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British parliament has had seemingly no end to referendums in the past year. Whilst Brexit has left the majority of the national devastated, Scottish parliament are now trying their luck again for Scottish independence. Of course, many people adore travelling to Scotland, with famous cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow posing as popular tourist attractions, which is hardly surprising considering their outstanding architecture and distinguishable culture. However, if Scotland were to become independent, how would these things change? Would you be able to use your EHIC when travelling there? Luckily, yes, but that’s just the beginning – here’s the rest.

What Will The Defence System Be Like?

We live in an unfortunate world where terrorism is on the rise, and it’s a contemporary issue that needs close monitoring at all times. However, with the SNP indicated that they plan on disposing of Britain’s Trident nuclear missile programme, agreeing on a defence system will become highly problematic. I don’t know about you, but when travelling to a new country, the last thing I was is a thought in the back of my mind niggling about how the country remains less protected than others across the continent. Having said this, defence is a massive employer for Scotland, and it’s said that a total force of 15,000 regular and 5,000 reserve individuals would be created following the vote for independence, so it could go one of two ways.

Would They Keep The Pound?

It has been insisted by Salmond that Scotland will remain using the pound as their default currency should the country vote for independence. Nevertheless, the three main political parties sat at Westminster state that they would rather block such a currency union. Overall, the final decision over how the currency in Scotland will change following a vote for independence is unclear, and whilst some experts have mentioned the pound staying, there are also other theories. For example, currency experts have suggested that the pound will still be used, however not in a formal currency union. As well as this, it has been rumoured that Scotland could join the euro, or even create their own currency (we can’t lie – we’d love to see what they would come up with!). Either way, the euro option would take a lot of time and planning, and creating a new currency entirely will cost too much money in itself and with the vote for independence not being cheap, they’ll really need to think it through.

Will I Need A Passport To Visit Scotland?

To ensure the process of Scotland gaining independence is an uncomplicated as possible, parliament have discussed how the country will remain within the common travel area, similar to how Ireland already is. With this said, there are numerous political rows erupting over the matter (surprise, surprise) due to issues of immigration. Currently, it is difficult to see Westminster government signing up to an agreement regarding open borders, especially considering that an independent Scotland will be taking a different approach on immigrants. However, the effects of Scotland’s choice for independence remain unclear, and thus, the issue of passports is likely to remain unresolved for now.

There are many changes bought with Scotland’s potential vote for independence, but at such an early stage, these effects aren’t yet set in stone. All we can say in brace yourselves – we could have another Brexit on our hands!


For modern businesses, having an online presence is a must. This could be in the form of a customer-facing website, internal tools for use by members of staff, or both. Online tools have made businesses more efficient, reliable and flexible than ever before. They have also introduced vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

For smaller businesses, staying secure when using online services can be a challenge. They may feel as though they do not have the in-house resources required to deploy the latest and most effective security tools. However, many of the best cybersecurity practices do not require huge expenditure at all. Here are five vital security tips that businesses of all sizes should keep in mind.

Stay up-to-date

If small businesses want to protect their operations from malicious behaviour online, keeping their software regularly updated must be a priority. Vulnerabilities are being discovered every day and new types of malware are continually being created in order to exploit them. Updates and patches issued by software developers are designed to counter these threats, but many firms choose to ignore them. As an example, just take a look at how many businesses refuse to migrate from Windows XP, despite it no longer having security updates. By sticking with old versions of software, companies are leaving their business at risk of attack.

Educate your staff

Another relatively simple way of keeping your business safe is to ensure that your staff are aware of correct security practice. Organisations should create a series of guidelines explaining company policy when it comes to cybersecurity. This could cover topics like BYOD, shadow IT and remote working. Paying for formal staff training programmes could also prove to be a worthwhile investment.  

Prepare for the worst

In order to truly stay cyber safe, small businesses must accept that they will face a threat to their data or processes at some point in time, whether from external actors or their own members of staff. Having a disaster recovery plan in place can prove hugely effective at protecting your business from excess damage.

An effective disaster recovery solution can even restore your data to the same state it was in when the disruption occurred. This mitigates issues for a company’s employees and customers and limits any financial impacts.

Choose your partners carefully

Many small businesses realise that they can achieve efficiencies and cost savings by partnering with other companies. Managed service providers like Sungard AS are proving increasingly popular because they can offer specialised services, like data storage or software maintenance, remotely – saving businesses from having to make large up-front investments. If you are going to work with an external partner, however, make sure you choose one that is experienced and well-respected.

Get your passwords right

Passwords play a primary role in security systems all over the world and yet many organisations do not give them much thought. In fact, some companies continue to use simple, easy-to-crack passwords on even their most critical business tools. What’s more, many companies re-use passwords across multiple IT solutions, meaning that a hacker only needs to crack one application to gain access to them all. Using stronger passwords, adopting two-factor authentication and implementing a password manager are effective methods that small businesses can employ to ensure that their software and data is protected. Don’t get caught out because you chose “1234” as your password.

Paisley is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. It has incredible history, and friendly residents. If you’re ever travelling in the U.K., you’ll definitely want to stop by here. In fact, many tourists visiting nearby major cities, and even book villas to rent in Tuscany, will take the time to visit Paisley.


Paisley is one of the 5 contenders for the UK City of Culture 2017 Award. The town has a good shot at winning, and many people are rooting for it to win. If you’re not already, here’s 5 reasons why Paisley deserves to take home the crown.

Reason #1: The Uniqueness of the Paisley Pattern

There’s an entire pattern that has been named after Paisley. Surprisingly, the heritage of this pattern dates back hundreds of years, and showcases the multiculturalism of Paisley.


The Paisley pattern first appeared in Persia in 221 AD. It has a distinctive shape that is very aesthetically-pleasing, and popular among the citizens of that time. The pattern was so popular that it was printed on shawls and other types of apparel. It was even used in jewelry designs as well.

In the late 18th century, the British East India Company imported many of these clothing and jewelry pieces to UK. Unsurprisingly, the pattern was a hit, and the people of Paisley started to specialize in producing these patterns on clothing, especially silk garments. This is how the Paisley pattern has become associated with the city of Paisley.

Reason #2: The Hometown of Numerous Celebrities and Stars

Celebrities and stars are often born and raised in Paisley. The most popular and successful celebrity being singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini. He’s a multi-millionaire who has capitalized on his talents and became successful. Paolo is not shy of his Paisley origins. His constant mention of the city has put it on the map.


Another successful celebrity from Paisley is Hollywood star Gerard Butler. This handsome actor embodies the Paisley culture, and definitely represents the city well. He’s starred in popular movies like the 300, and has been highly regarded as an outstanding actor.

To know more about the celebrity net worth, about their houses or any other information, Please visit our site: https://www.thesquander.com/chris-paisley-net-worth-2018-what-golfer-worth-1085529008

Reason #3: The Undeniable Connection to Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the most popular TV shows worldwide, and has been quickly franchised. It’s definitely worth watching. In fact, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t seen it yet.


This interesting show has a unique connection to Paisley that surprise even the most eccentric Doctor Who fans. Let’s start with the actor. David Tennant moved to Paisley when he was just a child, and made his professional acting debut there. In addition, Steven Moffat, who is the chief writer, is also from Paisley. Both talents frequently visit Paisley, and have won numerous awards there. In fact, there’s a good chance that you might run into them there.


There’s no denying that an incredible amount of talent has come from Paisley, especially in the arts industry.

Reason #4: The Presence of Numerous Historical Buildings

Paisley does not only influence current cultural trends. It has withstood time, and has had a huge influence on cultural trends and traditions in the past. In fact, Paisley town center has the most historic buildings in Scotland outside of Edinburg. Popular buildings include Paisley Abbey and Anchor Mill.


Paisley is the current Church of Scotland Protestant parish kirk. It stands right in the center of Paisley. Not only is the architectural beautiful, it is also the burial place of six High Stewards of Scotland. It also possesses the Celtic Barochan Cross, which is believed to be from the 10th century. The cross is definitely worth seeing, as it is absolutely marvelous.


If you’re ever visiting Paisley, you definitely want to visit some of these historical buildings. There are plenty of guided tours that will take you to each one. Experienced guides can give you a detailed background of each place. They’ll also be able to tell you some fun facts. Book tours ahead of time to make sure that you have a spot when you visit. Some tours fill up extremely quickly.

Reason #5: A Solid Connection to the Queen of England

The last reason why Paisley should win the UK City of Culture 2017 Award is simple. The town has a solid connection to the Queen of England through Sandy Stoddart. Sandy Stoddard is one of Scotland’s finest sculptors. In fact, he’s the Queen’s Sculptor. He sculpted the 10 feet statues of Adam Smith and David Hume, and his work is displayed in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.


Since his home is in Paisley, you’ll also find his work displayed there as well. If you’re ever in town, you should go admire his statue of John Witherspoon. It will definitely amaze you.


There’s still a couple of days before the UK City of Culture 2017 announces who the winner is; however, many people are betting that Paisley will take home the crown. However, even if it doesn’t, there’s no denying that this city has a lot to offer. It’s definitely a unique place, with a lot of outstanding features that have put it permanently on the map.


Paisley embraces multiculturalism, and features many historic moments of its own. There’s parts of this dainty town that will feel as if it’s trapped in time, and other parts that are modernized.


Car trends are set usually by the industry’s leading media. By making a study on which types of cars are being purchased by consumers and informing potential consumers of what others are preferring to buy.

Smart efficiency has managed to be a car trend for many years now. This has seen the development of a lot of technologies. One of these includes the engine being downsized while at the same time the power and overall performance of the engine are maintained or improved.

Another common trend that has taken over the automobile industry is the use of light-weight materials in vehicle constructions.  Manufacturers now use light material like aluminium or some other metal alloys.

There is also currently an electronic vehicle boom. This is being spearheaded by companies like Tesla and BMW with models like the Tesla S and BMW I3. This is one area of the industry that is receiving a lot of media attention, Just like online casinos, most of people get rich by playing at real money casinos, especial online casinos.

Other features that are now trendy in cars is the incorporation of digital intelligence systems. These come in the form of infotainment systems. Now connectivity is being seen as an essential feature in a car. Connected mobility is driven by three topics and these include autonomous driving, smartphone integration and new displays

The engine performance will always be a major reason why some cars trend. As long they are people that want to drive fast cars with very high engine performance like Lamborghini and Ferrari will always trend in the market. However, for most of the world population, the only to afford such supercars is to win a at casino online real money, can visit the best Canadian online casino

Autonomous driving in cars is rapidly growing as there have been releases by Mercedes and BMW which have models that autonomously park themselves. And also cars now have an autonomous braking system, which comprises of sensors around the car which can detect when a car should break before it crashes somewhere causing an accident.

Casino games have evolved a lot since their beginning to serve their players’ needs. With time, more of these playoffs have added to ensure that players are satisfied with not only a variety of them to choose from, but also with rewards offered therein.

Due to their huge popularity, casino games have evolved from table, to machine, and even most recently, online and through mobile devices, as they are thrilling and fun to play.

Land-based casinos, unlike their online counterparts such as slotozilla.com, do not have options to play for free. Therefore, to play casino games, players are required to buy chips with real cash and gamble those chips away in a select variety for possible winning payouts.


Many of these playoffs are based on luck and chance. Some casino games may require skills and expertise to play while others are simple even for beginners to play. Casino games are categorized into three parts, namely: electronic, table and random number playoffs. There are a couple of casino games out there, but these games seem to have stood the test of time and remained popular over time. Here are 5 of casinos best and most exciting games.



A trendy and classic game, poker involves playing with cards and betting one’s cards that are in hand. The winner is determined by a combination of cards that they have, with each card having its value.  A match of poker can at times vary depending on how many cards are involved, how many are hidden, shared community cards and a casino’s betting procedures. Throughout each match of poker, a number of rules need to be followed to ensure success in this game.

There are different versions of poker, such as the a 5-card draw, the 5-card stud, Razz, Pineapple amongst others.


Craps, as described on Wikipedia, involves rolling dice. With each roll, a player gets to bet on a number where the dice will stop. There are many places that a player bet on:

  • Pass line: when player bets on this line and lands on either 7 or 11, it becomes a sure win while a land of 2, 3 or 12 becomes a loss. All the other numbers which are rolled ensure an established point. If a losing number gets rolled again before a seven, then one wins the bet.
  • Don’t pass line: this happens to be the opposite of the pass line where 2 or 3 wins while 7 and 11 lose. Landing on 2 and 12 leads to a double payment.
  • Come line: this becomes playable after establishing a point. It has rules that are similar to the pass line.
  • Don’t come line: it plays similar to the “don’t pass line” after a point has been recognized.

Other bets are included such as big 6/8, a 7, and craps.


Also known as 21, Blackjack is a card game that involves play between a house (casino) and a player. Here, a casino dealer handles two cards, a card for himself and one for a player. He has one card that faces up and another facing down, as a player will try as much as possible to get to number 21, without going over. There are usually 10 face cards.


To get a card, a player calls hit, and can also call a double to double the bet; but only receive a card before the game ends.  In blackjack, a player has the upper hand to call a stand and end his/her turn or to a hit and draw another card.

When a player’s turns are over, the dealer reveals the card he has. The dealer will then hit if the total of the cards is less than 16 or 17 and higher. Anyone with a hand that beats the dealer’s hand without going above 21 wins.


These are popular machine playoffs that can be found in most casinos and include a variety of games. Slots are chance games that involve the process of inserting coins in a slot machine and pulling a hand lever or pressing a button to spin its wheels. According to Quora, old slot machines had a total of 3 wheels, but newer versions have a simulated 3 to 5 wheels on each slot machine.

A player’s winnings will depend on a pattern of numbers or symbols displayed on a screen.


In Roulette, the player places his chips on the table where they wish to wager. A Roulette table consists of numbers from 0 to 36. Additional bets can occur on even-odd, low-middle or high, red-black or low of 18 high of 18 columns.

Cross bets can be placed in additional betting areas, and players can place bets on numbers ranging from 2 to 5.

A dealer will then spin a wheel clockwise and roll a ball in the opposite direction, letting the ball land on a number on the slot.  When a bit corresponds to the number on the slot, a player will win.

Image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/cube-cards-jass-cards-card-game-627173/


Thanks to its convenient proximity to Glasgow Airport and the hosting of events like the British Pipe Band Championships, there are more and more visitors looking to enjoy Paisley’s booming hospitality scene.


A range of new independent hotels have sought to diversify the range of places that people can stay in this charming town.




Places like the beautiful Watermill Hotel on Bladda Lane are able to give visitors so much more than just a comfortable bed for the night, as this offers a tranquil views of Paisley Abbey and the nearby Hamills waterfall.


In addition to this, the relaxed riverside hotel even includes a highly-rated restaurant that prides itself on serving up the best in quality Scottish cuisine to really give guests something to remember.


For those visitors to Paisley who are really looking for something a little extra, then the Glynhill Hotel & Leisure Club could be a good option. Although this 4-star hotel is extremely convenient for going to the nearby Glasgow Airport, it’s the more luxurious aspects of the Glynhill that keep guests coming back for more.


In particular, it’s the prospects of an exciting range of musical tribute acts, a heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room, and a spa bath that make many locals come out to this tranquil hotel just outside of Paisley’s city centre.




Dalmeny Park Country House Hotel is another good option for those who don’t mind travelling a little outside of Paisley. This impressive country mansion has everything that you’d need for a relaxing stay in Renfrewshire with beautifully landscaped gardens, and some particularly luxurious four-poster beds!


It’s places like Dalmeny Park that remind us what the modern hotel experience should be about. Whilst anybody can now experience the convenience of being able to quickly order in a bed for the next day via a retailer like Bedstar, it’s good to find that some of the best hotels in the Paisley area are able to offer something a little extra than just a nice place to sleep.


Those looking for somewhere a little more central for their stay in Paisley should check out the Ashtree House hotel. With large elegant rooms and refined Regency townhouse architecture, it offers a relaxing and enjoyable place to stay.


So that whether you are just looking for a comfortable bed, or are seeking spectacular views, there’s plenty to discover on your stay in Paisley!


Over the past decade or so the technological age led to an explosion of new businesses throughout Scotland. E-commerce and online service companies are easy to set up and have minimal startup costs, meaning that anyone with a good dose of courage and dedication can try going it alone.

This trend has had an enormous impact on the broader competitive marketplace. Suddenly, there seems to be more choice in just about everything. Great news for consumers, but a major challenge if your business is one of the fish trying to thrive in an ever more crowded pond.

One of the basic business principles is the value triangle, which states that to compete effectively, organisations need to be better, faster or cheaper than the rest. Improving operational efficiency is key, particularly where the second and third measures are concerned. Let’s look at three strategies you need to consider for your business.

1) Upgrade your systems

Many businesses have an accounts system, a customer database, an order log, an inventory system and various other pieces of software. Typically, they are all different, they do not communicate with one another, and if they are getting old, they sometimes seem to require a mixture of technical skill and magical powers to make them work.

An integrated system that draws all these together is an absolute must for increasing efficiency, reducing duplication or mistakes and creating a happier and less frustrated workforce. There are plenty of great packages out there that draw together cutting-edge customer relationship management software such as Microsoft Dynamics, which integrates well with Microsoft Office. The extra benefit here is that any troubleshooting with the integrated system can be resolved by companies that offer Office 365 support, which saves both time and money.  

2) Outsource

Outsourcing can be a divisive topic. Some see it as the most logical strategy in the world, while others feel it can dilute quality and lead to a company losing control over its operations.

There is a strong case, however, for sticking to the knitting and doing what you are good at while passing non-core activities to people who truly understand them. If you are a manufacturing firm, you do not want to be wasting management time on looking after teams of HR professionals, accountants and facilities maintenance personnel. By outsourcing these tasks, you can leave them in the hands of professionals who can do them better and cheaper by leveraging economies of scale. It is a compelling argument.

3) Invest in your people

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. People who feel motivated and engaged in the business will work harder and more efficiently. They will also be less likely to leave, meaning you spend less time distracted by recruitment and training. All this means a more efficient and competitive business.

Reduced costs and better efficiency are core to survival

In the 21st-century business environment, optimising efficiency is more than desirable. It is essential in order to remain viable and stay ahead of the competition.

The gambling industry is arguably one of the most lucrative in the world. Only Hollywood and probably Porn are more profitable. A lot of people have become millionaires due to gambling while even more people have gone from financially secure to almost-bankrupt due to the same. However, the positives of the casino culture far outweigh the negatives by a long shot.

In light of this, a lot of people (including kids) dream of either working in a casino or owning one. If you are one of those, below is a list of the top casino jobs and where to look for them. You’re welcome.

  1. IT Expert

The increasing popularity of Internet gaming and consequent success of online casinos has changed the casino culture for good. Land casinos are now having to create online platforms to survive. Slot developers too, have to shift to online slots to remain in business. Case in point is the famous slot manufacturer, Aristocrat, renown for their superb https://free-slots-no-download.com/aristocrat/5321-buffalo/ after years of creating slots for land casinos.

Having some form of IT expertise, especially in systems development and database management will most certainly secure you a casino job – if you look hard enough, that is.

  1. Security

The type of people and the amount of money that casinos deal with require them to have well-trained and equipped security to handle imminent threats. A typical security job at a casino involves searching visitors for weapons, preventing and splitting up fights and ejecting unruly people. The good thing is, casino security jobs don’t necessarily require experience as most casinos prefer to train their security guards. After the mass shooting incident outside a Las Vegas casino, most casinos around the area are beefing up their security which means more jobs.

  1. Dancers

Gambling is normally associated with sin and high adrenaline. Since a large number of casino visitors are men, some casinos employ female dancers to pump up the excitement and hopefully get the clients to spend more while also increasing loyalty. Casino dancing jobs are generally high paying, considering that no education or prior experience is required. It also attracts more tips than any other position on the list and the working hours are quite flexible.

  1. 4. Host/Hostess

Since time immemorial, casinos have been employing host/hostess to offer complimentary services such as entertainment and free meals to their high rolling clients as a way of maintaining their loyalty. Well, the culture is still there, and thousands of casinos around the world are looking for hosts and hostesses who will add value to their brands. Whether you have a degree or not, you can easily get a hosting gig at your local casino just by having good communication skills and a professional demeanor.

  1. Valet

While most eateries and restaurants seem to be doing away with valets, their services are still essential to most casinos’ customer service strategy. The good thing about the job is that no academic background is required, just a valid driver’s license and some experience. It doesn’t matter if you just finished high school or you’re 50 years old, a valet job is one of the best and most available jobs you can get at a casino.

  1. Table games dealer

These are basically the people you get at the table when you’re playing your favorite round of blackjack or roulette. Their work is to deal out cards, exchange chips for cash prizes and just do whatever they can to make sure the ‘House’  doesn’t lose. Most casinos prefer dealers who went to dealers schools and have some experience while some are willing to train their own. Whatever the case, this is a very high paying and rewarding job.

  1. Cashier

What better way to utilize your accounting degree than being a casino cashier and simultaneously engaging in your two passions? The job will entail you to fill out boring paperwork and make sure that all accounts balance while you still get to hang out with amazing crowds. What more, the pay is guaranteed to be great since this is a technical job.

  1. Bartender

Gambling and alcohol usually go hand in hand. Similarly, the bartender in a casino needs to have a passion for gambling and some basic knowledge as well. If you meet this criterion, just look a little bit harder, and you will get a good job at an amazing casino. The pay is nothing significant, but if you know your gambling well and can relate great with the clients, you will be assured of a constant flow of tips.

  1. Human Resource Manager

Casinos, like any other business, need qualified HR managers to recruit, train, hire, and fire employees depending on the business needs. For these jobs, diploma or degrees are required as well as a basic understanding of casino operations.

  1. Customer Service Representatives

This job involves answering phone calls, replying to emails, answering questions and generally providing assistance to clients whenever they need it. A diploma/degree may be required, but it’s not necessary. It is a job you can get as long as you have great communication skills and an open mind,

Where to Find Casino Jobs

The best place to find casino jobs is at the casinos themselves. Visit your local casinos and ask for available vacancies and if you find any, apply and keep going back to check the status of your application. Persistence is key.

Another option is doing Internet job searches. There are hundreds of websites which deal specifically in listing casino jobs. Some even allow you to narrow your search to your location and expertise. Admittedly, most sites are spam and will only waste your time, and probably money. There is, however, a small number of legit sites that will prove useful in your search such as this one.


Deciding what presents you’re going to get your friends and loved ones can be a challenge, especially when you want to get them something they’re going to really like, that someone hasn’t already thought of. It’s sometimes worth taking a step back and thinking outside of the box, as there are often lots of really good, unique gift ideas that will put a huge smile on their face. Think about their hobbies, interests and characteristics, then you can go from there. For those who love to get hands on with some DIY, there are a huge selection of fun and useful gifts that your friend or family member can put to good use.

Mega Toolkits

If there’s one thing that the DIY lover in the house is going to love, it’s a shiny new toolkit, think of a new toolbox full of goodies you could buy your dad a new impact wrench like these. Toolkits vary when it comes to their pricing, as you can find some great value kits, along with a selection of higher-end branded toolkits. Decide on the style and contents you require, then you can find the perfect toolkit to surprise someone with this Christmas. You often find that a mega toolkit is something that you may put off buying yourself for a while, so it’s always a nice gift to receive and of course it will be put to good use. Another great thing about this gift is that you are giving someone a whole set, which is a great way for them to start planning their next projects with every tool they could possibly need!

Luxury Electricals

You often find that when it comes to a luxury palm sander or other woodworking tool, the cost can be quite off-putting and therefore result in you getting on with your odd jobs without one. By gifting your loved on with a luxury electrical DIY appliance you can treat them to something they would never have thought to buy for themselves. Whilst luxury electricals may cost a little more, they boast their excellent quality and ease with use, which is going to make any future DIY projects a walk in the park in comparison to others that have been done with cheaper, lower quality tools.

DIY Gadgets

Christmas is the perfect time to invest in some useful DIY gadgets for stocking fillers. From pipe and wire detectors and spirit levels, to blowlamps and glue guns, you can find some really useful products to gift the DIY lover, helping them build up their DIY tool kit and enhance their skills. There are so many great gadgets available from your local timber merchants, local supermarkets and DIY stores, and you can shop around to find some really good prices with some great savings.

Durable Clothing

Whilst it may not seem like an exciting Christmas gift, for someone who loves to get stuck into their DIY projects, some durable, protective clothing is a dream come true. You wouldn’t believe how many pairs of jeans and nice jumpers have been worn out through constant use when carrying out DIY projects, and workwear or DIY clothing is often another thing that people are more reluctant to spend money on when it’s for themselves. Whether you stick to a pair of hard-wearing gloves and a hard hat, or you go a little further with some knee-pad trousers and a tool belt, you can gift your loved one or friends with some really useful clothing items that are going to keep them both safe and comfortable throughout their DIY projects.


Since 1891, when two gambling lovers, Sittman and Pitt, invented the gaming machine that was an ancestor to today’s modern slot machines, the frenzy for slots started to exponentially enlarge. Don’t forget you can play slots on the internet, find a site today over at Slotsmummy. The term “slot machine” itself originates from the slits on the machine that served for inserting and extracting coins.

Online Slots – The Pandemic of the Modern Age

Online slots are spreading at the speed of light. The number of players is exponentially growing every minute. This is shown by the fact that the annual revenue of an online slot industry rose from 2.2 to 3.4 billion dollars in last two years, which reflects the uprising popularity of online slots; this is especially apparent in the almost endless selection of online slots games on sites as Simba Games here in the UK, and numerous other ones.

A social study that was conducted at the University of Houston has shown that online slot players don’t fit stereotypes. Among them, one can find people of different age, gender, education and social/financial structure. For example, in Spain in 2016, the majority of online slot players were between 26 and 35 years (39.4%). On the other hand, in the same year in Australia, the most of the online slot players were between 40 and 50 (23%) and between 50 and 60 years (22.2%). This data confirms the diversity of online slot players, which was proven in the study mentioned above.

So, there is no doubt that online slots are slowly but surely overcoming classic slot machines and sending them to history. Here in the UK in 2017, several slot apps made it to the top 20 mobile gaming apps, and there are UK slot sites that gained immense popularity all over the world. One doesn’t need statistics to come to a conclusion why the online slots are on the rise, as people have the chance to play slots for real money, on Prime Slots for example, a UK slot site.

The fact that there are far more online players in autumn and winter speaks for itself – why go to a casino when you can play your favorite slot from the comfort and warmth of your home? The development of mobile slot apps has gone even further; one can now take a spin literally everywhere and at any time!


Transition from Analog to Digital – Online Slots in a Nutshell

The fact that the online slot is, in general, a computer program, allows the manufacturers to include more interactive elements (all kinds of bonuses and jackpots) as well as to develop different backgrounds and gaming themes. This is done in order to bring slots closer to players’ interests, which wasn’t possible with classic slot machines.

Although there are differences between various kinds of online slots, the essence of the game is the same. The things that differ are usually graphics, themes, music and additional bonus prizes and jackpots. Here are some essential characteristics that follow the vast majority of online slot machines:

  •    The number of reels usually goes from 3 to 5;
  •    Payline – represents the line that crosses the symbols on the reels, along which a winning combo is estimated;
  •    Paytable – stands for an option through which the player can get familiar with the rules of playing and payment as well as with symbol values, bonuses, and jackpots;
  •    Most of the online slots can be played for free with no registration needed. Of course, if one wants to try his luck, he can always switch from free to real money gaming.

Controls are mostly universal; there are buttons for determining the amount of the bet per line, total bet, then the spin button that starts the columns rolling, etc. In majority of cases, there is a dialog box in which a player can see his/hers remaining balance as well as the value of a payout.


Symbols – The Core of Every Slot

All symbols can be divided into regular ones and special ones. Regular ones carry a smaller payout, while the special ones are usually the Scatter, the Wild and the bonus icon (if there are any bonuses included in the game). The Scatter, in most cases, brings Free Spins, the Wild can replace any symbol except for the Scatter, and the bonus icon unlocks the bonus feature.

All info about symbols and rewards they bring you can find under the Paytable option. It is also useful to try out free slots and read their reviews before playing for real money. Happy spinning!


Article by Alex Walker