ferguslie reading

SCHOOL pupils in Ferguslie have been praised for their enthusiasm for reading books.

A special celebration was held for the young people from St Fergus and Glencoats Primary schools to mark the big increase in pupils completing this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

ferguslie reading

This year, a total of 113 pupils signed up to take part and 25 completed the challenge to read six books during the school holidays compared to 34 children taking part and nine reading the required six books in 2018.

This was an increase of 232 per cent for participation and a 178 per cent increase in pupils completing the challenge.

ferguslie reading

And last week they were invited to Ferguslie Library to enjoy games and activities, along with a bite of lunch as a reward for their reading efforts.

Morag Macpherson, Renfrewshire Leisure’s head of cultural services said: “Well done to the pupils of St Fergus and Glencoats who participated in the challenge. The numbers of pupils involved are impressive, and we hope that they really enjoyed discovering some new books and authors with us this summer.

“Thanks also to their parents and carers, teachers and the staff at Ferguslie Library for supporting them in their love of reading.”

The event was supported by the School Libraries Attainment team as part of the Renfrewshire Attainment Challenge.


Renfrewshire Council’s supported carers team need five people to help care-experienced young people move into adult life.

Supported Carer Kathie says looking after a care-experienced young person has been one of the best things she has ever done.


Kathie said: “I became a supported carer for Emily when she turned 18 years-old. Watching her grow over these last two years has given me a really good feeling. Emily has gone from strength to strength and I consider her my fourth daughter.

“I got into supported care because I am a foster carer, but you don’t need to have experience to become one. The supported carer team give you lots of support and training to help you whenever you need it.

“In fact, I didn’t even think I would be a good foster carer till my mum arranged an appointment on my behalf and they came to my house and told me I’d be an ideal candidate. Since then, I have never looked back. It’s been an incredibly positive experience.

“Emily has been with me since she was 12 years-old. She has always had the drive to succeed in life despite her biological family’s situation. From a young age, Emily decided she wanted her life to be different and I’ve been able to provide that stable family home environment for her to do just that.

“Sure, there have been tough times for Emily as she lost both her parents at a younger age than most people experience. Emotional support is a huge factor for supporting care-experienced young people, and you need to be able to give them a non-judgemental listening ear so they will open-up and talk to you about things going on in their life.

“Since Emily turned 18, she has been paying her rent, she cleans her own room, she’s at university studying law, she has a boyfriend, and she cooks for herself and us on occasion. Basically, she has come on leaps and bounds.

“Emily is brilliant at saving her money. She knows what she wants, and she is going for it. I’ve been there any time she needed me, and we can talk about anything at all.

“If you have a spare room, have the time, energy and patience to help, then speak to someone to see if it is for you. It can’t hurt to have a chat about it.”

For more information, contact the Supported Carers Service on 0141 618 4531 or visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/SupportedCarers.

Paisley Abbey

To mark the 90th anniversary of the Glen Cinema disaster a commemoration event is to take place in Paisley town centre on Saturday 7 December.

The event will begin with a lantern procession involving more than 150 young people from community groups and schools at 5.15pm, starting at Dunn Square, and journeying up St Mirren Brae, towards Abbey Close. Following the procession, a service at Paisley Abbey will see a number of local performers, and community groups pay tribute to the victims, survivors and their families.

Paisley Abbey

A number of invited guests will attend the service including survivors Robert Pope and Emily Brown along with their families.

The Glen Cinema tragedy took place on 31 December 1929 when a smoking film canister caused a panic during a packed children’s matinee where more than 600 children were present. As a result of the crush that followed more than 30 children were injured and 70 children died.

News of the disaster was far-reaching with letters of condolence being sent to the town from people across the globe. The impacts were also global – the Cinematograph Act 1909 was then amended to ensure all cinemas had more exits, that doors opened outwards and were fitted with push bars. A limitation was also placed on the capacity of cinemas and a requirement for a sufficient number of adult attendants to ensure safety of children.

In addition to the procession and service a commemorative film ‘The Glen Cinema Disaster’ directed by Paul Mothersole has been commissioned with ticketed, free screenings taking place on Saturday 7 December between 1pm and 4.15pm at POP Community & Arts Space in The Piazza Shopping Centre. A small exhibition of printed letters held in the Secret Collection will also be on display in POP from 7 – 20 December.

Louisa Mahon, Head of Marketing, Communications and Events at Renfrewshire Council, said: “The Glen Cinema disaster is a real tragic point in Paisley’s history with deeply traumatic consequences for so many families.

“The 90th anniversary gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of the disaster and reflect on what took place by paying tribute to and remembering the victims, survivors and their families.”

Members of the public who wish to pay their respects are encouraged to attend the lantern procession as there are only a limited number of tickets available for the Paisley Abbey service on a first come first served basis from InCube Shop, 9B Gilmour Street. Those who would like to participate in the procession can sign up to attend a Lantern Making workshop taking place on Saturday 30 November in POP, Piazza from 10am – 4pm – please be aware there are limited spaces available for this workshop.

Also, as part of the 90th anniversary commemorations an artist will be commissioned to create a public piece of art, in collaboration with the local community to commemorate and raise awareness of the disaster.

The event taking place on 7 December is in addition to the annual memorial service and wreath laying which takes place at Paisley Cenotaph on the morning of 31 December, which is run by community members and supported by Renfrewshire Council.

The Glen Cinema 90th anniversary commemoration event is funded by Renfrewshire Leisure and Renfrewshire Council through Renfrewshire Council’s Future Paisley programme.

To book a place at the lantern making workshop please visit: https://glencinemalanternworkshop.eventbrite.co.uk

To secure a ticket for The Glen Cinema Disaster film screening please visit: https://glencinemadisasterfilm.eventbrite.co.uk

A limited number of free tickets will be available to the public for the commemorative service at Paisley Abbey on a first come first served basis from InCube Shop, Paisley Office, 9B Gilmour St, Paisley PA1 1DG from Friday 22 November. The shop is open from 11am – 5pm Tuesday – Saturday.

Snowy Road

We’ve officially had the first frost of this winter season and there is only one way the mercury set to go – down! It is important that we are prepared for the approaching cold weather, and there is no better place to start than arming your car with some winter essentials that will help you should you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Snowy Road

Up to Date Maintenance

You should ensure that your car is properly maintained and has an up to date MOT. Your tyres should be inflated to the recommended PSI and the tread should be a minimum of 3mm. Weather conditions are interchangeable and bad weather conditions can increase stopping distances and increase the likely hood of skidding. Also, it is essential to have a quality portable tyre inflator that you can easily carry along during long trips. Best to check out Best of Machinery reviews of tire inflators if you want more details.

If you are conscious about how much maintenance will cost in the lead up to Christmas, or even as we head into the New Year, you don’t have to sacrifice car safety. Instead, you can seek out finance solutions that allow you to pay for essential car maintenance with help from your car. You can take out a Logbook Loan and borrow as little as £500 up to £100K, which will be secured against your car. You can then use this money to make the necessary changes to your car and drive safely throughout the winter months.

Ice Scraper

Particularly useful in the frosty mornings an ice scraper is a must -have item to have in your car.  Early morning precipitation freezes over on the car windscreen and windows to produce a layer of ice that prohibits visibility before you even set off. Some will argue that using an ice scraper can cause damage to your window however if you change your scraper when it looks worn out there is nothing to worry about it. It is a lot better than waiting on the radiator thawing it out or driving with poor visibility.

Jump Leads

A flat battery can leave you in a rut. Keeping a set of jump leads to restart your battery if required will keep you on the move, and perhaps even ‘jump’ to the rescue of other motorists who may have a flat battery!

Warm Clothing/Blankets

This may seem a bit melodramatic, but cast your memory back to the traffic jams of 2010 and 2017 -caused by blizzards. If you find yourself stuck in your car you will be thankful of some extra layers to keep you comfortable until you can get moving again. In the very worst case, if you have to leave your car you will definitely benefit from some extra protection against the elements. It should be noted that the general rule of thumb is to NOT leave your car abandoned as this could cause a build-up of traffic and have a detrimental effect on other road users. The aim is to get everyone moving as quickly as possible, when it is safe to do so.

Antifreeze and Windscreen Wiper Fluid

Although keeping your car windscreen clear is a must all year round, in winter it can be more challenging with salt spray from the roads, frost and snow to contend with. Keeping extra windscreen wash in your car along with some anti-freeze will keep your windows clear; and help stop frost forming in the first place.


Shovel and Salt

Sometimes a LOT of snow can fall very quickly. A small shovel in the boot of your car is a useful tool to help dig you out of adverse situations, and clear snow and ice from your car route. De-icing salt will help to melt ice and gain traction on the road helping you on your way. You don’t need a lot of salt – a small ‘carry bag’ is enough for your emergency kit! 

If you don’t have any salt don’t worry; you can contact your local distributor, Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd. Based at North Arkleston Farm in Paisley, you can purchase as little as one small bag of de-icing salt, to full pallets, bulk bags and large loose loads. Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd are committed to helping keep you safe this winter.

www.saltandgritsolutions.co.uk  0141 8891455

paisley from drone

There isn’t long left until New Years’ Eve, and celebrations for the upcoming year of 2020 are fast approaching. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the new year, but aren’t sure of what to do or where to go, why not host your own party instead? There are lots of fun things you can do when you decide to celebrate the new year in your own way, and the best part is that you can celebrate it with all of your favourite people. So, if you’re thinking of having an NYE party, then here are some ideas of how you can make it absolutely perfect. 


Party in Style 

The way that you enter into the new year could be seen as a reflection of how the next year of your life will be spent, so it’s important to head into 2020 in style. If you want to host a luxury party, then you will need to find a venue that has enough space for a large number of guests to dance and mingle, and can also fit any extras that you plan on having in the space. For example, food tables and decorations can take up a fair amount of space if you plan on having a lot of them, so this is an important aspect to take into consideration. A manor house or high-end hotel function room would both be perfect location options, but even a marquee or field party could be equally as extravagant, as long as you add the right finishing touches. 


Novelty Themes

Having a clear theme for your party will make it a lot easier for you to make all of the decorations and general aesthetic of the party cohesive. There are lots of different themes that your guests would enjoy, such as a magical winter wonderland party, a vintage 1920s style party, or an old school disco. Once you have your theme in mind, you can then start planning all of the decorations and equipment that you’ll need. For example, if you’re planning on having a dance floor with disco lighting, then you might want to consider renting some event equipment from https://anythingforhire.com/.


Celebrate New Beginnings

One of the best parts of the new year is that it offers a completely new beginning, so if you’re still looking for a theme for your party, this is something you should definitely consider celebrating. For example, you could ask all of your guests to write down their hopes and wishes for the new year, or set up a bonfire outside and offer everyone the opportunity to burn away the regrets that they want to leave behind. Additionally, as you want to create a celebratory atmosphere, you won’t want harsh lights that flood the space and make it too bright. Instead, you’ll want to create a cosier atmosphere that’s dimly lit, so that people are comfortable dancing without feeling like they’re exposed to the world. For instance, fairy lights are great for creating the whimsical feel that everyone enjoys around Christmas time.

paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates are hoping to get the show back on the road this Sunday, as they welcome the Dundee Tigers to Braehead Arena after two successive under par performances. A surprise defeat to North Ayrshire Wild, followed by a heavy loss to Murrayfield Racers, both in the Stuart Robertson Cup competition, have left Pirates looking to avoid a third successive home defeat to the to the much improved Tigers, a sequence which the home side has managed to avoid at the Arena for a number of years, such has been the consistency of their performances in recent times .Player/coach Adam Walker has warned the players that they have to work much harder than they have done in the last few weeks if they hope to take anything against the Tigers, who recorded an excellent 3-3 draw against Kirkcaldy Kestrels at the weekend.

paisley pirates

The SNL match faces off at 4.30pm, during which time the Pirates Supporters Club will again be collecting new toys and taking donations for the Renfrewshire Toy Appeal. Chairwoman Marie Cadenhead commented, ”It’s a very worthwhile charity and once again it gives the Pirates a chance to support a local charity within the community. We got a very good response in the form of new toys and cash donations last year and we’re hoping that we get similar backing from our fans this year.” 

Off Ice Operations Manager Jackie Turley also commented, “We’re getting to that time of year when clubs and organisations are looking for new ways to give their members a Christmas outing, and as usual we’re giving them the chance to bring their members to a game without breaking the bank in the process/ We’ve got a number of home games running up to around the middle of December so there’s a great chance for clubs to cash in on the offer by simply emailing us at paisleypirates@gmail.org.”

In the United Kingdom, hemp isn’t completely legal. Farmers are required to obtain a license approved by the Home Office before legally growing it. The law concerning the use of CBD is the same throughout the United Kingdom, including Paisley, Scotland. Roger at Pet Life Today, says, “CBD products with a tetrahydrocannabinol or THC level of 0.2 or lower are considered legal

Read on to learn more about why only the best CBD oil and cat treats CBD  is being used by consumers in Paisley.

Scottish High Street Only Sells Top-Rated CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD products are available online and in local shops in Scotland. Morover, you can buy CBD food supplements in local wellness shops on Glasgow’s High Street, one of the oldest and most historically significant streets in Scotland.

People in Paisley and the rest of the consumers in Scotland consider buying the top tested products because of the high standards set and maintained throughout the country. Consumers want only the best, especially when it comes to health and wellness products. Scottish people place great value on health and would only like the most effective and cost-worthy products, like top-rated CBD oil.

Also, one important factor why the people in Paisley only buy the best CBD products is the tight business competition, as evidenced in High Street. In fact, more than five businesses totally close or shut down every week from struggling to keep up with the competition. That’s why business owners try to endorse only the best products and services to gain more customers, like CBD products.

The Scottish Place High Value On Quality Products

According to Cambridge News, British goods are internationally respected and highly reliable. Moreover, one out of nine Asian consumers believes that British products are the best in the world. International consumers love British goods because they are viewed as high-quality.

For instance, British clothes and cars are favored by international consumers because they view them as high-quality merchandise. That’s why many people choose British brands even if it means that they have to pay more.

Here are the reasons why Paisley is associated with the best quality standards:

  • Paisley is always associated with the best quality standards because it is the home of notable people and modern education. In fact, it is the main site for the modern and prestigious University of the West of Scotland.
  • Paisley is the home of notable religious personalities, like the Stewart family, descendants of Walter FitzAlan, known as the founder of Paisley Abbey (later became the Scottish and British Royal Family) and the first High Steward of Scotland.
  • Quality drives international consumers, and because the United Kingdom is well-known to offer high-quality brands, the British are used to only the best products. That’s why people in Paisley only choose the top-rated CBD products, like CBD oil. 

Paisley Uses Top Rated CBD Oil Because of CBD’s Promising Health Benefits

CBD oil has become increasingly popular because of the health benefits that CBD oil provides to the residents. According to statistics, the largest demographic in Paisley belongs to people aged 45 to 59 years old. With this age range, people start to feel chronic pain, like arthritis and back pain. That’s why people keep looking for effective healthcare products, like CBD oil, for pain relief.

The best extraction method to produce high-quality CBD oil is via CO2 extraction or using food-grade ethanol. Using natural solvents ensures that terpenes and cannabinoids remain intact without using foreign substances. People in Paisley are now aware how CBD can help them to achieve good health by treating disease with this alternative method. Also, testimonials and anecdotal evidence show how people in the UK have survived cancer because of CBD, thus influencing the notion of Paisley buddies and the overall population of the United Kingdom.

In a report of Daily Mail UK (March 2019), an 81-year-old lung cancer patient, believed to be from the Stoke-on-Trent, repeatedly refused chemotherapy. He was offered radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the Royal Stoke University Hospital but he declined the treatment because of the known adverse effects of these cancer treatments and his age. He tried alternative treatment to prolong his life by taking CBD oil for three months. Doctors have published stunning scans to show that the patient’s tumors have shrunk, reversing the progression of his lung cancer.

Many British people, including Paisley buddies, consume CBD through vape. There are 3.6 million British people vaping with a 12.5 percent increase every year. With the rise of CBD vape oil and the known therapeutic benefits of CBD, many also resort to vaping CBD. Also, this reason points out to why people in Paisley choose and use only the top CBD oil.


Top rated CBD oils are preferred and used in Paisley because people have high regard to the best quality standards. Many people consider CBD as a promising alternative or adjunct treatment to traditional medications, most especially middle adults and seniors, who comprise a large portion of Paisley’s demographics.


paisley from drone

Almost every single organisation in today’s business world relies on technology to get the day’s work done, but with the speed that technology progresses, that technology becomes outdated quickly. 

Employees expect to work with the latest and most up to date technology, equipment and services, especially when their work relies on that technology. It can be expensive for a business to continually update and buy new hardware, which is why many businesses are turning to Device as a Service (DaaS) as a more cost-effective solution. 

If you are wondering exactly what DaaS is and how it can benefit your business, then you are not alone. 

What is DaaS?

Device as a Service is what it says on the tin; it is a contract per device that provides the hardware you need, alongside analytics, support and end-to-end lifecycle services. 

DaaS gives your business the freedom to have the latest hardware and devices with options to update when and where you need to, without the need for huge spending costs. 

Regularly updating IT departments can be expensive; DaaS from Xeretec provides a cheaper solution with long-term effectiveness. 

What are the benefits?

DaaS has many benefits over traditional leasing and purchasing. 

No More Obsolete Tech

Buying products, like computer software, will inevitably leave your business with outdated technology and no option but to upgrade out of your own pocket, with great effects on your IT budget. 

When using DaaS, you can use your business’s IT budget much more effectively and provide your employees with the technology they need to make your business succeed with the integrated upgrades that the service offers. 

Easily Adjustable

Teams change and shift over time, and therefore so does the need your business has for specific technology. With DaaS contracts, you can change the number of devices on your contract easily to reflect your business’s needs. Unlike buying upfront where you have that number forever until you buy or sell, DaaS provides you with flexibility to adapt to changing demands in your business. 

Expert Support from Your Provider

Support for both the devices and their software comes as part of the contract. If a service isn’t working, you can contact your provider and they will fix it for you. This will save time during the workday for your IT department; they can focus on what’s important, which is driving your business forward. No longer will hours be lost because of IT issues. 

Visibility of Costs

When purchasing new technology as and when your business needs it, it can be difficult to predict the cost of upgrades, the scale of them, and when they are needed. This makes it difficult to plan your business’s expenditure and future costs become invisible.

With DaaS, all the costs are visible and easily planned into your budget. Your contract will not change unless you alter it yourself. It is much easier to plan your business’s IT development costs with a service like this. 

Device as a Service is the best choice for any growing business; it allows you to upgrade, change and see your costs like no other option could. 

Renfrew Christmas Lights

Renfrew will shine bright this Saturday, 23 November, as the Christmas lights are switched on in the town.

The festivities in the town centre kick off at 12pm and there’s a sleigh-load of free family fun on offer to keep even the littlest elf entertained.

Renfrew Christmas Lights

Renfrew Town Hall will be busy hosting free face painting and a balloon artist until 4pm, and you can catch Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre’s performance of Lost Bears’ Christmas at 12pm and 1pm.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without carols and Renfrew Burgh Band will be hosting their annual Christmas carol concert in Renfrew Town Hall from 3pm.

Santa will be waiting in his grotto to hear what’s on your Christmas list this year – you can find him inside the Renfrew Christian Fellowship Hall until 4pm. Don’t forget to say hello to Rudolph and his friends!

From 3pm-5pm, local performers will showcase their talents on the main stage – hosted by Pulse FM – before the big switch on.

There’s something for the thrill seekers too, with a funfair located in Charles Avenue car park until 6:30pm.

Research shows around 65p from every pound spent in the local area stays in the local area and Renfrewshire Council are encouraging visitors to the event to take part in the Spend Local campaign and support the wide range of businesses on offer in Renfrew town centre.

At 5pm, the lights will be switched on and the sky above Renfrew will be lit up with a spectacular fireworks display.

Renfrewshire’s Depute Provost Cathy McEwan will be there to switch on the lights. She said: “Our winter events season is in full swing and it’s brilliant having all this activity in the heart of the town centre.

“There’s fantastic entertainment on all afternoon – with carol singing, face painting, Santa’s reindeer and more, finishing with an unmissable fireworks display.

“This year I’ll be joined by competition winner Mairead from St James’ Primary to switch on the lights and I’d love to see you all there too.”

For more information on events in Renfrewshire visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk

paisley pirates

Pirates suffered one of their heaviest home defeats in recent years as they crashed 12-1 to a strong visiting side who ruthlessly took them apart in a one sided game at Braehead Arena on Sunday night.

paisley pirates

The home side actually took the lead through Conor Duncan in the 7th minute and while the visitors scored almost from the resulting face off, and then added a late goal to go in at the break 2-1 ahead, Pirates had essentially matched the Edinburgh side for the first twenty minutes, to leave the large crowd with an expectation of more to follow in the later stages.

However, that hope came to nothing, as Racers came out for the middle session and effectively took the game away from Pirates with no fewer than FIVE unanswered goals in a miserable period for the home side, where they were unable to show any of the vigour which had marked their play in the opening period. The third session became a repeat of the second session horror show, with the visitors again scoring five goals without reply, as Boyd and Ireland helped themselves to seven of the dozen goals conceded on a night which the home fans will want to forget in a hurry.

Player/coach Adam Walker said after the game,” We competed well in the first period but had nothing to offer for the last two sessions. We simply had nothing to offer and you can’t afford to do that against any team, far less one as strong as Murrayfield.. The team appears to be lacking confidence at the moment and we need to address that quickly.”

Pirates are back at Braehead Arena this Sunday when they play the rapidly improving Dundee Tigers in a match which faces off at 4.30pm.


MIRREN COURT, 119 – 123 Renfrew Road, Paisley
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A variety of different offices available at Mirren Business Centres in Paisley suitable for small businesses up to larger business requirements.

Both Mirren Court and Mirren Chambers offer flexible and affordable bright  and attractive work space in a wide range of sizes from individual rooms for small businesses to whole floors for larger business requirements. We offer very competitive terms and if you wish to relocate we would be delighted to provide you further information or arrange a viewing.

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dee dental paisley

Do you not like your Acrylic (plastic) or Cobalt Chrome (metal) denture?

Have you heard of Valaplast denture?
what is valaplast I hear you say?

dee dental paisley

Valaplast is a flexible partial denture available here at our surgery at 5 County Place Paisley. Valaplast provides the perfect degree of flexibility and stability when processed and finished to the recommended thickness. Valaplast is a wonderful material that is known for being non invasive, comfortable and looks great! Contact us now on 0141 889 2741 or book online at deedentalpaisley.co.uk