Since the Indonesian government does not support online casinos in Indonesia and wants to ban them all, you will not find any approved and legal local Indonesian casinos on the Internet. Therefore, you cannot be sure that the Indonesian online casino you want to play in is safe and you will not get help from the authorities if you have any complaint or problem. To avoid complications and protect your winnings, you should only play in reliable and Indonesia friendly gambling sites, which has all the necessary licenses issued by the competent authorities. Example of such gambling sites is JuaraFc.

Today’s gambling market is flooded by online casinos, with new casinos appearing every week. Sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish an excellent Indonesian online casino from a sneaky casino, especially if you are just starting. Sure, you can read gambling topics on forums or ask experienced friends for advice, but the JuaraFc team will suggest the best options for you from now on. The gambling site is approved and has been certified by a lot of online users.

What is the legal online gambling age in Indonesia?

Internet gambling is illegal in Indonesia, and there is no clearly stated age in Indonesia. However, to play the best online gambling sites outside Indonesia, you must be at least 18 years old, and some legitimate online casinos for Indonesian players claim that you are 21 years old at least.

As seen in the country, religious views actually prevent people from entering physical casinos. However, you can still play real money online casinos in Indonesia, preferably before the Indonesian online gambling authorities find a way of stopping online casinos.

The Future of Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia

There is no country in the world with strict gambling laws like Indonesia. Here, you can simply go to jail or get beaten up for participating in offline gambling. Sharia law states that Indonesia bans all Indonesian Situs Judi Online websites. Gambling doesn’t seem to have a chance to take root in the country, but, surprisingly, it doesn’t.

A 2009 study found that Indonesians spent over $300 million on the best online casinos for Indonesian players, and that number seems to be growing only every year. To place bets, Indonesians go to nearby Singapore with their luxury casinos or, compliment of international gaming companies; you can play in the top 10 online casinos in Indonesia.

No one knows what the new Situs Judi Online will look like for Indonesian players in the future, but there is little chance that the government will allow gambling in the country. We can only hope that online gambling sites will be allowed by the government in the coming years, allowing you to play in Indonesia’s favorite mobile slots, as well as all kinds of games you can find at JuaraFc casinos.

In order to play trusted online casino games, choose from our list; note the information about the available offers in our casinos. You can also go through the website before you place your bet securely.