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Paisley pub has licence revoked

A Paisley town centre pub which had an alleged attempted murder take place outside its doors has had its licence revoked by Renfrewshire Licensing Board.

Councillors voted to impose the penalty on the Turf Tavern, Orchard Street, Paisley, after considering an application from police.

The pub is the first premises in the area to have its licence revoked for a breach of licensing objectives since the introduction of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

turf tavernA report from Chief Superintendent Alan Speirs detailed a series of incidents involving violence or anti-social behaviour at the pub over the past 18 months.

One of these related to a man being found seriously injured outside the premises on Saturday 30 June this year. Four men have been charged with attempted murder in relation to this incident.

The board also heard the pub previously had its licence suspended for four weeks in June 2011

In his report to councillors, Chief Superintendent Speirs said: “It seems that management and staff have learned nothing from their suspension a year ago.

“The serious nature of the above incidents shows once again a complete lack of control of the patrons by staff and the lack of responsible management in relation to levels of violence, drunkenness and anti-social behaviour.”

Councillor Alexander Murrin, Convener of Renfrewshire Licensing Board, said: “The council has a legal responsibility to promote various licensing objectives, including the prevention of crime and disorder, and securing public safety.

“While the vast majority of the 400-plus licensed premises in Renfrewshire operate responsibly, we will take decisive action against those who do not.

“This pub had already been subject to a suspension but continued to be at the centre of incidents involving anti-social behaviour, which is why the board opted to withdraw the pub’s licence to operate.”

Other incidents detailed in the police report included the following:

– 7 July 2012: Police on a routine visit to the pub were accosted by a customer who repeatedly swore at them, and was arrested for a breach of the peace, leading officers to warn staff that the man should not have been served any more alcohol;

– 29 September 2011: A customer was left locked inside the pub after it closed, and was heard banging on the door by a member of the public. It took almost two hours before a keyholder turned up to release the man, who couldn’t call for help as he had no mobile phone and there was no landline in the pub.

The licence-holders have a 21-day period in which they can appeal the decision.

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A wee joke sent to me today..

The Glasgow, or more properly “Glesga”, dialect is known to be
extremely concise, as so much can be said in so few words.

Consider for example, this exchange between a car-driver, and the
police officer who pulled him over.

Interpretation is provided inside the brackets.

Police officer: Yaw rite? (Are you feeling ill?)

Driver: ‘maw rite. (I’m feeling exceptionally well, thank you)

Yeshoor? (Are you entirely certain of that fact?)

Aye. (Yes)

Zisyoors? (Are you the registered owner of this vehicle?)

Zwitmine? (Which vehicle are you referring to?)

Ris caur (The automobile in which you are presently seated)

Sibrurnlaws (Actually, it belongs to my sister’s husband)

Wers heeren? (Can you tell me where he can be located?)

Raboozers. (He is a guest of the local hostelry.)

Yebeen garglin’. (Have you partaken of any alcoholic beverages, in the
recent past?)

Jissa cupple. (I have consumed only one or two small cocktails, prior
to dinner.)

Yur stoatin’. (It is my considered opinion that you are considerably
under the influence of alcohol.)

Naw’mno’ (I beg to differ.)

Ye urstoatin’. (I believe that my initial observation is correct and
that you are being somewhat deceitful.)

Umnoe. (I swear that I am being entirely truthful.)

Geezyer licence. (Would you be kind enough to allow me to inspect your
driver’s licence?)

‘Vno Goatwan. (I am not in possession of such a document.)

Geroot racaur. (Kindly remove yourself from the automobile.)

Whiffur? (By what legal right do you make this request?)

‘Mapolis. (I am a member of the local constabulary.)

Ommigoad. (I call upon the Supreme Being, witness this moment of
extreme duress.)

Geroot Ren. (Will you now please extricate yourself from your position
behind the steering wheel.

Awrite, ‘mcomin’ (I am proceeding to do so with all possible speed.)

Blawris up. (Are you familiar with the breathalyser test?.)

‘Mgonny Besik. (I believe that I am about to be violently ill.)

Noanme Yurno. (Please exercise a great deal of caution as to the
direction your involuntary emission takes.)

‘Mawrite Noo. (Having ridden my digestive tract of an accumulation of
nausea-inducing substances, I now feel better.)

Getna Paddywagon. (Please be kind enough to accept a short ride in the
humble vehicle provided for my use by the local police.)

Wer Wigaun? (May I be so forward as to make an enquiry as to our
ultimate destination?)

Ra Jile. (To my headquarters, where you will be incarcerated.)

Ohmigoad, rawife’ll murdermie. (Once again I call upon the Supreme
Being to witness this unfortunate turn of events. Incidentally, I must
inform you that my spouse will take my life, illegally.)

Getna Wagon. (May I offer you my assistance in climbing into the back
of my vehicle.)

Aw, Neveragain. Ratsit furme. (I have now learned a valuable lesson,
and I hereby declare total abstinence from all alcoholic beverages
hence forth.)