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7 Reasons Why People Like To Send Money Online

Long gone are the days where you have to send money long distance waiting for it to get to your recipient’s address, yet some people still don’t take advantage of today’s methods of sending money online. Sometimes it’s because they’re just used to sending money the old fashioned way, or they’re uncertain about the safety […]

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Renfrewshire Council launches free sanitary products in community venues during Challenge Poverty Week

Free sanitary products are now available in the toilets at Renfrewshire Leisure run Town Halls and libraries, and in the bathrooms and accessible toilets at its sports and leisure centres. Nearly one in five women in Scotland have experienced period poverty, with 12% of girls saying they have resorted to using rags and socks during […]

What are the Best places to visit in Paisley?

1Thousands of people had bought tickets by the Moon City Council, which at the last minute refused to issue a business permit. Under pressure, the city issued a temporary permit permitting Paisley Park to be open to the public for just three days on October 6, 8 and 14. Not only did I have the […]

How to Stay Safe When Travelling

Travelling doesn’t always have to mean a pre-planned trip abroad. It can be anywhere, at any time, even within the local community, or within a new place that’s in the same country. Mostly, staying safe is about trusting your gut instinct and being sensible when it comes to your behaviour and possessions, and you should […]

5 Compelling Advantages of Working as a Freelance Writer

These days freelance writers are more active. They are getting work more as compared to the past few years. I’m working as a freelance writer for many years and suggest those who dislike 9-5 job that they step in this field if they have excellent writing skills. Most people don’t like office jobs because of […]

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Creative businesses ‘made in Renfrewshire’ will share their start-up journey

Gifted graduates of a Renfrewshire creative business programme will showcase their products and share their start-up experiences at a two-day exhibition later this month. Renfrewshire Council’s InCube Creative programme enables entrepreneurs to turn their talents into a viable commercial business. Now the class of 2019 – seven creatives spanning jewellery making, textile design, art, millinery, […]

Activities For High School Students In Paisley

School life is a great time that everyone spends in their own way. Some simply kill time without doing anything at all, while others disappear into nightclubs and cafes. And for other people, free time for studies is used for great benefit. You are a high school student, and it seems to you that school […]

Different ways gaming technology has changed over the decades

What started with a few arcade games and a black-and-white screen, video games and online gaming has reached new heights currently. Today, you can enjoy the best visual effects, great storylines, top-quality gaming music and the best technology when it comes to gaming. Here we are exploring some of the latest advancements in technology and […]