.

Choose Who to Bring

Furthermore, this is one of the crucial things you need to include on your bucket list. When you are considering the destination you want to travel to, think of the person you want to share the experience with. Is it your partner? Your children? Your friends from school? Or are you considering taking a trip on your own?

In conclusion, these are the tips on how to choose your travel bucket list. If you love playing best casino games online , you can use your casino winnings to add to your bucket list.

Slot machines are one of the longest standing gaming machines around, also standing their ground as one of the most popular online gaming options. Nowadays, you can play online slots with griffoncasino.com with just a couple of clicks, but that’s not always been the case.

Join us as we take you on a trip down memory lane.

The Past

Slot machines have a rich history, and have gone through many developments over the years. They were originally referred to as “one-armed bandits” or “fruit machines” and were a lot more primitive than what we are used to today. What’s more, these machines were primarily found in bars, saloons and even a few shops.

Players would then be required to pull a lever to get the reels spinning – which then developed into pushing a button, which is more familiar to what we recognise today. The reels in question are where the gameplay unfolds. These take the form of spinning columns that contain potentially-lucrative images, which are known as symbols. Roll in a matching combination of these symbols and you’ll trigger a win.

The way in which these wins were collected has certainly gone through several transformations. In the very beginning, slot machines would be found in pubs and winning players would be required to go up to the bar to collect their prize. However, no cash was exchanged, the prizes would instead consist of cigarettes and free drinks.

In1891, America was the first country to welcome a five drum machine, developed by Sittman and Pitt. The reels were filled with 50 playing cards, and the objective was to line up winning Poker hands.

Moving on, the inventor Charles Fey is often credited as the creator of the first slot machine that could pay out its own cash winnings. The exact date of this invention is unknown, although it has been pencilled in somewhere between 1887 and 1895. In order to action these developments, Fey found that he had to simplify the game, switching out the five drums for just three reels.

The 50 playing cards were transformed into just five key symbols: hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and a liberty bell. The three latter icons dished out the biggest prize, so Fey named his creation The Liberty Bell.

Fast forward to 1907, and Chicago-based manufacturer Herbert Mills grabbed his piece of the action with the creation of the Operator Bell. However, the way that prizes were claimed took a few steps back, as a ban on slot machines had been put into place a few years earlier, in 1902. Instead, prizes came in the form of chewing gum and sweets that aligned with the fruit symbols that bagged you that win.

The Present

Whilst machines are still continuously developing, we’ve also seen the emergence of online gaming. In 1996, the internet started to flourish and the first ever dedicated gaming site was born. With this, players could get their Slots fix from the comfort of their own home. From here, the themes and features have continued to grow. Playing from home has never been so engaging and immersive – who knows where it will take us next!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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