As much as being a new parent is exciting, you should be prepared to put in the work. It could be tedious to a point that you get overwhelmed. That is why it is important that you’re finding things that will keep you sane even when carrying out the duties of being a parent. As a new mom, you might find yourself wondering what to do the whole day apart from nursing. Just because you had a baby doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun. There are things you can do to keep you busy even as you take care of the young. You might have to do a little research but the most important thing is that you’re having fun. Here are some of the things you can do in the first year with your child.

Hit the Pool

Swimming together is one of the ways you’d want to engage the baby. It also offers an opportunity to bond which is something that you shouldn’t be taking for granted at any step of the process nurturing. You’re probably wondering the minimum age that you can take your child for swimming. There is a limit on age and you can take your child to swim provided that the weather is right. Most pools will offer swimming lessons for parents and children and you should definitely take up the classes if you’ve never learned how to swim.

Story Time

Reading time doesn’t have to be boring. You can take the reading outdoor so that there is a change in scenery. There is no denying that reading can help in the child’s development. There are libraries that will offer store time for parents. You just have to do research on the local libraries and the programs that they offer. You will not only be encouraging literacy but is a great way to promote socialization which will need to be instilled from a young age.

Going to the Movies

Who said babies are too young to go to the movies? Movie theatres have also made provisions for young moms and their infants and you can take advantage of such opportunities to try something new with a baby. You should expect to yell here and there but that is perfectly normal since almost everyone there will be a young mom. If the local theatre doesn’t offer such special events, don’t worry. You can decide to go to the drive-in theatre. Make sure to bring blankets to ensure that the baby is cozy. It could be an activity for the whole family which encourages bonding.

Berry Picking

This is an affordable outdoor activity that the whole family can participate in. You will also be supporting the local farmers. Your baby will not only get to enjoy the outdoors but also gets to appreciate the process of food preparation. They start becoming self-conscious of the environment at an early age which is usually something that builds a strong foundation for the future.

Go to the Beach

Going to the beach will involve planning and preparation because of the sun.  You also want to make sure that you’re getting the best pacifier clip when you’re outdoors. Going to the beach means that you can take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy outdoor activities. Babies can sit on the sand for hours having fun. Just be vigilant to ensure that they’re not eating the sand.

Getting Close to Animals

It will probably be the first time that the baby gets to interact with animals. A good idea would be to go to the zoo where there are all kinds of animals. If you want your baby to have an up-close experience, you’ll have to think outside the confines of a zoo. In such situations, going to the farm will not be such a bad idea. Your little ones can have a hands-on experience with goats, rabbits, hens, and other farm animals.

Groove Together

Babies are known to be very responsive when it comes to music. Make sure to expose them to different kinds of music so that you can take note of what they enjoy. You will be starting them early on a journey that is never likely to end. Music is a powerful language. Some of the best musicians credit their success to being introduced to different sounds early. You can never know what your baby could turn out to be and that is why it is important that you start grooving as soon as possible.


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