Botox treatments are designed to remove and prevent wrinkles and fine lines from a person’s face. They target by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. It is a simple process that administers the substance through injections. It is considered a safe process. It should however only be administered by a qualified professional. Botox is the brand name given to onabotulinumtoxinA. It is a highly toxic substance that is lethal to humans. In treatments where Botox is used the dosage is too little to have a serious health implication.  With the likes of Innotox which you can use in smoothing wrinkles in your face, following prescribe dosage is a must.  It is important to have a long and detailed discussion with your doctor before deciding to opt for a treatment plan that contains injecting Botox.

Things to do before undergoing Botox treatment

It is important to reiterate that a Botox procedure should only be administered by an experienced and qualified professional at the best Botox clinic in London. There are a lot of things you should discuss with your doctor before undergoing treatment.

You should understand the expected outcomes. Botox only fixes lines and wrinkles that happen because of muscle contraction. These areas are on the top one-third portion of your face.  There are other lines that occur on the face due to a loss of volume. These lines require a different type of treatment.

This process also involves understanding the procedure and the product better. You should also know that the effects of Botox will wear out in about four months. Without getting another dosage your face will again start developing lines and wrinkles as your paralyzed muscles start working again.

Discuss your medical history with the doctor; also specify if you are under any medication at the time. You should also mention if you are allergic to anything.

Clean your face with a mild soap before the procedure, the doctor would probably clean your face again with an antiseptic.

Botox treatments come with the slight inconveniences that come with the use of needles. There may be some pain or swelling at the place where they were injected. You should keep an eye out for other symptoms. Any symptoms should be reported to the doctor if it doesn’t go away on its own within a reasonable time.

Things to avoid while undergoing Botox treatment

You shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations. Botox treatments are a temporary fix that should be renewed regularly if you wish to keep up your appearance. Even the best Botox clinic will not charge more for a single treatment.

Doctors generally advise users to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol before Botox treatments. These are simply factors that may increase your chance of bruising from the injection.

A range of medicines can increase the risk factors when they are used along with Botox. You should not have any medicine that isn’t specifically cleared by your doctor.

Do not put on makeup right after receiving Botox treatment. You should wait for at least a few hours before trying to make up on or even rubbing your skin.

The last point is not to get overwhelmed. Doctors encourage you to be in a relaxed state while getting the treatment.


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