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Whether you are an on-screen actor or a voice actor, you need the right tools to help you grow and become a pro. As an aspiring actor, you may not have the resources to create a professional video or audio material to audition for a role, which is why we rounded up the best apps for aspiring actors.

Scene Partner

As an actor, memorising your lines is one of the most important skills that you need. The ability to do this makes it easier to make a character believable. All you need to do is first upload your script into the app, then you can choose a voice that will help you read the lines. Another thing that you can do with this app is record. The app lets you record your voice and practice your lines before going on a real set, or a recording studio. The app is only available on iOS devices.


Actsophia is a fun app for actors who are just starting their acting career. The app is a kind of resource that contains all that you need to know about being an actor. With this app, users can learn about submitting, training, performing, auditioning, and engaging in networking activities.  If you are looking for an app that is easy to use, then you should go for Actsophia. It is also an iPhone app.


This popular app has all that an aspiring actor needs to manage their activities. The app lets users keep track of auditions, expenses, bookings, contacts and more. The app serves as a personal assistant that helps aspiring actors to better plan their day. You can also store your photos including headshots on the app, andget directions to your castings.

Actor Genie

Actor Genie and similar apps are very important tools in the life of an actor. These apps help organize an actor’s schedule and areworth having. This app allows users to find representation, what and who is casting, tips from writers, directors, and established seasoned actors. Actor Genie also provides actors with a list of gyms, photographers, theatres, cinemas, and a host of other important information that actors need to progress in their career.


Research is an important aspect of your job as an actor. You must know everything about a project you are auditioning for including the people involved. You can do a Google search on your computer, but having the IMDb app on your phone can help find auditions. The app is completely free.

Stop Acting

Margie Haber is a top acting mentor who is considered one of the best in the industry. Her coaching skills are known and employed by popular actors and actresses. The Stop Acting app offers Margie Haber’s coaching nuggets and years of tested and trusted methods to aspiring actors who may not be able to book sessions with her, which is great news, right? The app boasts that it can improve aspiring actors by teaching them how to perform their lines and take on a character with confidence. Visit voquent.comvoquent.com  if you want to learn more about taking your acting career to the next level.





Granted, a night of peaceful sleep is the key to a happy life. You wake up stronger and more energetic than you slept. With proper sleep every night, you can overcome mood swings and fatigue. It is also the perfect time for your body to rejuvenate for the next day’s activities. However, not everyone enjoys a sound sleep every night.

With so many benefits of sleeping, everyone should chase after a peaceful night. This means that you have to find ways to encourage healthy sleep patterns during the day. If your lack of sleep at night has nothing to do with a medical condition, then there is always something you can change or improve to better your sleep. Here are a couple of tips to help overcome sleep anxiety and improve your sleeping:

  1. Keep your bedroom sleep-friendly

The state of your bedroom can promote or compromise sleep. The lighting, sound, and temperature in your room are all critical factors in your sleeping habits. For one, make sure you do not have any distracting noises in your room, whether from electronics or the neighborhood. However, some people have been known to enjoy calming sounds like a flowing river in sleep. If you are one to do so, go for soothing noises that are not in any way disturbing.

On another light, make sure your room in the dark when you sleep. Light works against sleep and could keep you awake all night. Get rid of any TVs, iPads, and laptops that could light up the room in any way and compromise your sleep.

  1. Get a good quality mattress

The quality of your bed plays a very significant role in your sleep patterns. A mattress should adequately support your weight, promote proper body postures, and accommodate body movements during sleep. If your old mattress is not doing that for you, then you may want to learn more on what to look for when buying a mattress online oh yes indeed at mattressgenius.com. The mattress you buy should not be too firm or too soft, because both situations can significantly hurt your sleep. Also, consider an allergen-proof mattress if you are allergic to different material, or dust mites presence in most beds.

  1. Establish a routine

The human brain is really good at adapting habits. If you can determine to sleep at a particular time every night and wake up a set time each morning, then you will enjoy much better sleep than ever before.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress is the number one inhibitor of sleep. Therefore, before going to bed, make sure you detox yourself of any stress. Do several fun activities that help you unwind. If it is too severe, consider talking to a therapist to get rid of the stress that is toxic for your health and sleep. You can also try meditation to help you calm down and pull yourself together.

  1. Exercises

Exercising is not just good for your overall health. There are benefits of physical activity when it comes to encouraging sleep. For one, the moment you exercise, you unwind and get rid of any anxiety that could build up and cause stress. Further, exercising helps with blood and oxygen circulation in your body, which not only keeps you happy but also helps promote proper health. It is also an excellent way to get your body all worked up so you can be tired enough to require sleep.

  1. Limit screen time during the night

The brain s always fascinated by screens. If you are always on a screen every time you go to bed, then you may never enjoy your sleep. Set time for sleeping and that alone. Do not bring your phones, tablets or phone to bed, because you will only want to keep staring. Remember, you are also working to reduce noises and light when you sleep.


E-cig users planning a trip to Manila need to plan their trip accordingly. Those who vape are probably not surprised to encounter laws and regulations restricting their ability to use vape products, but traveling to the capital city of the Philippines – particularly when doing so from outside the country – is a nuanced affair in terms of when and where it’s okay to partake.


Read on to find out what e-cig users need to know before visiting the City of Manila:


In the airport and on the plane


E-cigarette users might be surprised to learn they can bring their vape products onto commercial aircraft. The act of flying with your vape and e-liquid is a simple matter of packing these items in your carry-on luggage. These products cannot be packed in your checked luggage.


While smoking and vaping is prohibited in most parts of most major airports, many of these facilities include a series of smoke and vape lounges throughout each concourse. As long as you’re in one of these designated areas, vaping in the airport is okay.


You’ve got your e-cig with your on the plane, but that doesn’t mean you can vape while on board. Just like with traditional cigarettes, vaping is absolutely prohibited on most commercial aircraft. 


The reason you’re allowed to have it within reach is due to the rare but dangerous tendency for lithium batteries to explode. When it happens inside the cabin, flight attendants or passengers are able to quickly address the issue. If it happens in the cargo hold, the inability to reach the affected area can lead to fire.


In public


You’ve arrived in Manila safe and sound. Unfortunately for e-cig users, vaping has been banned in public since the beginning of 2019. This includes government facilities, restaurants, schools, and workplaces. Other parts of Manila where it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed to vape include public parks, museums, historical sites, shopping areas, and entertainment venues.


The inability for e-cig users to vape in public is not absolute. Certain establishments are able to include designated smoking areas, which include vaping, as long as these areas meet strict standards laid out by the government.


In private


Vape enthusiasts planning a trip to Manila can find comfort in the fact they’re still allowed to use their e-cigarettes in private places. For example, it’s perfectly okay to vape in an Airbnb in Manila where the host allows guests to do so. If you’re attending a house party, feel free to vape. The only stipulation would be if these places are within a certain distance from places where smoking and vaping is prohibited with no exception, like hospitals.


The capital city of the Philippines and home to nearly 1.8 million people, the City of Manila is a densely-packed crossroads of culture, history, and urbanization. Like most major cities around the world, Manila is not without a variety of laws and regulations restricting the use of vape products, but all-in-all it’s a metropolis which ranks high on the list of places worth visiting whether you vape or not.



De maanden juni, juli en augustus vormen samen het trouwseizoen. Hoewel je mag trouwen wanneer je dat wil, kiezen de meeste koppels ervoor om het jawoord te geven wanneer de kans op stralend weer het grootst is. Januari en februari zijn dan ook de minst populaire trouwmaanden. Een uitnodiging voor een trouwfeest ontvangen is altijd iets speciaals. Het is een groots feest waarbij alle gasten er op hun best uitzien. Het is in niets te vergelijken met een avondje uit in een of andere dancing. Ook daar tutten de bezoekers zich graag op maar op een andere manier. Nog nooit naar een trouwfeest geweest? Dit is wat de gasten dragen op een zomers huwelijk:

Jurken die lang genoeg zijn

Op een huwelijk is het ongepast om jurken te dragen die hoger reiken dan de knie. Cocktailjurken tot aan de knie of langer mogen wel. Dit geldt eveneens voor de bruidsmeisjes jurken. Galajurken, losse jurken tot aan de enkels en jurken tot aan de kuit zijn allemaal mogelijk, afhankelijk van de dresscode. Het hangt immers van het koppel af wat jullie mogen aantrekken. Bekijk daarom goed de uitnodiging om te zien of er iets op vermeld staat. Is dat niet het geval, spreek de bruid er dan over aan. Ze zal liever hebben dat je even contact opneemt dan dat je in een jurk verschijnt die uit de boot valt tussen de andere gasten. Laat je toch graag je mooie benen zien, kan je altijd kiezen voor een jurk die kort is vooraan en lang achteraan. Chic en toch sexy.

Een goed paar dansschoenen

Op een huwelijk is het de bedoeling om de beentjes los te zwieren. In onze cultuur wil dat zeggen: tot in de vroege uurtjes. Denk daaraan als je je schoenen kiest. Hoge hakken zijn misschien wel het mooiste, comfortabel dansen doe je toch beter op een lagere hak. Pas je schoeisel aan aan de locatie. Een huwelijk op het strand woon je best bij op een paar sleehakken of sandalen, ook een huwelijk in de tuin of in het park is niet zo comfortabel met smalle hakken omdat die in de grond kunnen wegzakken.

Geen wit

Het is een ongeschreven regel dat alleen de bruid wit mag dragen tenzij ze het zelf anders wil. Daag dus zeker niet op in een witte jurk. Als gast lijk je zo te veel op de bruid. Nu is het niet meer zo voor de hand liggend dat de bruid wit draagt dus als ze in het groen trouwt, kan je natuurlijk wel voor wit gaan. Maar dan moet je er 100% zeker van zijn dat niemand er aanstoot aan zal nemen. Speel liever op veilig en draag een andere kleur.

Soepele, luchtige stoffen

Een trouwfeest in de zomer kan behoorlijk warm zijn. Ook als de dresscode formeel is, kan je als vrouw makkelijk een jurk kiezen in een soepele, luchtige stof. Deze stoffen doen je minder rap zweten en drogen snel op.

Fountain Gardens

One of the great things about a town like Paisley is the range of activities on offer. Geographically speaking, Paisley is in a good position, given it’s a small city close enough to Glasgow to be able to commute there but far enough to have its own identity.

Despite having a population of around 77,000, about one-eighth of Glasgow, Paisley residents have a diverse range of interests and activities that they involve themselves in, as you can see in https://www.paisley.org.uk/blog/ In this article, we compare a few of Paisley’s favourite activities by the numbers.

Online gambling

In a previous article, we wrote about the participation numbers of Paisley residents in online gambling. While no exact figures exist for Paisley itself, it’s possibly to calculate the numbers based on the UK Gambling Commission’s most recent survey of adults in Scotland (which it ran in parallel to similar surveys of adults in England and Wales).

The report found that roughly one in every eight Scottish adults gambles online regularly. Based on these figures, it can be concluded that around 7-8 thousand Paisley residents regularly use online gambling sites like those found at https://www.bonus.co.uk/. Remember, online gambling encompasses a broad range of activities, including online casinos, sports betting, and online bingo, as well as games played on mobile.


st mirren

Football has always been big in Paisley and it got even bigger last year when St Mirren earned its long-awaited promotion to the Scottish Premier League. St Mirren drew good crowds in its first season back in the top flight in four years and the attendance figures should only get better as the 2019-20 Scottish Premiership season kicks into full gear.


Last season, St Mirren had an average home crowd of 5,351, a decent showing for a relatively small city. Not surprisingly, the crowd numbers were up 20.3% on the previous year spent in the Championship. Its average crowd was higher than three other clubs: St Johnstone, Livingstone, and Hamilton Academical. St Mirren’s highest home crowd was 7,288 and its lowest was 4,001. Obviously, the numbers were boosted slightly by games against Celtic and Rangers, but nonetheless these figures are very positive.


Would you believe it if we told you church is more popular than football? According to the most recent census of Scottish churchgoers (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-39613631), there were around 390,000 regular churchgoers in Scotland, or roughly 7% of the population. This is down more than half since 1984, but it’s still testament to a strong churchgoing culture.

Again, no official figures exist for Paisley church attendance, but on the average these numbers would suggest around 5,500 Paisley residents attend church at least once a week. These figures cover all denominations represented in Paisley and the broader Scottish community.

Parks & Pubs

Official statistics on parks and pubs are harder to come by. To our knowledge there hasn’t been a survey in Scotland or in the broader United Kingdom on how many people go to the pubs and parks on a regular basis. If we were to guess, we’d say the numbers would be very high.

Fountain Gardens

Paisley residents love their pubs and parks as much as anyone else in the country. The most popular Paisley pubs, according to the latest Google ratings, include Bull Inn, Gabriels, The Craigh Dhu, The Cave, De Beers, Old Swann Inn, Gantry and Harvies Bar.

As for parks, the likes of Barshaw Park, Gleniffer Braes Country Park, and Saucelhill Park all offer a great mix between grass, trails, water, wildlife and other activities like gold and a model railway. Pubs and parks may just be the most popular activities in Paisley.

Sadly, as much as it should be entertaining, gambling has turned into a genuine problem in England and Scotland. According to the survey completed by the Health Ministry in 2017, the problem has turned national with almost 2 million people estimated to have some kind of gambling problems. As compulsive gambling is difficult to change on your own, gamblers are directed to local organizations specialized gambling addiction that can help them. One good example is the international organization Gam-Anon that specializes in gambling addiction and can provide players around the world, including the UK, with the support they need to overcome this problem. 

The Gambling Reality in Scotland

According to the Scottish survey that covered 4,000 subjects, problematic gambling behaviour is a burning subject the Scottish public health sector, we well as policymakers in the industry. With 63 percent of respondents in Scotland having spent money on at least one type of gambling activity in the last year (46% of them focusing on non-lottery related gambling) and 12 percent having played online in the past 12 months at the time the survey was conducted, it is easy to see why Scotland was declared “Gambling Capital of Britain”

Professional Help Needed

Compulsive gambling can be interpreted in many ways. Basically, it is an illness that tends to progress over time and which is almost impossible to cure, but can be kept under control with the right help. Players simply cannot stop gambling and this is affecting every aspect of their life. If you or someone you know is facing such a problem at the moment, you probably have a lot of questions you need answered. As a friend or family member of a gambler at risk, your first step should be to get in contact with a local help center.

The Gam-Anon Programme Also in Paisley

The international Gam-Anon Programme has been designed with these exact questions in mind and they understand the importance of combining both local meetings with the option to get help online for those that live in remote areas. The programme is a fellowship of men and women who are close friends, relatives or husbands and wives of people who have been affected by compulsive gambling. The people there are dealing with the problem firsthand and they can provide great support using their personal experiences. They know how hurtful it is for a promise to be made and broken and what a sleepless night filled with despair looks like.

The Gam-Anon programme strives to provide problematic around the world with the solutions they need so they can live a normal life once again. It teaches patience and humility as well as how face old scenarios with the courage they need. The Way of Life programme will work differently for different people. This means the lives of affected gamblers and their close ones will be affected and changed at different paces and levels. It is a personal experience that should be lived fully in order to benefit from it.

Living With A Compulsive Gambler

Someone who has recently joined the programme will receive the full attention, complete understanding and support of the rest of the members. Problem gamblers will also be allowed to communicate with others about their problems. It is important never to interrogate someone you suspect is dealing with compulsive gambling.

It is important to know that living in a household with a compulsive gambler could lead to you experimenting some form of neurotic behaviour. The Twelve Steps of Recovery part of the Gam-Anon program will help prevent further difficulties, especially if the problem gambler hasn’t completely dropped his bad habits. Also, financial problems are directly tied to problem gambling. Having a Gam-Anon member talk about insurance, savings and bank accounts is a must. Patience is again needed to gradually take care of all financial issues that might have risen over the years.

The programme offers a new way of life to new members, provided they are willing to work the Steps of Recovery and the Unity Programme. It aims to help members change the easy they regard gambling problems and alleviate their anxiety. The programme also encourages members to frequently attend Gam-Anon meetings and get in touch with other members on a regular basis to return to a normal life as soon as possible, especially when slips backs occur. 

If you live in Paisley and want to get in contact with GamAnon they currently meet every 2nd Tuesday at the Ralston Community Center or call the Helpline number 0370 050 8881

Early Signs To Take Seriously

It can be difficult to understand that someone you know may be dealing with a risky gambling behaviour, as most people in this situation will manage to hide the early signs. Early signs are often subtle and family, friends or coworkers usually are left with a “feeling” of something not being right. Recognizing these very early signs is essential to prevent the severe consequences that follows a gambling addiction. 

Here are a few examples of warning signs to take serious; 

  • You “catch” your friend trying to hide his phone or close down the computer screen when you get close
  • You see advertisements for online casinos or betting sites like those here, showing up on your shared computer, mobile phone or email account while your friend denies to gamble online
  • You have a feeling there are more arguments in the family/workplace, not necessarily around gambling or finances
  • You feel your friend/partner is often distracted or absence or is “disappearing” a lot
  • You are hit with financial surprises like bills being delayed or unable to explain certain transactions
  • You notice your friend suffers from sudden or increased sleep issues
  • You see signs of your partner having problems at work, like not meeting deadlines, not completing tasks, arriving late, being absent etc.
  • You have a general feeling your partner or friend is hiding something
  • If you know your friend is gambling but suddenly hear him saying he will “just win back what he lost” then he will stop

These are just a few of many early signs of someone who might be in the risk zone of gambling problems. By talking to a professional from the Gamblers Anonymous Scotland you will be able to further assess the situation and support your friend at an early stage. Don’t wait! 


Already booked your flight to Athens but not sure how to even begin planning the trip? Seeking the help of professional might be the solution to your problem. After all there are services that can create personalized tours just for you based on your preferences. Additionally, below you’ll find 10 tips that should help you prepare yourself for this amazing adventure.

  1. Visitors are recommended to confirm the opening hours of local museums and exhibitions, as this may vary depending on the season. On holidays (including religious holidays) some cultural and leisure establishments may remain closed. This is one of the first things you should do when planning your trip. The last thing you want is to show up excited in front of the museum doors and find out they’re closed.
  2. Getting a guided tour to see Athens is recommended if you want to delve deeper into Athens’ culture and history. Greek TravelTellers offer tailor-made tours that will get you to the heart of this beautiful ancient city. They will not only show you the most popular attraction on the surface level, but also allow you to see the city as a local and create your own story.
  3. Athenian drivers do not stand out for their great command of traffic rules, so even crossing the street at a place designated for this, be very careful.
  4. Taxi prices in Athens are the highest in all of Greece. If the taxi driver cannot tell you the exact price of the journey and asks for more than 30 euros, it is best to refrain from resorting to his service. The alternatives are public transport, which might not be the most convenient but is pretty reliable in Athens, and renting your own car. This option is the most convenient but not most economic.
  5. Athens is a quiet city, so you can stroll through its main streets even at night. Many stores and bars open 24 hours, so do not deprive yourself of enjoying the pleasures of the city’s nightlife.
  6. While it is not mandatory to thank the services provided by taxi drivers, waiters and hotel employees with a tip, it is recommended and most people tip well in Athens.
  7. Athens is a true paradise for smokers, since smoking is allowed almost anywhere and it will be difficult to find a sign that prohibits it in the city.
  8. In the local pharmacies, the professional experts of the sector will not only advise all the interested persons on the properties of different medicine, but they will also allow measuring blood pressure at no cost.
  9. Most stores and large shopping centers are closed on Sundays. In the opinion of experienced tourists, the most expensive items are usually electronic devices. In some commercial surfaces these devices can be almost twice as expensive as the European average. So plan your shopping spree accordingly!
  10. Virtually all beaches are public. But if the beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, beach goers have to pay to use them. This is recommended and they’re usually rather cheap.

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How to Find the Best Online Fashion Dresses

There are many online shops and fashion brands that always makes ready to provide the best quality fashion ideas in different types of fashion stuff and dressing collection. Almost every fashion brand tries to involve the best range in fashion the variety which can satisfy their needs and can be helpful to show their personalizes. Many local and international brands always try to introduce such a unique idea and awesome response to explore the people something new and attractive to provide them their interest relevant suiting. Ladies mostly get inspired by the unique styles, unique dressing and unique lifestyle which help them to choose the best designs for perfect dressing. From the huge collection, JJ’s House have great ideas which have numerous attractive designs for modern fashion lovers. Many dressing brands prepare the best styles, designs and attractive dressing to wear on different occasions. The size, style, colors and the quality of fabrics provide some estimations and forecasting to decide the best range for perfect wearers. 

What are the Prices of Homecoming Dresses?

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If it looks like CBD products are popping up in every health store, it’s because they are. Cannabidiol has captured our imagination thanks to countless reports hailing its medicinal value. What initially started as a fascination for stoners turned out to be a serious product with potential to shift the way
Americans use pharmaceutical drugs.

Keep in mind that the U.S. is one of the most stressed out countries in the world – as many as a third of the population struggle with stress and anxiety in a way that reduces their quality of life.

It doesn’t help that we have an unhealthy fondness for drinking. Studies reveal that over 40%of Americans abuse alcohol to the extent that it causes regular hangovers, DUIs, stress, insomnia, and liver diseases.

With so many people in need of a chill pill, it makes sense that CBD products are in high demand. There’s even talk of CBD surpassing medical marijuana in sales (by 2020) and considering the fact that cannabidiol products bring in a revenue of 20$ billion a year, it does look like people are becoming aware of their health.

But alcohol isn’t the only drug causing problems for millennial; opioid sales in the U.S. are high by any standards. Millions of people have a destructive love affair with cocaine and methamphetamine – and it’s not like these drugs have any healing power or value to the body and mind; people use them because they them feel great.

It should therefore come as no surprise thatmany have relied on pharmaceutical solutions to stress and anxiety; which involves the highly addictive non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSADs). The problem with using pills like Xanax for long is that they create hormonal imbalances that they sometimes lead to sleep deprivation, low libido, headaches, and many other side effects.

It’s strange to think that a single cannabinoid compound that produces zero buzz can become such a big deal, but it is happening. All you have to do is walk into any health store or a convenience store and there’s a whole array of CBD products for just about everything from skin irritation, nausea, back pain, anxiety, and even PMS.

So is CBD worth all this hype?

Perhaps what makes CBD so popular is the fact that it works for a vast majority of users. Also, medical studies have shown very little concern in terms of side effects, and many of the peopleusing pharmaceuticals to treat pain and anxiety have had problems with the drugs.

CBD works with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS)and as such, the compound doesn’t actually interruptneurological function to generate relief. Instead, it activates specific cannabinoids within the ECS (meaning they are produced naturally in the body) and this allows it to target a wide range of ailments.

The human Endocannabinoid System is connected to just about some of the most essential biological functions including sleep, appetite, pain, and mood; and so by enhancing some of the functions of the ECS, cannabidiol can be used successfully to generate immediate relief from conditions that afflict many people today.

The FDA has already approved the sale of CBD products as long as they are extracted from hemp and not cannabis. This is important because cannabis is still banned in many states, and of course drug tests are a common thing in the corporate world. What makes it unique as a drug is the fact that it doesn’t actually get you high or alter brain function in a way that gives you a buzz. On the contrary, it might actually help you sober up if you have other drugs in your system.

CBD is currently being used to treat addiction (check out thisreport from CNN) with resounding success. The people using CBD are not looking for a buzz; if that were the case, THC would be the cannabinoid of choice as opposed to cannabidiol. What people want is a treatment that clears up the body and mind and boosts energy naturally – which is interesting because alcohol and opioid sales are still high. Whether these people plan to use CBD and still take other drugs is not clear yet, but it is likely that the younger generation are interested in the idea of using a cannabis compound to restore health, rather than quittingdrugs entirely.

A Recent poll by Gallup found that half of Americans believe that CBD has medicinal value, and a whopping 61% want to see it on the shelves in every drug store. The hemp market, it seems, is still growing and hopefully, it will lead to higher quality of life for many of the people using it.




Before 2015, payday lenders were charging exorbitant interest rates on loans that drove many of their victims to bankruptcy, while others never seemed to get out of debt in spite of how much more they paid in comparison to the amount they borrowed.

The FCA Intervention of 2015

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) had to step in to handle the situation and regulate the market back into some sort of stability. 

The ensuing strict restrictions on payday loans and their lenders limited the exploitative capabilities of the system as a result. There were three primary rules introduced to get that result, which are as follows.

Limiting the Roll-Overs

Payday loans could no longer be rolled over forever, which meant that the debt had to come to a stop, instead of becoming a lifetime burden in a downhill rolling snowball pattern.


HCSTC stands for high-cost short-term credit, which entails more than just payday loans, but payday loans were certainly the prime target of the caps introduced by the FCA. To know more about the HCSTC caps, check out the FCA website here.

Financial Condition and Affordability Checks

If someone takes a payday loan and is incapable of paying it off in time, it would naturally begin to go up to ridiculous amounts, even with the FCA regulations, unfortunately. This is why the Financial Conduct Authority introduced mandatory affordability checks and guidance on the borrower’s own financial condition.

This meant people were now being well informed about the interest rates, how much they would have to pay each month and in total, what the penalty of missing payments would be, and what would be the total amount of money they would have to pay by the end of their payday loan tenure. 

Also, payday lenders must now make sure that the individual applying for the loan can actually afford to pay it back with interest before approving it.

The Impact of the FCA Standards Gave Rise to FCA-Authorized Payday Lenders

A lending business such as LoanPig is an FCA approved, authorised, and regulated payday lender that cannot go beyond the legal stipulations put into place by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can find out more about them on their official website, where every little detail about each loan amount, associated interest rates and the eligibility criterions are clearly mentioned.

That’s a fine example of how FCA managed to control the fluctuating market conditions, as payday lenders now have to either abide by the rules or be deemed illegal.

In spite of the success seen in the last four years, there is still room for improvement. During surveys, it was reported that a good number of lenders were not conforming to the rules, while some of the borrowers are finding it difficult to understand the interest rates, APR, etc., even now. Perhaps a revision is in order to further improve the situation in light of Brexit and the constantly dropping value of the pound sterling.