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COURAGEOUS teenager Erin McCafferty who beat cancer has been chosen with her twin sister Nicole to launch the 25th birthday celebrations of Race for Life in Scotland. The twins shared almost everything together growing up but never the same birthday. Despite entering the world just 25 minutes apart, they were born on separate days with Erin […]



LOCAL MP SUPPORTS BEN & JERRY’S ASYLUM SEEKER WORK CAMPAIGN Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, is backing the Lift the Ban Coalition campaign to restore the right to work for people seeking asylum who have been waiting for a decision on their asylum claim for over six months, unconstrained by the Shortage […]


Tips and tricks for a successful bet

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are enthusiastic about taking part in the betting events. However, only very few people manage to be successful in the long term. For betting in the field of sports betting involves a little more than just listening to your own gut feeling. So there […]


The most important aspects of football betting

Sports betting has become firmly established on the British market. After long efforts of many companies to reach the customer base in this country, there was an opening of the market in 2011. This made it possible from now on to legally offer and take up sports bets. Previously, this was only possible via foreign […]


How to find the right betting provider?

Sports betting is probably the most beautiful minor matter of sport. At the moment there are several hundred bookmakers who are courting customers. One betting provider has particularly high odds, another has a high welcome bonus and yet another does not charge any betting tax. There are some facts that should be clarified before choosing […]


Why are casinos so discredited?

Gambling has a very special charm, young and old are fascinated by it. You feel a bit like James Bond, even playing online poker from home. In principle it’s about entertainment and fun, although there are of course some players, especially the stars from Hollywood, who risk a lot with huge stakes. The gross normal […]


What the 2018 World Cup in Russia has achieved

The Football World Cup is the biggest football event. Not only because it takes place every four years or represents probably the most popular sport, but because the world’s view of the host country is right. The country hosting the World Cup must not only have a long and arduous career tested by FIFA, but […]


E-Sports – Development in recent years

There used to be, in the perception of many, two kinds of children. Some of them were the ones who played outside, did a lot of sports and were always the first to be elected to the team in sports lessons. The other were the nerds, the children who sat predominantly at home in front […]