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What does Brexit mean for UK business?

The run up to Brexit has already had a significant impact on UK business. It’s been reported that the number of people in work dropped by the largest margin in four years in August 2019 as companies put their plans on hold, with many losing contracts and facing delays to major projects in the meantime.  […]


Online Sports Betting Sites You Need to Trust in 2020

For long, sports betting was considered illegal throughout the world. But with time, the law made betting on sports legal and now many countries in the world have licensed betting websites. Still, there are several countries across the globe where betting on sports still a crime and offensive to the law. Finding the right online […]


Review on Top Betting Sites You Need to Follow in 2020

The revenue generated through gambling is always impressive and most appealing. Though there are many forms of online betting and gambling but the most favorite one is sports betting and e-sports betting across the globe. With the proliferation of online betting sites, it is always difficult to find the most trustworthy one. Sometimes some sites […]


What is the Key to Successful Sports Betting?

One of the rarest breeds is a successful sports bettor. Speaking of statistics, it is uncommon to find the perfect sports bettor who has made a successful career out of it. Luck and basic knowledge of sports will lead to a small distance only. You need to be familiar with leading online bookmakers and learn […]


Most Common Football Betting Terms

When it comes to betting on football, it is regarded as one of the most popular types of sports bet across the globe. But sometimes it gets tricky when unfamiliar terminologies are being used. Even though football is a simple kicking ball game but when it comes to betting some terms are problematic to understand […]

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FlightPath Fund award will see pupils from seven schools take part in the Engineering Development Trust’s Go4SET programme – Pupils from seven local secondary schools will take part in a national Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) competition thanks to a £7000 award from Glasgow Airport’s FlightPath Fund. The project, run by the Engineering Development […]

5 Must-Know Amazing Facts About Cranes

Landscapers and constructors of bridges and multi-storey buildings use cranes as principal machinery to lift and move tons of materials. They vary in shape, size, accessories and functionality, but the sole purpose is to raise construction materials. Here are some interesting facts that you should know about cranes. Named after a bird A crane and […]

Horizontal Directional Drilling Techniques in the Civil Engineering Field: The Future

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contributes to significant environmental advantages over the traditional cut and cover utility fixings. The method is consistently utilised when traditional trenching or unearthing is not feasible or when a minimal surface disturbance is required. This technique is considered more than other means to provide less traffic disruption, cheaper expenses, more profound […]

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Two Destination Language’s FAULT LINES coming to Paisley

Fault Lines is a reimagining of a fashion show, looking to show the boundaries between how we look and how we see other people. Two Destination Language have assembled a truly diverse cast in terms of age, ability and race, and will have them taking to the catwalk while audiences flick between audio channels silent-disco […]

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Ten-year Vision with bold ideas for how Paisley could look is unveiled

A first-of-its kind study with radical ideas for how Paisley town centre could look in a decade has been published – and aims to start a conversation about what might be possible in the town. The ‘Vision for Paisley Town Centre 2030’ is the result of a unique link-up between Renfrewshire Council, the Scottish Government […]