Are you looking after someone with Stroke or Parkinson’s?

(Renfrewshire Carers Centre’s Support Group meeting at Northcroft Medical Centre)

Renfrewshire Carers Centre is currently looking for carers to join their Stroke and Parkinson’s support groups.

The Centre runs a range of locally based support groups in Paisley and Linwood and also condition specific groups for example carers looking after people with Alzheimer’s and Stroke, young people with disabilities and Kinship carers.


Carers report that attending the support groups gives them a chance to meet other people in an informal setting who are going through the same experiences this peer support is what most carers find invaluable. As part of the support carers also enjoy going out for meals, Bowling and going outings to places of interest. Also, carers benefit from guest speakers who provide extra support and useful information.

Every group is different and has a support worker from the Centre who facilitates a group. If you would like to join any of these groups, you do not need a formal invitation, just come along on the day. You will be most welcome.

One of the carers who attends Renfrewshire Carers Centre’s support group is Robert Taylor.

Robert has been caring for his wife Lesley who is Bi–Polar for 15 years. His first contact with the Carers Centre was 4 years ago.

During this period, Robert has regularly attended the Male Carers Group that meet monthly at Northcroft Medical Centre. Robert describes the Centre and the support group as “his lifeline” He said: “I do not know what I would do without the support of the staff at the Centre. The group allows me time away from my caring role and to meet other carers in the same position as myself. The members have built strong friendships which mean a lot & you don’t feel on your own. The Group Worker, Margaret, is great! I would encourage anyone needing support to come along”


1) Stroke Carers Support Group: Fourth Tuesday of each month – Northcroft Medical Centre

2) Parkinson’s Carers Support Group: Third Thursday of each month – Northcroft Medical Centre

3) Alzheimer’s Carers Support Group: First Thursday of each month – Northcroft Medical Centre

4) Male Carers Support Group: First Tuesday of each month – Northcroft Medical Centre

5) Grandparent/Kinship Carers Support Group: Fourth Tuesday of each month – Renfrewshire Carers Centre

6) Former Carers Support Group: Second Tuesday of each month – Northcroft Medical Centre

Please refer to Renfrewshire Carers Website for full details

Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall is hosting a charity zip slide this September and she wants you to take part with her.

 Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall and St Vincent’s Fundraising and Communications Manager Lesley Miller

Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall and St Vincent’s Fundraising and Communications Manager Lesley Miller

Fundraisers will fly across East End Park in Paisley, going from 100ft to the ground in seconds, in order to raise money for four Renfrewshire charities- one of which is St Vincent’s Hospice.

When Stewart MacKay was discharged from hospital having been deemed too frail for a heart transplant he was at an all time low.

 Day Hospice attendee Stewart MacKay

Day Hospice attendee Stewart MacKay

“I had a hospital bed in the living room and wasn’t allowed to use the stairs. They didn’t even want me to transfer from my wheelchair- my chances of survival were rated low.”

Stewart was given the opportunity to visit St Vincent’s day hospice which provides people with palliative care needs the opportunity to access the services of the hospice.

It gives patients the chance to meet with others, as well as members of the hospice team, for peer support and also gives respite to family and carers.

“If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have done anything. I wasn’t even sure I was going to go—but I’m glad I gave it a try. Susan and Sharon are cheery and I look forward to coming here.

“It’s not the end of the world coming to the hospice.  It’s all about getting you to do things, rather than giving up.”

It costs around £6,000 per day to provide all of St Vincent’s services and all care is provided at no cost to the patient or their families.

The funds raised by the zip slide will play a vital role in allowing them to continue to provide local hospice care in Renfrewshire.

Lesley Miller, St Vincent’s Fundraising and Communications Manager, said: “The zip slide is quite a challenge; you have to hold your nerve as you get lifted high into the air and then trust your life to the wire.  But it’s an exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget.

“And by raising as much sponsorship as you can, it’s a golden opportunity to reach out to help other people in your own community, here in Renfrewshire.”

Provost Hall said: “St Vincent’s provide a vital service within Renfrewshire and I’m proud to support them through my charity fundraising scheme.

“By taking part in the zip slide you will not only experience the exhilaration of the jump but the money raised will help St Vincent’s- and the other three charities- continue to provide quality services for those in Renfrewshire- such as Stewart.

”I would urge you to please sign up and fundraise for what will be an exciting and memorable day.”

The zip slide takes place on Saturday 3 September and forms part of Renfrewshire’s Doors Open Day celebrations.

All the money raised from the event will be donated equally between St Vincent’s Hospice, ACCORD Hospice, Renfrewshire Carers Centre and Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH).

For more information and to sign up contact Donna Gallagher on 0141 618 6794 and

the bungalow

The Bungalow is an independent and ethical live music venue nestled within the heart of Paisley Town Centre (Central Scotland). We are well known for our relaxed atmosphere and laid back attitudes, not to mention having the friendliest team of staff (we feel) on the planet!

The Bungalow legacy began in the late seventies on Renfrew Road (the original premises) with artists such as; The Fall, The Skids, The Tourists, Orange juice, Roddy Frame, Alan McGee, The Buzzcocks, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Alarm, The Jam, The Teardrop Explodes, The Clash and many many more rolled through the doors to perform to a packed Paisley crowd every night! To the disappointment of many The Bungalow closed its doors in the early eighties.the bungalow

In 2008, The Bungalow revival was born opening up in its current residency of Shuttle Street with a mission to bring the upcoming and the legends into Paisley as the music home of Danny Kyle, Jerry Rafferty, Paolo Nutini, Jukebox and many more with the likes of The Rezillos, The Quireboys and The Blockheads already making their way back through our doors and inspiring up and coming bands to fulfil their music talents and dreams (We have a big dream here and everyone is part of that).

We do not support any form of Pay to Play or unethical practices within our venue, we aim for; artists, customers and staff alike to be treated with an equal degree of respect and such a practise is unwelcome here. We always aim for gig tickets to be as cheap as possible however, you will probably find most of our events are free! Please come down and support live music within our independent and ethical venue.


Opening Times:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 6pm-12am
Thursday: 6pm-12am
Friday: 6pm-1am
Saturday: 6pm-1am
Sunday: 6pm-12am



paisley from drone

Getting rich quick is rightfully dismissed as impractical and usually ineffective, but building wealth is a long-term financial strategy anyone can and should adopt.

With these five wealth-building strategies, you could create a stable financial future for yourself and your family.

Stay Organised

A lack of organisation is one of the primary reasons people have trouble managing their money.

Learning to manage your finances is as important as learning how to manage your time.

Begin by dedicating a space for important financial documents you need to keep, such as receipts saved for tax purposes, and organise them in filing drawers, folders and other convenient storage containers.

Transfer important numbers to a spread sheet or other software where you can manage your daily, weekly and monthly expenditure.

From a small folder to a large filing system, a little organisation goes a long way.

Analyse Your Spending

Generating income is only part of building wealth. If your lifestyle exceeds your means, it doesn’t matter how much you earn each year.

Take a good look at what you spend each week and then look at the totals over a year.By doing this you will soon see what that rarely used gym membership really costs and make some worthwhile cuts.

Then make a simple budget spread sheet or even use a pen and paper to note the over spending and then plan to cut back.

This tip alone has saved me thousands of dollars on wasteful expenditure.

Diversify Your Investments

This advice has become almost cliché in the financial industry, but few people realise what it truly means to diversify.

To diversify your investments, you need to establish an investment portfolio that attempts to account for the fluctuation of the market and is designed to counter your losses with your gains.

For example, investing in stocks in a variety of industries helps compensate for any extreme losses that may hit one market.

Similarly, diversifying your real estate holdings can protect you from extreme market shifts in a given area.

Work with Professionals

Hiring a wealth management company, is one of the best ways to boost your wealth-generating strategy.

A professional wealth management company often has years of expertise and knowledge to devote to managing your assets, leaving you more time to do what you love (spending!).

A professional wealth manager can become a long-term financial partner who is invested in you and your financial success.

Most busy professionals simply don’t have the time it takes to stay apprised of all the latest financial news and trends, so it makes good financial sense to work with someone who can put his or her current industry knowledge to work for you.

The trick is to employ a company that focuses on wealth management rather than other forms of financial service.

Also consider how they charge you because some people think this can affect the quality of the advice. Fisher Investments UK and Falcon Private Wealth are two such companies that charge a fee whereas an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) often gets paid a commission for selling other businesses financial products.

Remember to Save

While investments are an essential part of wealth building, saving is also important.

Setting a savings goal each month is the easiest way to build long-term savings.

Also consider opening multiple savings accounts to meet different needs. You can establish one savings account to supplement your retirement investments and another to serve as an emergency account for car repairs and other unexpected expenses.

Treating the money in your savings account as if it is inaccessible goes a long way towards increasing your nest egg and building wealth over time.

Look for a savings account that offers a high rate of interest and benefits to long-term users.

Building wealth may seem difficult, but these strategies are simple yet can be highly effective ways to generate wealth over time.

The best wealth-building techniques are straightforward and require a small amount of discipline that yields significant dividends to those who are patient enough to see them through.

New & Improved Car Park


We are pleased to announce  that the Piazza Car Park has reopened as of  Thursday 21st July 2016. The refurbishment  has been ongoing since 7th February 2016 and includes new finishes, upgrades to lighting, CCTV and signage, all of which will enable us to provide high quality, value for money parking within the town centre. Offering a total of 338 spaces, including an increase in both disabled and parent & child bays, there will be plenty of space for shoppers & businesses to park their vehicle whilst knowing it is both safe and secure. Prices remain the same as previously:

0-3hrs – £1

3-4hrs – £2

4hrs+ – £5

Weekly Tickets – £15

Monthly Tickets – £50

As part of the reopening we are offering free weekend car parking for the foreseeable future as a way of saying thank you for your patience whilst work was being done.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our newly developed Car Park.


Now that we are coming to the end of the summer months don’t leave it too late to start your driving lessons and run the risk of having your test cancelled due to bad weather.  At the moment paisley test centre has a 15 week waiting list for a driving test taking us up to November.  So let’s get you started and passed before the ice and snow appears. M8 Driving School offer block bookings of £125 for 5hrs & £240 for 10hrs. Give us a call on 07747 600 672 or check out our website 


Friday 29th July – Artie’s Tartan Tales: Artie’s Tartan Tales show includes classic songs from his Singing Kettle show as well as a whole new repertoire of children’s stories all with singing and joining-in. Don’t miss it, children and adults love the show. There will be 3 x 30 min shows at 11am 12pm & 1pm. This event is free to attend.  You can find more details on the facebook page by clicking here

artie facebook

Thursday 11th August – Funbox: FUNBOX is the brand new show from Anya Scott-Rodgers, Gary Coupland and Kevin Macleod, formerly of the Singing Kettle. Formed in 2014, FUNBOX aim to take their own brand of family singalong silliness across the length and breadth of Scotland and beyond. FUNBOX is a show that the whole family can join in with, packed with madcap characters, music and mirth. Filled with familiar and new songs, everyone can get involved and have a good time. There will be two shows lasting 40 minutes, each are free to attend – 1pm & 3pm.  You can find more details on the facebook page by clicking here

funbox 1

Cairn Housing Association is one of Scotland’s largest providers of affordable homes.  We have been serving communities across the whole of Scotland for over 25 years.  We are a non-profit making registered charity with over 3000 homes throughout Scotland, from Caithness in the north Highlands to the Scottish Borders.


Our team are dedicated to providing great homes and services to our tenants and residents.

For more information on our services please visit our website here

Paisley was alive to the sound of music as students from its sister town of Fürth put on a special performance in Paisley Town Hall.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall with gifts from Alex Hamilton of Fürth Music School.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall with gifts from Alex Hamilton of Fürth Music School.

Fürth Music School and the Hallemann School in Germany visited Paisley as part of their tour of Scotland which sees them play in Edinburgh, Paisley and Glasgow.

Fürth Music School musicians

Fürth Music School musicians

Incorporating vocals, drums, guitars, flutes and keyboard, the band showcased their significant talents to Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall and members of the public in the Alexander Wilson Suite.

Performing traditional German music with a twist as well as classic songs such as ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘Rock Around the Clock’, the band played a lunchtime concert before moving on to perform for the veterans at Erskine in the afternoon.

The students also performed at Paisley Abbey during last Sunday’s service- making the most of their time in their twin town.

Paisley has been twinned with Fürth since 1969 and also has further twin town links with Gladsaxe in Denmark.

Provost Hall said: “I am delighted to further our international links by welcoming the students from Fürth to Paisley.

“Paisley has a strong tradition in producing talented musicians and it is clear that our sister town follows the same path after listening to their fantastic performance.

“As our bid for UK City of Culture 2021 continues to gather pace, our town twinning links will be an important part of illustrating our culture and we will continue to build on the strong relationship we have developed with Fürth.”

You can learn more about Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021, and how you can help support the bid, by visiting, liking /Paisley2021 on Facebook or following @Paisley2021 on Twitter and Instagram

st james park

St James park is still known locally as ‘The Racecourse’ even although Paisley’s last horse race was held here in 1907.IMG_7143

As far back as 1620, even before the racecourse had been built, horse racing had been prominent in Paisley.

The starting point for the first recorded annual race was a large boulder called St Conval’s Stone which can be found in the grounds of the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew.  From here, the riders raced to Renfrew Road.  The first to cross the finish line at the Wallneuk was the winner.  The esteemed prize, which the winner could keep for a year, was a ‘Silver Bell’, decorated with the Paisley Burgh Arms.  In addition to this prize, the winner received an attractive purse of gold ‘double angel’ coins.

By 1659, the race for the ‘Silver Bells’ was so popular that it was decided it would be held during the St James fair.

In 1663, the traditional course of the Paisley Races was changed.  It was now to run over the towns twenty-four acres.  This is an area bounded by what is now Inchinnan Road, Love Street and Caledonia Street.  The course was hazardous with rough roads and deep ditches.

Over the years, the race for the silver bells gathered larger and larger crowds of spectators. It became so popular that locals climbed to the balconies of the high church in Oakshaw to get better views.

In 1827 racing over the ‘twenty-four acres’ was stopped as a proper racecourse was made at St James park.  Crowds of between ten and fifteen thousand attended the first race and by 1835, this had increased to forty thousand.  The distinguished ‘silver bell’ race was the star attraction with the winning horse being paraded with silver bells proudly hung between its ears.

Racing at St James lasted until 1907 when the course was sadly condemned as it did not have a straight stretch of five furlongs.  Paisley lost one of their oldest traditions. The old silver bells first won in 1620 and one of the oldest horse racing prizes in Britain were then displayed at Paisley museum.



gavin newlands

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has questioned the newly appointed Minister for Welfare
Delivery, Caroline Nokes MP, on the effects of the new single-tier state pension on gender equality.

gavin newlands
Gavin and the Scottish National Party have campaigned relentlessly on the changes to the state pension age together with the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign group. In Women and Equalities questions
last week, Gavin once again highlighted this issue of pension inequality.

Thousands of women in Renfrewshire have had their state pension age increased with very little warning causing serious damage to their finances and future plans. However, the rules regarding the newly introduced single-tier state pension are also unfair on women. The new state pension will mean 350,000 women born between 1951 and 1953 retire on the old system, just before the new proposals come into force, whereas a man born on the same day will retire slightly later but receive a pension under the new arrangements.

Gavin said: “I was glad to be able to raise this issue in Parliament recently. The inequality caused by the changes to the state pension will only add to the unfairness experienced by thousands of women born in the 1950s. “I took the opportunity to question the newly appointed Minister on whether she agrees that a pensions commission must urgently be established to end further gender inequalities. We need to ensure that we get a fair universal
pensions system where pensioners are able to have dignity in their retirement.”

The popular Fire Engine Rally returns to Johnstone on Saturday 13th August.

Fire Engine Rally 27

Once again, big crowds are expected to descend on the town’s Houston Square for an afternoon of family fun. Fire engines and other emergency vehicles from across the ages will gather in the town centre, with the day forming part of the calendar of events taking place across Renfrewshire as part of the Paisley 2021 bid for UK City of Culture.

Fire Engine Rally 46

Starting at 11am, the day will begin with a parade of vintage fire engines from Johnstone Fire Station, down Thorn Brae, to Houston Square. The parade is expected to take half an hour and all the vehicles will be on display in Houston Square for the rest of the day.

The event is being hosted by Renfrewshire Council in partnership with the Fire Heritage Trust and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be putting on a number of dramatic demonstrations during the day, showing the public how they go about responding to fires and accidents. Other entertainment will be provided by regular falconry displays throughout the day, music from a DJ and a bouncy castle.

Renfrewshire’s Provost, Anne Hall, will be in attendance on the day and may even get involved in the fire rescue demonstrations.

She said: “This will be the third time Johnstone has hosted the Fire Engine Rally and it’s proving to be an extremely popular event with the local community.

“It’s a great event which provides fun for families while also delivering important safety messages and it provides a boost for local businesses in the town centre too. It’s further evidence of the range of cultural events which take place across Renfrewshire and shows the region-wide support for our Paisley 2021 bid for UK City of Culture.”

The Paisley 2021 bid aims to transform the town and Renfrewshire’s future by using its unique cultural and heritage offering as the home of the Paisley Pattern and one-time centre of the global textile industry.

Bids are expected to be lodged with the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport in Spring 2017.

For more information on Paisley 2021, visit, like /Paisley2021 on Facebook or follow @Paisley2021 on Twitter and Instagram.