Paisley Visitor Attractions

Paisley Visitor Attractions

Paisley is a great place with lots to see and lots to do, it is a place full of history and suspense. Buildings such as Paisley Abbey, Paisley Town Hall, Coats Memorial, St Mirins Cathedral are just some of the gems in Paisley’s town.


We think that its beautiful historical buildings should be explored at least once when visiting Paisley visitor attractions.

I bet even if you reside in Paisley you will not have thought of the buildings listed as attractions, but believe me, they are and they are all well worth a visit.


We have a Cluniac Monastery which was built in 1163, Paisley Abbey; a magnificent Baptist Cathedral, Coats Memorial; and Paisley Town Hall which is an excellent example of Victorian architecture, built in Renaissance style and prominently positioned at Paisley Cross among our fine buildings.


So come on, what are you waiting for? Visit one today and explore Paisley’s fine heritage.


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