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Lets Promote Paisley not put it down

I had an excellent response from the Paisley Centre Boss Andrew McKinnon and Im sure it will be well recieved, many thanks for your response link here I seen in the Paisley Distress today that the aroma room coffee shop across from the Central Library has now closed, this was a very popular shop and […]

Paisley Centre Car Park

Right this is a right old Rant at the so called Paisley Shopping Centre Car Park. Today me and my wife went to Paisley to pick something up and then nip to the bank, we were at least fifteen minutes on returning to my car which I had parked in the Paisley Centre Car Park, […]

Update from Linwood sucks website

This is from Linwood sucks newsletter thought it might be of interest for our readers.. Short notice however….I have just become aware that while Alex Salmond is in Paisley at 11.00am tomorrow, 5th Feb, opening the new Council office, a number of local groups are intending to demonstrate at the building. If anyone is interested […]

Update your Internet Browser

To get the best possible results when visiting many websites these days including Paisley on the web, you will have to update your browser to something which meets todays standards, it doesnt matter how old your computer is you can still upgrade your browser for free.. Now my favourite browser isnt Internet Explorer as I […]

New Front Page

Thats the new frontpage kind of finished, I still hopefully have to add some advertising from local business’s in Paisley, we are going out this week to start delivering leaflets to librarys, business, community groups etc “if you are part of a group why not invite me up for a brew – lol chancing my […]

The Weather

The weather in Paisley has been mental for the last week or so, well maybe even longer than that, whats new says you? Well the wind iver the last few years has been getting considerably worse every year and lasting longer and its strong very strong. I just wonder how bad it will get in […]

New Look Frontpage

As you can now see I have uploaded the new front page for paisley.org.uk this page will evolve over the coming weeks to include ads and video. As you can see at the moment we have updated content from various parts of the website, Updated Forum section, Updated Blog section, Updated photo’s and latest news […]

Website Glitch

The website is back up and running, it must have been the server space being updated as promised from our hosting providers, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I thought at first I had done something as I am creating the new page for the homepage if you want a sneaky […]

Website update

The website seems to have just gone off, I did get an email last week telling me it may go down for approx 15 mins so hopefully this is that 15 mins.. They are installing some server side technologies into the host for me which I can have a play with… If not I will […]

Roof Update 31st Jan

Got a letter from the council today and they apologised but said that normally when someone reports a repair that there is no need for the council to get back in touch with that person, IM sure though that I had told them that they would get someone to call me back. However they go […]