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Exam season is a dreaded time for all students, even when their tests are weeks or months away. It’s a time of great stress. That stress builds and builds until you’re overreacting to everything, pumping with adrenaline, but always lacking energy. By the end of your exams, you’re completely burned out and feel awful. But you don’t have to get burned out every time exams come around. Here are a few tips to avoid burnout during your exam seasons.

Get a Little Help from Your Friends


It’s easy to tell that you’re getting stressed. You buzz around like you’ve had too much caffeine but feel like you’ve gotten nothing done. While you know when you’re stressed, you might have trouble telling when you’re approaching a burnout. When the stress starts to be too much, you’ll begin snapping at people or becoming irrationally annoyed at the slightest thing. For other things that are sometimes more important, you’ll become indifferent.

It’s during this time that you’ll need the help of your friends. Your friends are your support system during this time, and if they’re students, too, then you’re probably part of their support system as well.

At the start of the year, make an agreement to keep an eye on each other. It’ll be easier for them to spot the warning signs of a burnout in you than it will be for you to notice any signs. They can also devise plans that will help you relax.


Take Breaks 

Whenever you have a lot of work to take on, you need to take regular breaks. This way of staving off stress can really help during exam season. During this break time, you can find many ways to reduce stress. Do exercises or yoga, talk to a friend, or indulge in a luxurious bubble bath. If you have a weekend before your tests, take all that time off and do something that will ease the stress from your mind.

Setting aside regular time periods for breaks is an excellent way to relieve stress unless you’re using this time to run errands, catch up on housecleaning, or do things that you may not actually enjoy. If you don’t enjoy yoga or other such activities, then doing these things will not relax you. If you enjoy playing a video game or watching a movie, do that instead. The point of your breaks should not be to find time to accomplish other tasks but to truly unplug and relax.


Focus on One Thing at a Time

Multitasking is a skill that’s highly regarded in today’s society, but it’s not always a good thing. You’ve probably become accustomed to reading a book while listening to music and eating a snack all at once. It gets harder when you’re trying to keep your mental state afloat.

To avoid burning out, try to focus on one task at a time. When you’re relaxing, don’t have your textbook or notes out. You’ll enjoy the television show you’re watching less and learn absolutely nothing. When you eat and study, you don’t even enjoy what you’re eating. Take the time to really enjoy your food as distracted eating is a sign of a burnout. If you have something important to do that you may forget if you don’t do it right away, write it down and prioritize.


Be Honest with Yourself

When you’re doing too much, your body knows. You start to physically feel bad. Listen to what your body says. If it becomes too much or you’re looking for someone to “do essay for me,” then take a moment to assess. Don’t panic. Your mental health is more important than your exam scores. You’ve been preparing all semester for these exams. You have the tools. Even though you know that you have what you need, that won’t stop stress from building up.

Luckily, there are people and tools around who will help you through your exams. Good luck with your exams and stay positive!


Every single traveler from any country of the world should know as much as possible about the travel destination before leaving home for a vacation. This is true for people from Scotland travelling to the US since you might end up missing out on the need to have an ESTA Visa and it is true for foreigners coming to Scotland since you want to know about some of the really unique traditions that are not present anywhere else around the world. This is precisely what we will talk about in the following paragraphs.

The Highland Games

The Highland Games are unique and are held all throughout the country between the months of May and September. There are over eighty events that are held and that put competitors in various interesting venues while the Scottish kilt is worn. There are many heavy contests like the popular hammer throw or the caber toss but also numerous field events like cycling competitions and hill races. The Highland Games are a true spectacle that is surrounded by traditions like pipers, drummers, piping competitions and even Highland dancers.

Haggis Hurling

This is a relatively new Scottish tradition. The renowned haggis is not eaten. It is actually thrown as far as a person case while the participant stands on a large whisky barrel. The game was actually invented just as a joke. Robin Dunseath did this for the Edinburgh Gathering of the Clans in 1977. Then, it was used in order to raise charity funds while played at Highland Games.

As time passed, this fun activity evolved into a strict professional sport with rules competitors have to respect. This is a competition that has its roots in women from the seventeenth century tossing the haggis across rivers to waiting husbands so that time was saved and more work was done. Husbands were catching the haggis with the kilts’ front apron so it did not hit the ground.

Kilts And Tartans

Everyone knows the Scottish kilt. It has a really deep historical and cultural root, being seen as a true sacred patriotism and honor symbol for the Scotsman. The kilt is made out of tartan that is worn around waist and then accompanied by the sporran, a small bag that is worn right over the kilt. There is a kilt pin that is holding 2 tartan pieces together and a smaller dagger that is in the sock, the sgian dubh.


You should never visit Scotland without hearing Scottish traditional music played by the national instrument of the country, the bagpipe. This is a wind instrument that actually appeared in the Middle East. It eventually moved and properly evolved in the European continent. Scottish people made it a huge part of country culture.

If you visit the country and are interested in bagpipes, do be sure that you visit some of the castles and museums in the country that have huge collections tourists can explore. The best example of this is, most likely, the Glasgow National Piping Centre.


The human brain is a feat to marvel, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its limitations. We cannot, for instance, process and understand large quantities of data as single entities. We need to first sort through this data in order to make meaningful deductions. Big data alone has untold potential for changing everything we know about our way of life, but you don’t need access to all data produced in order to make better decisions. Simply having access to real-time data from different departments or business units (BU) within your company can do wonders towards improving your business.


Increased Processing Speed

One of the first benefits of implementing a product provided by Omnia Ecommerce is it allows for real-time data to be accessed by different departments, increasing processing speed. If your sales rep has direct access to what your company has in stock, they can directly and immediately make a sale to a client, both in the B2B and B2C sectors. Similarly, if the product has a longer lead time, they can then put in a request which would then be sent to your different business units, who would similarly be able to make fast, effective decisions to potentially move stock around in their ERP system, whether that be SAP or another provider. This increased speed will help ensure that your customer gets their order fast, and that you can promise effective results for more customers or clients than ever before.


Lowered Production Cost

Another benefit of having real-time data is that your employees will never have to make guesses when it comes to costing. You won’t have an unneeded order of materials when you already have enough. Done right, you can use the real-time information available to you to narrow down the purchase of raw materials and production rates, so that you can sell every single item you produce. This will ensure you don’t waste money producing items that will never be sold. By having data in real-time, your employees can make better decisions, and you yourself can find innovative ways to maximise production and minimise redundant costs for a more efficient business.


Understand Customer Habits

Real-time data doesn’t just benefit your production; it can help you improve your customer service immensely as well. Take your call service, for instance; by creating a file for each customer who calls and keeping a log of their concerns or issues, you can provide them with better service if they were ever to call again. This will require all of your call operatives to have access to the same file in real time. Similarly, tracking user data on your website and saved preferences on their account can allow you to offer current offers and advertisements sent to their email box, increasing the likelihood that they will buy.


There are many ways having data in real-time can benefit your business, because you should never be a step behind your own company. Centralise your system and ensure that every one of your departments has the information that they need to do a better job than they did yesterday.


Whether you work as a builder, as a doctor or as a teacher, you should know that your job adds to the value of the society that you live in. Choosing a career path is important because changing your job is not that pleasant, although not impossible. You should consider every possible scenario that might happen in the environment that you operate in and try to avoid unpleasant situations. By being a friendly, genuine person, you prove that you are a true professional and you can easily stay out of trouble.

Though, there are certain work accidents that cannot be prevented. When that happens, you need to know exactly what steps you need to follow to either get compensation or be able to take some time off work. The following guide might give you an idea about how to cope with some of the most common work-related injuries.

Seek Medical Attention

There will be some cases where a work-related injury, whether it is a slip, a fall or a more serious one, such as a vehicle accident, needs to be checked by a doctor. Seeking medical attention is quite natural, although some might be tempted to wait a bit longer till doing so. If the injury is a serious one, you should call an ambulance immediately. By understanding what sort of injury you are dealing with, you are best able to avoid long-term damages or effects. Even if it is not a direct emergency, it may be worth visiting your local doctor or hospital to find out how serious your injury is. Listen to your body and if you feel pain, act on it sooner rather than later.

File a Report

As an employee, you have the right to file a claim. There will be an appropriate person to turn to in this instance. Firstly, you need to tell your supervisor about your injury. They will be able to start the process of logging the accident, so it is on record. This has to contain information about your injury, the circumstances that led to that situation and some more personal information. Generally, witnesses play an important role in this case as they can confirm that the process has been dealt with in an honest fashion regarding what has happened.   

Get Professional Help

Although not a lot of people are familiar with this, it is actually possible to get compensation for being injured at work. Victims of injury can get in touch with specialised solicitors who will help them get the compensation that they deserve. Sensitive information should never be given to anyone else, except for the compensation experts. By visiting www.the-compensation-experts.co.uk you can learn more about the types of injuries that you can get compensation for and what documents you need to provide.


Procedures for workplace injury are not as simple as some would think and they don’t end once the employee receives medical care. In some instances, a worker might need to receive specialised rehabilitative care. There are two types of rehabilitation: physical and vocational. The first one refers to therapy that is meant to treat injuries while the second one involves long-term training in order to introduce the worker to the workforce. The first one might require taking some time off work, but the second one can include accommodations. In other words, the worker might need to be assigned a different kind of job when they return to work.

These are some of the most important steps that one has to follow when dealing with work-related injuries. Besides that, being informed is probably a fundamental part in this case.

st mirren

While thousands may have took to the streets of Paisley to celebrate St. Mirren’s recent promotion to the SPL, thoughts have already turned to next seasons’ top-flight adventure.


After all, the club has already undergone significant change in the weeks since their Scottish Championship win, with manager Jack Ross having departed for Sunderland and been replaced by former Hibernian boss Alan Stubbs. Ross, who won last years’ coveted PFA Manager of the Year award, will be a big miss for the Buddies as they look to re-establish themselves as a top-flight force.


In this post, we’ll look at St. Mirren’s prospects for the new season, and ask how the club is likely to fare under Stubbs’ stewardship.


Can the Buddies Survive in the SPL?


Ultimately, St. Mirren won the Scottish Championship in style last season, ending a three-year hiatus from the SPL. In fact, they finished 12 points clear of their nearest challengers, winning 23 of their 36 league games and earning 74 points in the process.

st mirren

So far, the club have managed to hang on their key permanent players, including skipper Stephen McGinn and last seasons’ top scorer Gavin Reilly. However, there is serious doubt about the future of Celtic loanee and fleet-of-foot winger Lewis Morgan, who won the Championship Player of the Year and plundered 18 goals in 42 outings for the Buddies last year.

While the player himself is thought to be keen on a return to Celtic (who only signed him permanently from St. Mirren in January before loaning him straight back), Jack Ross is also hoping to entice Morgan to join him south of the border at Sunderland. Either way, it seems unlikely that Morgan will be in Paisley next season, and this would strike a blow to St. Mirren’s hopes of remaining in the SPL.

Given this, St. Mirren’s dealings in the transfer market will be key, while they’ll need to ensure that they do not lose too many more of their Championship winning squad as the summer unfolds.


How will Stubbs Fare at the Helm?

St. Mirren’s transfer plans may have initially been impacted by the departure of Ross and the subsequent appointment of Stubbs, but there’s no doubt that the club are getting a seasoned and talented manager.

After all, he was in charge of an Hibernian side that won the Scottish Cup as a Championship club back in 2016, ending a 114-year wait to lift the trophy for a third time.

However, Stubbs admits that he was too hasty in leaving the Hibernian role in the aftermath of their cup win, with a subsequent stint at Rotherham in the EFL Championship yielding just one win in 14 games.

He was sacked after after just four months at the helm, and has since spent more than a year-and-a-half out of the game as he considered the best way to rebuild his career.


Stubbs will certainly have a point to prove this time around, but much will depend on whether he can temper his desire to play attacking and positive football and recruit the requisite calibre of players this summer.


The Last Word


Stubbs, who has moved quickly to add former Celtic striker Darren Jackson to his back room staff, will certainly adopt a proactive approach to preparing St. Mirren for life in the top-flight.


He’ll also use all of his experience to plot a path towards SPL survival, which would represent an achievement for the Buddies in the first season back at the top table.


Last season, the SPL was arguably the most competitive it had been in years, with Hibernian and Aberdeen emerging as growing forces at the top of the table. There’s no reason why St. Mirren can’t compete with the teams outside of the top four or five, however, and this will be Stubbs’ primary focus over the next few months.


This year the Office of National Statistics reported a historicincrease in unemployment for young people, with almost 1.5 million people under the age of 24 currently remaining jobless. Such stats can be discouraging when you’re a student who is already having trouble finding a job, but the good news is that the overall unemployment rate is still only at about 4.4%. In other words, more than 95% of the UK population is still employed, so you should be highly optimistic about your ability to find work if you’re truly motivated to do so. With that said, here are several universal tips you can use to quickly find a student job whether you’re in Paisley or London.

Consider Quick Start Jobs

When you’re in desperate need of a job and don’t want to wait for an opportunity to open up, quick start jobs are definitely the most ideal options to consider. These job listings help you match up with employers who need help just as badly as you need a job, so the double-sided urgency definitely works in favour of students in search of expeditious employment. There are even specialised directories that are solely dedicated to listing such urgent openings. For example, you can check out the quick startjobs from Staff Heroes to compare quick temp jobs currently available in the UK.

Conduct an Online Job Search

In addition to searching within quick start job directories, you could also create profiles on major job search sites to carry out a more inclusive search. The reason why quick start jobs should be considered first is because many generic job search sites will list opportunities that require experience, credentials, or training, all of which are negatives when you’re looking for a job that you can start tomorrow.

Don’t Overlook Offline Searching

While an online job search is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to start comparing your options from home, if your goal is to find a local job quickly then you may have even better luck taking the offline approach. Many local businesses still advertise job openings in the newspaper and on noticeboards. In fact, believe it or not you can still land a job on the spot by simply walking into a place and asking if they’re hiring, so spending a few days to embark on an offline job hunt may still be worthwhile.

Look in the Retail and Marketing Sectors

Entry-level jobs in the retail and marketing industries tend to fall under the quick start category because you don’t need extensive experience or education to get started. Furthermore, the large number of positions and the high volume of business conducted in these sectors means that there are always new openings popping up in every city. Companies need employees to tend to their stores and help facilitate sales, so these jobs are a cornerstone of the economy and are therefore widely available.

Apprenticeships and Paid Internships

If you already have your sights set on a specific career path and are currently in the process of building your resume, you may want to research applicable apprenticeships in your field. Likewise, paid internships can boost your income while also allowing you to gain the experience needed to satisfy the requirements of future prospective employees.

The Merits of More Patient Approach

Although gaining an income as quickly as possible might be on the top of your list of priorities at the moment, remaining patient and selective may be a better course of action. After all, if you opt for the first job you’re able to get, there’s a good chance you’ll be selling yourself short.


Living with declining health can be a scary time for an elderly person. Not only must they endure poor health, but they might also be concerned about losing their independence and entering a nursing home.

It is therefore vital for their loved ones to find ways to support an elderly loved one during their time of need and to help them remain in their home for as long as possible. Find out how to help an aging relative live independently.

Hold a Family Meeting

Once you become aware that an elderly relative is in need of additional support, you should hold a family meeting to discuss their current and future needs. This will be a time for everyone to discuss the problem, offer their assistance, and to arrange a schedule to support an aging relative physically, emotionally, or financially. It will also keep everyone in the loop, which could help you to avoid conflict down the road.

Arrange for Health & Safety Modifications

Elderly people can experience increased fragility throughout the years, especially if they are living with a health condition. Ensure their safety by making the appropriate modifications to their home. For example, you could install a walk-in bath or shower, grab rails, or you could create a downstairs bedroom.

Invest in a Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is ideal for elderly people who live alone, as help will be on hand should they experience a health issue inside their home, such as a slip or fall. The alarm will be available as a neck cord or wrist strap, and a senior can simply press the button once to receive a fast response from a specially-trained team member. Visit Helpline to find the best personal care alarms to increase your relative’s safety and provide the family with some peace of mind.

Cook Healthy Meals for Your Loved One

Aging relatives might be unable to spend many an hour cooking in the kitchen. Ensure your loved one receives the nutrients they need each day by cooking healthy meals for them, which should comprise of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Routinely Clean Their Home

When an aging person’s health starts to decline, they might be unable to regularly complete household chores. They will, therefore, appreciate you taking the time to clean their home, such as doing the dishes, washing their clothes, and cleaning the bathroom or kitchen. Completing the tasks could make a big difference to a relative’s quality of life, and will allow them to remain in the comfort of the home they helped to build.

Talk to Their Doctor About Their Health

Your loved one’s needs could change over time. It is, therefore, crucial you talk to their doctor to discuss their current and future needs, but you may need your relative’s consent. For example, while they might be able to live alone now, you might need to become or hire a caregiver to meet their daily needs.


If you have ever moved to a new destination, you will understand how much organisation and preparation is involved. Yet moving for a job can be more than a little bit stressful. That’s because there is often a short timescale to move from one location to another, so you can quickly get to work. It doesn’t matter if you have three months or three weeks to up-sticks and move, you should read the below helpful tips on relocating for work to help you enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Set a Moving Budget

Moving fees can quickly add up, which could eat away at your income before you have even stepped foot into your new position. Creating a budget will help you to identify how much you need to spend, so you will not need to work overtime to repay the fees once you’re settled into your new job.

Ask for Financial Relocation Assistance

Many people are often reluctant to ask an employer about financial relocation assistance, as they may fear seeming greedy. Yet, you will lose out financially by relocating, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask about reimbursement for your moving expenses. The worst they can do is say no.

Consider Co-Working Spaces

If you’re a freelancer, then disturbing your home office could upset your current workload. Therefore, when moving, make sure to complete all projects ahead of time and do not accept any more until you’re settled. Once you’ve moved, be sure to find a new set-up for your work as soon as possible. For all you could know, you may have moved within an area where there are fantastic co-working spaces for remote workers, freelancers, and businesses. Find the perfect office at thebrew.co.uk, which will allow you to continue to work and collaborate with minimal disruption.

Write Lists

If you want to save your focus and brain power for your new job, you should start creating lists, which will ensure you never forget an object or task before, during or after a relocation. For example, write a list of all the important items you’ll need to transport to your new address, as well as all the tasks you need to complete, such as changing energy suppliers, redirecting your mail, and arranging an internet installation.

Build a Network in Your New City

If you want to advance in your career quickly, you should start networking with professionals in your city before you’ve even moved to your new address. Reach out to professionals in your industry via LinkedIn or on another social media platform, so you can start making a name for yourself. You could then arrange to meet with other professionals for a cup of coffee or lunch to discuss your industry or business, and it could also be an effective way to make new friends at your new destination.

Perform a Dry Run to Your New Workplace

It doesn’t matter if you have interviewed at your new workplace before, you should perform a dry run before your first official day at the company. This will help you to find the best driving or public transport route, so you will not be late on your first day. It can potentially take a little stress out of your first day, so you will feel excited to get started in your brand-new role.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Beautiful Bedroom

Your bedroom should serve as a sanctuary. It is the ultimate place to retreat to enjoy a quiet, relaxing, private space, which is it must be comfortable, stylish and calming. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to decorate a bedroom to suit their lifestyle successfully.

If your bedroom looks or feels a little dull or neglected, you must find out how to maximise its space and your comfort. Below you will find some helpful design advice on how to create a beautiful bedroom.


  • Pick the Perfect Bed Size


It’s common for many people to attempt to squeeze a queen size bed into a small bedroom, but this can appear cramped and uninviting. It might be wise to opt for a smaller bed to expand your space and create more light and functionality across the room. Allow your room to breathe by choosing furniture that fits its scale.


  • Find a High-Quality Mattress


Comfort is key in a bedroom, which is why you should buy a high-quality mattress that will support your sleeping pattern each night. If you fail to invest in a quality mattress, you’ll wake with a variety of aches and pains that can zap at your energy, flexibility, and happiness. So, always test out a mattress before you buy to ensure it will support a great night sleep and that you’re one-hundred-percent happy with it.


  • Choose the Best Clothing Storage


As your room will provide a space to house your clothing and help you to play with fashion, you must carefully consider the best clothing storage options for your requirements, room size, and interior design. For example, see a variety of bespoke wardrobes made in London that will allow you to personalise your storage to accommodate your clothing, footwear, accessories and more.


  • Don’t Skimp on Fabrics


It is crucial you do not skimp on fabrics when designing a beautiful bedroom. Cheap materials will equal a cheap looking bedroom, so you must purchase a quality rug, comforter, curtains, and sheets, which each scream style and luxury. Doing so will help you to create a more comfortable, inviting space you’ll dream about after a busy day.


  • Buy Bedding Before Redecorating


Always buy your bedding before you start painting or wallpapering your bedroom walls. It is often much easier to find paint to complement your bedding colours than to find bedding that matches your chosen paint. So, find different hues within your bedding design that you would gladly incorporate onto your bedroom walls.


  • Layer Your Lighting


Layering your lighting will allow you to create a relaxing ambience within your bedroom. While overhead lighting is essential, you must also add bedside lamps or even fairy lights, which can create a more comfortable space that is ideal for reading a book, filling in a crossword, applying makeup in a mirror, or watching TV in bed. You could even change the atmosphere within your bedroom with a dimmer switch, as it can help to create a brighter space or a more relaxing atmosphere.

Human error causes 94% of all car accidents according to Lawinfo.com, however, other factors such as poor road conditions and speeding also play a role. Paisley residents who know the town’s busiest roads like the back of their hand can become easily distracted behind the wheel which is why one in three accidents happen within a mile from the driver’s home. Most recently, one lucky male came close to being crushed at Station Road’s busy roundabout when a moving trailer full of manure tipped over and shed its load onto his vehicle. Thankfully, Paisley’s worse roads are to be repaired as part of a £7.2 million investment of Renfrewshire’s roads, but there are things drivers can do to maximise their safety, too.

Keep your eyes peeled

Paisley is surrounded by beautiful countryside and country roads, therefore, it’s not unusual to encounter vehicles carrying livestock and slow moving vehicles, such as tractors when you’re driving on the town’s busiest roads. You should always be aware of who you’re sharing the road with and consider that they may not be able to travel at the higher end of the speed limit. Pedestrians can also be a distraction and you may worry about whether they’re paying enough attention to the road they’re walking next to. The AA states that 70% of drivers witness pedestrians who are distracted by their smartphones step into the road. While, there is nothing you can to stop someone from walking into the road, you should adjust your speed and be vigilant when you’re passing them.

Maintain and repair 

A report from the Retail Motor Industry Federation and Scottish Motor Trade Association revealed that 91% of garages have seen an increase in the number of cars they’re seeing which have no valid MOT certificate. The annual safety check is required to ensure your car is roadworthy and safe to drive, so make sure you utilize a MOT reminder service. Many car owners simply forget or don’t have the knowledge to perform safety checks on their vehicle, but items such as your oil level and tyre tread depth should be checked regularly. When it comes to protecting yourself and your car, insurance is a must have and will safeguard you when you’re travelling on Paisley’s busy roads, so don’t forget to renew your policy.

Slow down 

According to The World Health Organisation, cutting the speed drivers travel at by 5% could reduce the number of road fatalities by as much as 30%. Drivers often misjudge stopping distance and the speed that others are travelling. On a main road, it can be tempting to put your foot down, but you never know when another vehicle is going to suddenly appear. Therefore, stay safe by monitoring your speed at all times as the penalties for speeding are severe, as Aidan Collins discovered when earlier this year he was fined £1,500 and given a three year driving ban after being caught travelling at 131 mph in Renfrewshire with a four year old passenger.

Human error plays a key factor in the number of road incidents which occur in town, therefore, it’s essential you take steps to eliminate the risk of being involved in an accident. Staying vigilant of pedestrians and other road users is a must and cutting your speed is necessary, too. And, it’s important that you keep your vehicle in a good state of repair and that regular safety checks are performed.