Tannahill Centre

Communities across Renfrewshire have moved a step closer to acquiring assets in their local area as more than £127,000 was awarded from the Community Empowerment Fund.

Tannahill Centre

The fund is designed to support the development of community organisations and build their capacity to undertake potential asset transfers, which can be a building or a piece of land.

Four applications to the fund were approved and include:

  • £50,000 to Active Communities, and to approve in principle a further £50,000, to allow the group to purchase and renovate the old police station in Johnstone into a community hub.
  • £10,000 to the New Tannahill Centre to assist with the second stage of a feasibility study into the proposed redevelopment of the Tannahill Centre.
  • £6,500 to the Western Desert Recce Group to develop a business plan around the potential future use of the Whitehaugh Barracks.
  • £3,800 to Renfrew Victoria Youth Football Club for architects’ plans outlining the refurbishment of the Kirklandneuk Pavilion with upgraded changing rooms.

An award of £6,760 to the Paisley Community Trust for a feasibility study into a High Street Cinema was approved, subject to the updated guidance for the fund being approved by the Leadership Board.

Councillor Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board, said: “No one knows what their town or village needs more than those who live there, and I’m delighted that we can provide the funding to help them bring these buildings into better use for the community.

“It’s great see the progress that the community groups are making into acquiring their local assets and I’m looking forward to seeing these buildings reaching their full potential.

“We’ll continue to support them throughout the process, as we will if you have an idea for a building or a piece of land in your area, so please get in touch with the team and make a difference to your neighbourhood today.”

The deadline for the next round of applications to the fund is Tuesday 5 November.

For more information, and how to apply, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/communityempowermentfund.

Veterans at the Cenotaph in Paisley

Hundreds are expected to turn out to pay their respects to the fallen as parades are carried out in towns and villages across Renfrewshire, with services taking place to mark Remembrance Day.

A weekend of remembrance will begin on Friday 8 November as the annual Children’s Remembrance Service takes place at Mossvale and St James Primary in Paisley at 10.30am.

Veterans at the Cenotaph in Paisley

Veterans from the Royal British Legion will visit the school to see a presentation from the pupils on what they’ve learned about Remembrance Day, before speaking about their experiences of having served in Armed Forces.

Veterans marching in Paisley

On 10 November, parades will then take place from 10am to mark Remembrance Sunday, with a two minutes silence at 11am, and all are invited to attend at the following locations:

Start                Finish (Approx)

Houston                       10.00am          10.30am

Kilbarchan                   10.00am          10.30am

Renfrew                      10.45am          11.15am

Paisley                        10.45am          11.30am

Lochwinnoch               10.45am          11.15am

Howwood                    12.15pm          12.45pm

Johnstone                   12.30pm          1.00pm

Elderslie                      2.30pm            3.00pm

Bridge of Weir             3.00pm            3.30pm

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron said: “Every year at this time we stop to remember those we have lost, and I would encourage all who are able to attend to come to one of the services taking place across Renfrewshire.

“It’s so important that we pay our respects to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and I look forward to the community once again coming together to show their gratitude for all that have gone before us.

“Through our Children’s Remembrance Service, we will work closely with our veterans to educate our young people and show exactly why we mark Remembrance Sunday each and every year.”

For more information, visit: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/RemembranceServices2019.

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Creating a website is something that lots of people want to do, but many are put off by the fact they don’t have the skills. Creating your first website doesn’t have to be difficult, though, and absolutely anyone can build one.  Getting a good website host is crucial for the website and these guys reviewed the best ones for UK.

It’s normal to see building a website as a complex, technical process, but the same goes for any new task you take on. As with any endeavour you decide to take on, though, once you get into the stride of things, you find the ideas start to fall into place.

If you’re a beginner web developer who is looking to create their first site, then bear in mind these key points.

these guys reviewed the best ones

Be Organised

If you don’t approach this in an organised manner, then it’s going to be reflected through your website.

One of the most frustrating things as a user is trying to navigate a disorganised website, so don’t fall into this trap. Make sure that you have a clear picture of how you want your website to be laid out before you begin and make a plan to build the site out in a logical manner.

Think About the User Experience

Building on the previous point, you need to think about the user experience in general. You want to make your site intuitive and simple to use for the people that are visiting it.

When you’re building your first website, it can be easy to get carried away with all the amazing tools you have at your fingertips, but in most cases, they’re not necessary. The more you complicate things, the more there is to go wrong, and this drives users crazy.

Impress them with your fancy content and keep the rest simple. If you really want to make sure you’ve got everything just right, then get it assessed by the experts with Digivante website testing.  These guys reviewed the best ones

Be Creative with Your Content

Your content is where you really show off your knowledge and expertise, and this is what’s likely to take you to the top of the rankings. Validate your reasons for creating a website by going above and beyond in your content.

Offer your visitors the best advice, the most up to date information and the most interesting facts, all whilst putting across your (or your business’) amazing personality, and you’ve already set yourself ahead of many other websites.

Remember the SEO

When you’re creating your first website, it’s tempting to dismiss SEO (search engine optimisation) as a technical aspect that you’ll get to at a later date. SEO is something that everyone can understand and implement, though, and it’s easiest if you start doing it from the very beginning.

Make SEO an important part of your initial planning and embrace the concepts. If you write great content, then your website will have a good chance of ranking, but you’ve got to use proper SEO.

Whatever the aims of your website are, everyone can benefit from good SEO, and it doesn’t take too much effort to carry out.


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Winter is coming, which means winter-based home emergencies are on their way too. To ensure that you’re ready for all those troubles that could potentially befall you and your humble abode this wintertime, it’s important to know what plights are liable to rear their ugly heads. Once you know what dilemmas you’re up against, the easier it will be for you to protect yourself against them.

 Here are 3 winter home emergencies you should be preparing for, as well as advice on what you can do to resolve them.


Burst Pipes

Pipes are liable to burst during the wintertime because the water inside of them freezes and subsequently expands. This causes the pressure within the pipes to increase, which then leads to ruptures. Unfortunately, if you aren’t able to prevent your pipes from bursting and breaking, you’re going to be left with a lot of expensive water damage. Your only option in this instance is to find some cash from somewhere! If you haven’t got an emergency fund to fall back on, fear not, as there are plenty of safe ways to inject your finances with a quick lump sum, one being to take out a logbook loan from a viable provider such as www.carcashpoint.co.uk. Taking this financing route will see you borrow money on your vehicle and pay back the amount that you owe over an extended period of time.


Furnace Failure

In a bid to keep you and your family warm during the wintertime, you will naturally use your furnace a lot more than you do at other points in the year. This increased workload will, however, be sure to put some degree of strain on your furnace and could very well result in it failing.

Should your furnace fail on you at any point during the winter, it’s important to solve the problem quickly, so as to ensure that you are not impacted by the dropping temperatures. When solving this issue, it’s crucial that you remember to shut down the electric line that is powering your furnace before you go ahead and look inside it. Not doing so could have dire consequences.


Ant Infestations

A drop in the temperature isn’t the only thing you may have to contend with during the winter. At this time of the year, ant infestations are liable to take place simply because ants do not like to be outside in cold and wet conditions. 

Should your home ever be infested by a swarm of ants, you must first gain an understanding of how these pesky little pests work. The most important thing to understand in this instance is that the ants you see are not the problem — the queen that they are carrying food back to is the problem. Quite simply, you should refrain from spraying the line of ants that you see, no matter how tempted you may be to do so. Instead, follow their trail, and before long, you’ll unearth their nest. Once you find this nest, go ahead and spray it before any more baby ants are born into it.



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From Chris Pratt’s latest role in Guardians of the Galaxy, to Jason Momoa’s role in Aqua Man, many people ask the question: just how do these men get in such good shape?

Celebrities use a number of different ways to get in shape, from personal trainers, to workout supplements, to even having their own personal chef.

While the general public may look in awe, at the awesome shape that these celebrities are in, what they don’t realize is it’s possible for all of us to get in the same shape, too.

With that in mind, here are some specific tips on how actors got in shape for their movies.

Jason Momoa – Aqua Man

 After seeing his chiseled abs on screen, many people wonder just how they can get six pack abs like him. Many people are wondering just what Jason Momoa does to keep in shape.

For his latest role in Aqua Man, Jason Momoa used a number of ways to get in shape. According to Momoa himself, he gets his workouts done first thing in the morning.

“I get up at 5am and I train hard,” he says. “I’ve got two young children, so I have to get up early, but I like it. Morning is when I do all my best work,” he adds.

This isn’t far from the truth – many of the richest people in the world get up early, sometimes even earlier than 5am, according to Forbes Magazine.

Chris Pratt – Star Lord

Another popular celebrity, Chris Pratt, had to get in tremendous shape for his latest role as Star Lord, in the smash hits “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers: End Game.”

He attributes a lot of his great shape to his workout routine, which is a split, consisting of various machine and free weight exercises, according to Muscle and Strength.

He also stated that he set a firm deadline, and held himself accountable. As with any health and fitness routine, whether it be a diet or a workout, this is the most important thing.

You can’t accomplish anything without hard work and dedication, but as you’ll soon find out, many celebrities also use workout supplements to help give them an edge.

Bradley Cooper – American Sniper

For his role in American Sniper, Bradley Cooper went to extraordinary lengths to look good for the camera. From using pre workout supplements, to following a very strict workout regimen, it’s clear that he was dedicated from the start.

Jon Anthony, who runs a men’s fitness and self-improvement website known as Masculine Development, weighs in on this. “A lot of celebrities use pre workout,” he says.

“It helps give you a boost when you’re tired from a long day of work, or just didn’t get much sleep after the latest photoshoot,” he adds.

In addition to using supplements, he never missed a workout, according to his trainer. “Bradley never missed a workout,” Walsh said. “He came in early, trained brutally hard, and followed the supplement plan to the T,” his personal trainer added.

Zac Efron – Baywatch

Perhaps one of the most impressive physiques in this entire list, was that of Zac Efron in his role for Baywatch, featuring the infamous Rock.

With such brutal competition as Dwayne Johnson, it was clear that Zac Efron had to step up his game, and he did it by following a very strict diet and workout regimen.

Patrick Murphy, a Los Angeles based trainer, was the secret behind Efron’s success. “His movie training program involved an ever-changing approach,” he says, “involving full-body workouts, two-day splits, three-day splits, power training, strength training, and more.”

Now while we don’t all need a personal trainer, it can certainly help. The right trainer keeps you accountable and helps provide you with tips and advice that you may not otherwise know of.




Known for Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, SeaWorld, and more, Orlando attract millions of visitors each year. And while there’s no question that the various theme parks are the perfect gateways for all visitors, their tickets surely do come with a hefty price, especially if you’re visiting as a large group or a big family. Luckily, when it comes to budget-friendly tickets, there are some general rules that apply to pretty much every theme park in Orlando.

Buy a Multi-Day Ticket

Naturally, theme parks want you to extend your stay. This is why you’ll find that the more days you buy, the lower the daily entry will cost you and the longer you stay, the higher discounts you’ll get. Adding just an extra day or two to your ticket can save you a significant amount of money. However, at Disney World, discounts on multi-day tickets only extend to tickets with 3 days or more.

Upgrade to an Annual Pass

If you’re a regular visitor who’s sure to be attending more than once a year, then you should consider upgrading to an annual pass. Annual Passes are the cheapest “bulk” or “wholesale” pricing deal available, and most tickets can be upgraded to annual passes while you’re still in the park. Besides saving money on your daily entry, most annual passes also save on many in-park purchases such as original merchandise, food and drink, and even parking.

Always Compare Prices

Always compare the prices for tickets that legitimate websites are offering because they usually tend to undercut each other’s offers, creating a constantly changing market of competing rates. The people at Orlando Attractions tickets explain that by comparing prices from multiple sources, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of getting a good, affordable rate. Make sure that the ticket vendor you choose is certified and registered to avoid scams. These scams happen more than what you may think. 

Spring For a Package 

You can save a significant amount of money at any of Orlando’s major theme parks if you spring for a package that combines your tickets with a hotel stay, and sometimes even meals. Additionally, in some parks, staying in the on-ground hotel can also offer you bonus perks such as free parking and line-skipping privileges.

Consider Add-Ons

If you’re on a budget or are unsure of which facilities, privileges, and options are preferable, a good insider tip is to purchase the basic discounted ticket and add the suitable options later on when you arrive at the park. Adding each option will cost you less than investing in a ticket with endless choices that you probably will not use.

Ask About the Military Privileges

Active or retired US members of the military can get great deals and discounts at all Orlando theme parks. For example, in Disney World, military personnel get special discounts on 4 or 5-day passes along with a discounted Park Hopper option so that you can move around the park freely.

Orlando’s theme park tickets can devour your vacation budget, but they don’t have to. From discounts and promotions, to multi-day tickets and annual passes, these golden tips can help you enjoy a refreshing, aquatic ride at SeaWorld or channel your inner child at Disney World for much, much less.


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Scotland is one of the most picturesque places in the world. Every year, millions of people travel to bask in the beauty of its architecture and nature, as well as soak it its rich history. Scotland’s got a rich variety of coastlines and cities, rivers and historical sites that mark the roots of Western civilization. People love walking where so many important figures once walked. In addition to Scotland’s historical significance, it has several thriving cultural centers today. Festivals and concerts take place year round, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate. There’s great traditional food, men walking around in kilts and bagpipes blowing through the air on breezy summer days. Make the right choice and commit to visiting beautiful Scotland. While you’re there, here are four places that will blow you away.

  1. Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland’s second largest city and the largest port city in Britain. There’s a rich culture of trade and shipbuilding there, so there’s a mesh of different kinds of people and influences from around the region. Americans particularly love Glasgow because the city was vital to cross-Atlantic trade between the two countries. Ties run deep. The Glasgow Cathedral is a hallmark of the city, as well as the numerous other medieval structures that still dot the city’s horizon. Visitors can take in the entire city by going outside of the city and climbing the hills that surround it. The views are breathtaking, pre Lyhpa.com.

Glasgow loves its music scene. Every year, the city hosts over 130 music festivals. That means almost one every three days! Visitors can get a real taste of local arts and fun by attending one while on vacation. If music and crowds aren’t your thing, Glasgow’s got great shopping options. The city is a retail center in the area, and is known for its welcoming stores and quality goods.


  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom after London. It is the capital of Scotland, and has been the seat of parliament since the 15th century, so it’s full of history and stunning buildings. It’s got universities, wonderful restaurants, clubs and parks perfect for solo travelers and families. Edinburgh is home to the largest international arts festival in the world, called The Fringe. If you’re lucky enough to plan your trip around the festival, you’re in for a treat. Edinburgh Castle, and the Royal Mile walk through the city are must-do activities. Royal Mile is one of Edinburgh’s main thoroughfares, and has everything from Scottish whiskey experiences to fun family events. There are also some great art museums to choose from with prized works. At the National Gallery of Scotland, Bartolini’s picturesque carrara marble statue ‘The Campbell’ Sisters is on display and is a major draw. You can find out more about carrara marble, like what was used in that statue, at this website. Spend an afternoon strolling through the Botanical Gardens with the lily pads and manicured landscaping.


  1. Loch Ness

While you’re in Scotland, it’s ok to have a bit of fun. Take yourself a bit less seriously and spend some time in Loch Ness and stay on the lookout for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Take a boat cruise on the lake and listen to the tour guide tell riveting stories about the search for Nessie and what it means to the local people. Spoiler alert, you’re probably not going to find the Loch Ness Monster, but it’s a fun box to check. Believe it or not, the lake’s actually large and deep enough to hide a real monster. Fun fact, Loch Ness holds more water than all of the lakes in England and Wales combined. Around the lake are some lovely local villages where you can get a taste of local life. Be on the lookout, though, for the obligatory tourist traps that profit off Nessie’s legend.


  1. Glencoe

For people who want to get away, Glencoe is one of Scotland’s prized valleys that offers stunning views and peaceful nature. In the valley, you’ll find monuments to battles in the 17th century, and bask in front of mountains and beautiful green fields. Glencoe draws in the outdoor crowd around the country. It’s a prime rock climbing and adventure spot. In the winter, it’s the choice ski spot for all the Glasgow city folk. Glencoe’s a great place to rent a cabin for a few days in between bouncing around Scotland’s cities. You’ll get a real feel for the area dropping into local restaurants where long-time Scottish people are bound to be.

There’s so much more to Scotland than just these four places! Scotland is home to incredible beaches, world class golf resorts, castles, wildlife and great people. No matter how much time you spend in Scotland, it’s easy to fill up your calendar with great activities that will leave you with a greater appreciation for Scottish people and history.

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Another research paper? No matter where you are in your academic journey, the idea of another research paper assignment looming at the horizon fills you with exasperation. It’s natural since most college and university assignments revolve around writing and researching, which makes it seem that you’re always working on a research paper or another.

Find Inspiration for Your Research Paper

If you’re stressed about finding a topic, creating an outline, uncovering important sources and references, and then coming up with a good draft for your research paper, don’t worry. There are several ways to make things easier for yourself by using tested methods that have helped countless students survive college.

Find Professional Writing Help

The most convenient solution to most of your writing problems is searching for a professional service that provides assistance to students. Maybe you have a specific assignment such as writing a research paper on Beowulf or a personal essay about a hero. You can use samples of a research paper on Beowulf and find your style by seeing what experienced writers have to write about your subject.

Not only that checking out samples by professional writers is the fastest way to get inspiration, but it is also an efficient way to learn how your research paper or essay should look like at the end. These examples are usually written by highly educated writers with wide experience in academia who follow all the rules of academic writing and researching.

A good sample is also indicative of the most important ideas regarding your topic, so you can use it as a starting point for further research. You can print an online essay and research paper and then read it carefully and underline all the important themes, ideas, and words that you can explore later. Since our brains need a trigger in order to come up with new associations, having examples at your disposal is a helpful trick to kick-start your creativity engine.

Visit the Library

While the Internet is an immense source of information and knowledge, sometimes using your university’s library is much more effective. Librarians are educated professionals who can advise you on what books, journals, and articles to consult and where to find information related to the topic of your assignment. Moreover, libraries are very well organized so it’s easier to find all the references you need in one place.

In a library, you have access to:

  • Books and periodicals
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Scientific journals
  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Official reports, guides, and publications from organizations, government, cultural institutions, research facilities

Another big plus for libraries is that you can also be sure that all references come from reputable sources, and your professors will be impressed. There’s hardly a place that can inspire new associations and ideas than a library since this is where you are surrounded by all the material you may need. Just browsing the shelves can reveal hidden gems of insights.

Brainstorm With Your Colleagues

When you feel stuck with your research paper, it’s good to remember that your colleagues suffer through the same ordeal as you. Maybe a good way to find both inspiration and motivation to get to work is to meet up and devise a good plan together. Collaborative work is great for generating ideas and exploring topics in detail. While you can brainstorm by yourself, there are bigger chances of coming up with original ideas when you can bounce off thoughts with someone else.

Group sessions are great at enhancing your creativity and boosting problem-solving skills. If you use techniques such as mind-mapping, productivity will soar. You can do a good mind-mapping exercise on paper or by using specific online software.

First of all, a mind map is a diagram that helps you organize your information visually. For example, if you have to write a research paper on Shakespeare, you will draw a rectangle in the center of a blank page and write “Shakespeare” in it. Then you will think about words connected to his works and add them to the diagram with pointing arrows. Around each word, you can add new related words and ideas.

A mind map creates branches and allows you to understand better where you can get with your research paper once you connect all the dots. This is a very important step because, with all those keywords available, you can start researching them individually and find all the necessary references to add to your bibliography.

Browse Scientific Journals

Finding inspiration for a research paper is made even more difficult by the fact that so many students have already written about most common topics, so it seems impossible to come up with something original. Especially if you are in a scientific field of study, you cannot possibly invent new things or discover important scientific facts as a student.

Having access to scientific journals can be immensely helpful because it can give you an idea about what has been written already in your field. Searching by topic or keywords, you will find all relevant works on that specific subject, which you can either use as reference or read to make sure you are not repeating the same arguments.

Ask Your Professor

While this should be your last resort, if you followed all the steps above and still cannot come up with a good research topic or you cannot find references to consult, consider asking your professor for advice. Professors are intensely passionate about their courses and will know exactly what’s been written on the topic, thus being able to direct you towards relevant sources.


Writing yet another research paper does not have to be an excruciating task. Following all the tips above will allow you to write quickly and efficiently and get the grade you hope for. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the procrastination stage. Whether you’re writing in social sciences, literature, economics, or science-related topics, consult relevant tools and services to revive your interest in the task at hand. Read this article in case if you have to compile a research paper on a scientific topic.


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If you have a busy schedule, and can’t find the time to go to the spa to de-stress and relax, then why not bring the spa to your home? Yes, you heard it right! You can turn your home into a spa without breaking the bank. A lot of us are worried that spa treatments tend to cost a lot and they can add up when you go frequently. There are so many ways you can recreate the majestic spa feeling in your own home. To find out how, keep on reading.

  1. Having an Oil Diffuser

Ever wonder why spas always smell so good? Well your house can smell the same too, if you invest in an oil diffuser. This is very cheap and is readily available in the market and online. All you have to do is fill up water in the diffuser, add any essential oils of your choice and turn it on. Within no time, your house will smell like a meadow and you will feel relaxed. There are many special essential oil blends available in the market. They cater to needs such as de-stressing, relaxation, mood uplifting, etc.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-and-purple-flower-plant-on-brown-wooden-surface-161599/
  1. Having Pampering Products

Of course, when you go to a spa, you want to indulge in pampering treatments like a facial or getting your body massaged. You can do this easily in the comfort of your own home. Use your favorite skin care products and custom-create your own facial. You can even indulge in a nice and hot bubble bath. You don’t need to go out and buy spa products, you can use whatever you have within your reach.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bed-bedroom-blanket-candles-275845/
  1. Calming Music

Spas usually have a calming background music which a lot of people enjoy. You can bring this music to your home as well. All it takes is a spa playlist and a Bluetooth speaker. You can search for many calming spa playlists on the internet and, the best part is that they are free of cost. So, get the music connected with your speaker and sing along.

  1. Steamed Towels

This tip will instantly make you feel like you are in a spa. Take some towels and put them in a steam bath. You can even add essential oils to the steam bath, to make the towels smell nice. After letting the towels soak in for about 15 to 20 mins, take them out and put them over your body, on your eyes, on the back, wherever you want. Steamed towels are an exclusive spa treatment, but now you can do this in the comfort of your own home.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/towels-rolled-208504/
  1. Add Carpets

Carpets are a wonderful way of making your house feel like a spa. Something about soft and furry carpets under your feet, gives you ultimate relaxation and a feeling of calm. You can go for any rugs or carpets of your choice. Having a carpet on the floor gives you freedom to walk barefoot as well.

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Selling your home can be a stressful, long experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With so many different people involved and so many legal, financial and regulatory obligations to fulfil, it can be overwhelming and challenging to have your property sold, particularly if you are working to a deadline. For those who want to make the process as hassle-free as possible, there are many ways to ensure that your house is sold swiftly so that you can move into your new home and carry on with your life.

Make Your Home As Attractive As Possible

When selling your home, make sure that it looks tempting to buyers. It should be homely and welcoming without being too personal, so that it appeals to a variety of people and so that they can see the potential beneath your décor. Basics such as tidying up, mowing lawns and fixing any problems are a must, but there are also more radical ways you can make your property appeal to those viewing it. There are many companies on the market that offer home staging services, where an experienced design team can turn your ordinary property into the perfect show home ready to welcome and delight prospective buyers.

Set A Realistic Price

Make sure that you set a price that is inline with your home’s market value, so that you don’t find yourself being overlooked or offered less than your property data is worth. Set a realistic price that is slightly above the minimum you are willing to accept so that you have room for negotiation if you need it.

Time Your Sale For Optimum Success

Spring is generally considered the best time of year to sell your home, as longer daylight hours and the Easter holidays mean more people will be available to view your property, but each season offers its own unique benefits and challenges. Choose the perfect time to showcase your home’s beast attributes and ensure that any potential buyers see the garden and surrounding area at its best.

See What Others Are Doing

Check out the listings for neighbouring homes and see if there is anything that they are doing that can be incorporated into your approach, for example emphasising a particular local feature or landmark. After all, if other houses in your area are selling well then you can learn from them to make sure that your property also is sold quickly.

Work With A Trusted Agency

Advertising, organising and managing your home sale can be a vast feat, so work with a reliable home selling agency such as FastBuy Properties, who will provide a quick, reliable service online, leaving you free to carry on with your life safe in the knowledge that your home sale is being taken care of by trusted experts.

Select The Quickest Buyer

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one offer made on your property, explore how quick each buyer can be before you make your choice. Ask whether or not each buyer has a chain, or if they can relocate immediately. Any issues such as being self-employed or having a poor credit score could cause problems when the buyer goes to get a mortgage, so ask if they have already been given a mortgage promise by their chosen lender. Those who haven’t done their research may hold the process up, so avoid them where possible. Try to work with proactive buyers who seem to know what they want and have everything together, as they will be most likely to facilitate a swift sale.

Be Organised and Flexible

Once you have accepted an offer, work closely with the buyer and everyone on their team to make the process as quick as possible. There will be many different people involved, so make sure you keep track of everything that is going on, such as surveys, any improvements that need doing before the sale goes through, and the exchange of paperwork. After all, you don’t want the sale to be held up simply because you forgot to fill out a form or were not available to let the surveyor onto the property. Be flexible and try to work around everyone else’s schedule where possible so that the process is smooth and swift.

Choose A Reliable Moving Service

If your property is not vacant when you move then you will need to make sure that you select a supportive, comprehensive moving company that can take the stress out of your move and leave you to get settled in your new space. If your new property is far away from your previous home then consider using a trusted, nationwide company such as Pickfords to help you relocate, as they will have the expertise and solutions to make the process easy and quick.


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While there’s plenty to see and do in Renfrewshire, when the cold weather hits, you’ll most probably be looking for an excuse to stay indoors.

So why not ensure that your home is fit and ready for winter, and for those cosy days and nights spent at home?

Here are a few ideas that will make you feel warmer in no time.

Light Up Your Fireplace

Nothing says winter and the Christmas season more than a crackling fire. A fireplace can often make or break a room if you’re looking for an attractive focal point. If you’re looking for home improvements to be made this season, a working fireplace should definitely be at the top of your priority list if you’re searching for a more inviting home.

Or, if you already have a fireplace and it’s fallen a little to neglect, spruce it up a bit with seasonal candles and ornaments and direct your furniture towards it for a better winter hideaway.

You could even consider a balanced flue gas fire; this energy-efficient option eliminates all drafts, meaning you can stay warmer for longer.

Roll Out the Area Rugs

If you don’t have carpet in your home, this can make your home feel a lot colder in the winter months (unless you have underfloor heating, of course!). Area rugs replace the need to get a new carpet fitted entirely and allow you to place something soft and warm beneath your toes. Area rugs also help to make your room look more comfortable, especially in warm colours like red or orange.

They can easily be rolled up and stored away during the summer if you don’t want rugs laid down all the time.

Pillows and Throws Galore

There’s nothing that a good squishy pillow and soft throw can’t do when it comes to improving a room. Kit out your sofa and living space with large, comfy cushions, perfect for those winter nights in watching a movie or reading a book.

If you have a leather sofa, large fluffy throws are great for eliminating the cold material and making your sofa a little more bearable during the cold weather.

Keep Cosy Clothing by the Front Door

It can often be unbearable to step into your cold, dark house after a long day at work before it’s had chance to heat up properly when you arrive home. Why not keep some cosy attire in easy reach for as soon as you walk through the door? That way you’re best prepared as soon as you arrive back. This could be a pair of fluffy socks, slippers, cardigan, or dressing gown, ready to pull on and hide away from all your responsibilities (for as long as you can, at least).

There you have it! Now you have no excuse not to make your home the cosiest and most inviting it can be this winter. Just do whatever makes you happiest (and warmest) and use soft furnishings to bring out the comfort.