Period features are all the rage in older homes. They suit the character of the house and help make it a home. Some period features need to be upgraded but not updated, such as the internal doors. Others lurk behind panelling and carpets and need to be rediscovered.

Internal Doors

Internal doors are built to last a very long time. That doesn’t mean they’ll never need replacing. Explore these traditional Victorian doors to upgrade the door but not the style. Period doors are a great way to transform a new build house into a more traditional home.


If your house is older, some of the original features will be lurking underneath the panelling, plaster and flooring. It is easy to tell if your home has a boarded up fireplace. They typically stick out from the wall, as no one is likely to make a room smaller by filling in the space next to the fireplace as well. Some of these may even have the original tiles and mantel hidden behind the plaster. Others will need an entirely new or restored fireplace once the boards are gone.

Uncovering Other Features

Older homes are likely to have held onto more of their original features beyond the fireplace, they just need uncovering. Pulling up flooring can reveal the original floors. These may require specialist cleaning and sealing. If you are in a new build, reclaimed or replica traditional flooring from whatever period look you are going for can be installed.

Flooring isn’t the only feature that can be uncovered. Original ceilings with beams might still be in place. If you are in a new build and have high enough ceilings, installing a picture rail is a job you can do yourself to give your home a more traditional feel.


Furniture can give your home a traditional feel without hiring a trained specialist. The Modern Furniture Shop has furniture for every room to keep the flow of energy moving through the house. Changing the furniture is ideal for people in new builds looking to add character to their home. Authentic period furniture is difficult to restore. Even if you are in a traditional period home, buying new replicas is something to consider. It is easier and cheaper to maintain than an authentic piece.

Repairing and Maintenance

Some period features may already be on display in your home, but they look old and tired. Instead of covering them, have them repaired. Period features in bad shape can create feelings of chaos. If they’re well looked after and repairs made, they can make a house feel like a home.

Don’t knockdown walls and peel off panelling yourself. Uncovering period features requires a professional. That panelling you are peeling away might be an original feature that’s been covered by layer upon layer of paint. Some period features will require a professional for maintenance. If you are in a new build, look for easy to maintain replicas to add character to your home.