Renfrewshire has taken a battering recently with two back to back storms – Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. The bad weather doesn’t seem to be letting up – there are more weather warnings issued for the rest of the week. The main towns of Renfrewshire have been quite fortunate in that they have not been affected too badly, however localised flooding has occurred, as well as costly leaks and water ingress into buildings caused by the downpours.

Door Sandbags

Lots of people in the UK are at risk of flooding, yet not everyone has a flood protection plan in action. It is one of those disasters that we don’t think about, and it is often left until the threat is imminent before action is taken. That being said, anyone who has suffered first-hand the effects of flooding will be able to tell you just how devastating it can be. Watching helplessly as everything you have worked hard for is damaged and often destroyed, including sentimental items like photographs that are irreplaceable. Flood damage can take an age to clean up and repair properly. More often than not people have to leave their homes for weeks, months or even years.


Flood insurance in the UK is becoming more expensive. Taking steps to protect your home from flooding may, in some instances, enable you to obtain a more affordable insurance policy. For example, if you have suffered from a flood before and continue to be at high risk of repeat flooding you can take advantage of the rebuild and repair works by using flood resilient materials. (Flood resilience refers to measures that reduce the impact and damage caused when flood water enters your property, and flood resistance refers to measures that help prevent floods from happening and entering your property in the first place.) 


A flood protection plan should be a consideration for the 2.5 million properties throughout the UK that are at risk from flooding. An appropriate plan, or even knowing where to get supplies such as sandbags when floods are imminent, can save you money and help protect your valuable property and belongings. Rukeri, a brand of Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd, based on Arkleston Road in Paisley supplies filled, woven polypropylene sandbags that are a perfect flood defence barrier. Lisa Taylor, Marketing manager at Rukeri says, ‘Don’t leave it until it is too late. As with most things in life, prevention is always more effective than a cure’.

You can order sandbags from Rukeri’s microsite – If you have any serious concerns about the risks of flooding,  more information on predicted floods and safety measures can be found at or on Renfrewshire Councils website at .


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