Oakshaw Trinity Church

The story of Oakshaw Trinity Church is a colourful one, peopled by faithful and committed Christian men and women. As you read it, we ask you to remember to pray for those who serve the church in these days, that they may reflect something of the faithfulness of those former years not just in the past decade in Oakshaw Trinity but in the four Congregations from which OTC was born.


Since the early 1980s the congregations of Paisley High, St John’s and Orr Square Churches of Scotland along with Paisley Congregational Church had worked together in The Wynd Centre – an ecumenical Church Outreach Centre. In 1987 Congregations, Kirk Sessions and Deacons Court of these Churches decided to bring together representatives in a Joint Strategy Committee to consider the ways in which the Churches might be better coordinated and be more effective, and the Congregations better able to serve the Community in which they were placed. It was not long into that process when the various benefits of coming together were recognised and the Joint Strategy Committee began its work of investigating, discussing and planning the strategy and structure for an ecumenical Church in the Centre of Paisley.


“commonly known as the High Church”



Oakshaw Street East,
Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA1 2DD,
Scotland, UK

Telephone: 0141 887 4647
Fax: 0141 848 5139

Email: info@oakshawtrinity.org.uk