Where to Submit Your Indefinite to Remain Application for US

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Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK essentially means that the holder can live and work in the United Kingdom without any restrictions. The United States has its ILR, which they call the “Green Card”. A green card is the ultimate visa for immigrants that grants permanent residence.

Granting permanent residence is no simple thing that the government can give away, and as such, there are multiple steps and qualifications involved in the process. If you are interested in immigrating to the US and becoming a permanent resident, speak to a US immigration advisor for the most informed response and information about the topic. Continue reading this article to get an accurate idea of what you might have to go through!


Where You Should Send Your Application

To receive indefinite leave to remain in the US, you need to send a petition to the appropriate offices. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office is where you want to be sending your green card application. They accept both electronic and physical petitions sent by the applicants.

There are specific forms you will be required to fill up for them. Do not worry, as most of the information is found online, complete with instructions on what to do and what to put in your forms. This mailed application is your first step in the indefinite leave to remain application process. Once the USCIS approves your application, your indefinite leave to remain will be reviewed by the National Visa Center of the United States of America.


Eligibility Methods

There are multiple ways for you to become eligible for indefinite leave to remain in the United States of America. It is best to research the various eligibility conditions or consult an immigration specialist.



Typically, the easiest way to receive indefinite leave to remain green card is to get one through family members. If you are an immediate relative of a US citizen, then you are more than eligible for a green card. You can also marry into a green card if your spouse is a citizen of the United States of America. Immigrant parents are also eligible for indefinite leave to remain if their child is a US citizen over the age of 21-years old. Generally, if your immediate relative is an American citizen, you should look into a US green card as you may be eligible for one.



Another method of being eligible for a green card is through your employment. The more skilled and gifted you are in your profession and how difficult it is to get into that profession, the higher priority and chances you have to receive an ILR in the US. For example, an extremely proficient biochemist that is a leader in his field of study has a higher preference than a plumber to receive a green card. Alternatively, if you create many opportunities for employment for others and have invested at least one million dollars, you may be eligible as well.


Special Immigrant

Some immigrants are given a special immigrant status and are thus given eligibility for a green card. Typically, these special immigrants are religious workers performing work in the United States of America under a non-profit religious organization. Minors are eligible if they have fled to the United States of America due to neglect or abuse from parents. Furthermore, those the US army has worked with and promised green card eligibility may petition for US citizenship.


People in Need of Protection

The United States of America also grants indefinite leave to remain for individuals entering the country needing protection. This eligibility includes refugees fleeing from dangerous and war-torn areas. The United States of America also grants asylum eligibility for people seeking it.

Victims of heinous crimes and human trafficking are also eligible for a green card to enjoy the protection of the US. Abuse victims can also receive indefinite leave to return to get away from their abusers.


Green Card Sponsorship

To apply for a green card, one of the forms to be submitted must be filled up by a “sponsor” who is essentially petitioning for your indefinite leave to remain. This sponsor should be an upstanding citizen of the United States of America.



The final step in the process is an interview. It is a formal interview that will determine whether you are fit to receive indefinite leave to return from the American government. After this interview, there is nothing left for you but to wait for your decision. If you are accepted, congratulations are in order because you are now a permanent resident and worker in the US!