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There has been a lot made of the recent rule changes to the National Lottery’s main game, Lotto. Of course, sometimes these things can be overblown in national newspapers, but there does seem to have been some push back against the rule changes. In a nutshell, the raffle draw, which guaranteed two UK millionaires each week, has been replaced by increased prizes for matching three balls, four balls and so on.

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Of course, a bigger issue for players might be the fact that, since October 2015 when the number of balls increased from 49 to 59, it is even more improbable to win the lottery. In the old game with 49 balls, your chances of hitting the jackpot were approximately one in 14 million, today they are around one in 45 million.

Scottish couple landed UK’s biggest jackpot

Sure, it could happen to someone, even in Scotland. Indeed, Chris and Colin Weir, who still hold the record for the UK’s biggest lottery win, with the £161 million payout in the Euromillions in 2011, were based only a couple of dozen miles away from Paisley, in Largs, Ayrshire.   

Regardless of how you feel about the lottery changes, there are alternatives, some of which can match and even outmuscle Lotto in terms of prizes. The most notable example is Mega Moolah, which is now regarded as one of the most popular casino slots on the planet, and certainly the jewel in Microgaming’s crown.  

Released in 2006, Mega Moolah has retained its popularity in the face of competition from newer slots with flashier 3D graphics and video-game-like gameplay. At first glance, Mega Moolah looks outdated, and one would question its popularity. However, the secret to its success is simple: It offers the players the chance to win one of four progressive jackpots with any spin.

Lucky casino & sportsbook

Mega Moolah jackpot is over £10 million – again

A progressive jackpot is a little bit like buying a lotto ticket. It is funded by taking a small contribution from each wager – usually around 1% of the bet. This is paid into a pot, which grows and grows until the jackpot is randomly awarded. The slot has broken its own world record a number of times, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest online slot jackpot on the planet. The current record payout was around £17 million in September 2018.  Today, looking at a site that hosts Mega Moolah – Lucky Casino – the current jackpot stands at just under £10.5 million and growing.

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So, how does Mega Moolah match up to Lotto? Well, for a start, you can play it from just 1p per spin, although most players will play at least 25p to ensure all paylines are activated. Progressive jackpots are awarded randomly, but your chances of triggering it are increased by playing for a higher bet. However, it is important to note that you still have a chance when playing for a low stake. British soldier Jon Heywood, from Crewe, triggered a £13.2 million win back in 2011 (a world record at the time) by playing a 25p spin on Mega Moolah.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/tUqU3fdfJpE” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Indeed, like lottery games, there are other ways to win on the slot aside from hitting the jackpot. The free spins feature, in particular, is a big hit with players. Is Mega Moolah worth your attention? That’s depends on your particular tastes, but it’s certainly an alternative to Lotto that packs just as mighty a punch.


There are various types of furniture to be bought in a salon and choosing them requires some factors to be considered. The beauty furniture is not the same as the home furniture since in home; furniture is selected as per your taste, likings and personal personalities of an individual. Selecting the kind of furniture to be utilized in a salon is difficult since you have to choose the ones that impress every customer who happen to come to your salon to get services and the one you can hold essential cosmetic tools like laser eyebrow washing machine. The chairs and stools, massage chairs and beds, styling stations, shampoo, and manicure station, must be appealing and comfy to attract more customers in your premise. Since the purpose of a beauty business is to have more clients to get more profit, it is essential to look at the following factors while choosing the right furniture for your business.

Target Market:

The most important person in any beauty business is the customer and satisfaction of the customer is what makes the business successful. The set- up of the salon determines whether the clients are attracted to it since impression is always a good thing. Once the clients are excited by the set-up, they will try to get services from you, and when the services you delivered satisfies them, they will be your potential customers. Before purchasing any beauty furniture, you need first to identify the market you are targeting. After you know the market you are targeting, you should research on the characteristics of the market and what kind of services satisfies them and also the type of furniture that is evolving. This will help you to purchase the right type of furniture.

Space Available:

Space available in a salon is shared between the furniture and fitting, eyebrow machine and equipment and also by the clients. You should not buy a machine or furniture that occupies almost the whole space since the overcrowding of premises brings unconducive environment for the provision of the services and also for the clients to stay. The space available is essential since customers need ample time and some of them uses their leisure time by going to the saloon. You need to select the furniture that appeals to your customers and also that utilizes the available space well.

Budgetary Constraints:

Different types of furniture cost differently, and as much as you want your furniture to be appealing to the client and also to use space available efficiently, you need to consider also the cost of the furniture to avoid frustration. You should buy the type of furniture that is within your budget


As much as you want your furniture to be as per your budget, you should buy convenient furniture that is easy to use and clean. You do not have to buy furniture that requires sophisticated skills to be used since it will give your customers headache, and they will not be comfortable to seek services from you.


Selecting the right furniture for your business or salon is essential since it will ensure feasibility, it will be within your budget, it will be as per your target market and also will utilize space available efficiently.


Seeing the wild birds visiting your garden is always wonderful, especially when they stick around for a while. From sitting on the feeder to hopping across the patio, it’s lovely to have these little visitors and its beneficial for them too. Continue reading for some top tips on how to attract wild birds into your garden and how to help care for them at the same time.

Feeding Wild Birds

It may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but feeding the wild birds is always going to attract more to your garden. Throughout the year, gathering food can be difficult for wild birds with different challenges such as weather conditions and preparing for new seasons, so every little really helps. By placing some delicious seeds or mealworms in your garden, you will instantly attract the attention of the birds and have them visiting your garden in no time. You will find, however, that birds are creatures of habit and they may not visit your garden straight away. It may take them a few attempts before they’re confident enough to come and eat from the feeder you’ve added to the garden.

Choosing the Location

Feeding the birds is a really good thing to do, but you need to make sure that you’re feeding them in the right places. For feeders and bird tables, you want to ensure they’re positioned close to the bushes or trees in your garden, as you’ll find that many birds like to hop from place to place, keeping themselves safe and sheltered, so this will become a huge attraction to them if they have a bush or tree close by. Whilst saying this, it is also important to keep the feeders and bird tables clear from lower bushes that could hide unwanted predators such as cats, foxes and so on. Keeping the feeders high in the tree and positioning the table close but not too close is the perfect solution, you can also monitor this to make sure it’s working and if not, have a reshuffle to see what might work best.

Observing Your Visitors

When you start to leave food out for the birds that visit your garden, you’ll start to notice what gets eaten and what’s being left. As the weeks progress, try to observe what your visitors are actually enjoying, as this will ensure they come back for more. You’ll also notice a few common traits from the birds that visit your garden, such as time of day and where they like to go within the garden. Use this information to ensure you’re placing the feeders in the right space and filling the feeders for the right time.

Keeping it Clean

Having a clean and fresh space for your feathered visitors to go to is essential, both for their health and their visits. If you have a bird table in your garden, make sure it’s clean and fresh from day to day, as you don’t want the birds drinking stagnant water or eating dirt that isn’t going to be good for their health. If you have a fresh space for them to enjoy, you can guarantee they’ll keep coming back for more throughout the year!


Breaking the school resistance of unjustified students requires commitment and responsiveness. Through a learning that is perceived as “real”, the teacher can build up the lost sense of meaningfulness and contribute to the student’s inner motivation.

One of the fundamental problems in today’s school is that too many students experience the meeting with the school as meaningless. These students’ inner motivation for school work decreases the more they are in a school where they do not feel involved or do not feel that the content is real. The fact that it is possible to succeed in making the school meaningful and motivating when there is no motivation shows among other things.

The teachers’ main ability to create inner motivation among the students is about having a sense of and being able to interpret what students feel about different situations in school. Motivation is a complex and multifaceted concept that involves different things for different people and in different situations. There are a number of different definitions of motivation in different types of research that are influenced by different paradigms. For example, a simple and clear definition of motivation can be: “what makes man do something”. Targeted to the school then becomes the question: What is it that causes students in the school to do something?

The answer is that what causes students to do something could be different motivational factors and these are very different for different individuals. It is common for motivational factors to be roughly divided into the two categories of internal and external motivation. Internal motivation is, for example, people’s own interests, experiences of meaningfulness, being able to choose for themselves, the feeling of having control of tasks and challenges themselves. External motivation is more about rewards, stimuli and response, coercion, punishment and control from outside.

In the school, some examples of external motivation are homework, tests and grades – which are also strong motivational factors for large student groups. I, myself, prefer to the best essay writing services uk as by working online, I am not limited by a set of conventional rules. The grades, homework and tests are not motivational factors for students who have built up a school resistance or for students who think that “the school is not a place where I can learn meaningful things”. For those students, grades, homework and tests instead become an obstacle to learning, thus something that reduces students’ internal motivation for school work.

Pupils who have built up a strong school resistance often have poor self-confidence in the school context because of previous negative experiences of school failures. Another group is those who have study conditions but who do not identify themselves as individuals who study, which is often linked to social group or low level of education in the home. The completely different activities are required in the school if the students are to receive an internal motivation for school work.

Formative assessment and the relation pupil – teacher are two of the highest ranked factors. The common interpretation is that what the teacher does together with students in a close relationship is most crucial for what students actually learn, which is because these learning situations increase students’ internal motivation for school work.

If a teacher meets a student group that already has great internal motivation generally for school work, then focus can be placed on being as good a didactic as possible regarding the content that the teacher, hopefully together with the students, has planned as important to learn. When a teacher meets students who perhaps have built up a large school resistance for a long time, then the focus must first of all be on activities and learning situations that are aimed at breaking the school resistance.


Best Tips How To Find A Job In A Foreign Country


There are those moments when finding a job at home is not quite easy regardless of how much efforts you put in place. On the other hand, maybe you are not comfortable growing up and settling at the same place, hence the need for going out to look for employment. However, finding employment in a foreign country is not that easy. For you to find a job and be comfortable as you work, here are a few tips that you must implement besides involving resume rewrite service company for guides on how to write and send your applications.

Request For Foreign Transfer

If you are working at a company that has an extensive network or operates from different countries, an international transfer is the best place to start and enhance your career. Start by participating in the rotational assignment where you can stand a chance to acquire the transfer that you have been longing for. Additionally, the benefit of this program is that your company helps in securing an apartment for you, valid international driver’s license, and other travel logistics as moving cost, visa, and other minor expenses.

Send Applications

No job will come knocking at your doorstep, therefore wherever you want to get working, do yourself a favor and send numerous applications as possible. The only want to attract something is by showing interest and acting towards making your interests valid. Additionally, when sending international applications, it guarantees that you are ready to move and settle at a distanced place away from home.

Know What You Want

Before requesting or sending applications in various organizations with the intention of moving for greener pastures, identify what it is that you are good at. Be sure that your ideal job is convenient to give you a better lifestyle and the market is ready. Additionally, gather information on which jobs are most demanding and which ones pay pretty well compared to local demand.

Identify Your Destiny

Abroad is profoundly different than working in the local environment. It is not a place where people wake up and start claiming that they can operate in a foreign country just because they feel qualified. You must be sure of where you want to go. If possible, book a flight before even thinking of sending the application to go and spy on the places you desire to live for a good number of years.

Work Remotely

On top of all the above tips, get yourself busy and start working remotely. Remote work does not feel the limitation of where you must live and where you must be at a given time. Instead, as a remote worker, living in a different country and still perform better in another should not be an issue.


Wherever you work, ensuring that you can meet ends requirements is quite a challenge. However, if you follow the above tips, and others getting where you want in life is quite easy.


When you are a student, you always have a whole bunch of things to do. Even when you barely sleep and constantly do something, even when you seem to know what is urgent and what is not. When did the moment come when you started losing time and failed to cope with everything? How to be a student who is not looking for time to sleep and rest? In this article, we will try to figure out how to manage your time correctly by giving you some time management tips so that life does not seem so tense anymore.


Write down all your plans


You can’t remember everything. Perhaps at the very beginning of your student life, it seems to you that each detail of your schedule is not crucial and you can recollect the necessary info easily. But this is only at the very beginning, beyond all affairs there will be only more and more, and we should be ready for this. Therefore, make a habit of writing down every detail that requires your attention in your planner, notebook, smartphone, or laptop. The sooner you start doing this; the less is the chance that you will miss an important event or the moment when things really get terrible. Keeping everything under control and understanding what is time management is a very important skill. After all, if you cannot control such an important aspect of your life like time, how are you going to work effectively in the future?



You don’t have to do everything at once. This is the main problem of people who want to be effective but do not understand what is going wrong. After all, they are so diligently working on all the tasks they have, they have everything written down and right in front of them lies a to-do list for today. The problem is that everything needs to be approached step by step, so do not even try to do everything in one day. You must be able to correctly calculate your effectiveness depends on many factors. Not only how long will this or that task take, but also your level of fatigue, motivation, urgency, volume, and your ability to do any other task after that. Evaluate not only the complexity of the task, but also your own effectiveness based on your fatigue, mood, and motivation. Indicate cases by level of importance and at the very beginning of the day when you still have the strength to make the most urgent and most difficult of them. This will help you save energy for other smaller tasks and save you from burning deadlines that literally follow every student almost all student life. Also, if you want to save your energy google «write my essay» or click the link https://writingpeak.co.uk/write-my-essay and give it a chance.

Plan your rest


Yes, we live in such a time when because of all our affairs, we not only do not have time to rest but do not even have time to plan our rest. How exactly do you want to recuperate? Maybe near the pool? Take a nap on the couch or read a book? Or maybe you want a full eight-hour sleep that will bring you back to life after a hard week? Do not think that you will rest as soon as you finish. Plan it and act on your plan. Many people do not understand this, and therefore they cannot answer the question when they last normally rested. A good rest is the same important part of life as everything else, so it needs to be planned like all other things. In addition, it greatly affects your health and your level of efficiency. So, it directly affects your success in college or at work. Since you cannot always ask someone to “write for me” your tests, essays, exams, you should only rely on yourself.

By following these simple rules, you can increase your activity and keep up with more. You will not miss anything important, and you will not wake up from nightmares about missed deadlines and failed exams. Focus on planning, and you will not need to focus on memorizing a whole list of various trivia from homework to shopping in the store. After all, planning can be used not only in school but also in any other aspect of your life. Free time, plan things, load yourself to the maximum and be an effective manager for yourself.


Life comes with its many stresses, and while some are brought on unexpectedly, others are within your control. For everyone who has a roof over their head, one of the sources of stress may be managing and maintaining a clean and functional environment. It can be more of a challenge when you have children as you have double the load to handle! For this reason, you should try and look for ways to ease your burden and make managing your home easier. Here are a few tips that you should try implementing in your daily life that could help.


  • Allocate Days for Tasks


Sometimes, it’s tough to stick to a schedule, especially when you can’t predict what direction your days will go in. However, based on the regularities in your plan, allocate days to home management tasks. It could mean making Saturdays wash days and Sundays dust days so that you aren’t burdened trying to do everything every day.

To create a cleaning schedule, list out all of your chores and be realistic about how many you can do in a day. Remember to be flexible on days life doesn’t go according to plan.


  • Get Professional Help


At times, what you need is an extra pair of hands when maintaining your home becomes overwhelming. For the sake of your wellbeing, taking a break and outsourcing some of your home management may go a long way in easing your stress. This could mean hiring a professional cleaner twice a month to do the spring cleaning you can’t seem to get around to, for example.


  • Regular Maintenance Checks


At times, you find that you’re having one of those weeks that everything seems to be breaking one after the other and your wallet seems to be reducing in size as well. If this happens to be the case for you, it could mean that you aren’t keeping up with home maintenance. Create a schedule that consists of all of the checks you need to do and how regularly.

One of the most essential checks you should remember is that of plumbing as neglecting this area could lead to flooding, running toilets, high water bills and damp walls. Look for reputable plumbing companies like Dyno Plumbing who can come and fix any minor issues before they become bigger ones and make sure everything is functioning. Next to this in importance, electrical wiring and appliances should be checked as well.


  • Make it a Family Affair


If you’ve got a family, to make it easier on yourself, get everyone involved in the maintenance of your home. When you create a schedule for chores, for instance, print it out and put it where everyone can see. It will also help if you distribute the workload so that each person has their own responsibility and the work isn’t all on one person.


  • Set Aside a Maintenance Budget


One thing that can make maintaining a home so stressful is when it results in unforeseen expenses. Life has so many expenses already, so throwing in ones that you haven’t budgeted for can send your finances on a downward spiral. To prevent this, set aside a home maintenance budget and let a sum of that money be for the broken washing machine or higher gas bill. Everyone spends a different amount on their home upkeep, so you’ll have to determine what you can afford.


As a small business who are new to creating an encouraging and professional workspace for employees, it can be daunting to know how to start, and what elements are the most important. However, creating the perfect office space can improve productivity, employee motivation and even employee mental health. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that your office is a hub of inspiration and creativity by following a few simple steps.

  1. Create Collaborative Areas

Encouraging employees to collaborate is difficult when many people prefer to work independently and focus on their own tasks. However, collaboration is important in helping employees to develop ideas and to maintain motivation throughout the working day. Collaboration is more likely to become commonplace if you construct a place when setting up your office where employees can come together and meet in a quiet and productive space. For instance, this can be positioned in the middle of the office, where it can be the central focus, or in a small room to the side of the office, which can provide the privacy quieter members of your team may need to speak their own ideas.

  1. Have Break Areas

Creating modern and well-kept areas where your staff can relax and unwind in their breaks in vital to maintaining a positive atmosphere throughout the day. Having a space where employees can relax away from their desks is important to stop the practise of skipping breaks, and allows your employees to have time to recharge and get ready for the next few hours of working. Additionally, having a personalised and enjoyable break area is important to encourage good employee relationships and collaboration, and it has been proven that having breaks increases productivity and motivation.

  1. Keep the Office Clean

Creating a clean office space is vital to help increase the mood of employees, aid organisation, and can also keep your office space safe for your employees by reducing the likelihood of injury. Although you may believe that you do not have time to focus on cleaning the office, regular deep cleans of your office is essential to keep your workplace looking professional and help to encourage your workers to enjoy time spent in the office. Hiring a deep-cleaning company such as Top 2 Bottom Cleaning is a good option to maintain the look of your office without taking time out of your busy day, and Top 2 Bottom Cleaning have the right equipment to make everything from muddy carpets to stained upholstery looking brand new.  

  1. Think About Natural Lighting

Ensuring that your office takes advantage of natural lighting can change the atmosphere and mood of your office and has a number of health benefits, with barely any expense. When planning the layout of your office, you should ensure that your desks get the full effect of natural lighting, which can help to boost your employee’s mood and even lower the cost of electricity.

Therefore, there are a number of factors that you should consider when setting up an office to create the best atmosphere for your business and maintain productivity and inspiration in your employee’s attitudes.


Did you know that gardening and outside maintenance accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in the UK every year? It seems amazing that the place where we’re supposed to be safest is where hundreds of thousands get injured, but it’s true. The problem is that at home, because you do tend to feel safe, you may not take the precautions you should, or you try and carry out tasks you haven’t got the ability or equipment to manage safely. If you don’t want to be one of those unfortunate statistics, here’s some advice to keep you safe outside your home.

  1. Clean your paths: Pathways can get very slippery, especially in winter when they’re damp and wet a lot of the time and algae starts to grow. A pressure washer should clear all the slime off your paths without too much bother.
  2. Sort out loose paving slabs: Loose slabs or bricks that move when you walk on them could easily cause a fall, so lift them out, redo the cement underneath, and fix them back into place, checking they’re right with a spirit level.
  3. Keep walkways and doors clear: Without meaning to, it’s easy to leave pots or bags of compost on the path or by the back door, just right for bumping into in the dark or falling over and causing injury.
  4. Don’t use ladders unless you know what you’re doing: Ladders are one of those tools we all think we should be able to use, but that should really come with a health warning! It’s always safest to have someone steadying a ladder while you climb up, and you need to make sure your angles are right against the house, and that the feet are firmly placed so the ladder doesn’t slip.
  5. Keep some grit or salt handy for icy weather: Ice and snow are weather conditions we’re all used to around here, but it’s still worth saying that having some salt to treat your paths with on an icy day is far better than risking walking across an ice rink to get to your car.

As well as these practical pieces of advice for everyday situations, you should also look at any special requirements you might need for your home, such as a ramp for wheelchairs, low level thresholds, lowered door handles, or outside railings. Ramps are an economical way of solving the problem of steps up to your front door if you or a family member has mobility problems, but a safer and more user friendly option is the step lift, which can be fitted over existing flights of steps by specialist companies like Terry Lifts.

Now the outside of the house is safe, and you’ve reduced the risk of having an accident outside your home, you can retreat into the safety of the indoors knowing your garden and pathways are safe. Although, in terms of accidents, did you know even more take place inside the home than anywhere else? It could be that you’ve got a bit more work ahead of you!



blackjack 10” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Themeplus


Casino options remain few and far between in Paisley with just one establishment in town. Even the proposed St. Mirren fans council casino night was cancelled back in 2017, leaving many locals disappointed. Luckily, residents who enjoy the classic table games can find all the action they need online. One of the most popular web-based casino games is blackjack.

Hit, split, surrender, stand or double down? If you are familiar with these terms, then you have probably enjoyed a game of blackjack. But are you ever successful? Do you know how to manage your hand? And do you ever wish you could become a better blackjack player?

Blackjack was first mentioned by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, who you can read about here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news. The game is easy to play but here are a few tips to help you improve your game.

Know the basics

When you play any game that involves wagering money, you must make sure you understand the basic rules. In online blackjack games such as at https://casino.betfair.com/c/blackjack, you are always up against the dealer.

First, you are dealt two cards. Then, the dealer draws two cards for themselves – with only one visible. Now, you decide what to do next. Your aim is to beat the hand of the dealer and any other players at the table by getting the highest score without exceeding 21. Aces count as 1 or 11.

When each player has made their decisions, the dealer reveals their cards. If their cards add up to 16, they automatically draw again. If they bust, the other players win. Otherwise, the highest hand is the winner.

Always make decisions in the same order

You will stand the best chance of winning a hand in blackjack if you make decisions in a certain order. Your first decision should be whether to surrender; if you don’t want to surrender, you should then look at whether it is time to split. If splitting doesn’t look like a good option, you need to decide whether to hit or stand. You should always follow this sequence when making decisions in blackjack.

Understand your options

Surrendering means you choose to give up half your stake without playing out the hand. If you are drawn two cards with a value of 10, you can split them into two hands to increase your chances of turning a winning hand. You can also split two aces, but you only get to draw one more card for each.

On some games, you get the option to double down. This means doubling your stake in exchange for just one more draw of the card.

If you hit, you simply draw again. If your hand goes over 21, you lose. If your hand is below 21, you must decide whether to hit again or stand. If you stand, you stick with the cards you have got.

Know the odds

In blackjack, winning hands are paid out at the following odds:

  • A standard win pays out at even money.
  • An ace drawn with any card worth 10 is known as a blackjack and pays out at 3/2. This combination beats other hands with a value of 21 that required one hit or more.

Cards Down” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by smkybear

Learn some strategy

Even if your memory skills are only sufficient to remember as far back as the 2013 Scottish League Cup final –  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/, there are many speclialist blackjack strategy charts that are simple to remember and advise you what to do with each combination of cards. These charts have been calculated to give you the best chance of winning.

But remember, as with any casino game, the house still has the edge!


Learn some strategy

Even if your memory skills are only sufficient to remember as far back as the 2013 Scottish League Cup final –  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/, there are many speclialist blackjack strategy charts that are simple to remember and advise you what to do with each combination of cards. These charts have been calculated to give you the best chance of winning.

But remember, as with any casino game, the house still has the edge!