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Wherever you are in the world the right garden furniture can really create a special design feature in any garden. Whether you are considering a beautiful wooden bench nestled under a tree, a wrought iron bistro set carefully placed on a smaller patio or a much larger table and chairs where the whole family can come together to eat on those gloriously balmy summer evenings you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

There is a huge range of garden furniture on the market which offers something to suit every style of garden and of course every budget. The only problem you might have is working out exactly what is the best solution for your garden.

The weather

It goes without saying that the weather is likely to be a huge factor in your decision on what garden furniture to purchase, particularly if you live like Scotland where the weather isn’t always as kind as it could be. Due to its northerly location, the weather in Scotland is a little colder than it is in England with summer temperatures tending to be an average of around 15–17 °C. It can also be a little windier. This does not however deter the hardy Scots people from their enjoyment of the wonderful outdoors, in fact far from it. Gardening is an incredibly popular pastime with people of all ages and there are some particularly beautiful flowers that grow very well in Scottish soil.

When considering your purchase of furniture for your garden you will probably want to think about how much time you are prepared to dedicate each year to maintaining your garden furniture. Whilst some materials may only require a wash with soapy water at the beginning of each season, others will require a little more effort to get them looking their best. Wooden furniture, for example, can become a little rough as a result of the elements and if you want to keep it looking as good as possible then it will benefit from a gentle sanding at the beginning of each season. This should be followed by at least one coat of some form of wood treatment – what you use will depend on the type of wood that your furniture is made from. This can be time consuming as you will need to leave plenty of time for it to dry thoroughly between coats. You will also need to ensure that it is dry before you can start the work – if you don’t have a garage or workroom that you can use you will need to wait for a dry spell in the weather.

Wrought iron garden furniture is stunning but can also need some attention on a regular basis, rust spots can develop over time and if these are not treated, they can increase in size, so this is worth considering as well. Metal patio furniture sets are a good alternative that need much less maintenance before they are ready to use, giving you more time to spend relaxing in your garden.


Something else you might want to consider is where you will be placing your garden furniture. If you only have a small patio then a larger table, whilst very impressive, simply might not fit. A bistro set is a particularly good choice for a smaller garden or even a courtyard garden, where it can offer you the perfect seating solution for that early morning cup of tea whilst you listen to the radio or read your paper.


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it can be confirmed that Beyond Retail Property Fund Ltd – a UK managed real estate business, specialising in redeveloping retail property, has agreed the purchase of Marks & Spencer’s retail unit on Paisley High Street. The site, adjacent to The Paisley Centre, will be incorporated within the company’s wider regeneration plan which is expected to come forward in 2021.

Paisley trust

In November 2020, Reith Lambert announced that their client had purchased The Paisley Centre with a repurposing strategy to include a new residential quarter and a mixture of retail, leisure & commercial uses, together with new outdoor public spaces.

Richard Ford, Reith Lambert, said: “We are delighted that our client has agreed the purchase of the M&S unit on Paisley High Street. This unifies the ownership of what is effectively an integrated unit within the main centre.

“This represents a major opportunity for Paisley, and we will take time to work with our client and key partners to bring forward proposals which will help realise the spirit of the Vision for Paisley Town Centre 2030.”

In July 2020, M&S announced plans to close their Outlet store in Paisley and reinvest in a new M&S Foodhall at Renfrew Road Retail Park. The new site will be 30 per cent larger than the current Foodhall in the town centre.

David Bates, Head of Region at M&S, said: “We are pleased to confirm the sale of our current building on Paisley High Street, ahead of our relocation to a new M&S Foodhall site in Paisley.

“We are really excited to open our brand new M&S Foodhall in Paisley’s Renfrew Road Retail Park, which will provide a much larger food offer for the local community. The existing M&S store in Paisley will continue serving customers until the new store opens this summer.

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If you suffered an injury due to a person’s or entity’s negligence, a lawyer can help you make a claim for your case and get you the right compensation for the incident.There are several factors to consider when looking for a construction accident lawyer houston. Unfortunately, there are many instances where people act on their own without legal guidance resulting in a failure of getting the claim.  Filing injury claims will typically pit you against insurance providers who are poised to offer you an amount that is one-sided and would not cover the total loss you’ve suffered due to their client’s act or omission. There are also other practical reasons why a personal injury lawyer can help you and your case, so you must consider them.

1.  They Are Specialized On This Type of Cases

There are different types of specializations in law and lawyers typically focus on a couple of areas to maximize their energy and efficacy on those types of cases. From the experience of Brian from Brian D. Guralnick Injury Lawyers, to win a personal injury case, you have to be an expert in the field, do extensive research, and be a strong advocate for the victims. Facing a legal team from insurance companies or large corporations can be daunting without the proper legal advisors on your side. Your lawyer will help you face your adversaries while providing you with the utmost treatment you deserve to help you recover and get them to face their responsibilities.

2.  Focus On Your Recovery

If you’ve suffered an injury, chances are you’ll be spending some time in a medical facility recovering and may not be able to work on your case. Your lawyer will help you find the best medical treatment while working on your case so that you’ll be able to get compensated as soon as possible. Referring to a tagline of a reputable West Palm Beach law firm “Demand More”, the responsible party should also cover for the losses incurred due to the event which includes, loss of salary or income, medical bills, PTSD, and other damages. Recovery means getting your life back after a tumultuous experience.

3.  Cases Can Be Complex

A lot of people are selling insurance, you might even have one or two. They are not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s in the details where the devil rears its ugly head. Experienced lawyers may even find it challenging to navigate through their agreements so it’s important to get a seasoned legal representative to guide you through the process of your claim. They will be able to advocate for your rights and guarantee that it is upheld in accessing coverage from your insurance.

4.  Protects Your Interest

Defendants and their team may apply predatory practices to turn the tables against you and your claim, so it’s important to have someone who’ll scrutinize every detail they’ll present on the case. These practices may include confusing you by misusing jargon, manipulating the interpretation of the law to gain a favorable claim value, not providing information about your claim, or even dragging out the case so that it’ll go beyond the statute of limitations. An experienced lawyer can easily spot these tactics and would respond in kind to steer the negotiations back on track.

The trauma and loss due to the accident are often enough to break a strong person’s will to fight or seek recompense from the people responsible. However, it should not be so, accepting a meager offer from the defendant’s representatives without consulting legal advice would not only injustice but would jeopardize your chances of taking back control of your life.

Renfrewshire residents are being urged to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and get the Covid19 vaccine – as the locations for three large-scale vaccination centres in the area are confirmed.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde earlier today announced centres across the health board area, including at Paisley’s Lagoon Leisure Centre, Renfrew Leisure Centre and Johnstone Town Hall.

Renfrewshire Council is assisting the health board to operate all three locations – due to open on Monday 1 February and expected to handle thousands of residents a week over the coming months.


And council leader Iain Nicolson is backing the Scottish Government’s ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ campaign encouraging residents to take up the offer of a vaccine when they become eligible.

Vaccinations are currently being given in order of priority to care-home residents, frontline health and social care workers, and those aged 80 years and over.

The NHS will contact people directly with details of their appointment when they become eligible – there is no need to contact anyone.

Councillor Nicolson said: “Getting vaccinated is the best way we will have to stop the spread of Covid19, and protect you, your family and friends from a potentially deadly virus.

“The vaccine rollout will also eventually allow the government to start easing restrictions and getting life back to normal again, which I am sure everyone in Renfrewshire wants to see.

“We are pleased to be able to support the NHS with the operation of the vaccination centres, and I would urge people in the relevant groups to look out for their appointment letter.

“In the meantime, please stick with the rules and the guidance around face coverings, physical distancing and hand-washing to help stop the spread – and know there is light at end of the tunnel and what we are living through just now will not be forever.”

The rollout of the vaccine is following the priority list agreed by the Scottish Government and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), with those in older age groups and who are considered clinically vulnerable first in line.

The three local centres are among 16 across the Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board area. NHS staff will administer the vaccines and staff from Renfrewshire Council and Renfrewshire Leisure will help manage the buildings and with local arrangements.

They will initially be open six days a week and were chosen for their size, central locations and good transport links.

More information on how the three centres will work and how to get there is available on the council website at

For more information about the vaccine itself, see NHS Inform:

The Burns Caup, presented to the Paisley Burns Club in 1814, is one of several ‘relics’ to remain in Paisley Museum’s store this year as the Club moves its traditional celebrations online.

The caup or cup, was originally presented to the Club by James Armour brother-in-law to Robert Burns and was frequently used by the poet for celebratory toasts. It is on permanent loan by the Paisley Burns Club to the museum, on the understanding that each year the caup, the original gavel used to call the proceedings, and the Club’s snuff box can be used at their annual dinner, and then returned to the museum for safekeeping and display. Unfortunately COVID-19 restrictions have limited access to the museum’s collections this year, and in a break with tradition, the Club’s ‘relics’ will remain in the museum’s Secret Collection and will not be used.

As well as local enthusiasm for his poems and songs, Burns is tied to Paisley through his wife Jean Armour who lived there for two months in 1786. She had been removed to the town by her father to avoid scandal as she was pregnant with Burns’ child and the couple only had an informal marriage agreement in place. Her brother James was admitted as an honorary member of the Paisley Burns Club in 1818 in ‘respect of his kindness’ in gifting the caup.

Paisley Burns Club was originally founded on 29 January 1805 at the behest of weaver-poet Robert Tannahill and is reputed to be the oldest club in the world. Having lapsed in members after 1836, it wasn’t until 1874 that it was fully revived. When the Club met again in 1875, almost 40 years later, it wasn’t weavers and friends of Tannahill who ran the proceedings, it was eminent townsmen including thread manufacturer Sir Peter Coats, historian David Semple, and artist James Elder Christie who was passionate about Burns and often attended as a guest.

Paisley Museum holds the largest collection of works by artist and Burns’ enthusiast James Elder Christie (1847-1914) in the world. He attended the meeting of the Paisley Burns Club when it was revived in 1875, and was a central figure in Burns’ celebrations in London in the 1870s. Christie was originally born in Fife and went to art school in Paisley. He was gregarious and moved in elite art circles, a founding member of Chelsea Arts Club and a member of the New English Art Club. He also founded the Paisley-Renfrewshire Society in London which was a celebration of all things Paisley (and by extension, of Scottish national heroes). Christie was by all accounts hugely passionate about the work of Robert Burns, and the immense power he showed in recitals of Tam O’Shanter and the Address to a Haggis awarded him the title of ‘brilliant interpreter’ and illustrator of Burns’ work.

Dr Victoria Irvine, Curator of Art at Renfrewshire Leisure said:

“Christie’s passion for Burns is well documented and during his time in Paisley he attended many meetings of the Club where he would recite the works of Burns with immense enthusiasm. His artworks depicting scenes from Burns’ poems are held in our collections today and show the depth to which he understood and admired the poet.”

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes, Chair of Renfrewshire Leisure, said:
Paisley Museum’s collections and the relationship with our local community are incredibly important. The historical objects in our collection and in our care, illustrate the area’s rich culture and Paisley’s story. The redevelopment of the museum will not only increase the number of objects on display by 100%, but it will enable the objects’ stories to be reinterpreted, and retold in a way that is as engaging and meaningful for locals and visitors alike.”

Paisley Museum is part of the town’s radical regeneration plan, and the redesign of the campus is led by an international team including architects AL_A and exhibition designers Opera Amsterdam. When it reopens it is expected to attract over 125,000 visits each year and provide a £79 million economic boost to the area over the next 30 years.

Paisley Museum Reimagined is supported by Renfrewshire Council, the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund. The museum’s final phase of fundraising is now under way, with the museum website showcasing the project’s ambitious vision.

An unused pavilion in Howwood Public Park could be brought back to life for the local community as councillors get set to a consider an application for a Community Asset Transfer.

Friends of Howwood Park are seeking to take over the pavilion on a 10-year lease, with the aim of refurbishing it and bringing it back into community use.

They plan to carry out a full refurbishment of the building, as well as adding a disabled toilet and baby changing area.

Once complete, the group are aiming for it to be used as a changing facility for local teams using the adjacent football pitch, which has also been brought back into use, and as a social hub for parkgoers, such as local walking groups and youth clubs.

The group have already transformed the play park in Howwood Park with new, inclusive play equipment including new swings, a zip slide, roundabout, climbing frame and bike ramps, assisted by a £50,000 award from the Council’s Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund – and visitors numbers have significantly increased.

Gillian Whyte, Friends of Howwood Park, said: “During the pandemic, Howwood Park has been a phenomenal asset for the village, as it has provided a great space for children to meet up and play, for adults to connect with other adults in a safe environment, and for outdoor exercise.

“The re-opening of the pavilion will take this surge in use to another level as it will attract even more people to the park on a regular basis. Once Coronavirus restrictions allow, it will provide a place from where light refreshments can be bought, a toilet facility, a baby changing facility, storage space for equipment which we can use to hold events, and a base for local groups to meet, including local football teams. It will open a host of new opportunities for activities at Howwood Park”.

The park has also benefitted from council investment in the drainage system, new paths and fencing around the perimeter.

If their application is successful, the group plan to apply to Renfrewshire Council’s Community Empowerment Fund to support the refurbishment of the pavilion.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “We’re always keen to support and empower local people where possible and I look forward to the application for a Community Asset Transfer being considered by the board.”

For more information on community empowerment in Renfrewshire, including funding opportunities, visit

Paisley Grammar-high-res

Plans to move Paisley Grammar School to a new-build community campus on the town’s Renfrew Road has been approved by councillors.

At the recent Education and Children’s Services Policy Board (Thursday 21 January), councillors agreed to the move the school to land formerly home to Chivas after considering officer’s recommendations and the consultation responses from parents, pupils and the wider school community.

The consultation, which took place in September and October last year, showed an overall support for the proposals. Consultation responses were received through an online survey, letters, and two virtual public meetings – with the responses published on the council’s website.

Officers from Education Scotland also examined the consultation and concluded that the proposal ‘has clear educational benefits’ and ‘the potential to provide a high-quality learning environment’.

Councillor Jim Paterson, convener of the Education and Children’s Services Policy Board, said: “Making sure all pupils have the best learning environment possible is a big priority for us. It’s clear that the current Paisley Grammar School building isn’t able to provide the modern facilities that pupils need, so It is fantastic news that proposals to move the school to a purpose-built new community campus has now been approved.

“I know many people are incredibly fond of the Paisley Grammar School building and I can assure you that we want the building’s heritage to be maintained after it stops functioning as a school.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part in the public consultation last year and can assure you all views expressed have been taken into account.”

The new community campus will move pupils and staff to a modern facility with outdoor areas, state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality media, drama and sports facilities not possible on the current site.

It was confirmed in December that Paisley Grammar was one of 25 schools across Scotland to receive funding from the Scottish Government’s £1bn Learning Estate Investment Programme, which – along with money already set aside by the council – would help fund the new building.

Council officers will now start work on the next stages of this project, which will include working with all concerned on traffic management – a concern raised in the consultation.

The Council took ownership of the bulk of the former Chivas site in Paisley in December 2020 and as part of site preparations, is seeking specialist advice from architects to determine if it should retain the main office building, which was built in 1964, in line with the school campus development.

It is estimated that the earliest a new community campus will be completed is 2025.


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While many of us may be drawn to attractive sports cars like a BMW M5, Porsche 911, or Aston Martin Vantage, the truth is that there are many situations in which they are rather impractical. In a small peaceful shire, where there are not many long roads to cruise down and people value their tranquility, such boisterous, flashy vehicles are seen more as disruptions than objects of envy.

Instead of buying a new BMW sedan or some equally ostentatious coupe, you may want to consider something a little more low-key and more suited to the town environment. Unlike in the USA, hatchbacks are still very much popular due to their small footprint and disproportionately high cargo capacity. However, a compact crossover would be just as practical, and these configurations generally boast far better safety ratings than similar small automobiles.

But just because you’re shopping for a small car, that does not discount the possibility of something fun and expressive. There are more than a few hot hatches available and many SUVs offer on- and off-road capabilities to suit a variety of tastes. Here are some of the best models across several categories for those looking to feel at home in their idyllic community.

#1 Ford Fiesta

While the Blue Oval’s hatchback may be dead and buried on its home shores across the pond, it is actually one of the most popular vehicles almost everywhere else in the world. In fact, it was the top seller in the United Kingdom for 2020. The latest generation is powered by a three-cylinder engine developing 125 metric horsepower. This may not sound like much, but it is more than enough to get the small, light hatch around town and it also means that fuel economy is beyond reproach. However, an available 85 metric hp diesel engine boasts even better mileage figures.

Inside, it is relatively spacious, though the back seat can be tricky to access with only two doors. However, the boot is a little small for the segment, with only 311 litres of cargo capacity on offer. On the plus side, it is easily accessed, and the rear seats can be folded down to increase this to 1,093 litres.

#2 Volkswagen Golf

The four-door hatch from the German automaker has remained popular in the UK. The most potent motor develops 148 metric hp, which is enough to move a car of this size from 0-62 mph in around 8.5 seconds. There is a hybrid variant too, which lowers the sprint time to 6.4 seconds and improves the overall miles per gallon.

Four doors make it much easier to live with for a family, with more space to go around for heads and legs. The boot is not much larger than what you’d find in the Fiesta, though.

#3 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

If you are after something a bit more premium but do not want a full-blown sports car, then something along the line of a Merc A-Class or similar from BMW or Audi may be your cup of tea. Naturally, even a base model is far pricier than you would expect from some of the humbler nameplates on this list.

Of course, you definitely get your money’s worth. A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder paired with an automatic transmission gives it respectable acceleration, while fine German craftsmanship means that it delivers in the fun department, too. The cabin is not as spacious as some may like, especially for those in the rear, but cargo capacity is respectable at 370 litres.  On the plus side, the materials used are all very high-grade, and the styling and comfort are without reproach.

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Personal finance is a big challenge. Doing monthly budgets and making it work is a truly wearying and exhausting task to do. Though, it is a need. Unfortunately, there will be times when your budget won’t be enough. 

At times like these, it would be a good idea to figure out how to reduce your expenses and save money.

The Wonders Of Saving

Saving requires strict discipline and firm determination. It cannot be easy, but the endgame will make all that effort worth it. Knowing your reasons for saving can serve as your motivation to work even harder. There are three solid reasons to save. 

It can offer you freedom. Opening a savings account can help you keep track of your savings. Storing your money in an account can help you watch it grow and reach your long-term financial goals. Through that, you can aim for a new home, car, and even education funds!

Saving can also provide you with financial security. Having money stored aside can give you a blanket of security during financial emergencies. That means less worry and stress!

Lastly, it can give you the option of taking calculated risks. You can start up a business or pursue your passions and hobbies without worrying about expenses and money!

Ways to Reduce Monthly Expenses To Save Money

One way of saving money is to cut and reduce your monthly expenses. There are multiple ways and methods you can accomplish this.

First and on top of the list is making a budget. Sticking to a budget is not really a fun experience, but it sure does save you a great amount of money. You can start by setting limits and controlling your spending. There are various approaches and ways to budget, so finding one that suits you won’t be that difficult.

Another foolproof way of saving is using promo codes. As stated by the Ninja Team, coupon codes are one savvy way can reduce your family’s expenses on pretty much anything! Acquiring promotional deals and coupon deals can give you useful discounts and will no doubt lessen your bills.

You can also try freezing your credit cards to keep your spending under control. Steer clear from using your cards if possible. Though, you can use them for large purchases to build credit by keeping a positive payment history.

Scheduling no-spend days is also a great way to save! Assigning days when you won’t buy anything or spend anything can make a great difference. Commit not to spending on anything aside from necessities such as food and water. 

Another way to save is by cutting down your energy bills. Unplug devices and appliances that are not in use. You can install LED or CFL Light Bulbs as they are at least 4 times more efficient and long-lasting than incandescent bulbs. Also, utilizing your power strips and timers can help save a lot of energy. 

Of course, there are other ways to save money! You will need to decide which ones would be best fitted for you and your lifestyle. 

It’s best to save at your own phase and time. Plan properly and take it slow so as to not get caught off guard. Do it religiously, and you’ll be surprised with how fast you’ll see the results of your hard work and determination!

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There’s definitely more to Scotland than the mysterious Loch Ness monster. The Scottish Highlands and its rugged, rural landscapes are dotted with castles and inviting waves that appeal to everyone, whether a fan of Mel Gibson’s periodic movie, Braveheart, or not.  

Family vacation travel RV, holiday trip in motorhome, Caravan car Vacation. Beautiful Nature Norway natural landscape.

If you’re raring to taste Scottish whiskey and wear this land’s androgynous costume, the kilt, make your road trip around Scotland unforgettable and highly enjoyable by renting out a campervan. A campervan hire is one popular way to explore your holidays and the weekend around Scotland’s rough terrain.  

What is a campervan? 

More popularly known as an RV (recreational vehicle) in the US, a campervan is simply a van that has undergone internal and external modifications, making it ideal for camping. A campervan’s interior is remodeled to accommodate basic facilities similar to what you have in your home. Some panel van conversions have limited roof height, while some have been fixed to have a high-top roof for extra headroom and beds when on site.  

Choosing the right one can make or break a great trip, especially around the interesting terrains of the rural areas.  

Not convinced? Read these compelling reasons why you should hire a campervan on your next trip to Scotland.  

1.  A campervan hire saves you on accommodation and other costs  

Hiring a campervan would cost you as low as 20 GBP daily, and these motor vans are equipped with basic facilities that allow you to cook your food or skip booking cheap hotels, which, by the way, would cost you almost the same price as a daily campervan hire. Scotland is campervan-friendly, and you can find free places to park your motor home by downloading an app to locate these sites.        

A campervan hire to tour around Scotland is helpful especially during the peak season, where accommodation rates are high and rooms, few and far between.      

2.  A campervan hire can help you get that epic adventure 

With campervan hire and a map (or a phone app), you will have more freedom to explore the exotic and less-crowded spots, making your trip more exciting and unforgettable. With a motor home, you can stay and leave as long as you want, and visit places you wish without restraints. All you have to do is switch the vehicle on and drive off for that scenic drive. 

A campervan holiday around Scotland allows you to explore non-traditional attractions in the country. There’s a lot to see, hear, taste and experience; whether you’re a historical or cultural geek, a stunning view of natural attractions await you. Lochs, castles, mountains, geoparks, beaches and country parks, are all yours to explore.  

Major cities and smaller towns in Scotland have a varied and unique feel to them. For instance, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen each have different sub-cultures. So are lesser-known places such as Paisley. After going to the best attractions in these locations, pack up your bags and head on to the countryside. You’ll be greeted by Scotland’s rural area which houses over 2000 castles and more than 31,000 freshwater lochs.  

3.  A campervan hire gives you freedom    

You don’t have to wait for favorable weather before camping in any of Scotland’s breathtaking sites. Instead of looking for a dry area before pitching a tent, all you have to do is stop in any spot with a picturesque landscape to rest and enjoy the view. 

A campervan hire in Scotland gives you the liberty to go wherever you want, and there are no major restrictions. Drive along the famous North Coast 500, which is touted as one of the best coastal road trips in the world. This scenic drive is dotted with wild beaches, ancient castles and hidden trails. It’s not surprising why so many tourists find this route one of the world’s best.  

And while you’re at it, consider leaving your campervan hire in the designated parking site for a short while. Jump on a ferry towards the Islands of Scotland’s West Coast, namely Jura, Mull and Islay.     

By traveling a long stretch of road during the day and camping, picnicking or surfing along the shore, you can explore the best of both worlds. If you’re tired of the waves, opt for a calmer mood and park your campervan along with the rugged cliff-top spots. The choice is yours to make.  

4.  A campervan hire gives comfort and convenience 

As its name implies, motor homes are equipped with basic facilities similar to what you have in your home. Campervans have a heating and air conditioning system, kitchen and bathroom facilities, including a hot shower, and the more modern ones have an entertainment system such as DVD player and television.  

Instead of stopping by often for bathroom breaks, or waiting for your morning breakfast and coffee, you can continue having that scenic drive and reach more destinations in the process, with a campervan hire. If you see a picture-perfect site, just stop by and take out your chair to appreciate the scenery.  

5.  A campervan hire helps you become a traveler, not just a tourist 

While both a tourist and a traveler go to different locations, each of them has a different approach in going for a trip. A tourist typically visits a new destination to enjoy the place. In doing this, however, a tourist stays in his or her comfort zone and is limited to visiting popular spots.  

A traveler, on the other hand, makes an effort to experience not only the sights and sounds but spends time to meet the people and visit lesser-known places, to understand the culture. For instance, you can do two things in Scotland to show that you’re a traveler.   

Enjoy Scottish Whisky. There’s no doubt about whisky being Scotland’s best product. And the best mixes are located in Scotland’s Highlands. A campervan hire allows you to access whisky breweries, being that there are self-drive malt whisky tours around Scotland’s world-famous Whisky Distilleries in the rural areas.  

If you want a great tummy filler, try the traditional haggis, shortbread and other Scottish cuisine staples. 

Mingle with the Residents. A campervan hire lets you explore Scotland’s Highlands, where it’s less crowded, giving you enough space and time to interact with locals and understand what makes their community unique. People living in the countryside are typically more welcoming and their subculture remains intact and untouched by the modern lifestyle changes called for by living in the big city. With your campervan hire taking you to remote and exotic destinations, the chances of experiencing the traditional and authentic Scottish culture are better. You’ll get more fruitful and memorable interactions with the country lads.    

6.  A campervan hire gives you peace of mind  

If you want to enjoy your holidays going around Scotland or practically anywhere in the world, completely switch off your worry, stress, and problem radar.        

Because there are virtually no restrictions in hiring a campervan to move around Scotland’s countryside, you will be able to enjoy your tour better, having nothing to worry about, in terms of time, destination, logistics, and the like. With a campervan, you’ll have the freedom to go wherever you want, so you can travel without guilt or worry.  

7.  A campervan hire allows you to travel with friends and family 

A car rental can only fit three persons the most. When you’re a group of more than three people, you need a bigger vehicle, and a campervan fits the bill. With a campervan, you can fit all the passengers and their luggage easily and have some free space to boot. 

You already know the basic facilities in some motor homes, and agree that modern types of campervans are perfect for spending your holidays in Scotland, especially if you’re tagging your kids along or want to have an adventure-packed trip with your loved one.      

Another advantage of a campervan hire is that you can take your furry friend along while exploring Scotland’s famous and exotic spots. Not only are the Scottish friendly to travelers, but they’re also accommodating to your pets, too.   

How to choose the right campervan 

In Europe, campervans and motorhomes are classified in the following categories: 

  • Class A- This is the poshest version of the motorhome, and aptly called the ‘King of the campground’ due to its luxurious feel and spacious interior. Class A motorhomes are typically up to 25 feet in length but can reach as much as 40 feet.  

The size of a Class A motorhome allows it to have the best amenities possible; among them a heating and air conditioning system, a refrigerator, bathrooms, televisions, entertaining and living spaces.  

  • Class B- A true campervan falls under this category. They’re the smallest of the family of recreational vehicles and are highly popular for their ideal and compact size. A campervan is more than a van with sleeping space, some can be classified as a home on wheels. Most campervans are equipped with a small kitchen and dining space, beds, and some storage space. Some larger models or self-converted vans have a toilet or wet room facility. These types are appropriate for travelers who just want to get from point A to point B and explore the place rather than spend too much time inside the vehicle when not driving. Simply check out Camper Champ for the best deals. 
  • Class C- Vehicles under this category are called motor homes and not campervans. They’re the smallest in the group and thus offer limited levels of comfort and luxury.   

Motorhomes parked at scenic coastal campsite in the North West Highlands of Scotland

Generally ranging between 20 – 33 feet in length, these modified vehicles can sometimes accommodate up to eight people, with the least space left for storage, though.   

Final Thoughts 

Being familiar with what’s inside a campervan and determining whether the vehicle has all the basic facilities that you need is the key in choosing the right vehicle. For those hiring a campervan for the first time, a basic one will suffice in going around Scotland, since you’ll likely spend most of your time enjoying the area.  

Hiring a campervan to spend a holiday in Scotland also means you have to be a responsible traveler. Park only in designated areas so you don’t damage the landscape. And as they say, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.   


Anne Pitcher, professional storyteller.docx AP

Viewers of Paisley & District U3A’s 4 February online meeting at 2pm are invited to join renowned Scottish oral storyteller, Anne Pitcher.  They’ll leave the cares of the world behind and join Anne on a storytelling journey that will transport them to other places and times.  People are welcome to ask questions and have a chat.

Anne Pitcher, professional storyteller.docx AP

U3A chair, Kathy O’Donnell remarked: “Scotland has a longstanding oral storytelling tradition.  Indeed, well known writers like Robert Louis Stevenson and Walter Scott are celebrated the world over.  Our members can enjoy hearing stories being told, according to the Scottish Travellers’ old proverb, “Eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart.”

Anne Pitcher, who is on the Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland’s Directory of professional storytellers said: “Scotland has such a rich history of oral storytelling rooted deep in its past.  Storytellers traditionally shared folklore, myths, legends and historical tales.  Today oral storytelling is a vibrant and active art form in Scottish culture, and one which I’m proud to be part of.”

Details on how to view this free live talk are on:

paisley from drone

With so many issues currently going on in the world – from war to global hunger to the coronavirus pandemic – it can be hard to know how to even start to help. But there is no need to worry or despair, as helping out is often much easier than you might think. In this guide, we will outline five simple ways to make a noticeable difference. Read on to get started.

Donate to Charity

If you’ve got money to spare, simply donating to charity can be one of the simplest ways to change the world. Whether it’s the Syria Appeal, ending world hunger, or helping regions of the world particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, donating can be done online in just a couple of clicks. If you have no money to spare, there are other free ways to help. Carry on reading for some ideas.

Create a Petition

No matter how big or small your concerns about the world are, you can always write to a member of parliament directly about your thoughts or stir up public sentiment by creating a petition.  Through the power of social media, your ideas can spread like wildfire and even become a part of public policy. What’s remarkable is that in the UK, you only need 10,000 signatures for the government to respond: if you get it up to 100,000 signatures, they will even debate it in parliament!

Volunteer at a Food Bank

Even in a country like the United Kingdom, there are families going hungry, especially during our current turbulent economic downturn. As a result, food banks are always looking for willing volunteers. There are two ways that you can help: either by directly donating food to the bank or by helping with the stocking and administering of food parcels. Either way, they will be very grateful for your contribution.

Become Part of the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Like many people in the world, it’s likely that one of your major concerns is the coronavirus pandemic. It can seem completely out of our hands, but one amazing point to consider is that the NHS is directly hiring people to help work in vaccination centres. You can either sign up as an employee, being paid while helping others or volunteer for free and put your spare time to good use. While the work will be naturally quite draining, it will definitely be hard to beat in terms of accomplishment; directly saving lives and changing the course of the pandemic throughout the world.

Call or Text Family or Friends

The lives of our friends and family can be a complete mystery, with us often having no idea how they are truly feeling inside. That’s why simply checking in with them can be a vital service. You may have no idea what your words mean, but by simply talking about your day or even by sharing your complaints, you might be helping them out of a very dark place.