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There are some traits that you’d expect in a good student. If you’re looking to excel in school, there are some basic things that you’d need to take care of. As a teacher, one of the greatest feelings is knowing that you’ve had an impact on a student’s life. You might be wondering about the characteristics of a good student. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of them.

The Ask Questions

A good student will ask questions whenever something is not clear. It is one of the ways a teacher can know if whatever is being taught is understood by the students. A teacher will assume that the concept is understood when no questions are asked. This is not always the case as some students are shy when it comes to asking questions. A good student will want to ensure that whatever has not been understood can be clarified. This will be important when writing persuasive essay topics on a particular subject or topic that has already been covered in class. You can check out writing Elites for samples.

They Work Hard

The best students aren’t necessarily the smartest. Those that are willing to put in the work will in most cases be rewarded. The students that have natural intelligence but lack the work ethic needed to succeed in school. A teacher will prefer a student that works hard no matter the level of intelligence. A hard-working student is the one that completes the assignment on time, asks questions, and will ask for help whenever there are experiencing challenges with a particular topic.

They Get Involved

Students that are involved in extra-curricular activities are likely to be more confident and self-assured compared to those that are involved. Building confidence can also help in improving the academic excellence of the student. The activities outside the classroom provide a different perspective on things which are crucial in bringing up all-round students.

They’re Leaders

There is no denying that teachers love students that demonstrate leadership qualities. You don’t have to be the head of something in order to be termed a leader. A class that lacks leadership can be difficult to handle. In most instances, leadership qualities are innate. There are those that will have it while others will not. The leaders in a pack can be identified from an early age.

They’re Motivated

A good student is one that is constantly motivated. They don’t easily give up despite the numerous setbacks that can be found in a classroom setting. For a teacher, a student that lacks motivation can be difficult to teach. They see everything as an obstacle and will not be willing to have a change of attitude so that real learning can take place. It should be noted that motivation could mean different things to different people. It is the responsibility of a good teacher to figure out what really motivates the students.

They’re Problem Solver 0732367235

A student that likes to solve problems is likely to go far in their academic endeavors. Schoolwork requires kids to be adaptive when it comes to solving problems. There those that will automatically shut when faced with a complex problem. They’re willing to help others succeed, which is something that is not common in school.

Solid Citizens

A solid citizen is one that is honest and trustworthy. They’re patriotic and willing to help whenever possible. Students that follow the rules in class are more likely to be better citizens compared to those who don’t. There are so many intelligent students that have problems with discipline. Such students are likely to have issues once they transition into adulthood. It is the role of a teacher to ensure that they’re bringing up model citizens.

Support System

This is a quality that the students will have little control over. There could be issues at home that are affecting the student at school. Parents need to ensure that they’re providing a conducive environment for the welling of their kids. The school should also extend the support system by ensuring that students are learning in a good environment.


As we’ve already mentioned, a good student isn’t necessarily the smartest. Hard work always gets rewarded. One could be talented but lacks discipline which is crucial for success at every level. For you to be a good student, you will need to take care of the basics. It is only then can you embark on a journey of self-improvement. A good student is one that never stops learning