Things to Consider When Buying Custom Rugs

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There’s good news for people looking for a rug to complement the décor of their home perfectly- you need no longer settle for bulk produced generic rugs. Instead, you can now create rubs with customized dimensions, shapes, colors, and even fabrics. To top it all, even the process of creating such a customized rug is easy, fun, and affordable. You should turn to the following list of things you should consider every time you buy a custom rug:

  • Durability Of The Custom Rug

Its constituent materials largely determine a particular rug’s durability, the care you take while using it, and where you choose to place it within your house. As the experts from visionbedding.com put it, If your carpet is made from natural fibers like jute, they are likely to be more durable. Maintenance of such rugs is straightforward, and they serve well irrespective of specific conditions. Rugs derived from wool and other shaggy material are charming and comfortable underfoot, and you should prefer them if you live in a cold climate. They are ideally placed in bedrooms or rooms with relatively low footfall. Doing cleaning and maintenance of your rugs can often work wonders for their durability. It is a good idea to reserve soft pile rugs for the areas in your house with a high footfall as they are easy to clean. You can use the thicker heavy pile rugs in private spaces.

  • Pick The Right Location For Your Rug

If you have picked a rug made from sisal, it would be the best fit for a location where it is easy to chance upon it with your eyes and admire it. You don’t want to place your gorgeous unique rug in a seldom-seen home corner where its beauty has minimal chances of being admired. While you choose a location for your carpet, remember to pick an open spot that finds frequent use by the members of your family. Some such essential places are as follows:

  • Family room
  • Dining room
  • Entry hall

Before you customize your rug, note the color theme of your home besides the home decor and account for the same. Keep in mind that through the carpet, you want to create and space and not diminish it.

  • Ascertain The Needed Dimensions Of The Rug

You must keep in mind the desired dimensions of the rug or its size. Suppose you end up with a customized carpet that’s way too large for its intended location. In that case, you will only end up making the area look busy and crowded. On the other hand, too small rugs tend to look silly and enhance the feelings of disbalance in the room. So, it advisable to measure your floor and ascertain the required dimensions for your rug. Lay down masking tape on the floor following a squarish or rectangular shape. You can then adjust them as per your requirements in terms of the rug’s desired size. Finally, make careful measurements of each side and note them down. It will help you get the exact dimensions of your rug right when you customize it online.

  • Decide On Your Budget

Certain types of rugs, like wool rugs, can be pretty expensive. It is easy to overspend on your rug while ordering such varieties of carpets. So, it is a good idea to decide on a budget before ordering a custom rug. The funding will help you determine the kind of rug suitable for you and choose one as per the size and material you both need and can afford.

  • Try To Get Hold Of Samples

It is quite common to find online rug samples looking drastically different from their real-world counterparts. Lighting plays a crucial role in this and dramatically affects how the rug colors appear in other rooms. Before you order a complete rug, it is a great idea to order a sample first. Samples will help you see how the colors, texture, and material fit your home and floor. Most reputed producers of custom rugs do indeed provide samples, so this is another thing you want to consider.

  • Consider Your Personal Style

You can use your custom rugs to convey your aesthetic style. Your taste is all bright and colorful, or whether you may want to showcase a vintage appearance. Either way, your custom rug can help you to endow the room with the same appearance. Rugs are of various types and can transform dull and plain spaces into something out of a dream. Besides, custom rugs let you choose a design that perfectly aligns with your choice and taste and speaks a lot about the lifestyle. You can get modern and contemporary looks for your room by opting for custom rugs with bold and geometric patterns. People having a more conservative design outlook can always opt for traditional looks that are forever in style.

  • Make Sure That The Rug Looks Are In Sync

Another thing to consider is to ensure that your custom rug blends nicely with the room’s color scheme and the room accessories. You can achieve a great contrast by using carpets sporting a modern look and pairing them with embroidered colorful curtains and pillows and sofas coming in pastel shades. Don’t waste money by keeping your luxurious rug concealed beneath heavy furniture. Instead, use glass furniture like center tables made from the same. It will let people admire the beauty of the carpet underneath.

  • Make Use Of Rug Pads

If you want to prevent your rug pads from shifting and thereby avoid possible accidents, then consider ordering a rug pad along with your custom rug. They increase the use of carpets and serve to enhance your rug pieces’ durability by making the friction between the rug material and the floor minimum.

  • The Climate In Your Area

The usage of rugs is greatly influenced by the kind of climate you have at your location. If your site is in one of the colder regions, you would be better off by choosing rugs made of wool or thick furs. People from warmer areas, on the other hand, should prefer light, natural fiber rugs.

Final Thought

In this article, the points mentioned are just some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a custom rug. Of course, there might be and, in many cases, will be additional factors that too need to be considered. Carpets play an essential part in terms of function and appearance, and through this article, it is hoped that you are all set to pick the custom rug of your choice. Hope this helps!