Did you know that water filters can actually provide minerals as well as remove impurities? When people think about the importance of filtering their water, they usually focus on removing harmful bacteria and other contaminants. However, a filter also removes many naturally occurring minerals from your drinking water. This blog post will explore six reasons why it is crucial to filter your drinking water through a filter with a mineral cartridge to ensure that you are getting enough essential nutrients such as calcium and potassium!

1. Filtered Water Smells Better

Have you ever filled your glass with filtered water only to find that it smells slightly stale? This is because many of the minerals in tap water are responsible for its smell and taste. Then, you must be wondering how to choose a water filter. When we drink mineral-less distilled water, we notice a difference in taste. Unfortunately, some manufacturers remove all of the minerals from their filters, which eliminates this problem. However, some filters do not filter out minerals. This is why it is vital to check that your filter removes all harmful contaminants while also adding essential minerals such as calcium back into your drinking water through a mineral cartridge!

2. Minerals are Essential for Optimal Health

Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium are essential for our daily health. They help our body with everything from nutrient absorption to electrolyte balance. Because many of us are deficient in essential minerals, it is important that we use water filters that incorporate a mineral cartridge with the filter. This way, you can be sure you are getting all of the necessary minerals your body needs to stay healthy!

3. Filtering Water through Your Filter Increases Mineral Absorption

Water is essential for optimal health, but it is difficult to ensure that we are getting enough of these crucial minerals through our water. This is why it is necessary to use a mineral cartridge on your filter that adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium in water. When you fill a glass with filtered water and then pour the same amount through the filter again, you will notice two things: firstly, the water tastes much better as it now contains the minerals removed from the first go through. The second thing you will notice is that because your body absorbs more of these minerals, the glass of filtered water does not contain as many dissolved solids. This is because when water passes through a filter with a mineral cartridge, it increases the amount of dissolved minerals absorbed into your body!

4. Filtering Tap Water Makes a Great Tasting Spa Water

Many people filter their water to improve its taste. However, if you have a filter with the right mineral cartridge, you can also use this filtered water as a substitute for your tap water as it is an excellent replacement for spa or massage sessions. In fact, many spas now purchase distilled water from local filtration companies! This is because it is easier to control the number of dissolved calcium and other minerals in their spa water. If you are not looking for a replacement for tap water, try filtering your pool with your filter instead! This removes impurities from your pool while adding beneficial minerals, which is half the battle when it comes to keeping your pool clean and healthy!

5. Water with Minerals Prevents Kidney Stones

Studies show that people living in areas with higher mineral content such as calcium are at a lower risk of developing kidney stones. This is thought to be because the high amount of magnesium in the water prevents crystals from forming in your kidneys, leading to kidney stones. Studies also showed that people whose water contained higher calcium levels did not have an increased rate for bone fractures, while groups with low amounts of calcium had a high rate of bone fractures. This could be because minerals help strengthen bones and regulate the amount of calcium our bodies absorb. If you are at a higher risk for kidney stones or bone fractures, ensure that you use a filter with a mineral cartridge to prevent these from occurring!

6. Water with Minerals Prevents Osteoporosis

Studies show that people with higher calcium contents in their water are at a lower risk of developing osteoporosis. This is because calcium helps our body absorb more calcium, which prevents bones from thinning out and becoming brittle. If you know someone who has osteoporosis, ensure they get the minerals they need through their water filter. This will help them maintain healthy bones and prevent further damage!


Water is important for our bodies to stay healthy. This is why you must ensure your water is safe and free from harmful substances while including all the essential minerals your body needs. Ensure that you use a filter with a mineral cartridge to know you are drinking the highest quality of water possible!