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Nowadays, online casinos offer a wide range of payment methods to their customers. Players can choose from a whole spectrum of different options, from traditional ones like credit cards and bank transfers, to brand new forms of transactions like cryptocurrencies.

However, many online casino visitors agree that one of the best methods for depositing and withdrawing money from their accounts is via e-wallets.

Electronic wallets are specifically designed to make online transactions easy and convenient, and one of the most popular e-wallets today is PayPal. While PayPal might seem like an obvious option at first, there are still some downsides to it.

That’s why, in this article, we want to reflect on all the advantages and disadvantages of playing in a PayPal casino. Once you’re done the reading, you can decide whether this payment option is the right one for you.

Pro — PayPal Is Available in Some of the Best Online Casinos

Online casino operators want to give their players as many options as possible, both when it comes to gambling games and payment methods. Since PayPal is very popular and it belongs to the e-wallet category, you will see it as an available payment method on many top casino sites.

There’s an increasing number of PayPal users every year, meaning that more and more casinos are accepting players who prefer this payment option.

For example, ICE36 is a PayPal casino in which you will find plenty of rewarding bonuses and games from renowned software developers. The site claims that PayPal is one of their most frequently used payment systems, as it’s proven to be secure and easy to use.

Con — PayPal Is Not Legal Everywhere

The main issue with PayPal is that some countries consider it illegal, while others put it under strict regulations. In the United States specifically, you can almost always expect that your payment will not be accepted if it’s coming from some countries and areas that are considered high-risk. Some of those include certain parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

These regulations have made a lot of casino operators turn their heads from PayPal, which is why some don’t offer it as an option at all. Always check your country’s laws to be sure you can use PayPal from your current location.

Pro — PayPal Is Super Easy to Set up

Let’s say that you can’t wait to try a new game in an online casino such as Mega Casino UK. Once you register on the website, you will be asked to choose a preferred payment method. Bank transfers and checks take a lot of time, while cryptocurrencies are a bit too complicated for some people.

The easiest and fastest way would be to set up a PayPal account. You only need an active email address and you will be able to connect your PayPal account to your bank account in minutes. Transfer some money to your newly created e-wallet and deposit the desired amount on the casino site.

Con — Transaction Fees

Using PayPal is great in many ways, but note that you can encounter some fees whenever you receive money and try to withdraw it to your bank account. The fees usually include a fixed cost in addition to a certain percentage of the total amount. These transaction costs can take a significant chunk of your winnings, and that’s one of the prime reasons why some players prefer other methods.

You have to decide whether convenience and safety overshadow these costs or if you are better off with some other payment methods.

Pro — Safety and Speed

PayPal is considered to be one of the safest online payment options around. Players can enjoy depositing and withdrawing through PayPal without worrying whether their money will reach its destination.

Of course, to feel completely safe, you must check the online casino itself, as there are plenty of fraudulent websites out there.

Another big advantage of PayPal is the speed of transactions. Deposits go through almost momentarily on most sites, so you can enjoy playing your favorite casino games in no time. Withdrawals can take a few business days, but that’s standard for other popular methods as well. Yes, there are some payment methods that allow even faster transaction times, but PayPal is still pretty high on that list.



For many of us, our air conditioners are one of the most important appliances in our homes. And for a good reason: an AC unit that is functioning as intended can make even the warmest of summers bearable and keep us cool throughout the season. And because these machines aren’t exactly cheap to purchase, it makes sense to look after them to increase their longevity, even if there are Elite AC repair Austin specialists that you can reach if repairs are needed. And one of the simplest ways to maintain your air conditioning unit is by keeping them clean.

Why should you keep your AC unit clean?

One of the reasons why it’s essential to keep your air conditioning unit clean is that it can help you lower your monthly bills. After all, the dust and dirt that can collect in

these systems can often prevent it from functioning as efficiently as it was intended to. And as a result, it will cost you much more money as you continue to run it over time. And by cleaning it regularly, not only will you avoid spending more than you need to on your utilities but you’ll also extend the life of the appliance too.

Another advantage of cleaning your AC is that you’ll also avoid polluting your living space with air that is dirty. Dust and other allergens that are released in the air not only have the potential to cause molds, but can be a health hazard too. And by tackling the task yourself or letting a professional company like deal with it, you’ll save yourself from a lot of headaches.


  1. Make sure you read the user’s manual

Before you get started on cleaning your air conditioning unit, it’s a general rule of thumb to read the user’s manual first. After all, every brand and model will have their fair share of differences. And time spent going through the manual now can save you from a lot of trouble during the process later on. And if you’re still a little lost as to where to start, you can also try checking online for video instructions too, as it might be a little easier to watch a guide rather than read it.


  1. Take out the plug of the unit before you start

As obvious as this might be, it’s vital to ensure that there’s no power going through the unit before you start cleaning the system. After all, there’s a good chance that you may short circuit the machine if you clean while it’s still plugged in the outlet. More importantly, you’ll risk getting electrocuted if you clean the unit while there’s still power. So take out the plug of the unit before anything else. It will save you on costly fixes and injuries.


  1. When in doubt, seek assistance

If you are unable to clean the AC unit yourself, it may be well worth considering the services of Austin HVAC companies instead of taking on the task yourself. It’s a highly-specialized machine, after all. And a small commitment of financial resources towards specialists from an Austin air conditioning repair company will save you a lot of time.

It pays to keep your AC units clean. After all, doing so will not only help you lower your monthly utility bills by increasing the efficiency of the system, but you’ll also increase the longevity of the machine too and allow it to fulfill its intended function for years to come.

As one of the leading companies in the air conditioning manufacturing industry in the world today, Trane provides high-quality HVAC products that are guaranteed to give you the cooling and heating convenience that you want while providing the energy efficiency that will net you considerable savings in the process.



johnstone christmas lights

Johnstone will officially mark the start of the festive season as the Christmas lights in the town are switched on this weekend.

Saturday, 30 November, will see Houstoun Square transformed in to a winter wonderland with a variety of entertainment to put everyone in the festive spirit.

johnstone christmas lights

From 12pm, the Pulse FM DJs will host the main stage – set in the Houstoun Square bandstand – with local acts performing live from 2pm.

Santa will be taking a break from his busy schedule to hear what all the children are hoping to find in their stockings this year. You can find him inside his grotto. Don’t forget to say hello to his reindeer friends!

This year’s event takes place on Fair Saturday so if you’re looking to get a head start on your Christmas shopping and support a local cause in the process, then don’t miss the St Vincent’s Hospice market. Active Communities will also be running creative activities including face painting and glitter tattoos until 5pm.

At 5pm, Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron will be joined by lucky competition winner, Calum Anderson from St Anthony’s Primary, on stage to push the button and light up Johnstone for the Christmas period.

Provost Cameron said: “We had two great events in Paisley and Renfrew on the past two weekends. Now it’s Johnstone’s turn and I can’t wait to bring the festivities to the town.

“The town will be buzzing all afternoon with Santa making an appearance and lots of entertainment to keep young and old entertained.“I’m looking forward to turning on the lights with Calum this year and I hope to see you all there for the big moment.”

Research shows around 65p from every pound spent in the local area stays in the local area and Renfrewshire Council are encouraging visitors to the event to take part in the Spend Local campaign and support the wide range of businesses on offer in Johnstone town centre.

For more information on events in Renfrewshire visit:


Pirates suffered the massive disappointment of losing in overtime after a thriller of a game had finished 4-4 in the regulation sixty minutes.

paisley pirates

In a tight opening session, neither side was able to find their way to the net, although the home side came closest to doing so as they twice struck the post in the space of thirty seconds, thus resulting in a blank scoreline at the end of twenty minutes.

The second period began with a bang, as Pirates took the lead after only 26 seconds, Thorp bundling the puck over the line for the opener. Within four minutes it was 2-0, as Henderson and Thorp combined with Abercrombie to give the latter a straightforward job to beat Maliinson and double the advantage. Back came the Tigers, however, as first McLeod and then McIntosh pulled the visitors right back into the game at 2-2 by the second break, setting up a nail biter for the final twenty minutes.

Both teams set out for the go ahead goal in the final session but Pirates were continuing to incur the wrath of referee Elliott and were obliged to kill off a number of penalties as they had done throughout the game, which broke their momentum at crucial periods. They suffered a heavy blow after 44 minutes when player/coach Walker took no less than 14 minutes in penalties after querying a call made by the official, but they still managed to take the lead after 50 minutes as Blair smashed a shot beyond Mallinson for 3-2. Tigers were level again through a powerplay goal from Paul Henderson within two minutes, but half a minute later Pirates were in front again through Wallace. With 20 seconds to go Tigers pulled Mallinson for the extra skater and the move paid immediate dividends as Guilcher scored straight from a face off to tie the scores again.

With the match going into 3 on 3 sudden death overtime, Tigers got the crucial winner, after another disputed call, to send them home with the extra point.

Head Coach Ian Turley said after the game, “I very rarely comment on referees as they have a difficult job but tonight I felt we suffered from big calls which were either not made, or went against us. When you’re playing 3 on 3 and you don’t get a call for a clear penalty it can leave you out of position and that cost us dear tonight. I thought we played better than in the last few weeks and the crowd certainly made a difference as the noise level was noticeably louder.”

Pirates next home match is against Solway Sharks this Sunday at Braehead Arena, face off 4.30pm.

Example voting image

Anyone unable to visit a polling station on the day of the election is being reminded to register for a postal vote, with the application deadline arriving at 5pm on Tuesday 26 November.

Example voting image

Once registered, a pack will be sent out on 2 December to allow electors to cast their vote and return it to their local election office in advance of polling day on Thursday 12 December.

Due to the increased volume of mail in the run up to Christmas, postal voters are encouraged to complete and return their postal votes as soon as possible.

If voters cannot send the postal vote in advance, it can be handed in to their polling station on the day of the election.

Sandra Black, Returning Officer for Renfrewshire, said: “If you’re unable to visit your polling station on election day, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to vote.

“Register for a postal vote by Tuesday’s deadline and you’ll still be able to have your say in the election.

“Once you receive your voting pack, please return it as quickly as you can to ensure it reaches the election office in sufficient time.”

To vote in the election, residents must be registered on the electoral roll and this does not take place automatically by paying council tax.

Anyone over the age of 14 in Scotland can register but to vote in this election, voters must be over 18 and a UK Citizen.

The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Tuesday 26 November.

Voters can also request a proxy vote – where a person votes on their behalf – and the deadline for this method is 5pm on Wednesday 4 December.

For more information on the election, please visit

Renfrew Xmas Lights

Thousands turned out for an afternoon full of festive cheer as the Renfrew Christmas lights were switched on this weekend.

There was fun for all the family with entertainment put on in the town centre designed to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Renfrew Xmas Lights

Santa took a break from his busy schedule to hear what the children in Renfrew had on their lists in advance of the big day and there was plenty of opportunity to get the perfect photo with Rudolph and friends.

There was something for even the littlest elf with puppet shows, face painting and a balloon artist in the town hall, and funfair rides in the Charles Avenue car park for the thrill seekers willing to brave the cold.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without carols and the Renfrew Burgh Band delighted audiences with all the favourites during their annual carol concert.

Later in the afternoon, the main stage in the town centre – hosted by Pulse FM – saw local artists showcase their talents before the big switch on arrived at 5pm.

Renfrewshire’s Depute Provost Cathy McEwan was joined by lucky competition winner, Mairead Campbell, age 9, from St James’ Primary, to turn on the lights and set off the spectacular fireworks display above Renfrew Town Hall.

She said: “I was delighted to see so many people in Renfrew this weekend.

“Everyone was having a great time and the fireworks to finish the event were incredible.

“Mairead did a great job helping me switch on the lights and I hope she had a brilliant day out with her family.”

For more information on events in Renfrewshire visit:

Botox treatments are designed to remove and prevent wrinkles and fine lines from a person’s face. They target by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. It is a simple process that administers the substance through injections. It is considered a safe process. It should however only be administered by a qualified professional. Botox is the brand name given to onabotulinumtoxinA. It is a highly toxic substance that is lethal to humans. In treatments where Botox is used the dosage is too little to have a serious health implication. It is important to have a long and detailed discussion with your doctor before deciding to opt for a treatment plan that contains injecting Botox.

Things to do before undergoing Botox treatment

It is important to reiterate that a Botox procedure should only be administered by an experienced and qualified professional at the best Botox clinic in London. There are a lot of things you should discuss with your doctor before undergoing treatment.

You should understand the expected outcomes. Botox only fixes lines and wrinkles that happen because of muscle contraction. These areas are on the top one-third portion of your face.  There are other lines that occur on the face due to a loss of volume. These lines require a different type of treatment.

This process also involves understanding the procedure and the product better. You should also know that the effects of Botox will wear out in about four months. Without getting another dosage your face will again start developing lines and wrinkles as your paralyzed muscles start working again.

Discuss your medical history with the doctor; also specify if you are under any medication at the time. You should also mention if you are allergic to anything.

Clean your face with a mild soap before the procedure, the doctor would probably clean your face again with an antiseptic.

Botox treatments come with the slight inconveniences that come with the use of needles. There may be some pain or swelling at the place where they were injected. You should keep an eye out for other symptoms. Any symptoms should be reported to the doctor if it doesn’t go away on its own within a reasonable time.

Things to avoid while undergoing Botox treatment

You shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations. Botox treatments are a temporary fix that should be renewed regularly if you wish to keep up your appearance. Even the best Botox clinic will not charge more for a single treatment.

Doctors generally advise users to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol before Botox treatments. These are simply factors that may increase your chance of bruising from the injection.

A range of medicines can increase the risk factors when they are used along with Botox. You should not have any medicine that isn’t specifically cleared by your doctor.

Do not put on makeup right after receiving Botox treatment. You should wait for at least a few hours before trying to make up on or even rubbing your skin.

The last point is not to get overwhelmed. Doctors encourage you to be in a relaxed state while getting the treatment.

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john mckay jewellers

The National Association of Jewellers is excited to unveil the finalists for this year’s NAJ Awards, which will be held at a glittering awards ceremony on 5th December 2019 at the St. John’s Hotel, Solihull.

john mckay jewellers
The shortlist, selected by the NAJ editorial team, was whittled down to between three and five finalists across 11 categories. The team were looking for evidence of innovation and achievement, teamwork, leadership and contribution to wider society. The entries didn’t disappoint. Simon Forrester, Chief Executive of The National Association of Jewellers, described the entries as “competitive” across the board, and showing “true business impacts”. He added:

“These were great submissions and all with their own unique strengths and creativity. What a showcase of innovation!”

The NAJ Awards would not be possible without the support of NAJ members and sponsors, which this year welcomed online diamond marketplace Nivoda as headline sponsor. Nivoda, who operate globally with offices in London, Mumbai and Hong Kong have a vision to build a trusted marketplace for the jewellery industry, where suppliers and retailers come to find everything they need to best serve their customers and strengthen their profits.

Local Business John McKay Jewellers based on Moss Street, Paisley is selected in the Category Retailer of the Year to which the owner Lesley Catherine Elder couldn’t hide her delight and surprise but customers of John McKay Jewellers are certainly not surprised with praise in-store and on social media.

Everyone at the Paisley website wishes this talented successful local business all the very best and we are sure that the award will be travelling up to Paisley very soon.

st mirren

St. Mirren are in the midst of a sophomore slump in the Scottish Premiership. The Buddies are in their second consecutive season in the top division following promotion from the Scottish Championship in 2018. St. Mirren found the last term to be a difficult slog finishing 11th. The team has seen ups and downs already and there is room to improve. Scottish football fans can earn free bets ahead of the next round of Premiership fixtures and wager on the teams they believe will be successful when the weekend kicks off.

st mirren

The Buddies are 12th in the Scottish Premiership after 12 matchdays. Manager Jim Goodwin’s team has collected eight points from 36 possible and three straight losses have the Buddies reeling. However, just three points separate St. Mirren from safety and Goodwin is planning for reinforcements to improve the Buddies’ chances of success in the second half of the season.

Adding quality


Goodwin has put together a strong team of players, but the manager isn’t content with what he has at St. Mirren Park. The manager knows his players are capable of getting results that they have down at times this term. However, St. Mirren have been unable to cope with teams in the upper half of the Premiership table. By adding further quality to the side, Goodwin can enable the Buddies to finish the second half of the season strong. St. Mirren fans are hungry for points and the club has a difficult set of league fixtures upcoming. Fans can bet on the Premiership with Matchbook and wager on the teams they believe will win on matchday. 

It was believed that Goodwin was interested in signing 34-year-old journeyman winger Ross Wallace to a contract. However, Goodwin recently rubbished the speculation stating Wallace was simply “keeping fit” at the club’s training ground. With St. Mirren needing extra “bodies” due to injuries, Goodwin was more than happy to let Wallace train with the first team. According to Goodwin, Wallace has now moved on. One thing is for sure, Goodwin needs to recruit attack-minded players.

Wanted: Goals

st mirren

St. Mirren have been the Premiership’s worst team in the final third this term. The Buddies have tallied a mere seven goals in 12 games for an average of 0.58 goals per match. Forward duo Daniel Mullen and Jonathan Obika have scored two goals apiece making them top scorers. 

While the team has conceded 16 times, it is the lack of goals that is costing St. Mirren points. St. Mirren have conceded fewer goals than seven of the teams that sit in front of them in the table including Hearts, Hibernian, and Motherwell. 

Of course, St. Mirren’s defence isn’t faultless. Prior to the November international break, St. Mirren experienced a mauling at the hands of Hearts in Edinburgh. Hearts won 5-2 in a six-point match that pulled the capital club three points ahead of St. Mirren.

St. Mirren have the quality to stay up this season. It is consistency and goalscoring that the Buddies need. If they can get both and add quality to the squad in January, St. Mirren should finish comfortably in the Premiership table. 

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This time of year all eyes are on Paisley and nearby cities for their natural beauty and festive holiday decorations. Watching Paisley come alive with beautiful Christmas lights as they gear up to begin their first Five Week Winterfest is like watching a greeting card come to life. Even if you do not celebrate the holidays, there is no escaping the natural beauty of the area.

As we all know, the holiday season will soon leave us for another year, but the lovely and somewhat mystical Paisley will remain beautiful and mystifying. The ancient castles, structures, and history of the area are fascinating. Paisley has carefully selected what industries would be allowed in their town to keep the historical feel and harmony of the town. Paisley is the 5th largest  Nearby Glasgow provides a good balance. Being just 30-minutes away via car and 10-minutes away via train, the towns provide everything citizens want.

Housing in Paisley

The wonderful thing about housing in Paisley is the unique opportunities available to rent. Former mills in the town have been transformed into luxury 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. If you want a larger period property, you will find it at Oakshaw Conservation near the center of town. This property actually covers the base of the original Paisley settlement. This property features large townhouses with 4-bedrooms and they have unique details to keep them in step with the area. These include details like stained glass windows and sweeping staircases. This is just the beginning of the wide range of housing styles available to you. Choose from modest flats, 3-story townhouses with sandstone terraces, and victorian villas.

Things to do

Paisley is built on history. Paisley is the 5th largest town in Scotland. There are so many structures, museums, and attractions that you will need several days to see them all. Click here for a complete list of things to do and places to see.

The Paisley Pattern Museum

This museum houses the finest collection of Paisley shawls in the world. Visitors get an up-close and personal view of how the cloth was made. Stop by the Loom Gallery to view contemporary art as well as an attached art gallery.

The Sma Shot Cottage

See a fully restored and furnished 18th-century weaver’s cottage. You can also tour houses of mill workers from 1840. You will learn how people really lived and how their work and ingenuity brought to life the town’s cloth industry.  This industry is what sustained the people of the era and to this day people are still drawn to the makings of their fame.

The Thomas Coats Observatory

The Thomas Coats Observatory was built in 1883. It houses a range of telescopes for stargazing all year round. This is the oldest public observatory in the country. They give free tours and telescope viewings. If the weather is cloudy you are welcome to see the digital planetarium.

Adult time

When people from Paisley want to have some casino fun, they can head over to Glasco. They have some traditional casinos that allow adults to play some slots, poker, Blackjack or any number of games. Glasco is only about 30 minutes away by car. But, that is not your only option to place a bet or play your favorite games.


Lottoland is an offshore casino, fully insured and licensed. While there are a number of online casinos, there are none like Lottoland. Go online with Lottoland and bet on the Irish Lottery results. Your lottery ticket looks and plays just like theirs. When your numbers hit, you win the exact same amount. The experience is completely the same. The way they do this is this. You are not betting on the lottery, you are betting on the results of the lottery. It is binding and legal.

The Irish lottery is not the only lottery you can play. Lottoland has more than 34 lotto-options and 50 scratch-offs that you can play anytime. You can also bet on sporting events, games, and races. You do this from your computer or your smartphone with their app.

Paisley is a wonderful place to visit. There are few places in the world with as much to offer as Paisley. Once you have experienced this historical town and met the people who live there, you will want to return. And when you do, you will always be welcomed.








paisley from drone

It’s easy to forget how much work our necks do each day – that is, until they start to hurt. 

Neck pain and stiffness is very hard to ignore, and, if it goes on for more than a few days, it can begin to interfere with our lives. It may make it difficult to drive, sleep, and work. Here are some of the most common causes of neck pain…


Myofascial Pain Syndrome

For someone who has myofascial pain syndrome, painful knots will form throughout the body, causing localised pain and weak or stiff muscles. Patients tend to manage the symptoms with pain relief and physical rehabilitation. 

Back to Health Wellness Guildford use massage therapy to treat the symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome. After a methodical examination and case history, their massage therapies are designed to target damaged connective tissue, muscle, and tight muscle fibres to provide a sense of relief from within.


Changes to the Cervical Disc Vertebrae

The cervical spine, which is the part of the spine contained within the neck, comprises the first seven vertebrae in the vertebral column. As we get older, the wear and tear on our bodies begins to show, and we can begin to experience disc problems. 

Many people will experience this condition at some point. It can cause neck pain that spreads to the shoulders, head and arms, as well as a significant loss of mobility when turning your head from side to side.Exercise, posture improvement, and massage can ease symptoms. 


Bad Posture

Modern life has a lot to answer for, especially when it comes to the (seemingly unconnected) aches and pains we experience throughout our bodies.  These days, many people spend much of their day sitting; whether it’s to work over a computer, look at a smartphone, read, or watch television, the way we hold ourselves makes a big difference to our overall health.  

Sitting with the head and shoulders slumped forward can push your spine out of alignment, and create tension, which can cause pain in your head, jaw, neck, and upper back. Make an effort to hold your head and neck upright, and keep the shoulders from turning in towards the body. 


Muscle Strain

You might not realise, but there are actually twenty-six muscles in your neck allowing you to move, balance, and swallow. 

It is possible to strain a muscle in your neck while playing sports – swimming, for instance, involves a repetitive motion that can cause pain in the neck – but it is also possible to cause a strain in more innocuous situations, such as sleeping in an unsupportive position, straining to look at a badly positioned computer screen, or driving with the headrest in the wrong position.


Stress and Anxiety

For most people, one of the most common ways stress and anxiety manifest in the body is through physical tension. The neck is one of the most common targets for stress-related tension, and if you are experiencing these emotions on a regular basis, the problem can become cumulative.

Consider meditation, massage therapy, and gentle exercise to relieve anxiety and stress and, hopefully, improve your physical symptoms, too.