Hire a Photographer

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Hire a Photographer

Hosting an event in the Paisley or Glasgow area and need to hire a photographer? We have a list of talented amateur, semi-pro and professional photographers on our books that we can book for almost every event.

For Community events such as fetes etc (i.e. nothing commercial) there is no charge* as we will use our volunteer photographers, however we do expect the cost of transportation and food for the duration of the time our photographers are there, and we will promote your event prior to and after the event using these photographs.

If it is commercial then there is a fee for the photographer’s time and we can discuss requirements of the duration, type of shot and client needs, thus providing a professional service.

We do not do weddings and we do not take the place of commercial photographers who are available locally, however we do have working relationships with some of the best so feel free to ask and we will give a list of our recommendations.

To book a photographer, please enquire below. We are also available at very short notice, if you are let down at the last minute we will usually be able to find a photographer for you, daytime or evening.

*our free service is not always available and is subject to availability and change and should not be used as an alternative to our paid service.

Enquire Below.


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