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Those of us who’ve lived here a long time know winter can be mercilessly cold and a little depressing. Of the thousands of international students who have chosen to make Paisley their home, many will soon experience their first ever Scottish winter in full force.

Whether you’re a long-time local or a new arrival, you’ll need some tips for getting through the season. Luckily, Paisley has plenty of cosy spots in which to seek refuge when the icy Atlantic winds get a little too much. Here’s your guide to surviving winter in Paisley.

Warm Up with a Hot Chocolate

When the ever-earlier dark nights start setting in, your first port of call should be one of the cute and cosy cafes are dotted across the city, to warm yourself up with a tasty hot beverage. For Alice in Wonderland vibes in a truly magical atmosphere, settle in with a cup of tea and a vegan brownie at Mad Hatter’s Cafe on Gauze Street.

If you want somewhere equally comforting but with more of a hipster vibe, you can’t do much better than the Grumpy Monkey over on Moss Street, which does some of the best coffee in town. For the ultimate no-nonsense Scottish experience, Skirlies Cafe on Broomlands Street will be more than happy to serve you a Scottish breakfast to set you up for the entire winter, all for just a few quid. 

Embrace the Art of a Night-In

Sometimes the best way to get through the winter is to avoid it entirely. Choosing this strategy means setting up your living situation so you have a warm and cosy refuge to come back to every night. Start by stocking up on some cute pillows and blankets, ideally from the vintage paradise that is the Paisley Lace Boutique

Next, make sure you have plenty of entertainment to see you through those long nights. Load up on all the Scottish TV Shows Netflix has to offer, with some American classics sprinkled in for good measure. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of online games to hand to keep you entertained, such as online casinos and betting. You’ll be able to bet on all the latest sporting action from around the world by giving some of the top online betting platforms a try, meaning you might even be able to win some money to buy that ridiculously comfy cashmere jumper you’ve been eyeing up. 

Enjoy the Museums and Galleries

Since spending pretty much any time outside is a big no-no, you’ll want to get better acquainted with Paisley’s wonderful museums and galleries. The Paisley Museum has more than enough to keep you warm and entertained for the day and you’ll get to learn about the fascinating history of the region. You’ll also want to hit up the 17th century Weaver’s Cottage for maximum cosiness, as this place also has an open fireplace burning all through the winter. Well worth the trip to Kilbarchan.

Paisley may be cold, but it’s also a magical place in the winter. With the right strategy, winter in Paisley could be your favourite time of year.

There is no doubt that Scotland is quickly entering into the digital community with full force. In fact, a study conducted in 2017 illustrated that the presence of startup businesses increased by an incredible 77 per cent when compared to figures from 2016 (1). What motivations are behind such a paradigm shift? What types of opportunities can be leverage within the digital world? Are there any e-commerce platforms specifically designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized Scottish organisations? The answers to these questions may indeed come as a surprise, as we are currently in the midst of what can only be called a digital revolution. 


The Burgeoning Sector of Scottish Start-Up Firms 


Much like any developed country, Scotland fully appreciates the economic opportunities associated with the digital age. Traditional borders no longer present insurmountable obstacles. Many advanced cloud-based solutions require a low amount of overhead and yet, their associated tools would have represented the stuff of fiction only a few years ago. In the same respect, there are many other third-party solutions to be accessed. This provides entrepreneurs with a greater sense of flexibility in regards to pricing and implementation. 


Perhaps the most notable advantage with such methods is that they can be deployed within a very short period of time; even if the enterprise already has a tried-and-true IT platform. So, Glasgow firms will no longer be relegated to a specific region or demographic. This opens of a wealth of possibilities in terms of economic growth and prosperity. What other gaps are able to be bridged by these methods? 


Built by Professionals for Enterprise-Level Solutions 


In the not-so-distant past, this technology was very limited. Not only would owners be forced to work with with rather obtuse interfaces, but scalability was a very real issue. The main problem was that the majority of third-party providers were more concerned with offering a universal solution as opposed to catering to the needs of a specific business. This ultimately resulted in a fair amount of confusion and in some cases, these cloud-based bundles could hardly be dubbed effective “solutions”. Times have changed, and for the better. 

Shopify how has the ability to provide a targeted enterprise ecommerce solution that is solely moulded around the needs of the organisation. Stakeholders can choose which utilities and tools they wish to employ. Front-end interfaces are now capable of being customised to reflect bespoke branding and corporate identities. All of these solutions are scalable, so they can now grow with the company as opposed to hindering its progress. It therefore stands to reason that major international organisations such as Red Bull and Nestle have already employed such technology with a great deal of success. 


B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions must always be able to progress as the needs of the business and the Internet community evolve. Thanks to the innate flexibility of Shopify and its various components, Scottish businesses of all sizes can rise to the occasion and enjoy an unparalleled level of success. 



  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-43647584
st vincents hospice

A team of 14 staff and supporters from SPAR took on the daunting challenge of Zipsliding at high speed across the River Clyde for St. Vincent’s Hospice, bringing an impressive end to their fundraising efforts over the last several months, as they raised a staggering £6,500.

st vincents hospice

SPAR Scotland, owned and operated by CJ Lang and Son, the largest independent retailing and distribution company in Scotland, are a proud Pearl Sponsor of St. Vincent’s Hospice as part of their 30th Anniversary year.

Taking place on Saturday 15th September, Team Spar joined a host of other supporters from around the community, and was made up of a wide variety of individuals, with some looking to remember a loved one, some aiming to conquer a fear of heights and others just looking for an adrenaline rush.

Commenting on the event, Fundraising Manager at St. Vincent’s Hospice, Carol-Anne Lamont, said: “The support from everyone at SPAR has been absolutely incredible and we cannot thank them, and all of the supporters who took part, for everything they have done for us. They have been fundraising for us consistently over the last several months, and had already donated an exceptional amount, before adding more than £4,000 to their total with the Zipslide.

“In spite of some winds which threatened to make the day a bit scarier than any of us had been expecting, it was a fantastic event, with everyone doing us proud as they sailed over the Clyde. Every single penny raised from this event makes a real difference to families from all walks of our community, allowing us to provide care and support for people during some of the most difficult times of their lives.”

St. Vincent’s Hospice is a specialist provider of palliative and Hospice care for individuals and families affected by life-limiting conditions from all across Renfrewshire. They also provide bereavement counselling and support for children and young people who have experienced the loss or illness of a loved one.

Area Manager for Spar, David Cunningham, said: “We are delighted to be given the opportunity to assist St. Vincent’s Hospice in the fundraising that allows them to continue to deliver the valuable care and support they provide within the community. All our staff had a fantastic time on the day and were delighted it helped contribute to such a worthy cause!”

If you would like to become involved and support St. Vincent’s Hospice, please visit: www.SVH.co.uk or email Info@svh.co.uk.


When people here about dangerous travelling they think about the things that other people could do to them. Or the mistakes that they could make which can lead them to peril. However, there are some situations in which even the most prepared holidaymaker ends up in a life-threatening situation. This is despite all the vigilance and experience of the traveller.

When the environment turns hostile

There are many situations in which a trip that was supposed to be as safe as betting real money at a online casino gambling usa becomes life-threatening and even lethal. In most of these cases, the weather would have taken a surprise twist.

Usually, experienced travellers know not to travel to regions that have unpredictable weather. Especially in the season that the weather is most unpredictable. But sometimes the environment has a mind of its own. There can be sudden tremors resulting in earthquake disasters or too much rain resulting in Landslides. All these are things that can hardly be predicted well in advance. And even if they could be, the people controlling the information are not too keen on sharing, maybe for the sake of public security.

Risky Travelling

This is when travelers take chances with their travelling, instead of playing internet casino gambling games at casino. The common reason for taking chances with the weather is because of desiring to visit a resort offseason. This is now a very common trend among vacationers. Everyone knows that during the off-season there is better service since there are fewer clients to serve.

However, there are some places that close their doors to the public for the sake of the public’s safety. There are places that become too cold or too hot to provide a comfortable holiday. Then, there are places that just become uninhabitable during a particular season.

For such places, most travel agents and governments issue warnings against travelling to there at particular times. But people will always be people. The risk that is presented is the adventure that someone else is seeking.


A boys’ night out is something that every man needs from time to time. No matter what responsibilities they may have at home, sometimes it’s just fun to go out with likeminded males and run off some testosterone. In fact, spending time with people just like us is good for our health, studies have shown, and as long as these nights out are done sparingly so that everyone in and out of the home is happy, they can be wonderful ways to get together with friends, enjoy some male bonding, and have a chance to really let your hair down. If you want to socialise with your male friends in Paisley, here are some rules to follow to ensure it’s a great night out.


Drive Safely

Safety on a night out with the boys is of paramount importance, and driving is all a part of that. If you’re not going to share a taxi or use public transport, then you should always have a designated driver, and that person shouldn’t drink during the evening. If you have a friend who doesn’t drink anyway and is happy to take on the job whenever you go out then the ‘problem’ is easily solved, but if everyone wants to enjoy a beer or two, then you will need to work out in advance who is doing the driving.


It’s also important to ensure that you rotate this duty so that everyone gets a chance to have a drink on your nights out and everyone is the driver in turn. If you really can’t decide and no one wants to volunteer then organise your transport in advance so that you don’t get stuck somewhere and can’t get home.


Keep Everyone Together

It’s really easy to get lost on a night out, especially if drinking has been involved, so that means there is all the more reason to keep the group together and not let anyone wander off. Specific circumstances may mean that people do go and do their own thing; they might want to visit an escort which has its own set of rules, and you can read more here, for example. Even if this does happen, you still need to leave each venue as a group, so organise a central meeting place and don’t move on to the next place until everyone is there.


Avoid Trouble

When you go out with the boys you want to have fun and enjoy yourself, so why ruin it by looking for trouble? Keep to yourself and keep the peace and you’ll have a much better time. If there are volatile members of the group, then you simply need to stay away from places that might see a lot of testosterone flying around such as strip clubs and illegal raves. Don’t go anywhere or do anything that is against the law and enjoy one another’s company – doing this means you’ll all get home safely and happily, ready to do it again the next time an outing is arranged.


Watch The Money

Although you can’t really tell your friends what they can and can’t spend, try to ensure that everyone pays fairly rather than splitting the bill equally. If you know that one of your mates is less well off than the others, go for a cheaper venue and not an expensive restaurant that might make them uncomfortable and cause them problems when you come to pay. A cheap eatery is just as much fun as a pricey one when you’re all together again and enjoy one another’s company.


If you go somewhere that’s all about spending money, such as a casino, then it might be wise to set a limit – either time or cash. If anyone went broke during the evening and couldn’t carry on to the next venue, it would be a big shame, and it would potentially ruin everyone’s evening.


Watch The Photos

Taking photos of every little thing is standard these days thanks to smartphones, but make sure you check through them before leaving them on your phone. Photos don’t tell the full story, but the imagination can easily (and often wrongly) fill in the blanks, so don’t cause a family row and make sure there is nothing untoward on your phone. If you’ve had a drink and your friends have got hold of your phone for any length of time, make sure that your social media pages are still intact too – you never know what statuses they may have written for you, and the sooner you can fix it the better for everyone!


Don’t Add People

You’ve gone out as a group, and the best advice is not to add anyone to that group, no matter how funny or like you they might be. The important thing to remember is that you don’t know this person who happened to be sitting near you in the bar or buying the same kind of drink at the club, and they don’t know you. Adding them to your tight friendship group, even if it’s just for one drink, can easily cause disputes that someone is sure not to like the idea. Plus, because you don’t know them, you have no idea whether they can be trusted or not. Hopefully, they are perfectly normal individuals with no ill intent, but it’s impossible to tell, so it’s best just to smile and wave and walk away, back to your own set of friends.


Call Home

If you have someone at home who will worry about you until you get back, consider sending them a message. It means you’re loved and that someone cares for you. Care for them too by calling to let them know you’re okay. If you’re going to be late, check in to keep them up to date so that they don’t have to spend hours waiting up, getting more and more concerned. If you can keep your partner informed of what’s going on, they will be far less likely to grill you about it when you get home, and it will save any arguments too.


Thinking about what to do in Scotland? How about some gambling? Gambling is a really popular pastime in Scotland and if you want to take a break from playing live casino games and step into a real brick and mortar casino then there are plenty to choose from. You can find a great casino in all the major cities, including Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow.

When looking for the best Scotland destinations, you will find that apart from the Highlands which are marvellous and just naturally beautiful, these three cities are where you want to be at. Not only are they architecturally interesting, but also the top casino destinations.

Below you can find a list of the best Scotland casinos of the moment, complete with the main reasons why you should visit them.


Alea Casino, Glasgow

This one is the biggest casino in Scotland. Alea Casino brings some Las Vegas into Glasgow and makes you feel as if you were in one of the gambling capitals of the world. It has a capacity of 1800 as well as a riverside setting to make sure that you enjoy your time spent there and also get a view. It offers all the facilities of a top-class venue, bringing you fine dining, live entertainment, bars, and, of course, the best casino games. You will find more than 17 gaming tables, over 20 slot machines, as well as 20 electronic roulette machines.


Soul Casino, Aberdeen

As Hozier says: Take me to church.  This amazing casino is set in a church conversion that’s been transformed but still keeps the original features like stained glass windows, high ceilings and church organ. The casino is spectacularly luxurious and glamourous and offers a wide range of games from roulette to blackjack, from three card poker to slot machines.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat, Glasgow

This one is a premier riverside venue that’s in the heart of the city. It has an exceptional offer of food and drinks, with perfectly cooked rib-eye steaks, exquisite chocolate-covered Belgian waffles and many other gourmet choices. When it comes to the games selection you will find the crowd pleasers like roulette, blackjack, three card poker, Texas Hold’em and slots.


Grosvenor Casino, Dundee

Part of the same family as the one above, the Dundee Grosvenor casino brings you the same delicious meal that also includes a goat cheese, mushrooms, spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes stone-backed pizza and so much more. The casino also has a sports and entertainment lounge, conference rooms, bars and all the best casino games.

Grosvenor Casino, Aberdeen

What applied to the two above applies here as well only this time we move to Aberdeen. This entire family of casinos has everything you need, from convenient locations to areas that are perfect both for business and for pleasure. Whether you want to enjoy yourself playing slots alone, go on date night with your significant other, gamble and eat at a fancy restaurant or take your business partner to have fun and do business at the same time, you can do it here.


Know any other epic Scottish Casino destinations that shouldn’t be missed?

Lemon sole for your soul, sushi for your palate and a huge fish supper for your belly cravings. It’s only a short drive north to Paisley town‘s nearest patch of Scottish coast, up to Boden Boo & Erskine, and once ashore there’s plenty for the fishermen to be hauling in. The Irish sea is teeming with life – fish, shellfish, mussels and more – and it’s all available on a local plate somewhere or other. Whether your taste buds are new to the sea game or old age veterans, there’s something for everyone in Paisley when hunger comes to call.

Fresh Sushi for Your Chopstick Pleasure

Sushi restaurants rely on one thing first and foremost and that thing is freshly caught, delicious fish. The best sushi has come from unfrozen fish, delivered straight from the ocean to your soy sauce dipping plate. If a Paisley Japanese restaurant has high prices, it’s because the food on your plate isn’t even twenty-four hours old and has been expertly diced and beautifully arranged for your tongue to enjoy. Cheaper varieties will involve frozen or partially frozen fish, while other recipes like pakora or a seafood ramen will come cooked regardless – so no worries for freshness there.

The tastiest fish off Paisley’s western coastline are some of the most common: cod, bass, haddock, plaice and mackerel are all top of the list for many shoppers in the supermarket and you’re just as likely to find them in a local fish market or online, where you can peruse sites such as Deliveroo for the menus of local restaurants. Then, of course, there’s freshwater salmon to be had and other delicacies over from Scotland’s east coast and the North Sea.

Unbeatable Fish and Chips

Speaking of sea chow, Paisley, like the rest of Scotland, takes pride in its local fish supper. Into the fryer is where the vast majority of the cod goes, battered and fried and rested on a bed of crisp-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside potato cuttings. Town favourites like Castelvecchi and Mario’s each have their own appeal and way of doing things, with the former open right from the off at eight o’clock every morning. Pile on the salt, the vinegar, the ketchup and the brown sauce. There’s mushy peas, sausages and beer-battered fish galore here in Paisley town.

Crab, Oyster and Other Such Shells

Feeling a bit more adventurous? There’s more to seafood than fish and crab is a prime local example. You might find it in the seafood pakora we mentioned earlier, it might come on a stick, it might even be the centrepiece of a three-course meal. Either way, the soft meat from this crustacean is hard to beat, and certainly worth a try if you’ve never done so before. Or how about oyster? Or prawns, or shrimp? There’s so much food coming in off the Scottish coast, and every bite’s as delicious as the last.

Paisley has a lot of great food, both local and imported. And being so close to the coast and ocean, it’s no surprise the sea variety does well. So go on, treat yourself. Pick a dish, pick a restaurant and get to ordering.

paisley pattern


paisley pattern

The iconic paisley pattern has experienced quite a journey to its small Renfrewshire town. This ornamental decorative pattern has become one of the most eye-catching designs in modern history, helping to put the town of Paisley on the map as a key cog in the UK’s textile industry and is still a major talking point in Paisley’s history today. Fascinatingly, the paisley pattern remains as contemporary in fashion today as it was 200 years ago. It’s by no means uncommon to see a hint of Paisley on the Paris or Milan Fashion Week catwalk.

It all started for the paisley pattern back in ancient Persia, a civilisation that goes back as far as the 7th century BC – and possibly even earlier, as some archaeological evidence dates back to 7000 BC. The motif was regularly used in ancient Mesopotamia, the area which we now associate with nations such as Iran, Kuwait and Syria. Many homeowners utilised the paisley pattern as a form of interior decoration, most notably in the form of carpets and fabrics. Inspired heavily by nature, the Paisley motif features the Persian ‘buta’: a teardrop-shaped design with a curved upper tip.

From Persia to India: The Paisley Pattern moved slowly from east to west

The buta motif and the paisley pattern as a whole then negotiated its way into Indian culture, where for many years magnificent hand-crafted cashmere shawls were made using the paisley as its prominent design. At this time, India was a huge part of the British Empire. When colonial British men returned to the British Isles from the shores of India, they opted to bring these shawls home as gifts for their wives. The shawls and the paisley pattern were so warmly received by the women of Britain that the British East India Company spotted a gap in the market and an opportunity to export these products across Europe until the late 18th century.

However, it was the small town of Paisley in the west central Lowlands of Scotland that would eventually become the hub of buta motif weaving in western Europe. Paisley’s own weaving mill was opened in 1805. The town became synonymous with the motif and as textile technology improved through the decades, the traditional two-tone paisley pattern shawls became five-tone shawls – although this still didn’t quite compare with the 15 colours used in the shawls manufactured by hand in East India.

The symbolic nature of Paisley through the cultures

The paisley pattern itself has been somewhat flexible through the generations. The motif has been used in very simple, basic terms and in exceedingly ornate designs too. The positioning of the leaves and flowers have changed at times and it has often been used in a repetitive nature too. The repetitive element proved very popular in the era of psychedelia in the 1960s and 1970s. Its resonance with Eastern symbolism – and its more contemporary ‘free love’ connotations – meant that the paisley pattern was worn as a designer item by many of the leading rock and boho-pop icons such as David Bowie, Prince and, more recently, Florence Welch.

Overall, the symbolism of the paisley motif in Eastern cultures was one of fertility and health. In India, it was deemed that those who wore paisley would be more fertile as the motif acted as an arrow pointing down to the wearer’s groin. It therefore made a very popular choice for ties both in the east and west. According to Betway Casino’s infographic on superstitions around the world, the Barnstar five-pointed motif offers a similar symbolism of good health in the United States, with many Americans adorning their barns with yellow Barnstars in the same way those in the east would adorn their homes with the buta motif. Since the era of psychedelia in the latter half of the 20th century, the paisley pattern has been a signature design with some of the most exclusive fashion houses around the world. According to BBC Culture, iconic Italian brand Etro was influenced hugely by the bold colours of the buta and the fact that the motif was rich in meaning and history. In fact, looking at the recent Etro50 capsule collection which marks the brand’s 50 years, the pattern still features heavily. More recently, the paisley pattern has enjoyed a contemporary resurgence with High Street fashion houses such as Gucci, Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent all adopting the motif.

With so many hidden meanings, symbolism and cultural adaptations, it’s safe to say the paisley pattern has had quite a past. In the town of Paisley, as many as 28,000 people were employed at the height of the motif’s thread manufacture. The town’s cotton mills were said to be the largest of their kind in the world before World War I. Unfortunately, production ceased in the early 1990s due to the decision of J & P Coats – the owners of Paisley’s original cotton mills – to set up cheaper operations in both India and Brazil.

Nevertheless, the roots of Paisley’s textile industry live long in the memory in the town. It was a key part of Paisley’s bid to become UK City of Culture 2021 and was shortlisted down to the final five cities before falling at the final hurdle to Coventry.


real estate

Starting a real estate business is not as easy as many people might think. According to a recent survey, around 90 percent of the real estate businesses fail within just five years. However, for those people who know how to start and run this business, it could turn out to be a dream job. In this article, we are going to share with you the best pieces of advice about how to start a real estate business. When you get a strong starting base for your business, it is definite that it will grow and prosper once fully established.

1.    Craft and Ideal Business Plan

To smoothly run your real estate business, it is important that you make an ideal plan for it. Your business plan will decide how you will take each step and reach your ultimate goal. Therefore, it is important that your business plan is properly streamlined so that nothing takes place haphazardly and ruins your efforts.

Most of the real estate business owners start their business without any plan. They listen to what others advise them and do not bother to it out step by step. In this way when they start it with random thoughts in mind, they make things complicated for themselves and at last give up on their business. So, the most important thing you have to do before starting your business, craft a plan for it.

2.    Align a Marketing Plan

Well, this is the most important thing to do to save your real estate business. Your amazing business plan alone will not do any good for you if you do not have a good marketing plan for your business services. It is the heart of your business, and this is what many real estate owners ignore.

When you are done with designing your business plan, start your work immediately on your marketing plan. This is because when you start your business, you will need to attract your target customers. This is possible only if you have the marketing plan to reach them. This plan will help you reach every corner of your country. For instance, you have your real estate business office and flats to rent in Dundee, but you want to reach your potential customers from all over Scotland, you can do this through your marketing campaign on social media, print media, etc.

3.    Prospect Consistently

You have to prospect consistently if you are really serious about the progress of your business. Some people think that such a system is very complicated and they cannot handle it in their business. These are all myths. In fact, it is very easy to maintain it through mailers, phone calls and emails. It will be a winning system for you and would need simple scheduling.

Now, the important thing to notice here is not just that a real estate business need a prospecting system. But, another point to ponder is that it should be consistent. Only if it is consistently followed, then it will bring out its true benefits for your real estate business.

4.    Get Organized

Your business is not a machine to make money for you. It is a system that needs to be run in an organized manner. All your tasks must be properly streamlined. Only then you will be able to do everything smoothly and at its right time. So, follow this basic principle and stay organized in your work.

These are some of the pieces of advice that could prove to be beneficial for you and your real estate business. You can read them thoroughly, further research about them on your own and implement them practically on your business. You will see the results would be extraordinary.

Paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates continue to add to their impressive list of local sponsors, following on from the news that Abbey Services, based in Underwood Road, Paisley, have returned to support the club for another season The company provides a full range of building services ranging from the provision of CCTV, roofing, alarms to all forms of building maintenance and extensions.


“We regard ourselves as a local business working in the local community, and we like to give back something in that respect, by investing in it,” explained Derek Ross, for Abbey Services. “The link to the Paisley Pirates, a club which is very much a community organisation, seemed to us to be a natural tie up to enter into, and we’re very pleased with the response we’ve had since we began our partnership with the Pirates. It’s very satisfying to see a club that we support doing so well, and we hope the association continues to bring success to both parties.”

Jackie Turley, Head of Off Ice Operations for the club, commented, “It’s always very pleasing when a company returns to support us after the first season, as it indicates that we must be doing something right, and that they’re quite happy with what they’re receiving from the Paisley Pirates in return for their support. More and more companies are beginning to come on board the Pirates’ ship and it’s absolutely vital that they do, as the cost of running an ice hockey club increases with each passing season. We work very hard to attract sponsors, and we keep working very hard to keep them, because every single one of them is crucial to the continued survival of the club in the ice. We’re very grateful to Abbey Services and, indeed, all of our sponsors for their continued support.”