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Many industries have benefited from the advancements made in technology, and none more so than the gambling industry. This is evident from the fact that in 2016, the global gambling industry was worth $450 billion, and is expected to be worth $647.9 billion by 2027. In the UK, it is no different, with the gambling industry being worth around $19.7 billion in 2018. One of the reasons for this popularity is the fact that gambling games are incredibly fun to play, and many have come and went over the last few centuries, but one game has managed to thrive: bingo.

There are more and more bingo sites popping up each month catering for the UK market, in this article we’re going to look at some of the reasons why. It wasn’t always this way though; there was a point in history where bingo almost disappeared entirely in the UK, and quite shockingly, it may not have even been that popular to begin with. However, in todays day and age, the game is thriving and is enjoyed by millions of players across the globe every day, and there are a few reasons for this rise in popularity.

It’s not that it was

Before beginning to understand why it is so popular now, it’s important to look at why it might not have been the most popular game in the UK to begin with. Depending on who is asked, many people would say that bingo is synonymous with the UK, and the reason for that is because within a few years of it being introduced to the country, hundreds of bingo halls opened up around the country.

One would assume that is a sign of popularity, but there are two factors to consider; the first is that during the time of popularity, the television hadn’t been introduced yet and secondly, there wasn’t a lot of competition. In other words, there really wasn’t much to do and instead of sitting at home, it allowed people to socialize and keep themselves busy. Once the television was introduced to the population and other casino games started becoming popular, many bingo halls were closed down due to not being used.

The venue was changed and it was reinvented

Once the majority of bingo halls were closed down, a few online casinos started introducing bingo, which was met with some success. This eventually led to sites being launched that catered specifically to people who wanted to play bingo. In the beginning, the client base was mostly people from the elderly community who wanted something to do with their time, revisit a once popular game that was adored, and those who were unable to travel to casinos or find bingo halls. Then the game itself was reinvented by using different themes for the tickets, which now include genres of movies and music, celebrities, video games, sports, and characters from cartoons to list only a few.

This change, away from just using numbers, made the game appealing and relatable to a younger audience and suddenly bingo was a game that everyone could play and enjoy. All of this combined meant that people did not need to travel to play, they could play at any time without waiting for halls to open, it was easily accessible and now relatable to a much larger audience.

In addition to this, everyone has heard of bingo before, so it wasn’t like people were trying a brand-new game; they were just enjoying a better version of it.

It’s easy to learn

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for why bingo was popular when it first arrived in the UK, was that it was very easy to learn. Players would buy a ticket that contained numbers, those numbers were then called out randomly, dabbed off the ticket, and the player who dabbed all of their numbers first won.

Since moving online, the game has become even easier to play. The process is now automated, which means that players no longer need to dab off the numbers themselves, it’s done for them. In addition to this, players can now buy up to 100 tickets at a time and no longer need to buy them individually.

Another big change that makes playing bingo easier, is that even if a person is unable to make it to a game for which they’ve bought a ticket, they will still receive their prizes when logging into the site again. This makes it extremely appealing to those who enjoy passive gambling.


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For shopkeepers who have just opened e-commerce and created store profiles on social networks, it is inevitable to want a very high number of followers: we imagine that so crowded number of 10,000 followers or even more, all enjoying our publications and interacting with our brand.

However, the reality is a little bit different – and gaining the first 10,000 followers is undoubtedly the most difficult part. The reason for this is simple: in the first moment, your store is still practically unknown, which means that you will need to show the world that you are a successful brand (and an excellent digital influencer).

It is challenging – but it is not impossible. Come read this guide, which will show you how to gain followers on Instagram and conquer the 10,000 followers in 2 ways! You’ll get to know how to get free Instagram followers and likes!

Create videos for Instagram Feed and Stories

Starting a profile by posting photos only seems a lot easier, doesn’t it? But believe me, video content helps you gain followers on Instagram faster. I know it can be tempting to get away from the videos at the beginning, as their production is usually more complex – especially for those who don’t have much experience with editing and/or fear of appearing in front of the cameras. The first problem is very simple to solve! There are several free and super intuitive video editors, both for PC and mobile.

As for the fear of appearing in the videos, my tip is: go slowly. If you have clothing e-commerce, for example, start by posting a sequence in the Stories showing the products of your store, while you are only responsible for the voiceover. Then, start showing up a little more, this time showing not only the products themselves but also different compositions with parts and accessories – also take the opportunity to announce a discount or special conditions. Then, as you feel more comfortable, give your content a personal touch, giving tips and showing a little bit of your daily life, both in the feed and in the Stories.

Use Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is an Instagram followers mod apk that can help you get lots of real followers in a short time. This application is real because every follower and like is generated from real human activities. Basically, Followers Gallery provides a place for users to follow and like each other for coins. These coins can later be exchanged for free followers and likes. This application applies a very simple concept: follow for being followed. This means that you follow and like other people’s Instagram accounts then your Instagram account will also be followed and liked. Sounds like a symbiotic mutualism, right?

The app is free and you don’t have to pay a penny for it. You don’t buy, you only contribute to the addition of other people’s followers and likes. Don’t worry about the chance of account hijacking because from the start you don’t need to tell your email / Instagram password. Interested? Immediately download Followers Gallery on your smartphone and start looking for free Instagram likes and followers.

The two methods above have been proven to me. I have managed to reach 10 thousand followers in 6 months just using this application!

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The casino industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world, generating a combined total of $227 billion last year. Both industries have come a long way in terms of the services they provide and as well as in individual popularity. Even though physical casinos and online casinos basically offer the same product, there is a world of difference between the two.

For many years physical casinos were dominating, and as right now there over 2,000 licensed casinos around the world, however over the last few years, due to technological advancements, online casinos have started to become more popular. To give an indication of how popular online casinos are, there may be double, triple or quadruple the number of physicals casinos, and new sites are launching almost every day. But to answer why they have become popular; one should look at why online casinos are better than physical casinos.

Bigger selection of games

If anyone has to think of a physical casino, the first image that comes into the mind is that of slot machines. This is because the main attraction at physical casinos are slot machines, and their numbers dwarf those of other games. While it is true that physical casinos also offer other games, such as poker, blackjack and roulette, their numbers are not nearly as many, even when combined.

Online casinos on the other hand, while also mainly offering slot games, also have many more other games and in a wider variety. In terms of poker, a person could find several variations, such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Razz, Seven Card Stud. This is true for blackjack too and bingo. In other words, someone could never get bored while playing on an online casino. It only takes one look at a site like to see why this is true, casino x their top rated casino has over 500 games, with this kind of selection how could you become bored?

Welcome bonuses

In addition to the large number and wide variety of games offered by online casinos, they also provide players with something that physical casinos don’t; welcome bonuses. There are many different kinds of welcome bonuses that online casinos offer, such as deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, match bonuses and free trial bonuses among others.

For those who primarily play slots games, there are free spin bonuses, which essentially give players a certain number of spins for free. With each bonus there are certain wagering conditions that need to be met in order to cash out any money won. In spite of this, the allure of free money is not something physical casinos offer.

Play anywhere, anytime

This is most likely the biggest advantages that online casinos offer over physical casinos. Even though playing online or using a mobile device has been possible for the last 15 years, it’s only very recently that it has been a practical solution for those who don’t want to go to a physical casino.

This is because mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones have only truly been developed to play games that require more demanding visuals over the last few years. In addition to this, mobile devices have become more widely accessible recently, making it easier for almost anyone to own one.

Playing online offers the benefits of not having to travel to play, the ability to play on the go and more importantly, play anytime, even in bed. This has made casinos available to larger group of people than ever before.

Sports betting

Sports betting has become a popular addition to casinos around the world, and sports betting is even popular in countries where casino gambling is illegal. Even with this popularity, online casinos seem to be the industry that is benefitting the most from it. One of the reasons for this is because physical casinos need to rely on actual physical sporting events to take place in order for people to bet on them, which limits the choice available.

Online casinos on the other hand have access to sports betting events all around the world, and people can visit multiple online casinos without needing to travel to find an event to bet on. In addition to this, through technological advancements, virtual sports betting is also available on online casinos. Virtual sports betting runs 24/7, so people no longer need to wait for an event and can bet at any time.