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The fact that the casino industry has been active for quite some time makes it difficult for players to choose and stick to one sight. This industry wants to take care of all the needs of their customers which is why they established online casinos in the first place and made them mobile-friendly. They also provided them with a variety of games to choose from and loads of bonuses and promotions making the choice even more difficult. It feels natural to be lost in the sea of casino sites online which is why everyone must take a few precautions before they register at a website like that.

Look for a Licence

What makes NoviCasino online casino, Betway, 32red casino and other sites popular besides their reputation? Their legality. The fact that a casino is governed by a regulatory body such as a gambling commission makes the players feel safe in that particular online environment. Something that you should always do before registering at a casino site is looking for a licence. It’s usually located on the bottom of the page and when you find it you’ll know that the site is safe to play on.

Do a Bit of Research

You’ve found the licence of a casino site? That’s great. The next step you should take is to research the casino you have picked out. The best way to do this is to read third party reviews which will tell you if the casino is any good or not when it comes to customer service, the responsiveness on issues and so on. Look for the bad reviews as well because those users usually give a detailed description of an issue.

The Games

If you’ve made sure that a certain casino is safe to register at then you should make sure that it has the right games for you as well. When it comes down to picking out a casino then your taste in games should be factored in. If you’re up for the big prizes then you should look for the games that will give you those prizes. On the other hand, if you’re in it for the fun then you’ll look for those games with a demo or a free play option so you can have some fun. Online casinos try to accommodate the taste of a wide audience so you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Personal Data Security

If a casino has a licence it’s safe to play at, but the fact that it’s online poses another threat. There are plenty of online scams on the internet and you and your data are in danger. That’s why these sites provide their players with a few layers of protection and make sure every transfer is done in a safe way.

Payout Percentage and Wagering Requirements

Most people try out an online casino to win as much money as they can. This is why the payout percentage should be one of their key factors when they’re determining which casino to play in. The higher this percentage is the more money you’ll get back.

A casino bonus probably got your attention when you were browsing for sites. They are great when it comes to helping you get a prize but have tricky requirements so make sure to read them thoroughly before signing up for one.

The iGaming industry expands year on year. By 2024 the smart money is on the industry worth totalling 87.5 billion in the US alone. This represents a growth of 8.75%. Worldwide, according to Juniper Research, the global industry will be worth $1 trillion USD by 2021. With the huge profits involved, lawmakers around the world can smell growth which always looks good at election time.

With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into trends and predictions in the iGaming market. You can expect to see these developments when you play casino online games over the next few years.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Although many governments are wary of cryptocurrency, recent developments are showing that they are getting set to embrace it. Wall Street banks are poised to issue their own coin, and so is Facebook. When you play online casino games in the future, you may well be buying cryptocurrency in the form of virtual chips. These chips will be purchased and exchanged for your local currency.

Various industries, including online gaming, are utilising the advantages of the blockchain with its verification, transparency, privacy, and speed. This offers players a way of keeping out of the limelight, which for many is essential.

For the high rollers and having security benefits are appealing. That said, the industry has to protect its reputation, especially from money laundering. Critics have cited that the anonymity crypto and the blockchain affords is the perfect way to wash dirty money.

As such, full anonymity is looking unlikely. That said, the other pros and now it is industry-backed will see crypto and blockchain options opening up soon.

VR and Live Casinos

A recent shift in demand is for VR and live casinos. This is relatively new, but the general consensus of opinion is that both VR and live casinos are very good at retaining players.

From day one of online casinos, the goal was to emulate a real casino experience. VR using holographic players and live casinos, where streaming in real-time facilitates remote gaming represents a major step in making online play, ‘real’.

VR in all gaming environments is touted as being real and bringing experiences alive. Expect to see a combination of live casinos and VR being used to make the consummate online gaming experience.

Opening of American Markets

America has traditionally not embraced online gaming like other countries. This is understandable if you consider the vested interests that exist from state to state. That said, American players tend to be creative and simply play overseas offerings.

As a result, American lawmakers across states are starting to relax laws to facilitate gaming. States such as Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Indiana are allowing citizens to wager on sports. This sea change will spread to other states and soon, no doubt, other games.

Mobile Casinos

Not so much a new trend but one that continues to improve is the rise of mobile casinos. Currently, slots are proving highly popular on mobile devices with many enjoying the convenience of being able to play on the go.

Over the next few years and despite fierce regulation, the market is set to expand.

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One of the things that makes us humans different from animals is the ability to make tools and equipment. Also, the ability to make different things like clothes which are an important part of showing our culture. A human can think and learn different skills. These abilities of a human make it able to invent some amazing artifacts.


When it comes to embroidery, it is a technique build many thousand years ago. We can guess this technique was invented after the invention of the needle. Needle is an important tool for this technique. At the start, the Hindu, Egyptian and Chinese are the people that have this skill. People still like to get an embroidered coat of arms of Renfrewshire in Europe.

Do you know that the Assyrians were the first to depict figures of people and animals? Some historians think that they were the ones who passed this skill to the Romans and ancient Greeks. Because the historians have found very old embroidery back from the 4th or 5th centuries BC. Greeks were very interested in embroidery art and many legends and myths show it. The most famous myth in ancient Greek was the rivalry between princess Arachne and the goddess Athena. This rivalry becomes the reason for Arachne’s suicide. After that, the Athena was in grief and decided to bring her back in the form of a spider.

The Middle Age

After that comes the middle age. In this age, people were interested in the art of embroidery. There were paintings too but this was considered more valuable. The Muslims and Christians both developed various cultural circles. In Christian civilization, this was the sign of a high position in society. Another reason for it is to seduce a man or woman. When it comes to the fabric, they embroider usually use silver, gold and silk threads. The Muslims were not interested in depicting human or animal figures because it is forbidden in the Quran. This, only the upper-class used to wear embroidery related cloths. Some Historian claims that this was the profession of women.

In Europe, England and Sicily were more famous for embroidery art. Do you hear about the Bayeux Tapestry? it is a historically famous cloth that came from England. In this age, people started to convert shields and coat of arms into embroidery.

There is so much information but still, history is sometimes complicated. The historians are still unable to know who ordered and initiated the tapestry. The embroidery work at this age was natural. In this age, the embroidery was developing in other European countries too. The print technology was developed in the 15th century which helped in the development process. The print helped the learning process easier for the newbies. In this age, it was not only meant to be in banners, liturgical vestments but also was decoration in the clothes. People in modern age are still like the embroidery. There are many cultures where it is an important part. 

918 kiss

918Kiss Online has a ton of bonuses and free promotions that we are ready to give to our players. We have prepared bonuses in the form of free credits and free cash rebates for our players to claim, ranging from daily bonuses, weekly bonuses to event bonuses in hopes of giving 918Kiss fans a hand in building their online gaming career with 918Kiss. If you have registered a 918Kiss account, whether you are a regular member or a VIP, you are eligible to apply for all sorts of free cash rebates such as the Mega Unlimited 7% Daily Bonus.

918 kiss

The Mega Unlimited 7% Daily Bonus is another one of 918 kiss’ efforts to bring benefits to players that frequent the online casino. It is a top up bonus that can be claimed by players daily, a 7% cash rebate is up for grabs and it can go as high up as 888 MYR. It is to show our gratitude towards your loyal support after all this time, without you 918Kiss certainly would not have climbed to the peak to become to top ranking online casino in Asia of all time. 


Users are discouraged to abuse and exploit this promotion, therefore a minimum deposit of 30 MYR is required in order to activate the promotion, and the maximum amount of bonus funds the player can receive from this promotion is 888 MYR. To deposit money into your wallet, simply go to the DEPOSIT tab and link your bank account to your 918Kiss wallet, the money transferred will automatically be translated to 918Kiss credits in which you can use to gain access to all sorts of slot games, fishing games and live table games offered by 918Kiss.. After the transfer has been completed, you can activate the promotion via the bonus drop down menu, simply select MEGA UNLIMITED 7% DAILY BONUS. The bonus funds (7% of deposited amount) will be transferred into your 918Kiss wallet as credits spent on games within 10 minutes after activation. 


Besides that, users that have received the bonus funds are subjected to a minimum requirement of a 5x rollover of the deposited plus bonus amount before being eligible to withdraw said funds. The 5x rollover requirement can be fulfilled by any slot games or live table games offered by our online casino. For example,


(Deposit (100 MYR) + Bonus funds (7% x 100 MYR) ) x5 = 535 MYR for any slot games or live table games provided by 918Kiss.


This promotion can only be activated by ONE 918Kiss account, we do not condone players that use multiple 918Kiss accounts to activate the same promotion, if caught, all bonus funds will be confiscated from the player. 918Kiss reserve the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the promotion or change the terms of the said promotion at any time without prior notice. For more information on how to apply for this promotion, visit the promotions tab on the 918Kiss Download official website today and go to our promotions tabs.. All sorts of amazing offers are awaiting you to discover and claim!


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A seven-year-old boy amazed shoppers at intu Braehead with a virtuoso display on a piano that’s been placed in the mall.


Youngster Nathan Lee was described as a “genius” after he climbed on to the stool at the piano and gave people an impromptu mini-concert.

A crowd gathered around the piano in the upper mall between Marks and Spencer and Café Nero and gave Nathan a round of applause after a faultless, performance of Mozart’s Turkish March; Flight of the Bumblebee, by Rimsky Korsakov and the more modern ballad, All of Me, by John Legend.

Amazingly, Nathan, from Glenburn, in Paisley has only been playing the piano and taking lessons for two years and his school friends at Glasgow Academy have already dubbed him King of the Piano.

The youngster was at intu Braehead with his mum and dad, Ning and Eddie, who runs the Kwang Tung Chinese restaurant, in Paisley. When Nathan started playing shoppers couldn’t believe how good he was and stopped to video the youngster.

When he finished people coming over to his parents to tell them how brilliant their son was on the piano.

One woman said: “That boy of yours – he’s a genius.”

Another man in the cafe told them: “That’s an amazing talent he has. I can’t believe he’s so young and can play the piano like that.”


A woman added: “I’ve never seen anything like it. The speed of his fingers going over the piano keys was mind-boggling and he’s so small his feet couldn’t even reach the ground when he was siting on the stool.”

Nathan’s dad Eddie said: “We don’t know where he gets the talent to play the piano from because neither his mum nor I are very musical.

“We noticed Nathan liked the piano because when he was younger every time he passed a piano he wanted to try to play it. We decided to get him lessons and it’s just gone on from there.

“After about a year having lessons we began to realise just how good he was, as he was then able to play full tunes and he sounded great.

“At the start, nobody at his school knew he could play piano, but at the end of Primary One when all the children were to perform something, Nathan said he would play the piano.

“That’s when we got a phone call from his teacher to say everybody was stunned how good he was. And then the older pupils started calling him King of the piano. We’re really proud of him.”

Eddie added: “We don’t know if he’ll go on to be a professional musician because although he can practise up to three hours some days, he says he wants to be a footballer when he grows up!”

Nathan’s piano teacher, Charles Dunn said: “Nathan has a rare musicality for his age and exciting potential. I also see a maturity in his playing, a remarkable enthusiasm and work ethic and he just loves performing

“He’s fantastic and I’m really proud of him.”

David Lyon, intu Braehead’s marketing manager said: “When Nathan started playing and our security staff saw the people stopping to listen to him play, word soon spread that there was an amazing boy playing the piano and everybody has been talking about him.

“We always like to bring a little fun and entertainment for visitors to intu Braehead and the piano that’s in the mall is self-playing, as well as being able to be played normally. Nathan is an amazing talent and the shoppers loved him.”


Head to Paisley town centre this Christmas and grab this festive season’s must-have Selfie with Santa! 


Made from more than half a million LEGO® bricks and taking more than three months to build, you can see this amazing creation on Paisley High St until 2nd January, and even sit next to Santa for a Christmas pic like no other! 

As part of BRICKLIVE Christmas, families can also complete the Paisley Penguin Parade Trail – also made from thousands of LEGO® bricks. 

Just follow the trail of penguins around the town centre, naming all our penguins as you go, and find our Christmas Emperor Penguin to claim your festive treat and enter our prize draw! 

Trail maps and entry forms are available now in our Paisley Guide to Christmas, available in the Piazza and Paisley Shopping Centres. 

Paisley has also welcomed the return of WinterFest – our outdoor ice rink is back, and our big wheel is lighting up the Paisley skyline yet again! 

Don’t forget there’s a 20% discount on ice skating for those who can show proof of a PA postcode at the ticket office, or who have a valid Young Scot card. 

Family favourites such as the Rudolph coaster, carousel and the Wave Swinger have returned, as well as the Fire Pit and ever-popular Nutella House. 

And not forgetting our Christmas Golden Ticket Competition – collect a free Golden Ticket with every purchase in Paisley town centre and you could be one of four lucky winners winning £500 of town centre gift vouchers! 

Around 65p from every pound spent locally, stays local – so by picking up that coffee, going for lunch or buying that gift, you can do your bit to support the local community and its businesses. 

Our first lucky winner has already been drawn, our next Christmas draws will take place on 30th November and 7th and 14th December! 

Our Best Dressed Christmas Window Competition also launches on 30th November, Small Business Saturday, giving you the chance to vote for your favourite Christmas window display. 

And follow Paisley First on social media @PaisleyFirst to take part in our 12 Days of Christmas Competition with fantastic prizes from local businesses up for grabs every day in the run up to Christmas. 

Love Christmas? Love Paisley! 



The Paisley Development Trust would like you to participate in our annual remembrance of the victims of the Glen Cinema Disaster in 1929.


We meet at the Cenotaph at 10.30am on the 31st December and support the few survivors that are left and their families during the short ceremony and afterwards join them in a cup of tea in Burger and Keg in Gilmour street.

We would be delighted if you were able to attend.

Sword of Honour

Glasgow Airport has won a prestigious Sword of Honour from the British Safety Council for the third time.

Sword of Honour

The airport was one of only 84 organisations worldwide to achieve a Sword of Honour, which is awarded to companies that have demonstrated excellence in the management of health and safety risks at work. 


In order to compete for the Sword of Honour, organisations had to achieve the maximum five stars in the British Safety Council’s health and safety management audit scheme in the period August 2018 – July 2019. 


Each organisation also demonstrated to an independent panel of experts that it had achieved excellence in health and safety management across the business. Glasgow Airport also one the Sword of Honour in 2013 and 2017.


Graeme Robertson, Glasgow Airport’s Health and Safety Manager, said: “We are extremely proud to receive what is now our third sword of honour as the management of the health, safety and wellbeing for our staff and customers is absolutely critical to our operations here at Glasgow Airport. 


“We are honoured that our efforts have been recognised once again by the British Safety Council in the form of this prestigious award. This year is even more special for us as we were joined by our sister airport at Aberdeen, which was also successful in gaining the sword of honour.”


Lawrence Waterman, Chairman of the British Safety Council, said: “On behalf of the board of trustees and staff of the British Safety Council I would like to congratulate Glasgow Airport on achieving the very highest standards of health, safety and environmental management.  Excellence at this level is very hard won. We are proud to have supported the airport in its achievements.”


Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, added: “I would like to congratulate Glasgow Airport and its staff for their huge commitment to keeping their workplace safe and healthy and minimising risks to the environment from their organisations’ day-to-day activities.


“All of the Sword-winning organisations share a commitment and resolve in achieving the highest standards of health and safety management. We are delighted that they are partners in helping achieve our vision that no-one should be injured or made ill through their work.”   


This comes on the back of Glasgow Airport also being awarded the Glasgow Business Award for Healthy and Active Workplace at the Glasgow Business Awards ceremony in October.


UK has a large Cleaning market; thus, it is a great idea to be a cleaner in South London. This industry contributes about 24 billion GBP every year to the UK Economy. Moreover, this industry creates a job for more than 700,000 people. That is why; many people are thinking of becoming a cleaner. In this guide, we will guide you on how you can start your own cleaning business at a low cost.

How to Start?

There are many types of cleaner. So, you need to decide what kind of cleaner you want to be. When it comes to cleaning, there are three markets: specialist, commercial, and domestic. The type you choose depends on your expertise and experience. But there is nothing wrong with doing some research to find which market has more potential in your area.


Yes, a cleaning job requires you to have some qualifications. If you are working in the domestic market then you do not need any. But if you are going to enter in the specialist or commercial market then you need qualification and all the advanced tools and equipment for the job.


Before starting any business or company, you should have a good business plan. It is a document that helps you throughout your venture from the start. A business plan includes various important things like a financial plan, marketing channels, and research.

Find Clients

No business can grow without the clients. You should have a strong marketing channels to find customers for your business. The marketing strategy depends on the market you are in. The marketing channels for domestic will be different for the commercial market.

Growth Plan

If you are in a commercial market, then you need to be big. A cleaning business has the potential to grow from a small company to a big company with many employees. As the number of clients increases, you need to hire more cleaning staff. You also need to know all the labor laws such as National Minimum Wage Legislation.

Top Tips from A Pro

We have asked many pro cleaners to give some tips to the people who want to start their own cleaning company. The tips are as follows:

Be Prepared

Starting a new business is not easy. But If someone succeeds, it is rewarding. You need to be prepared for any challenge as your business grows. You need to manage your staff and variations in your income.


There is nothing wrong with getting advice where possible. An expert opinion can help you with your business operations. Also, take advice from different financial advisors.

Unusual Requests

Cleaning business is not an easy one and there are possibilities of unusual requests from the clients. So, be ready!


Insurance is really important for your business. It also gives your customers confidence, when you are working on their property. It is also necessary to have employer’s liability insurance to do business in the UK. If anything goes wrong while working, the insurance can help you get out.

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If you default on a loan, credit card, utility payment or on internet bills. You run the risk of having your account sent to debt collector companies. These third-party agencies are hired to pursue a company’s unpaid debts. A defaulter is still liable for his/her bills even after it’s sent to a debt collector company. 

Most people when purchasing home appliances or any other items on installments or they take a loan from lease companies they don’t want to pay it back. It is not as easy as most people think, and they end up with severe consequences. 

Nowadays, every lease companies or other firms who sell their items on installments are affiliated with debt collection agencies. These agencies collect debt from people. If unfortunately, you are from such groups who don’t want to pay off their debt then you should think about what type of consequences you can face. For example, these days debt collector agencies are active such as talk about debt, visit this website for more information on how they work. 

However, before deciding you are not paying off your debt, make sure you know the consequences of ditching the firm or company. 

  1. A Debt Collector Agency Can Report to the Credit Bureau 

One of the most serious consequences a defaulter can face is the report of his/her collection account to a credit bureau. It can lower your overall credit score. When your account is damaged by the collector agencies this can cause various troublesome side effects including: 

  • High insurance premium
  • Denial of credit card applications or loan
  • Higher interest rate if you are approved for taking a loan 
  • Difficulty in getting jobs in recognized companies
  1. You May Called by Debt Collector

Collection agents are highly trained to collect debts. Writing and calling you are the two primary ways to try to persuade a defaulter to pay. 

You may not believe the debt collector can call defaulter’s family members or friends and may call his/her at the workplace. Getting bundles of calls and letters can be stressful. This will not be going to stop until one pay his/her debt. 

  1. They Can Sue You 

One of the scariest things that a debt collector can do occur when the courts get involved. When you continuously ignore the warnings given by the debt collector agency, they may resort to a lawsuit in an attempt to collect a defaulted debt. 

If a defaulter fails to respond and debt collector agency wins the lawsuit, the court will enter the judgment against the defaulter. The verdict can be depended upon the local laws of the state where you’re living in. This verdict might open up with the following possibilities: 

  • Bank account Taxes
  • Wage garnishment 
  • Freeze bank accounts and other property

The result of the story is this: don’t try to ignore the warnings of debt collector agencies. We suggest you try to settle on a smaller amount so you can avoid any legal activity. 

  1. Pay High-Interest Rate

Bank defaulters have to face many other problems, including high-interest rates when they go to borrow money from any money lender company. Even they may not get approved their loan application due to their bad repute. 


MARGARET Calderwood used to make a five-hour round trip bus journey to visit her favourite fashion store, Joules, in St Andrews, Fife.


But now she’s delighted as the 65-year-old can now WALK from her home in Renfrew to the newly-opened Joules store at intu Braehead.

Margaret yesterday (Wednesday July 27) queued for more than an hour outside the store in the upper mall to make sure she was the first customer through the doors when the fashion retailer opened at 10am.

Around 50 people were also waiting for the store to open and Margaret was rewarded with a £200 Joules gift card, as the next four customers were given a £100 gift card with a £50 gift card going to the next 15 customers.


Margaret said: “I’m a big fan of Joules and I love the clothes they sell. I’ve been buying from them for years.

“I used to travel by bus to their store in St Andrew’s to buy clothes and outfits because I like their fashion styles and the quality of what they sell.

“It’s amazing they have now opened at intu Braehead because that’s not far from where I live and I can now walk to the centre and visit the Joules store. Since they’re so close I’ll be visiting them more often now.”

The intu Braehead Joules is the company’s second standalone store in Scotland.

Andrea Gray, Chief Retail Officer at Joules said: “We’re excited to be strengthening our presence in Scotland and we know intu Braehead is exactly the right place for us to be.”

Marketing manager at intu Braehead, David Lyon said: “Well done to Margaret for being first customer through the doors of the new Joules store.

“And it’s great to hear she won’t need to make such a trek to visit her favourite fashion retailer.

Joules is a fantastic addition to the wide mix of retail brands we already have at intu Braehead. It will certainly appeal to our style-conscious shoppers.”

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Jewelry is a complement that most women love. However, not all of them have the same value and cannot be carried on the same occasions. Of course, the costume jewelry is very pretty, but none compares to the precious metal ones. Among these, gold ranks first.

Associated with glamour, purity and courage, gold, for example gold crucifixes, offers us endless possibilities to enhance our appearance, as long as we know how to choose and wear jewelry made of fine metal.  Crucifixes from House of Joppa offer great value.

To start, you have to know what the karat amount of the jewelry is. This is important. These indicate the proportion of gold and other metals in the jewel, a fact that is also reflected in its price (you always have to doubt the so-called “bargains”).

Thus, the most expensive will be the 24 karat gold jewels, in which there is no alloy. However, the most used in jewelry are 18 karat gold jewels, which contain 75% gold and are also called First Law Gold (the Second Law is 14 carat).

In addition, we must take into account the type of gold jewelry according to the shades that are formed as a result of alloys with other metals. The most appreciated jewels in this area are those of yellow gold (75% gold, 12.5% ​​silver and 12.5% ​​copper) and white gold (75% gold, and approx. 12 % palladium and 13% silver), which are generally seen in engagement rings and wedding rings.

Taking into account these considerations, it is necessary that at the time of buying our jewelry check that it contains a guarantee mark of the place where it was made. And if it is too small to have it, then we must request that it be contrasted with an additional plate or metal to rule out that it is fancy.

Choose the one that suits your style

Of course, it is not only a matter of choosing gold jewelry because they are the most expensive, but of leaning towards those that best fit our style, according to the clothes with which we are going to combine them and the occasions in which we shine them.

In case we find it very difficult to choose, stylists recommend having a base set, for example, a chain and a bracelet, in order to add other gold jewelry that varies between classic and modern to more easily adapt to any situation. By the way, metal is best enhanced on dark colored clothes (black, chocolate and garnet are ideal shades).

As additional advice, it should be noted that jewels embossed or with many details look better when shown directly on the skin or on a background of dark and very smooth fabric. Of course, if we have a long neck we will have better fit chokers, while if it is short, long chains (not wide) will be more recommended. Let us choose with great discretion and good taste. We hope you can choose your gold jewelry well after reading this post. Good luck!