With so many issues currently going on in the world – from war to global hunger to the coronavirus pandemic – it can be hard to know how to even start to help. But there is no need to worry or despair, as helping out is often much easier than you might think. In this guide, we will outline five simple ways to make a noticeable difference. Read on to get started.

Donate to Charity

If you’ve got money to spare, simply donating to charity can be one of the simplest ways to change the world. Whether it’s the Syria Appeal, ending world hunger, or helping regions of the world particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, donating can be done online in just a couple of clicks. If you have no money to spare, there are other free ways to help. Carry on reading for some ideas.

Create a Petition

No matter how big or small your concerns about the world are, you can always write to a member of parliament directly about your thoughts or stir up public sentiment by creating a petition.  Through the power of social media, your ideas can spread like wildfire and even become a part of public policy. What’s remarkable is that in the UK, you only need 10,000 signatures for the government to respond: if you get it up to 100,000 signatures, they will even debate it in parliament!

Volunteer at a Food Bank

Even in a country like the United Kingdom, there are families going hungry, especially during our current turbulent economic downturn. As a result, food banks are always looking for willing volunteers. There are two ways that you can help: either by directly donating food to the bank or by helping with the stocking and administering of food parcels. Either way, they will be very grateful for your contribution.

Become Part of the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Like many people in the world, it’s likely that one of your major concerns is the coronavirus pandemic. It can seem completely out of our hands, but one amazing point to consider is that the NHS is directly hiring people to help work in vaccination centres. You can either sign up as an employee, being paid while helping others or volunteer for free and put your spare time to good use. While the work will be naturally quite draining, it will definitely be hard to beat in terms of accomplishment; directly saving lives and changing the course of the pandemic throughout the world.

Call or Text Family or Friends

The lives of our friends and family can be a complete mystery, with us often having no idea how they are truly feeling inside. That’s why simply checking in with them can be a vital service. You may have no idea what your words mean, but by simply talking about your day or even by sharing your complaints, you might be helping them out of a very dark place.