Italian Scotland is a charity which exists to promote, help and encourage the life, culture, language and art of the Italian community in Scotland. Every year we organise various events aimed at bringing together Italians and Scots, events past and future.

Every year we support initiatives designed to promote Italian – Scottish exchange and friendship and we are always open to new ideas for fund raising events. We are always looking for new members with fresh ideas to join our committee.
As a result, this year at our annual Scampagnata event we have a new exciting event for 2019, Cheese Rolling. Read more here
scottish transport awards 1019

Glasgow Airport was named Airport of the Year at the Scottish Transport Awards – one of three accolades picked up by the transport hub last night.
The airport also scooped the Accessible Transport Award for its popular special assistance service, which last year ensured more than 121,000 who need additional support while travelling through the terminal enjoyed a safe and pleasant journey. Glasgow also became the biggest airport in Scotland to open its £144,000 state-of-the-art Changing Places facility.

scottish transport awards 1019

Glasgow Airport’s Chaplain Keith Banks, due to retire later this month, received a standing ovation when he was presented with the Lifetime Contribution as a Frontline Employee Award.

Managing Director of Glasgow Airport Mark Johnston said: “We are absolutely thrilled to win the Airport of the Year Award. I firmly believe that our ‘one-campus’ approach, which involves over 5000 hard-working people from more than 100 separate companies across Glasgow Airport, continues to be the driving force behind our unique customer experience. “We put our passengers at the heart of everything we do, so it’s fantastic that the hard work of everyone at Glasgow Airport has been recognised at the Scottish Transport Awards. “Despite this being a challenging period for the airport and the wider industry, we continue to strive to deliver for our passengers and Scotland.

scottish transport awards 1019

The arrival of the iconic A380 aircraft into regular service on the Dubai route earlier this year, which was a first for Scottish aviation, is a fantastic example of our ambition. “I was especially pleased to see our special assistance service recognised through the Accessible Transport Award. We welcome more people who require additional support each year than any other airport in Scotland and a huge amount of endeavour and investment goes into making sure every passenger enjoys a pleasant journey through the terminal. “Finally, I’d like to congratulate our retiring Chaplain Keith Banks for his Lifetime Contribution as a Frontline Employee Award. Keith has served his colleagues and the millions of people we welcome through our doors each year with dedication and distinction.

scottish transport awards 1019

He leaves later this month with our best wishes and upmost gratitude.”

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson MSP welcomed 450 industry professionals to the event last night to celebrate the people and organisations that make a real difference to transport across Scotland. Hosted by broadcaster James Naughtie, the 17 th annual Scottish Transport Awards once again recognised excellence, innovation and progress across all areas of transport.

mirren house

MIRREN COURT, 119 – 123 Renfrew Road, Paisley
Mirren Chambers, 41 Gauze Street, Paisley

A variety of different offices available at Mirren Business Centres in Paisley suitable for small businesses up to larger business requirements. 

Both our locations benefit from:

  • Private car parking
  • Excellent access to public transport and M8
  • On Site Management
  • Passengers lift
  • Double glazed windows and gas central heating
  • Bright spacious meeting room facilities
  • Wide range of amenities nearby.

We offer very competitive terms and if you wish to relocate we would be delighted to provide you further information or arrange a viewing.

Please feel free to give us a call 0141 843 4211 or contact us by email


Which Bridal Makeup Is Best? With Nicola Keegan, Nik Makeup Artist interviews for Wedding Espresso

May 23, 2019
Which Bridal Makeup Is Best? Full time MUA, Nicola Keegan from Nik Make Up Artist shares her best tips for looking your Bridal best on your Wedding Day!

Listen to Nicola on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…
Nik, Make Up Artist
Rachel [00:00:03] Hi Nik. Thank you for joining us. It’s really great to see you again.
Nik [00:00:10] Nice to be here. Tha

nk you for having me.
Rachel [00:00:13] You’re welcome. So you are Nicola Keegan from Nik Make Up Artist up in beautiful Scotland – Paisley isn’t it.
Nik [00:00:22] Yes Paisley, Glasgow, all over Scotland for bridal, yes.
Rachel [00:00:29] And we’re going to talk bridal makeup. So I’ll start off with a little story.
Nik [00:00:33] OK.
Rachel [00:00:34] I was bridesmaid for James’s sister. Quite some years ago now, and I decided to have a few makeup trials, I don’t know, to feel nice when I was trying on my Bridesmaid’s dress. So I went to a Department store and had my makeup done. And I thought, you know, “Awesome I look fabulous”, then I went out in the street and I was getting the weirdest looks and when I’d looked at myself in natural light I looked like the Gruffalo.
Rachel [00:01:12]

So that made me really cautious when we were booking our own wedding. I went to tons of trials and got clued upon it because I didn’t want that to happen on my big day. 

Nik [00:01:37] No of course not.
Rachel [00:01:37] There’s lots of things to consider isn’t there when you’re talking about Makeup. The question that we’ve been asked is.

“Which Bridal Makeup is Best?”. 

Rachel [00:01:49] I suppose you can take that from two different angles can’t you. You can take it from what is the best look and what is the best product. So what would you go with? Is a bit of both? What do you think?.
Nik [00:02:09] OK so I always say. Firstly thanks for your story. And it’s always nice to hear feedback from brides and their experiences because everyone is different. And any feedback make up artists can get is vital to us in our businesses for learning and growing and adapting to all different types of women out there.
Nik [00:02:33]

So that would bring me to what is the best type of bridal makeup. The answer is there is no best type. If you’re looking for a broad spectrum we can do that. But every woman out there is different.

Every woman out there has different skin types, skin tones. And nowadays that can be changing every day. It depends on what time of the month it is, what time of year it is. You know, we all used to know our skin types and then we think we’ve nailed it and all of a sudden one person might have dry skin and they wake up with a breakout all over their chin or forehead because of the weather, because of what time of the month it is etc, etc. So I would say the best advice that I give to my brides is stick to what you know.
Nik [00:03:33] If you are super glam and can’t go outside without eyeliner and your three layers of foundation then I am not going to strip – well I’ll do it in a very professional way! And give you a full look makeup without making you feel like you have the three layers of makeup on but still make you feel comfortable,  Like you’ve got enough makeup on for what you are comfortable with. If you are totally natural, you don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis.
Rachel [00:04:08] Yeah that’s me!
Nik [00:04:16] So I would advise you to definitely have a trial and try possibly two different looks. One with a BB or a CC cream.
Rachel [00:04:32] Oh right!
Nik [00:04:32]

So these are more like tinted moisturisers they’ve got normally five skin benefits, they’ve got primers in them as well. They feel more like a skin care but they give you coverage, they even out your skin tone. 

If you’re not used to wearing makeup I know if can be hard to even do that step. But once you have done that step you might be more adaptable to wearing a lighter coverage foundation.  Not all foundations make you feel like you have foundation on, so it is vital that you go to a makeup artist with all this experience because they’ll know how to advise you in the right direction. What products to use for your skin type and not just your personality. You might have redness or breakouts you want to cover but you don’t like wearing make up.  How do you combat that?
Rachel [00:05:43] Yeah totally.
Nik [00:05:43] So again it would be using the right products, using a really good primer with green tones in it to combat the redness first.
Rachel [00:05:43] Oh ok, yeah
Nik [00:05:43]

So you get the skincare down first, it’s not all about masking. We want to  give you a flawless finish without putting the mask on you, it’s about layering products up so really good primer. 

Nik [00:06:09] If you’ve got redness or dull skin maybe a lavender toned primer or a green toned primer will neutralise everything first, then using a concealer to conceal any breakouts, then a light coverage foundation over the top.  So everything’s covered but you don’t feel like you’ve got tons of makeup on because you haven’t – you’ve just used really good skin care, a really good concealer  – just on the bits that’s needed and then your light coverage foundation over the top. And once you kind of go to those steps for the more natural bride you may want to come in and try and more full on look because you feel so comfortable with the process but you’ve got to stick to what you know.
Nik [00:06:58]

You don’t want to come in thinking “Oh you know it’s my wedding day, I’ve never tried makeup before but I want this Kim Kardashian look”. 

Rachel [00:07:04] Haha.
Nik [00:07:09]  You’re going to feel totally out of your comfort zone.
Rachel [00:07:11] Can you imagine that? Ooh Crikey!
Nik [00:07:12] Yeah and you know your Wedding Day, there’s been such a huge build up to it.  You’ve already been hugely uncomfortable probably on the run up to it with all the do’s and don’ts and what should I be doing and is this the right way to do things?
Nik [00:07:31] Listen. There is no right way, the right way is your way.
Rachel [00:07:36] Your way, yep, yeah totally. You know what we’re all about doing things your your way, it’s your day isn’t it!
Nik [00:07:43] That’s why I always say to my brides stick to what you know.

For the natural bride we would use NARS foundation, this is sheer glow, this gives you a more radiant finish like what I have (on at the moment) but it’s so light, a fantastic foundation.

It lasts for hours as well. Always use a setting spray to set bridal make up. That will set you for the rest of the day with a good primer and foundation underneath.  Yeah, first step good primer. Then the foundation sits on that instead of sitting into your fine lines and pours – Argh, who wants that?? Not me.
Rachel [00:08:33] Haha, yeah, yeah.
Nik [00:08:33] Another good one for the natural bride. These can be built up, so they are really good products.  Even though I am saying they are good for the natural bride, they can be built up to more of a full coverage finish if need be.  So this is your Laura Mercier.
Rachel [00:08:53] Yeah , I’ve actually heard of her!
Nik [00:08:54] Yeah they are a big bridal foundation. So that’s probably why. I know you did your research back when you had to.  The thing is don’t spend too much time researching brands, makeup and makeup types, spend time researching also makeup artists in your area.
Rachel [00:09:17] Yeah that’s what I did.
Nik [00:09:17] And then they do all this work for you. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with educating yourself along the way but I’m sure all our brides to be have got a million other things to think about.
Rachel [00:09:29] Alot on…You know yourself with your own wedding don’t you?
Nik [00:09:36] Yes, I do! Even though I’m in the industry it’s still not as easy as it looks. So well done all the brides, like yourself, that have been through it and are then at the other end.
Rachel [00:09:50] Yeah, it’s worth it, trust me.
Nik [00:09:53] So those are like the more natural buildable ones.

And the bad boy of the industry I would say is your Estee Lauder Double Wear.  This also can be mixed, sheered down with a highlighter.  I’m also for using Jojoba oils – I mix a lot my foundations with skincare depending on my clientele. 

I don’t find any one foundation can be perfect, so what I do is have an in depth consultation with my clients and I’ll normally mix them up an amazing bridal blend of foundation.
Rachel [00:10:40] Maybe you should set up your own line!
Nik [00:10:40] I know I know.
Rachel [00:10:48] Do your own blends!
Nik [00:10:48] Totally because since I started nine years ago, it’s always come really natural to me. I’ve never really, unless the days I was on the counter, days when I had my managerial roles I had to obviously use the foundations on the counter to colour match people.  But that’s such a good experience, I can colour match someone as soon as they walk through the door, because of that experience you know.

but since being a freelancer in the industry and using the products for so many years I love to mix bespoke foundations for my clients. 

Rachel [00:11:33] That’s very cool. I love that!
Nik [00:11:35] Yeah it’s exciting because no one else can ever make that blend. I write down the the exact formula. So that on your wedding day you have the exact same look.
Rachel [00:11:48] Yeah. Yeah it’s very important because it’s not trial and error on that day, you as a professional need to be as fast as possible, don’t you, because you could have nine people plus the bride to do it in a morning.
Nik [00:12:09] Yes. This is why trials are so vital as well.  Once you have been around someone’s face and all the Bridal Party and everythings written down to a tee.

The second time you do someone’s makeup is always, I don’t know why, but it’s always better.  Because you know their contours you know their face shape, you’ve got everything written down to a tee. You know the skin type, you’ve made a bespoke foundation for them, you know exactly how their skin’s going to react to certain things. 

Nik [00:12:49] So when you go on a wedding day it’s literally like step by step, job done and sometimes the time gets halved on the Wedding day to the actual trial because you’ve had that experience on that specific person’s face, it just goes on much quicker.
Rachel [00:13:12] Yeah I totally get that. That’s fabulous information, there, thank you.  Little quick question then, What’s the favourite part of what you do then? Is it you you blending because you seem pretty, you know, jazzed about that, you’re well into it!
Nik [00:13:26] I’m gonna make you a blend once we’re finished today, we can have wee consultation. I’ll make blend and send it down.
Rachel [00:13:43] Sounds like a plan.
Nik [00:13:43] We can confer in another month’s time.  The the best thing about my job is making a woman feel amazing about herself. And you just know. You know she looks in that mirror, even throughout the makeup.  If I’ve got a mirror sitting and you can see wee glances.
Nik [00:14:07] Because this is something they’ve always imagined, always wanted glowy skin, they’ve always wanted a really matt skin without any shine on it.
Nik [00:14:22]

You can see how excited I get when I’m talking about glow and matt – my earphone literally just jumped out of my ear! 

When you are going through this process, you know, you have to use your instincts in this industry not just in  makeup but as a supplier in the Wedding Industry you have to use your instincts and build that rapport and if they’re not giving me the wee looks as I am going along, I would stop and I would be asking how does this feel? is this the look you wanted? do you want maybe try a more matt look instead of a glowy look? You know, if they’re not giving you the smiles and the agreement along the way then you stop and check.
Nik [00:15:12]

And then the final outcome, you look in the mirror and the whole body language changes their shoulders come up, swagger comes out and it’s all because they’re feeling more confident about themselves. And that is what makeup can do for anyone.  And that is why I love it.

Because there is no better feeling than just nailing it and finding out what a customer wants and achieving that for them. It gives me life, honestly, I just love it!
Rachel [00:15:53] It’s lovely to see how passionate you are about what you do. It’s absolutely fabulous. I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got time for.
Nik [00:16:01] All right sorry I was just going to say. I am a freelance artist I do all sorts in the Industry but the biggie is for Brides because it’s such a special day.  You’ve been waiting for this day your whole life. So I know that, I’m a bride to be myself!
Nik [00:16:21] Its of huge importance to me to make sure that you’re comfortable and get the exact look that you want.
Rachel [00:16:30] Yeah it’s it’s absolutely fabulous that you’re so passionate about what you do, it.  It just shines through. You can see it in your face it’s great.
Nik [00:16:40] Thank you.
Rachel [00:16:41] And on that note. Where can people connect with you like Facebook Instagram, E-mail, Web site. Go on tell us.
Nik [00:16:50] Yeah. All of them.
Nik [00:16:52] So and I am really trying to  build my website now, I was social media for many years but 
Rachel [00:17:04] That’s now with a K isn’t it.
Nik [00:17:06] Yes. Thank you. Nik no spaces and the same for Facebook and Instagram. Just the Facebook/NikMakeUpArtist and the same for Instagram and Pinterest.
Rachel [00:17:24] All right. Cool. Do you do Twitter?
Nik [00:17:28] I do Twitter and that is @NicolaK1983.
Rachel [00:17:42] Well it’s been absolutely fabulous to speak to you today Nicola and see you again.
Nik [00:17:48] All right. Thanks for having me.
Rachel [00:17:49] I will speak to you soon.
Nik [00:17:52] Okay. Bye.

Huge Thank you to James and Rachel for having me.

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street stuff

Schools may stop for summer, but the award-winning Street Stuff programme doesn’t – and young people are being invited to take part in six weeks of activities across Renfrewshire.

Football and the Street Stuff Youth Bus are just some of the activities on offer for young people as part of a drive to keep them active over the holiday period.

street stuff

All the activities are provided for free, including a healthy meal for all attendees, and will take place at Gleniffer High School, Knockhill Park, Our Lady of Peace Primary and St Mirren’s Airdome

The programme is suitable for young people aged 8 and over and consent forms should be filled out in advance where possible, although they will be available at the first session attended.

Outside of the afternoon clubs, Street Stuff’s six days a week, all-year-round timetable will continue to run at venues across Renfrewshire with evening sessions available for dance, football and the Youth Bus.

street stuff

Stevie Gallacher, Street Stuff Manager, said: “We can’t wait to welcome hundreds of young people to our activities over the summer holidays.

“While you might expect every young person to be desperate to finish up, we know there are others who aren’t so eager to spend six weeks out of school, so we strive to provide a friendly, welcoming place to come along to each day.

“Our coaches and volunteers do a fantastic job making each activity exciting and it’s great to see how much the young people enjoy being a part of the Street Stuff family.”

street stuff

Street Stuff is a diversionary project run in partnership between Renfrewshire Council, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Engage Renfrewshire and St Mirren Football Club, and has contributed to a sustained reduction of 65 percent in youth disorder and anti-social behaviour in Renfrewshire.

The programme is celebrating 10 years in the community having been established in 2009 and a series of events are being held throughout the year to celebrate the past decade, with a recent football festival at St Mirren FC’s stadium attracting more than 170 young people to play on the pitch.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board, said: “The Street Stuff programme saw more than 6000 young people take part over the summer holidays last year and we recognise the importance of offering this opportunity for those who need it.

“We’re committed to providing sport and exercise opportunities for all our young people and these summer clubs are a chance for them to get active and make new friends in the process.

“With the added bonus that it’s all for free, what’s stopping them going every day and having the summer of their lives!”

Outside of the holiday programmes, Street Stuff runs six days a week, all-year-round, at venues across Renfrewshire and young people aged 8 to 16 are encouraged to turn up and take part for free.

For more information, visit or follow @SMFCStreetStuff on Facebook and Twitter.

On Saturday 1st of June 2019, Derek Ferguson took on a mammoth challenge of doing a charity walk from Bathgate to Howwood to raise money for The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation.

Derek did this to raise awareness of Vasculitis a little known disease. Friends one from Bathgate the other from Johnstone was the idea behind the walk, from one’s home town to another,
Derek was a childhood friend to Joe Feran, who sadly came down with the life-threatening disease which changed his life, Peter Quinn also one day from doing his normal duties at work to not knowing what this disease was doing to him, it changed his life forever, Derek has had the pleasure to have worked with both Joe and Peter knowing if something like this happened to him he knew that they both would Have his back.

Derek organised a sponsored walk to support awareness of vasculitis an auto-immune disease by conquering nearly 50 miles in one day, and raising over £2000, he had a support team all the way through to the finish line, his own wife (Lynn) accompanied him from Parkhead to Ibrox, then he was joined by his sons (Niall and Greg) to walk the remaining miles home, Robert Morgan and Ryan Jardine also joined in to support Derek.

Derek had the constant support of Colin Macdonald (a local businessman and life long friend) by serving him cups of tea/sandwiches, he was there to motivate Derek through the pain and any doubt, at Howwood his friends and family were there cheering him in, Derek was overwhelmed with all the support at the finish line, a proud moment that he had achieved a mammoth task that nearly broke him, extreme gratitude from friends (Joe and Peter )who have vasculitis an auto-immune disease.


RECORD-BREAKING crowds turned up on Saturday for Scotland’s biggest gaming event.

Many of those attending the event were dressed in amazing costumes as they re-enacted the characters from their favourite video games.


More than 6000 fans are expected to descend on The Arena at intu Braehead for PLAY Expo Glasgow 2019 for the two-day extravaganza of gaming and popular culture that continued on Sunday.

And for the first time the Scottish Gaming Championships are being held at the show with the heats being held today and the head-to-head contests to find the country’s top gaming gladiator tomorrow.

PLAY Expo Glasgow is staged by experienced video game show specialists, Replay Events. Organiser Andy Brown said: “Ticket sales have been phenomenal and already we have sold many more tickets than we did for the same show last year.

“It’s definitely going to be a record-breaking weekend and I expect we’ll have more than 6000 through the doors compared to 5000 last year. A lot of this is down to the bigger show we’re putting on with more video games and gaming machines for people to play.

“It’s going to be a fantastic, colourful weekend with the fans coming along dressed as characters from their favourite video games and as well as the tickets already sold we also expect a lot of people to turn up on the day.”

The PLAY Expo Glasgow has something for everyone including retro consoles and computers, classic arcade and pinball machines, indie and modern games for PC and console.

There will also be gaming tournaments, LAN gaming and Cosplay contests, board games, Minecraft, Fortnite, merchandise stalls and much more. And best of all, once you have bought your entry ticket, all the games are free to play.

For the first time, this year’s show features live entertainment with Australian comedian, John Robertson hosting his hilarious game show The Dark Room, which sees members of the audience being trapped inside an imaginary retro video game.

Log on to to buy tickets that start at £16 for adults and £10 for youngsters or pay at the door of Arena in the lower mall next to Costa Coffee.

aesthetic suites
Our advanced aesthetic training and knowledge brought into the clinic ensures a pleasant experience.

Aesthetic Suites, Paisley, is 1 of ONLY 5 regulated independent clinics within Renfrewshire area.  Healthcare Improvement Scotland is an authority on the development of evidence-based advice, guidance and standards.  Here at Aesthetic Suites we take the safety and expectations of our patients extremely serious.  We only use high quality products for treatments, anti-wrinkle treatments are prescribed by our non-medical prescriber after a consultation has been completed to ensure relevant and necessary.  All our treatments including dermal fillers are administered by our highly experienced aesthetic nurse.  We do not employ beauty therapist to administer injections.  We purchase ALL our products from registered aesthetic pharmacy.
We uphold the reputation of our nursing profession at all times.  We believe we lead the way in integrity and leadership, therefore resulting in trust and confidence from our patients.

Anti-wrinkle treatments
• Lip augmentation
• Dermal fillers
• Skin Boosting
• Skin care

All enquiries welcome.  Contact us on 0141 2371750

PUPILS from Renfrew High School spent two days experiencing life at a busy shopping centre after being asked to come up innovative ways to recycle more waste.

The third year pupils were invited to spend the time at intu Braehead as part of their school’s close links with the shopping centre to complete a business challenge to develop new ways to encourage shoppers and retailers to recycle their rubbish.


The idea was to engage with the pupils to not only make them think about recycling, but how a business can play its part in helping save the environment.

Two groups of pupils devised very different ideas to encourage recycling.

The winning group came up with the concept of colour coded recycling bins with shoppers being rewarded with points on a card every time they recycled a piece of rubbish. The points can then be traded in for an intu Braehead gift card.

A leaflet encouraging people to recycle designed by the winning group will be used in the shopping mall as it is being professionally printed for shoppers to pick up and read.

The second group came up with the idea of a hi-tech recycling bin with a camera that recognised what type of waste product the customer was holding and then automatically opened the lid of the specific bin for cardboard, plastic or glass.

Billy Burke, Head Teacher, Renfrew High said: “I am very grateful to the team at intu Braehead for hosting another Renfrew High Business Project.


“The teams of young people worked really well together, displaying the skills for work required to be successful in employment. They rose to the challenge set and displayed creativity, problem solving and excellent communication skills.

“This was an invaluable experience for them in their learning journey and will stand them in good stead for the future.”

Caroline McColl, Employability Co-ordinator, at Renfrew High added: “This was yet another fabulous experience with intu Braehead and our S3 Business Partnership Project.

“If only the employability skills learned by our young people over the two days could bottled.

“We’d like to thank the team at intu Braehead for an extremely relevant environmental waste management project brief.

“I’m so proud of our young people who cam up with such innovative and passionate presentations.”

Community development manager at intu Braehead, Lydia Brown said: “The pupils from both groups taking part showed great inventiveness and practical awareness of the need to recycle more.

“The leaflet that the winning group designed will certainly be put to good use and I’m sure the pupils will be excited to see their idea become a reality.”

MND Charity

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron has shown her charitable side, raising £23,257.68 for MND Scotland in 2018.


Provost Cameron pledged to support MND Scotland as one of three charities she will focus on during her time as Provost.

MND Scotland was founded as the Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association in 1981 by John Macleod, a Strathclyde police officer and his wife Peggy.

MND Charity

At the time, services were limited, and health professionals had little or no knowledge of the condition.

Today, MND Scotland strive to reduce the impact of MND on the lives of those affected, by offering services such as benefits advice, equipment loans, counselling, advocacy and a grants programme.

There are over 450 people in Scotland currently living with MND and on average almost 200 people are diagnosed each year.

Sadly, around 53% of those diagnosed will die within one year.

Provost Cameron said: “One of my favourite things about my role as Provost is that I’m able to support charities that undertake incredible work in our communities, and I’m proud to have been able to raise so much money for MND Scotland after losing my mum to the condition in 2011.

“One of the highlights was taking a team of daredevils to the Garry Bridge in Killiecrankie to complete the Highland Fling Swing! Everyone had a great day and I really admired everyone’s bravery. Another stand-out moment was hosting my charity ball where so many local businesses got involved and showed their dedication and commitment to raising money for charity.”

“It’s also been great to get out and about in Renfrewshire to help raise awareness and I’ve worked closely with Scotrail who also support MND Scotland. I travelled around Renfrewshire by train on MND Awareness Day with collection buckets and got to meet some fantastic people in the process.  Scotrail were also keen to help with my ‘working challenge’ and I worked a day out at Johnstone Train Station in support of the charity.

“I’ve been honoured to meet so many people across Renfrewshire who wanted to tell me their own personal connections with MND and I was touched that people chose to share their experiences and memories. I’m pleased that the money we’ve raised will help MND Scotland provide essential services and go towards research to find treatments, and eventually a cure. “

Provost Cameron also spent a day working with City Gate Construction as part of her Working Challenge where she tried different tasks from using computer-aided design technology to learning how to plaster a wall.

As well as learning new skills and raising money for charity, Provost Cameron found out more about how CGC are helping local young people gain skills and experience that will prepare them for the future.

Iain McWhirter, Head of Fundraising at MND Scotland said: “I would like to thank Provost Cameron for her incredible ongoing support. The amount raised is already making a huge difference to lives of people affected by MND in Scotland. Without supporters like this, we would not be able to continue providing essential practical, financial and emotional support to families across the country, or fund cutting-edge research projects, which are taking us a step closer to a cure.”

Provost Cameron will support local charities, St Vincent’s Hospice and Accord Hospice, in 2019 and 2020 and will return to fundraising for MND Scotland in 2021.