Introduction by Cllr Derek Mackay and Cllr Eileen McCartin, Leader and Depute Leader of Renfrewshire Council

“The UK recession we’re only now emerging from has significant consequences for all of us, and the public sector is no different.

“Scotland receives a share of UK public spending in the form of a block grant, which is then allocated by the Scottish Government to fund the NHS, local government and public services.

“One of the major consequences of the recession is that councils will receive less money from central government in coming years.

“This will happen at a time of increased demand for council services, with a growing elderly population, more young people requiring care and more of our residents affected themselves by the recession.

“Renfrewshire will have to make tens of millions of pounds of savings in the coming years. The challenge will be to continue providing affordable and sustainable services with fewer resources. Some difficult decisions will have to be made and we have asked council officers, led by Chief Executive David Martin, to fully investigate the choices available to us.