When a Steeplejack fell to his death in Paisley

When a Steeplejack fell to his death in Paisley.

One of the most famous old stories or urban legends in Paisley relates to three things set in stone below the Trinity High Church, the highest steeple in the Oakshaw area of Paisley.

Those three things are a Heart, a Handkerchief and a pair of spectacles.

Now the story (or one of the stories) goes that a steeplejack or stonemason was high up fixing the weather vane at the top of the tower and he fell to his death. His heart, his handkerchief and spectacles were all that were prominent when people came to help, so they have been immortalised in cobbles.

The more likely story is that of a team of steeplejacks was actually repairing the structure, all being volunteer firemen from the fire station in Gordon Street, Paisley.

One of the men fell and his colleagues couldn’t save him, the actual placement of the heart, handkerchief and spectacles is much further in towards the High Church, if indeed that is what happened. We do know that volunteer firemen did indeed work on the church.

Drone View of Oakshaw Trinity High Church:

If you walk up Oakshaw Brae, on the left hand side before the High Church, have a look on the cobbled area and you will see for yourself.

It is said that there is a little structure of a man who smoked a pipe at the top of the steeple and his name is Wee Leach, have a look next time you are there and see if you can see him.

If of course you have a story that is different, and I am sure you will, then please send it in to us and we will add it to the two stories above, but whatever the truth that lies behind the legend, I am sure you will pass on to your children some version of the story.

Following info from Renfrewshire Council.

The church is situated at the top of Church Hill in the centre of Paisley, and is a prominent landmark. It was built around 1750 and was designed by John Whyte, a member of the town council. Seats in the new church were allocated by public auction! The magnificent steeple was added later in 1770, and rises in five stages to an obelisk spire. On the ground close to the church there are symbols embedded in the whinstone pavement. The symbols are of a handkerchief, a pair of glasses and a heart. Local legend says that this marks the spot where a stonemason fell while working on the spire.