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There are many things that art teachers need to keep a close eye on.

How students are progressing with their work, how they present themselves, and how they work within their brief. Marking students’ pieces can be very difficult as art is generally about the individual’s way of working, and the motivation behind the finished piece can be very difficult to pick apart.

But aside from the difficult marking, the art teacher has other things to think about, like safeguarding and taking care of students’ work while it is in their care. Having a student’s hard work destroyed or damaged can be devastating for all parties involved, as this may be the culmination of several years’ work.

So, where student work is concerned, the art teacher needs to take extra precautions to ensure that it comes to no harm.

However, this is far easier said than done. Here are three things that all art teachers should take into account while storing their students’ work.

1 Insurance

Ensure all of the students’ work is insured by a good company. Specialist policies that cover insurance for academies will have the necessary coverage for keeping work safe and secure.

This is particularly useful if there is, for example, a large class and they are all working in the 3D area of fine art. If anything is knocked, broken, or chipped you can get the correct compensation.

This can prove valuable in the event of a college, studio, or classroom being broken into and items are stolen, as this will be eligible for insurance compensation to help your students recover from any material losses.

2 Student financial support

Having the right student financial support can be very useful not only for the art teacher but for the students as well. This can be done by researching cheaper prices for materials and supplies and making sure that students are getting the best deals they possibly can.

This may include talking to local art suppliers and shops to get a discount or having a reward system based on good grades. There is a wide variety of things the art teacher can do to make the students’ financial situation a lot easier. Art is by no means a cheap subject to follow, and any aid that is given would be really appreciated by students.

3 Display options

A way to avoid disaster is by ensuring that students’ artwork is properly stored. This can be in display cases or on shelving units, however, this can be risky as these can be knocked in an overcrowded classroom.

The best way to display the masterpieces is to have them where they can’t be damaged but can be viewed from a safe distance. This can be difficult to find, but having them placed in a classroom in an area or the classroom that is not being used can not only provide inspiration for students; but keep the pieces under constant observation by the teacher.

TEENAGER Niamh Junner is a real-life karate kid after being ranked the world’s number one in her class.

Niamh is a member of the highly-respected Shitokai Karate Club, based at Renfrew Leisure Centre and the 19-year-old has just taken the No 1 spot in the World Karate Federation female under 21 world rankings.

In 2019, Niamh won a bronze medal at the World Championships held in Chile and last year took a silver medal in the European Continental Championships, held in Hungary.

She’s following in her mother, Lesley Anne and father, Douglas’s footsteps, as both parents are black belt karate experts.

Niamh, from Barrhead, who started learning karate at the age of eight before joining the Shitokai Karate Club, aged 13, said: “It’s unbelievable that I’ve been able to reach the number one ranking.

“The more I trained and took part in tournaments, the more I began to realise I could achieve something in the sport.

“It was after I won the bronze medal in Chile that I started to believe that with hard work and the great coaching I get at the Shitokai Club, I could maybe be the world’s number one in the under 21 class.”

Niamh’s coach Terry Connell said: “It’s an incredible achievement for Niamh to be ranked number one in the world and we’re very proud of her.

“As a club we provide a training regime that can take people to the elite end of the sport, but also give people of all levels of ability the opportunity to keep fit and enjoy themselves through the sport of karate.”

Dad, Douglas said: “It’s a fantastic achievement for Niamh.

“She’s gone from a wee girl who could hardly kick and punch properly and after joining the Shitokai club, she’s been on an incredible journey to become the world number one.”

*Mark Tokeley. Renfrewshire Leisure’s Head of Leisure and Community

Services said: “Well done to Niamh, who has shown great dedication to be ranked number one.

“It’s great to see someone who is coached and trains in one of our facilities do so well.

“Renfrewshire Leisure works closely with the Shitokai Karate Club to support its development and its members. We want to encourage people of all abilities and ambitions to take part in sport and fulfil their potential.”

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Basically, the demand for energy on the entire planet continues to increase; the need is global. That’s why there is a constant search for new sources of energy. This search is in full swing. In this context, however, the term hydrogen comes up again and again. With the help of fuel cells, hydrogen can even power electric motors. It is also possible to heat houses and store energy with hydrogen. Read this review for more information about the finance aspects.

A real all-rounder

Hydrogen is thus considered a multi-talent, so to speak, and apparently has the potential for more. This is a decisive factor in terms of the energy transition in the future. Everyone knows that volatile gas is fraught with dangers and pitfalls. But now the question is what the situation is with hydrogen and whether a future with it is possible. When it comes to the search for energy, human history has shown time and again that new challenges arise almost daily. When it comes to energy production, it is therefore only a matter of time before resources are exhausted. Politics and science are also closely related to this, as the last diesel scandal was not long ago. So how should the future be secured?

Fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas or crude oil, will be exhausted at some point. Then there can be no alternative but the energy turnaround. According to experts, hydrogen will be able to make a decisive contribution. If you’re smart about it, you’ll be a good investor in hydrogen stocks. A stock portfolio comparison is worthwhile here in any case.

The energy transition and the future for hydrogen

Environmental protection plays a huge role, lifestyles have become sustainable. This is also reflected in energy production. Other possibilities besides nuclear power plants and the like are being sought. The ecosystem should not be affected. That is why hydrogen is all the more interesting. After all, combustion takes place with almost no emissions. For this, however, the molecule H2 must be split. Therefore, there should be a very special national hydrogen strategy. Germany wants to provide for the so-called green hydrogen. In the meantime, there are also very many climate protection technologies that are state of the art.

Space and energy

Hydrogen counts as an energy supplier also for space travel, already in the sixties it was handled, the first real experiments were made in the seventies and eighties. Thus the idea of the hydrogen economy was born. Today, more and more new forms are emerging from it. The goal is to develop hydrogen in general as an energy carrier. With this kind of energy source, mankind would be independent.

Finally a flexible energy system

It has been recognized how flexible hydrogen can be in terms of the energy system. The storage qualities are excellent. In fact, it can be used to store energy for years. If there are surpluses, this should not be a problem either. The energy can be used when it is needed. This should ensure a flexible power grid supply. Nevertheless, solar power and wind power will continue to play a role. There will also be an expansion of these renewable energy sources in combination. Nevertheless, hydrogen for power generation still struggles with many problems due to its low density. Both economically and technically, this is an immense challenge.


AGS Airports, which owns and manages Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, is to lead a consortium that will develop and trial what will be the UK’s first national distribution network to use drones to transport essential medicines, blood, organs and other medical supplies throughout Scotland.


The AGS led consortium, which brings together 14 organisations including the University of Strathclyde, and leading air traffic control provider NATS, successfully secured £1.5 millionfrom the UK Industrial Strategy Future Flight Challenge Fund to demonstrate how autonomous drone technology can enhance access to essential medical supplies, particularly in rural parts of Scotland.

The CAELUS (Care & Equity – Healthcare Logistics UAS Scotland) project started on 1 December and will involve live drone flight trials. In addition to developing the ground infrastructure needed to recharge the drones and the systems to control them while flying, a key aspect of the project will be designing pathways to ensure the drones can safely share airspace with civil aviation. The project will also ensure critical aspects such as public safety, security and noise levels are considered.

A digital blueprint of the drone delivery network will then be created with the potential to connect hospitals, pathology laboratories, distribution centres and GP surgeries across Scotland. The project is scheduled to run until Spring 2022.

Derek Provan, chief executive of AGS Airports, said: “This project has the potential to completely revolutionise the way in which healthcare services are delivered in Scotland. Not only does drone technology have the ability to speedup the delivery of critical medical supplies, it could reduce waiting times for test results and, more importantly, help provide equity of care between urban and remote rural communities.

“The organisations within this consortium are some of the most skilled and experienced in drone technology. The funding from UK Industrial Strategy will allow us to work together to overcome some of the challenges associated with scaling drone operations to deliver atransport network that is technically, socially and financially viable.

Although our focus is on healthcare, the CAELUS project could pave the way for the deployment of drone-enabled logistics in other sectors and has the potential to change the way airspace is used by manned and unmanned vehicles. It also has clear environmental benefits as it will play a key role in reducing the carbon emissions generated by existing, road-based distribution networks within Scotland.

NHS Ayrshire & Arran and the NHS West of Scotland Innovation Hub, which supports health and social care innovation across the West of Scotland, will work alongside the AGS led consortium on the project

Karen Bell, Head of Research & Development – Innovation Lead for NHS Ayrshire & Arran said: “NHS Ayrshire & Arran are excited to be leading on the delivery of this project on behalf of the West of Scotland Innovation Hub.

This is an opportunity to work with aviation colleagues to explore the innovative use of drone technology to address some of the potential challenges facing daily delivery of NHS services, not only within NHS Ayrshire & Arran but across the West of Scotland.”

The Scottish Government’s Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop said: “This innovative project will help position Scotland at the forefront of drone technologies to deliver essential healthcare supplies to people more quickly, especially those living remote locations. It also demonstrates, once again, that when businesses, universities and public sector work together they can deliver for Scotland and outperform the competition, attracting welcome funding at this challenging time.”

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal & Vice-Chancellor of the University of Strathclyde, said: “Strathclyde is a founding member of the UK Aviation Research Consortium and we are delighted to play a central role in this exciting project, applying our expertise from across multiple disciplines. The project aligns with our health technologies research cluster and our long track record of working with industry and the public sector. We look forward to demonstrating the potential value of drone delivery of medical supplies for the public, NHS, the economy, social equality and for the aviation manufacturing industry in Scotland.”

Gary Cutts, Future Flight Challenge Director, added: “At this very challenging time for the international aviation industry, it is a great testament to the UK’s drive and ambition that we have had such a strong response to the first funded Future Flight competition. The breadth, quality and creativity of the bids has been exceptional and the economic and social benefits offered are very significant. The projects we are now launching will position the UK strongly to drive the third revolution in aviation.”

The CAELUS consortium comprises:

AGS Airports Limited​​​​​NATS (Services) Limited

ANRA Technologies UK Ltd​​​​Schneider Electric (UK) Limited

Atkins Ltd​​​​​​Avy – Drones for Good

The Drone Office Ltd​​​​​Connected Places Catapult

Trax International Ltd ​​​​​DGP Intelsius Limited

uAvionix Ltd​​​​​​Leonardo MW Ltd​​

University of Strathclyde​​​​Dronamics

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Period features are all the rage in older homes. They suit the character of the house and help make it a home. Some period features need to be upgraded but not updated, such as the internal doors. Others lurk behind panelling and carpets and need to be rediscovered.


Internal Doors

Internal doors are built to last a very long time. That doesn’t mean they’ll never need replacing. Explore these traditional Victorian doors to upgrade the door but not the style. Period doors are a great way to transform a new build house into a more traditional home.



If your house is older, some of the original features will be lurking underneath the panelling, plaster and flooring. It is easy to tell if your home has a boarded up fireplace. They typically stick out from the wall, as no one is likely to make a room smaller by filling in the space next to the fireplace as well. Some of these may even have the original tiles and mantel hidden behind the plaster. Others will need an entirely new or restored fireplace once the boards are gone.


Uncovering Other Features

Older homes are likely to have held onto more of their original features beyond the fireplace, they just need uncovering. Pulling up flooring can reveal the original floors. These may require specialist cleaning and sealing. If you are in a new build, reclaimed or replica traditional flooring from whatever period look you are going for can be installed.

Flooring isn’t the only feature that can be uncovered. Original ceilings with beams might still be in place. If you are in a new build and have high enough ceilings, installing a picture rail is a job you can do yourself to give your home a more traditional feel.



Furniture can give your home a traditional feel without hiring a trained specialist. The Modern Furniture Shop has furniture for every room to keep the flow of energy moving through the house. Changing the furniture is ideal for people in new builds looking to add character to their home. Authentic period furniture is difficult to restore. Even if you are in a traditional period home, buying new replicas is something to consider. It is easier and cheaper to maintain than an authentic piece.


Repairing and Maintenance

Some period features may already be on display in your home, but they look old and tired. Instead of covering them, have them repaired. Period features in bad shape can create feelings of chaos. If they’re well looked after and repairs made, they can make a house feel like a home.

Don’t knockdown walls and peel off panelling yourself. Uncovering period features requires a professional. That panelling you are peeling away might be an original feature that’s been covered by layer upon layer of paint. Some period features will require a professional for maintenance. If you are in a new build, look for easy to maintain replicas to add character to your home.

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There’s good news for people looking for a rug to complement the décor of their home perfectly- you need no longer settle for bulk produced generic rugs. Instead, you can now create rubs with customized dimensions, shapes, colors, and even fabrics. To top it all, even the process of creating such a customized rug is easy, fun, and affordable. You should turn to the following list of things you should consider every time you buy a custom rug:

  • Durability Of The Custom Rug

Its constituent materials largely determine a particular rug’s durability, the care you take while using it, and where you choose to place it within your house. As the experts from put it, If your carpet is made from natural fibers like jute, they are likely to be more durable. Maintenance of such rugs is straightforward, and they serve well irrespective of specific conditions. Rugs derived from wool and other shaggy material are charming and comfortable underfoot, and you should prefer them if you live in a cold climate. They are ideally placed in bedrooms or rooms with relatively low footfall. Doing cleaning and maintenance of your rugs can often work wonders for their durability. It is a good idea to reserve soft pile rugs for the areas in your house with a high footfall as they are easy to clean. You can use the thicker heavy pile rugs in private spaces.

  • Pick The Right Location For Your Rug

If you have picked a rug made from sisal, it would be the best fit for a location where it is easy to chance upon it with your eyes and admire it. You don’t want to place your gorgeous unique rug in a seldom-seen home corner where its beauty has minimal chances of being admired. While you choose a location for your carpet, remember to pick an open spot that finds frequent use by the members of your family. Some such essential places are as follows:

  • Family room
  • Dining room
  • Entry hall

Before you customize your rug, note the color theme of your home besides the home decor and account for the same. Keep in mind that through the carpet, you want to create and space and not diminish it.

  • Ascertain The Needed Dimensions Of The Rug

You must keep in mind the desired dimensions of the rug or its size. Suppose you end up with a customized carpet that’s way too large for its intended location. In that case, you will only end up making the area look busy and crowded. On the other hand, too small rugs tend to look silly and enhance the feelings of disbalance in the room. So, it advisable to measure your floor and ascertain the required dimensions for your rug. Lay down masking tape on the floor following a squarish or rectangular shape. You can then adjust them as per your requirements in terms of the rug’s desired size. Finally, make careful measurements of each side and note them down. It will help you get the exact dimensions of your rug right when you customize it online.

  • Decide On Your Budget

Certain types of rugs, like wool rugs, can be pretty expensive. It is easy to overspend on your rug while ordering such varieties of carpets. So, it is a good idea to decide on a budget before ordering a custom rug. The funding will help you determine the kind of rug suitable for you and choose one as per the size and material you both need and can afford.

  • Try To Get Hold Of Samples

It is quite common to find online rug samples looking drastically different from their real-world counterparts. Lighting plays a crucial role in this and dramatically affects how the rug colors appear in other rooms. Before you order a complete rug, it is a great idea to order a sample first. Samples will help you see how the colors, texture, and material fit your home and floor. Most reputed producers of custom rugs do indeed provide samples, so this is another thing you want to consider.

  • Consider Your Personal Style

You can use your custom rugs to convey your aesthetic style. Your taste is all bright and colorful, or whether you may want to showcase a vintage appearance. Either way, your custom rug can help you to endow the room with the same appearance. Rugs are of various types and can transform dull and plain spaces into something out of a dream. Besides, custom rugs let you choose a design that perfectly aligns with your choice and taste and speaks a lot about the lifestyle. You can get modern and contemporary looks for your room by opting for custom rugs with bold and geometric patterns. People having a more conservative design outlook can always opt for traditional looks that are forever in style.

  • Make Sure That The Rug Looks Are In Sync

Another thing to consider is to ensure that your custom rug blends nicely with the room’s color scheme and the room accessories. You can achieve a great contrast by using carpets sporting a modern look and pairing them with embroidered colorful curtains and pillows and sofas coming in pastel shades. Don’t waste money by keeping your luxurious rug concealed beneath heavy furniture. Instead, use glass furniture like center tables made from the same. It will let people admire the beauty of the carpet underneath.

  • Make Use Of Rug Pads

If you want to prevent your rug pads from shifting and thereby avoid possible accidents, then consider ordering a rug pad along with your custom rug. They increase the use of carpets and serve to enhance your rug pieces’ durability by making the friction between the rug material and the floor minimum.

  • The Climate In Your Area

The usage of rugs is greatly influenced by the kind of climate you have at your location. If your site is in one of the colder regions, you would be better off by choosing rugs made of wool or thick furs. People from warmer areas, on the other hand, should prefer light, natural fiber rugs.

Final Thought

In this article, the points mentioned are just some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a custom rug. Of course, there might be and, in many cases, will be additional factors that too need to be considered. Carpets play an essential part in terms of function and appearance, and through this article, it is hoped that you are all set to pick the custom rug of your choice. Hope this helps!

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Since the Indonesian government does not support online casinos in Indonesia and wants to ban them all, you will not find any approved and legal local Indonesian casinos on the Internet. Therefore, you cannot be sure that the Indonesian online casino you want to play in is safe and you will not get help from the authorities if you have any complaint or problem. To avoid complications and protect your winnings, you should only play in reliable and Indonesia friendly gambling sites, which has all the necessary licenses issued by the competent authorities. Example of such gambling sites is JuaraFc.

Today’s gambling market is flooded by online casinos, with new casinos appearing every week. Sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish an excellent Indonesian online casino from a sneaky casino, especially if you are just starting. Sure, you can read gambling topics on forums or ask experienced friends for advice, but the JuaraFc team will suggest the best options for you from now on. The gambling site is approved and has been certified by a lot of online users.

What is the legal online gambling age in Indonesia?

Internet gambling is illegal in Indonesia, and there is no clearly stated age in Indonesia. However, to play the best online gambling sites outside Indonesia, you must be at least 18 years old, and some legitimate online casinos for Indonesian players claim that you are 21 years old at least.

As seen in the country, religious views actually prevent people from entering physical casinos. However, you can still play real money online casinos in Indonesia, preferably before the Indonesian online gambling authorities find a way of stopping online casinos.

The Future of Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia

There is no country in the world with strict gambling laws like Indonesia. Here, you can simply go to jail or get beaten up for participating in offline gambling. Sharia law states that Indonesia bans all Indonesian Situs Judi Online websites. Gambling doesn’t seem to have a chance to take root in the country, but, surprisingly, it doesn’t.

A 2009 study found that Indonesians spent over $300 million on the best online casinos for Indonesian players, and that number seems to be growing only every year. To place bets, Indonesians go to nearby Singapore with their luxury casinos or, compliment of international gaming companies; you can play in the top 10 online casinos in Indonesia.

No one knows what the new Situs Judi Online will look like for Indonesian players in the future, but there is little chance that the government will allow gambling in the country. We can only hope that online gambling sites will be allowed by the government in the coming years, allowing you to play in Indonesia’s favorite mobile slots, as well as all kinds of games you can find at JuaraFc casinos.

In order to play trusted online casino games, choose from our list; note the information about the available offers in our casinos. You can also go through the website before you place your bet securely.

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Playing poker online isn’t always about winning money. Sometimes all you want to do is relax and have a little fun at the poker table. After all, poker is probably the most entertaining game on the planet. So it’s a bit of a shame that so many people associate online poker with big wins and big losses. There are plenty of ways to have fun when you join an online poker game. The fun comes to you, and you don’t even have to leave the house. It doesn’t get much better than that.

To begin with, online poker games are only as exciting as you make them

If you want a fast-paced atmosphere in which to play, then click on a few tables and jump in for a few quick-fire hands. If you want to take a more relaxed approach to the game, then you can select a poker game and invite your friends to join you. The latter isn’t easy, but it’s definitely an option. By entering the lobby of an online poker room, you can choose the size of your game, the number of players, and even set limits if you’re playing limit Hold ‘Em.

Play in tournaments to get the most bang for your buck

Playing in the biggest tournaments doesn’t get you into big money games, but it does mean that you’ll play with the best poker players in the world. There are often plenty of freerolls available to enter, too. The biggest tournament online poker rooms are the ones that offer daily tournaments. These are accessible to all poker88 players, and you’ll often get a share of the prize money if you pull off a big result.

The entire goal of playing online poker is to have as much fun as possible

Don’t get too caught up in the game, and don’t take it seriously. Big money is out there if you’re willing to look for it, but just playing the game will help you relax and enjoy yourself. If you do that, you’ll have a whole lot of fun at the table. Who knows, you might make some friends along the way too. You’ll start to see the same names at the tables, and you’ll eventually begin talking to them. You’ll learn a lot about their playing styles and how they view the game as a whole. And then you’ll be able to play poker with them knowing that you know what to expect.

Set the mood to have a good time

Get yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, a snack, and have yourself a good time while playing poker. That’s what it’s all about in the end, having a great time. It’s a fun game that you can play against people across the world. Even if you never win anything, it’s still a good time. That’s what makes online poker so much fun.  Playing poker online isn’t always about winning money. Sometimes all you want to do is relax and have a little fun at the poker table. After all, poker is probably the most entertaining game on the plan

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Gambling is a good form of entertainment. It can eliminate boredom and gives stimulation and excitement. The prevalence of online gambling made the lives of punters easier. There is no need to need to go out of their homes. It can be accessed anywhere as long as the person has a good internet connection.

Gambling sites facilitate online gambling. The emergence of these sites made an incredible impact on the gambling industry. To date, online casinos are considered a growing market. The market size for global online gambling was valued at USD 53.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 11.5 percent from 2020 to 2027. There may be some vague issues with regulating its laws but significant changes have relatively improved its components.

More and more people are getting interested in online gambling. But before taking the risk of losing a large sum of money there are important reminders that we need to pay attention to.

Be Wise in Choosing the Gambling Sites

Several online gambling sites have proliferated the internet, which makes it confusing to choose. For a beginner, bonuses and promotions can be stimulating. The newbies who had a positive experience at 188Bet suggest checking the legitimacy and reputation of the sites. The site should receive consistent reviews and has built its website quality and reputation.

Discipline Yourself by Creating a Schedule

Online gambling can be extremely fun. But it can be addictive as well. Once you get so attached to it you might wake up one day losing everything. You need self-discipline in playing. Have a specific schedule for your gaming experience and you must strictly adhere to it. Since it’s very convenient (as you don’t have to go out and go to the casino) and gives you the luxury to enjoy the game, it’s very tempting to spend more time in it. So, it’s extremely necessary to have an allotted time for playing. As a general rule, 1 hour and 30 minutes is an ample amount to dedicate to an online gaming session. 

Always Have a Specific Budget

Sometimes if you are not in a good state, the longer you play, the more you will lose. So, it’s important to have a budget for each gaming session. You may either have a specific budget for the entire week or a limited sum amount of money for the scheduled session. This is a good way of managing each of your bets. You can always have fun and enjoy every game without being reckless. When you run out of budget, it’s a cue that you need to stop until your next scheduled game.

Study the Rules of the Game Before You Play

Your knowledge of poker and blackjack does not make you a good player when you play against average players online. Make thorough research and use all the available resources.  Check each site for bonuses or distinct variables for every site. Dig deeper into the rules of the games that you think you know.

Online gambling is fun because it can be therapeutic. However, you need to have self-discipline and self-determination to stick to specific rules. Remember gambling is always a risk. So, don’t risk everything that you have.



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Renfrewshire Council has used 2020 to invest huge new funds into homebuilding across Paisley. The Glasgow Times most recently reported on a £100m investment that would see 300 new build projects within the local area. This much-needed development will see more and more Paisley citizens moving into new builds. The question for them is finding what’s needed to turn these new builds, which are often high quality but lacking in character, into homes.
Bringing local character
Paisley is a town with a diverse and storied past, from its origins in 6-7th century AD through industrialisation and to today. This includes a rich natural history and as explore, this includes botany, geology and zoology. Taking the first theme as inspiration, consider brightening up a new home with local natural smells. Using a feature such as a scented woodwick candle can create a hearth within the home, as these mimic the crackle of an open fire. Using local scents, such as from the historic Paisley gem dianthus flower, meanwhile, will bring a touch of the local outdoors into your home.
Decorative touches
Paisley is, of course, famous for its Paisley shawl and pattern, which has been recreated on everything from heritage Scottish pieces through to the bandanas used in Latin culture across the USA. While it may be a little garish to coat the whole house in Paisley, having a feature wall, or perhaps something even smaller like the rims on your dinnerware, can bring a little bit of that historic Paisley texture in to the home.
Incredible architecture
According to, the town is blessed with over 110 listed buildings. This is in addition to some more intriguing sculptures, like the alien gargoyle attached to Paisley Abbey. Take inspiration, whether inside or outside of the home, and see if you can get some of that rich architecture running through a new home. That could mean a feature wall or facade on the outside, or even pieces of garden furniture that have a certain design to them. These little nods to the history of Paisley create talking points that look good to boot.
Really, there are plenty of ways to make a sterile-feeling new build a place that feels more like home. Using the heritage of Paisley to influence decisions on decoration and design is a wonderful way to build some of that warmth from the ground up. Have a look at Paisley and Scottish tradition when you’re trying to build that connection with a new set of walls.
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Since the pandemic started in March, the UK has had some of the harshest anti-COVID measures. In January 2021, England’s third lockdown came into effect and even by the most optimistic estimates, Brits won’t be able to get back to their old lifestyles earlier than March 2021. Lockdown, of course, came with significant lifestyle challenges. As more people are working from home and cannot go out as usual, our homes have become entertainment hubs, and we have to reinvent the way we spend our time. 

 The Office for National Statistics conducted a series of studies to determine how people in the UK are spending their time under lockdown, and the results show much more than a tendency to binge watch TV shows. Even if many people have used the lockdown as an opportunity to relax, others have taken advantage of the free time to gain new skills and create something productive. 

Crafting is the main activity during lockdown. 

There’s something about creating an item with your own hand that provides personal satisfaction. This is what Brits have discovered during the lockdown. According to multiple surveys, the vast majority of the adult population has been spending their time on home crafting, and there was a whopping 200% boom in online sales. As for the types of crafting activities, possibilities are endless. Some people have taken up knitting. Others, candle making. With most stores closed, Brits have also done more DIY home renovation projects and learned to do woodworking. In the second quarter of 2020, hobby supply sales have reached record levels and there was also a spike in family-friendly crafting kits (since parents had more time to spend with their children). 

 So, why was crafting so popular during the lockdown? At a first glimpse, it may seem like a good way to pass the time, and it is. However, crafting is much more than that. Studies have shown that this hobby offers a plethora of mental health benefits and that it can make indoor time more bearable. The coronavirus isn’t just a danger to public health, but also for our own mental wellbeing. It can trigger a sense of loneliness and isolation, which ultimately lead to anxiety, stress, and depression. But studies have shown that crafting reduces stress, depression, and anxiety, boosts relaxation, reduces insomnia, and prevents neurological decay in the elderly. What’s more, it provides a confidence boost because you created something with your own hand. According to the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81% of respondents with depression said that they felt better happy after knitting, and 50% reported feeling “very happy”. 


The rise of online gaming 

Even before lockdown, online casino games such as WMS slots and platforms like ComeOn Sportsbetting were one of the most popular pastimes in the UK, so it didn’t come as a surprise that when the first lockdown came into effect, online gambling rose in popularity even more. First of all, there were the people who used to go to physical casino locations; with land-based casinos closed, they quickly moved online, where they could have the same enjoyable experience, whilst respecting social distancing measures. And secondly, there were people who didn’t play casino games before but decided to give online gambling a try – out of curiosity or to possibly earn money. Online casinos such as ComeOn.Casino estimated that there would be a surge in new users and they prepared for it by investing in servers and thinking of new offers and bonuses. For example, people could try free spins to get used to how slot machines work, or they could claim significant welcome bonuses. WMS slot machines rose in popularity during the lockdown, and as soon as sports competitions could resume, the same clients of online casino also turned to sports betting. After months of anticipation, platforms like the ComeOn sportsbook reported a surge in activity, as people couldn’t wait for their favourite teams to return. 

 Although most people played casino games and placed bets for money (and made quite a profit out of it), others chose to play it safe and use their demo accounts first. In any case, the benefits of online gaming can be just as significant as those of crafting. Played every once in a while, casino games offer a much-needed break from the stress of daily life and the monotony of lockdown life. 


Books and digital services 

Reading ranked as the third most popular hobby during the pandemic and book sales have also increased considerably. According to a survey commissioned by World Book Night, 31% of Brits have been reading more since lockdown began and there was a particular spike of 45% in young adults who read. Sales for paperback fiction rose by 35%, and non-fiction sales dropped by 13%, which showed that reading was a popular form of escapism. Even as bookstores stayed closed, readers bought books online. Waterstones, the biggest book chain in the UK< reported sales up to 400% higher in the week before the lockdown began. Libraries also managed to successfully pivot to the digital model. For example, Hampshire County reported a 770% increase in digital users and Cornwall County a 630% increase. 

Lastly, digital services absolutely skyrocketed during the lockdown and marked the beginning of a new era in entertainment. Online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ had to lower video quality to keep up with the astronomical number of users watching simultaneously. Gaming also had a great year. Even though some triple-A titles were delayed, games like Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing, Among Us, Resident Evil 3, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima exceeded all sales expectations. In between binge-watching their favourite TV shows and playing games, Britons also subscribed to online services such as online gym classes and online cooking classes, the sales of which rose by 18%. 

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Bingo is assuredly among the most popular gambling game in the world right now. The gameplay of filling your card with the number shown on the screen or announced by the announcer is a thrilling experience. This game has enjoyed enormous popularity at bingo halls, schools, churches, community halls, and old-age homes. Since the beginning, it has been said that bingo is for elderly people, however, this myth is changing gradually. Its online version is getting very popular among the youngsters as well. The fame of this game at online casinos shows how it has become the favorite of players of all ages.

Bingo is a secret jackpot. The word BINGO itself has a cheering sound. The mixture of entertainment and social interaction in this lottery game has attracted many players. But do you know how this game was invented? Or, how this bingo has taken the form we play today? Here, we are going to tell you the history of bingo, and how it has become popular.

Bingo: The Inception

This game has its roots connected to the lotteries held in the sixteenth century in European countries. These lotteries were based on draws of random numbers, which were popular during the Italian Renaissance. A popular variant of these games known as Lotto has close resembles with 90-ball bingo game that is popular today. Some say that the Lotto word comes from French and lottery is derived from it.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this game traveled to France. The French players used to like to play with numbers, chips, and cards. Legend has it that even King Louis 14th used to play this game along with the court. In this country, the game took many changes. Certain characteristics of bingo such as the use of cards and the use of a responsible person shouting the numbers to the players began here. Here, the game took such changes and got a new name “Le Lotto”

A few centuries later, Scotland and the United States enchanted with Le Lotto, modified it a bit, and renamed the game to “Bingo Lingo.” It was being used as a popular game. In other European countries like Germany, Le Lotto was modified to teach students mathematics and multiplication tables. So, we can say that bingo was also used to learn mathematical calculations. However, it was in the USA, where this classic game gained popularity. Under the name of beano, it was first introduced in Atlanta in 1929.

Beano to Bingo

It has been said that a toy makes from New York named Edwin Lowe has given the popular name “bingo” to this game. Lowe played beano at a fair in Georgia, where cards with numbers and beans were played on a table shaped like a horseshoe. He was excited about the game and thought of organizing an evening event to play beano with his friends. He bought some cards to write numbers, some beans, one rubber stamp.

It is said that the origin of the word bingo comes from a funny mistake made by a young lady playing an earlier version of this “beano” game. During the evening the game became a complete success. In an instant of nervousness and happiness at having won a stuttering young lady yelled “BINGO!” This is when Lowe thought of renaming the game Bingo as this new name sound more interesting and enchanting.

The Power of Bingo

Bingo was enjoying full success in the 1930s. This was the time when the United States was facing economic problems due to the crash of the share market at the end of the 1920s. At this time, a church was facing financial problems. The priest of the church asked Lowe to find a solution to the problems faced by the church.

A worshiper at the church planned to organize a bingo even to raise funds along with Lowe. Lowe agreed with the plan. To accomplish this, the game would require a numerical examination to offer for a bigger space the essential number of precise combinations on each card and that these combinations were not alike on 2 cards. To do this, he went to the arithmetic professor Carl Leffler who planned 6000 novel numerical cards.

Because of these activities, the church was saved and the game turned out to be famous, constraining Lowe to create an authority directions manual for the game and a month-to-month publication that was circulated to more than 37,000 people. This led to the continuous rise in the number of bingo halls in those times, and it continues to rise till the end of the twentieth century.

Bingo: The Current Situation and the Popularity

This classic game is really dynamic. It is easy to adapt to new various contexts and easy to play. As bingo is not a complex game, it was preferred by a child or an old person. Similarly, it is an extremely entertaining game, because in each round you have the opportunity to get the number you needed. And, even if they do not announce a number from your card, expectations are high in each round and the uncertainty of who will be the next to shout the magical word bingo. The social element of the game is the main reason why this game is a huge hit. People can communicate with other players and have fun.

Nowadays when online gambling platforms are booming, online bingo has gained new popularity. There are several websites like that provide a variety of exciting bingo games. Since online casinos are fully compatible with mobile phones, players can play their favorite bingo variant anytime anywhere. There are three variants of bingo i.e., 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, and 30 ball bingo that are very currently. 30-ball is a quick game, 90-ball bingo is the most played bingo type, and 75-ball is preferred by the Canadians and Americans.

Online bingo is no lesser fun than the real bingo halls. Even online bingo is most convenient for the players as they can play the game without the restriction of time and place. The integration of the chat feature in the game has retained the social factors of the game untouched. In the future, we may see many more changes in