Golfing is a great sport that exercises your body and mind. As a golf lover, exploring different golf courses across the globe ensures you get different experiences. You can travel the world alone or choose to go with friends or family. A day in on the greenery playing golf is always a fulfilling experience.

1.    Paisley Golf Club

If you’re looking for a great golf course with a warm welcome, Paisley Golf Club is the place to be. Located to the south of Paisley town, this course provides you with an elevated view of the surrounding greenery.

The golf course is designed to accommodate all levels of play. Paisley Golf Club has one of the best layouts in the country. You’ll get to challenge yourself by playing against professional golfers.

Paisley Golf Club hosts several golf tournaments. You can use these social events to network as an entrepreneur and find new business partners. Paisley Golf Club initially sat on a 40-acre plot before it was moved to the Gleniffer Braes with a 200-meter elevation.

The golf course’s original design was simple, and in the beginning, all golfers had was a nine-hole layout. Authorities decided to build houses on the initial location. Today,  Paisley Golf Club is has a routed course with much more elaborate architecture.

2.    Algarve

Portugal has always been known as the home of golf. The Algarve is an excellent holiday destination for any golf lover. Check out golf holidays Algarve for amazing holiday packages. Even though the rates vary from month to month, you’re bound to find a golf course that suits your needs.

The Algarve will have you spoilt for choice because there many pristine golf courses to choose from. The personalized golf packages ensure you enjoy your stay at the resort of your choice. You can choose to indulge in other relaxing activities like massages while you’re there.

The Algarve is the perfect destination for golfers with different capabilities. Young boys and senior golfers also have a place at the Algarve. If you’re looking forward to a beach holiday, the Western Algarve is excellent for you. The region features small seaside villages and sandy coves. You can also explore Central and Eastern Algarve while you’re there.

3.    Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

The Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon is another excellent golfers’ destination. It features a true links golf course which is quite rare to find.  Bandon Dunes Golf Resort has not one but five links-style courses. This golf resort is bound to give you the ultimate golfing experience.

The golf resort features a 55-acre practice center that ensures even amateur golfers have a place here. The practice golf course features nine holes to ensure beginner golfers start off with a real challenge.

4.     Handara Golf & Resort

This mountain golf resort in Bali ensures you exercise your joint playing on the steep golf course. This resort puts Bali on the map as it guarantees world-class golfing. Founded in 1914-2001, this golf course was named after the owner’s first daughter. Ibnu Sutowo is the first to establish a globally recognized golf course in Bali.

Located in the central highlands of Bali, Handara Golf and Resort allows you to enjoy playing in a cool atmosphere. The golf course is situated 1,142 meters above sea level. It’s actually nestled inside an existing volcano, and the surrounding scenery is surreal. You get views of a rain forest, a crater lake and the greenery of the mountains.

5.    Dusit Thani Laguna

Singapore is yet another fantastic golfers’ destination. Dusit Thani Laguna is a world-class golf club that’s only 10 minutes from Changi International Airport. It is a prominent golf club in the regional scene with two 18-hole championship golf courses. Inaugurated in 1993, Dusit Thani Laguna has always been a highly placed golf resort in Asia. The two golf courses have hosted international golf tournaments and championships through the years.

Wrap Up

Golf is an engaging sport that allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and exercise your body. Aside from challenging your brain, you also get to interact with fellow golf lovers. Parents should consider taking their kids for a golf holiday, so they have a taste of the good life. Golf resorts across the globe are excellent places to relax because they’re


Fireworks Scheduled for 2nd October 2019, we don’t have full details as of yet so please come back soon for more information, we are asked almost daily if the fireworks for 2019 are going ahead. All we can say is yes, as far as we know…


paisley from drone

The Paisley community is a generous and supportive one which is always willing to support a good cause. Fundraising events, in particular, are always popular as they bring the community together for fun and relaxation while giving them the opportunity to do some good for the world. But how do you plan an event to raise money and awareness of your cause? The key to success in charity fundraising is all in the planning to ensure it runs without problems. From coffee and cake mornings to family fun days and black tie balls, here are six tips for planning charity events in Paisley.

  1. Make sure you have a fundraising target

You need to set a fundraising target which is achievable so you can motivate your fundraisers and donors. Without a goal and a clear vision of what that money will achieve you will find it hard to convince people to part with their money. You may want to set the target a little higher than you need so encourage generosity in your donors.

  1. Choose a popular theme

Try to plan an event which will appeal to your target donor. For example, a cake sale or family fun day will appeal to lots of people, but they may not have the disposable income to give much money. On the other hand, a black-tie ball may attract wealthier attendees, but there are likely to be less of them.

  1. Contact local businesses for support

Contact local Paisley businesses to ask if they can support or sponsor the event in some way. They could sponsor the catering costs or pay to display their posters around your venue, for example. If you are running a raffle or an auction they may be able to donate a voucher or prize in exchange for their logo in your programme.

  1. Work as a team

Even if the event is your idea and the charity is a personal cause for you, it’s important to remember that you will achieve far more if you work with a team than you would on your own. Build a team of people with diverse skills and contacts as you will be able cast a wider net in terms of raising awareness and gathering support.

It’s often useful to create some sort of uniform for the event itself or fundraising activities so the team has a stronger sense of identity and you advertise the event and/or your social media accounts. For example, a Manchester based t-shirt printing company can create unique designs which will reinforce your message and create a bond within the team. Make sure that everyone in the team understands their role and responsibilities and that communication is clear and regular.

  1. Get the right insurance

While most charity events will run smoothly, you need to plan for the worst. Carry out a risk assessment for all of the activities which you will be running at your event and make sure you have the right insurances in place. If an attendee was to be injured or a supplier’s equipment was damaged, you and your charity could be financially liable if legal action is taken.

  1. Thank your attendees, donors, and sponsors

When the event is done, it’s essential that you take the time to thank all your attendees, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. This can be done through personal letters, emails, and social media as well as through the press if you can get some local coverage. By showing people who much their support has helped and what their money will achieve you can create long-term relationships.


FOUR young women are living the dream after achieving their goal of having a career in sport.

From left, Amie Couttie, Tammy Johnston, Erin Campbell and Samantha Duncan

They have gone from volunteering to help run sports activities while they were still at school, studying for qualifications at college and university to now becoming successful sports coaches as Renfrewshire Leisure Active Schools Co-ordinators.

During Scotland’s Women and Girls in Sport Week – September 28 to October 4 – Amy Couttie, Samantha Duncan, Tammy Johnston and Erin Campbell revealed the role of the staff and coaching initiatives from Renfrewshire Leisure had in helping them achieve their “dream job” in sport.

 Tammy Johnston was just four when she started competing in Irish dancing competitions and as she got older, Tammy began coaching younger dancers.

“This was when I discovered my love of teaching and leadership,” she says.

“Then, when I was in secondary school I came across my Active Schools Co-ordinator and it wasn’t long before I was going to primary schools delivering activities during Health Week.

“After I’d taken part in the Renfrewshire School of Sport Education programme I realised I wanted to pursue a career as an Active Schools Co-ordinator.

“I volunteered to work more than 300 hours during the programme and the Active Schools team helped me develop my confidence, leadership and core coaching skills.”

While Tammy was at university studying for a Sports Development degree, she became a sessional coach with Active Schools and ran an after-school club for participants with addition support needs.

Tammy, 21, from Paisley is now a full-time Active Schools Co-ordinator and she says: “The aims of increasing participation in sport for everyone is something I am really passionate about.

“I love walking into schools and feeling I am making a difference to young people’s lives. I was just 13 when I decided this is what I wanted to do and I never thought I would be where I am today working in my dream job.”

Amy Couttie, 24, from Howwood, in Renfrewshire explains: “My journey began when I was 14 and I volunteered to help run sports clubs in my local primary school.

“After four years of coaching in schools and extra-curricular clubs, Renfrewshire Leisure gave me a job as a sessional sports coach.

“I was dedicated to my role with Renfrewshire Leisure and after graduating with a BSc in Sports Coaching, I was focussed on pursuing a full-time career doing something I loved.”

Amy adds: “That’s now happened, as I’ve recently been given a role with Renfrewshire Leisure as an Active Schools and Community Club Development Officer.

“I’m on cloud nine that I’ve managed to get a full-time job in Active Schools – the place where I started my journey in sport.”

Samantha Duncan, 23, from Linwood got her passion for sport through her dance background and being a competitive street dancer. She came fifth in the World Championships and made the semi-final of the European championships.

She says: “My experiences and a passion for sport made me understand the positive impact sport can have on people’s lives.

“So, I continued my journey by taking a Sports Leaders course at school and completed the Renfrewshire School of Sport Education programme.

“Throughout my studies at college and university where I gained a degree in Sports Development, I volunteered as a coach with the Active Schools programme promoting and developing dance and gymnastics to young people.

“I’m now a full-time Active Schools Co-ordinator with Renfrewshire Leisure and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given over the years. Sport is a massive part of my life and it has shaped me into a confident individual.

“My dream has become a reality and I can now support young people who aspire to make a difference and help them have a career in sport – just like me.”

Erin Campbell, 23, from Houston, Renfrewshire was a sports fanatic from an early age and joined as many sports clubs as she could while at primary school. She then went on to represent Scotland playing basketball in several age groups.

Erin’s involvement with Renfrewshire’s Active Schools programme began while she was in her third year at university studying for a degree in Sport and Physical Activity.

She explains: “I had to arrange a work placement as part of the course and my local Active Schools programme seemed like the ideal place as I’d always had an interest in what it does.

“This gave me valuable experience and I’ve now got a full-time job as an Active Schools Co-ordinator.”

Chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “What Amy, Samantha, Tammy and Erin have achieved is nothing short of inspirational. They can be rightly proud of their achievements. We’re also proud of them and what we’ve done to help them on their journey.

“Their stories show that girls and young women can achieve their dreams of working in a sports-related job and you can be sure Renfrewshire Leisure will be here to help the up-and-coming sports coaches and organisers of the future – just like we helped Amy, Samantha, Tammy and Erin.”

Things have changed dramatically when it comes to traveling and entering the United States of America; different governmental changes are taking place to change how immigrants and tourists enter US soil. The traditional Visa systems, there are slowly being brushed aside, and soon it will be a thing of the past thanks to ESTA. Take a look below at some important information about these changes if you’re thinking of traveling to the US.

What is ESTA? 

It stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization, and this is the new method that allows people to get in the US. It’s developed by the government’s DHS, and it’s basically a visa waiver program that allows people from specific countries to enter the US, whether it’s for a vacation or business. It can last for two years as long as your trip duration isn’t more than 90 days. It’s an automated system that makes things a little clearer and easier for the DHS to track who enters and leaves the country.

How Can I Get One?

If you’re going to the States soon, there is only one way to get it done, and that’s available online only. You will need to fill out the ESTA form on their designated website, and you will need to put in your credit or debit card details to pay the fee for requesting the form. Your passport should be an electronic one with a digital chip that contains all the information about you, and it should have the machine-readable part of its biographic page. This is an important requirement for your form to be fully accepted.

Will I Need One With My Initial Visa?

Even though a lot of people had visas approved, some of them were revoked depending on the purpose of why it was issued. But if you have an old visa with you that is still approved, it will continue to work for you and you will not need an ESTA to enter the country.

Is It Safe?

People shouldn’t worry about their information being submitted through the ESTA channels as they go through the same strict privacy process that is similar to the traveler screening programs. Their website is operated and monitored by the DHS and the government, so it will have all the necessary technological programs for protection and ease of access. 

The Future of ESTA

This program is not a visa, but soon the regulations regarding the visa requirements will change and it might act as one. It does make things a lot easier because of its automated nature; it saves time and manpower, and there is a nice money-back guarantee feature for people who try but get their form declined. So it’s a lot different than the visa systems we are used to.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation when you want to travel to the US, this new program can actually fix a lot of these problems. It’s a win-win situation because you want to enter and the government there wants to know exactly who you are. So fill out the form perfectly and wait it out. Hopefully, you will be accepted and get approved to enter the country with ease.

Paisley Pirates stall

Paisley Pirates fans are counting down the days until they finally get to see their team in competitive action, with their new season due to commence in under a fortnight on Saturday 12 October when they make the short trip to Kilmarnock to take on the local Thunder in a Stuart Robertson Cup tie, some six and a half months after they last played a competitive match, when they won the Playoff Final, beating Murrayfield in the process.

Paisley Pirates stall

“It’ll be good to see all the work of the summer finally coming to fruition in less than two weeks”, said Off Ice Operations Manager Jackie Turley. “Due to the other events being held in Braehead Arena we will as usual be starting behind the other teams in the league, but at  least supporters will be able to look forward to a regular diet of home matches from then onwards, the first of which is against Aberdeen Lynx on Saturday 26 October.”

Player/Coach Adam Walker commented, “There’s been a few changes to the roster from last year which is common to every team, but nothing wholesale, so fans can look forward to greeting many of the team which did so well in the previous season, while welcoming brothers Jay and Conor Duncan, goalie Danny Morris, and local junior Zak Kenneth who attends Trinity High School just along the road at Renfrew, so like previous years we’ve retained a strong local flavour within the team, which is very important to us, while freshening it up a little.”

Head Coach Ian Turley remarked, “With the ice at Braehead not being available until next week, we’ve been indebted to one of our main sponsors, ProLife, who have helped us with spin classes so the boys have been prepared to go the extra mile already to get their fitness levels as high as possible before we finally get underway. Hopefully all of this preparation will stand us in good stead once we get going, and we’ll see the benefit of it all once we take to the ice in earnest.”

Tannahill Centre

New football facilities, a music library and free bike repairs are just a few of the projects soon to be available for young people in Renfrewshire after the successful applications were announced for the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund.

43 projects were awarded a total of £150,000 in funding after almost 3500 young people cast more than 10,000 votes.

Tannahill Centre

The successful projects were announced at a celebration event at the Tannahill Centre in Paisley which was attended by more than 100 young people and community partners from across Renfrewshire.

St Mirren Youth Football Club were successful in receiving the maximum £3000 to create a changing facility at the India Tyres park which help to get hundreds of budding footballers out onto the park.

Stephen Mann, St Mirren YFC Treasurer, said: “What this funding is going to do is allow our nine boys and five girls teams to be playing out of the Tyres hopefully from 2020.

“It’s really going to boost our club and make sure that more young people are going to be playing at the Tyres in the near future.”

Another successful project that received the maximum award was Erskine Music and Media, a Community Interest Company run by young people, for young people that provides services such as music tuition, PA hires, event filming and photography.

Catherine Coyle, Erskine Music and Media, said: “This funding will help us to create a new music library consisting of vinyl’s and CDs, as well as opening up lots of opportunities to go on trips, see new places and play gigs.

“In general, it is going to open a lot of doors for us and give us more opportunities in the musical world.”

Previously known as the Youth Challenge Fund, youth groups across Renfrewshire came together to form a steering group which facilitated the fund, as well as renaming it the ‘Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund – by young people, for young people’.

It allocated £150,000 to projects which will make a real difference to the local area, such as removing the barriers to participation or the stigma around mental health, with the maximum award to each project being £3000.

The funding was split by population between the seven Local Partnership areas of Renfrew; Inchinnan, Erskine, Bishopton and Langbank; The Villages; Johnstone and Linwood; Paisley North, West and Central; Paisley East and Gleniffer.

Councillor Michelle Campbell, Renfrewshire Council’s Young Persons Champion, said: “Through the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund, we’ve been able to give young people the opportunity to shape their communities how they would like to see them.

“If there is an activity or support that they feel is missing, this fund gives them the chance to create it and we will now support all applicants as best we can to ensure that their ideas come to fruition.

“Too often, young people feel they are outside of the decision-making process, but through the fund we have been able to award almost £150,000 directly to young people to help them improve their own and the lives of their peers in Renfrewshire by making the changes they know are needed.

“Congratulations to all the recipients of funding, now is your time to go make a difference.”

The successful applicants will now use their funding to develop their projects and will be provided with the support they need to progress their ideas into reality from the council’s Community Planning and Youth Services teams.

For more information and a full list of winning projects, visit


Adrian McKechnie, Chairperson of Renfrewshire Youth Voice, said: “I think this an amazing opportunity for young people to get involved in the decision making behind how money is spent.

“The projects that the funding is going to go towards, whether this is to affect change or put together programmes that they see the value in, I think that’s what’s at the core of participatory budgeting and what was at the core of the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund was that it was young people in control of how that money was spent.”

The full list of winning projects and their funding awards are:

Erskine, Inchinnan, Bishopton & Langbank

Erskine Music & Media Studio – £3,000
Erskine Youth Council – £2,918.90
Lamont Farm Project – £3,000
Park Mains Community Sports Hub – £3,000
St Mirren Youth Football Club – £3,000
Renfrewshire Carers Centre – £1,693.71
I Am Me Scotland – £3,000
Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament – £675.39


Gleniffer High School (sports leaders) – £2,900
Gleniffer High School (gymnastics) – £2,500
I Am Me Scotland – £3,000
Renfrewshire Carers Centre – £1,693.71
Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament – £2,961.60
Lamont Farm Project – £3,000
Foxbar and Glenburn Outdoor Group (Club) – £3,000
Foxbar and Glenburn Outdoor group (Residential) – £805.69

Johnstone and Linwood

Johnstone High School – £1,890
Johnstone Castle Learning Centre – £3,000
Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament – £2,961.60
Linstone Housing Association – £3,000
I Am Me Scotland – £3,000
Linwood High School – £3,000
Renfrewshire Carers Centre – £1,693.71
Youth Interventions Sco46578 – £3,000
Linwood, Johnstone and Gryffe Community Sport Hub – £151.69

Paisley East

St Andrew’s Academy PE Department – £3,000
I Am Me Scotland – £3,000
CREATE Paisley (5 ways) – £2,964
Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament – £2,961.60
Renfrewshire Carers Centre – £1,693
Sport for Change – £1,475
Loud N Proud £3,000
CREATE Paisley (cafe) – £2,934
Alba Thistle BC 2003 – £1,500
Young Enterprise Scotland – Renfrewshire Area – £1,567.40

Paisley North, West and Central

Paisley YMCA – £3,000
Loud N Proud – £3,000
Mary Russell Youth Club – £1,100
Own Yer Bike – £2,980.35
Pals of the Privies – £3,000
Cameron Dance School – £2,600
CREATE Paisley (ambassadors) – £2,000
Kibble Education and Care Centre – £2,800
CREATE Paisley (5 ways) – £652.65


Renfrew High Pupil Leaders – £3,000
Young Ambassadors – £3,000
Renfrewshire Carers Centre – £1,693.71
I Am Me Scotland – £3,000
Renfrew YMCA SCIO – £639.66
Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament – £2,961.60
Lamont Farm Project – £3,000
Young Enterprise Scotland – Renfrewshire Area – £1,362.03

The Villages

Renfrewshire Carers Centre – £1,693
Linwood, Johnstone and Gryffe Community Sport Hub – £3,000
Johnstone Burgh Football Club – £3,000
I Am Me Scotland – £3,000
Braehead Junior Ice Hockey Club – £372
Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament – £2,961.60
Lapwing Lodge Camp Staff – £2,500
Lamont Farm Project – £3,000
The Boys Brigade, Paisley & District Battalion – £1,000
Elderslie Youth Connect – £500
Young Enterprise Scotland – Renfrewshire Area – £2,500
Renfrewshire Effort to Empower Minorities – £82.40

Photo by: Blue Coat Photos / CC BY-SA 2.0

The global iGaming industry has grown massively over the past few years and more people than ever are choosing online platforms to play real money games and place bets. Pulling in revenues exceeding $40 billion per year, iGaming is serious business with a huge customer base. Naturally, with so many platforms operating across the various different verticals each having hundreds to thousands of online members, the need for safe and secure systems is paramount. 

So how are iGaming companies working to keep your personal and payment details safe and secure? Let’s take a look.  

RSAs, RNGs and online casinos 

One of the ways in which iGaming platforms attempt to tackle online fraud is through the use of RSA Security Tokens. An external piece of hardware is used to implement two-factor authentication processes into customer actions, such as logging in to an account or making a withdrawal. 

When a new customer joins a platform, the iGaming company will send out hardware (usually in the form of a key fob, USB or other portable device) that communicates with the RSA Authentication Manager software integrated into the site. The device itself will generate a one-use-only extra password for a limited time (between 10 and 20 seconds), that the new customer will need to input, along with their original account password, in order to carry out transactions.

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are the absolute minimum that online casino gaming platforms need to implement, so steer clear of any operator that doesn’t clearly state on its site that they are in use. 

Photo by: Department of Defence / Public Domain

The concept behind them is simple enough, the goal is to make all the mathematical outcomes involved in a game like online slots, blackjack or roulette as random and unique as possible. RNGs are actually software algorithms that generate a completely random sequence of numbers or symbols when a roulette wheel is spun or a slots jackpot is hit. Since the outcomes of these events are wholly unique and untrackable, RNGs can seriously crack down on online fraud by nullifying any of the methods that cheats would use in a bricks and mortar casino

Due to the important role that RNGs play in ensuring online security for both the iGaming platform and their customers, platforms need to have them regularly tested and verified by independent companies to ensure that their RNGs continue to distribute wins in a fair, safe and unbiased way. 

Encryption software and sports betting 

Customers in regulated markets across the globe use online betting sites to place wagers on everything from Major League Baseball winners to who’ll win Strictly Come Dancing. With such high numbers of site visitors it’s crucial that customer details are protected, which is where things like encryption software comes in. 

Encryption technology works by turning any customer data entered onto a site – whether that’s personal details or financial information – into unbreakable strings of code, which can only be “read” by the customer’s device or their account. As a minimum, platforms should use 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layers), but the most common is 256-bit SSL. The use of encryption software isn’t just limited to bookmakers and sportsbooks; every reputable iGaming platform needs to integrate data encryption technology into its website.

Gaming licences and privacy policies 

Real money platforms across the board, whether they’re international brands or not, need to be in possession of a gaming licence from a recognised authority like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. These licences should be clearly displayed on the company’s website, along with details like when and who the licence was issued by. 

Privacy policies are designed to protect both the iGaming platform and the customer, but unfortunately not every new casino customer wants to read the small print. These policies actually set out how a particular operator will use the information that a customer provides. It’s especially important to be aware of this because some platforms can legally collect and sell player data onto third party companies, and if a customer signs-up they agree to that process. 

In-site monitoring

Because the risk of online fraud is all too real in the digital era, most reputable iGaming platforms will use their own, in-site processes to monitor and detect potentially fraudulent activity. Gaming sites can implement simple systems to track and assess the behaviour of their customers, which will then build what’s known as their gaming profiles. That way, if there are any anomalies in a customer’s account that significantly differentiates from their regular profile, the systems can alert the platform and the customer that their account may be compromised. 

Similarly, iGaming companies can work with independent monitoring platforms, who use bespoke technology to know in advance if customer data has been stolen or leaked and whether or not payment methods are legitimate.

YOUNGSTERS can have lots of fun and games during the October school holidays.

Renfrewshire Leisure is running a series of activity camps for children in Primaries 1 to 7 at the Lagoon Leisure Centre, Johnstone Sports Hub, Renfrew Sports Centre and Park Mains, in Erskine.

These take place daily between Monday, October 14 and Friday, October 18.

There will be lots of different activities to keep youngsters amused and active during the school break including a variety of sports, arts and crafts, swimming, games and themed days.

There will also be a football camp at Renfrew’s KGV Pavilion and Gryffe High School, in association with the Scottish Football Association as well as outdoor activities that include mountain biking, raft building and kayaking.

And on Sunday, October 20, at the Lagoon there will be a Disability Bounce About A Bit Event! This event is open to anyone with a physical disability, sensory impairment and or learning disability.

Soft drinks and snacks will be provided for the participants, who must be accompanied by an adult who will receive free tea or coffee.

Chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “Our activity camps and hugely popular and it’s best to book early so your child is guaranteed a place.

“There’s a huge range of activities and one thing’s for sure – anyone who comes along will have a fun time.”

To book a place log on to or by calling 0300 300 0250.


For those who do not know, there are a lot of land-based casinos in the United Kingdom providing all types of casino games to the players. Casinos in the UK have been the leader for the casinos across the globe with a complete range of games.

There are traditional slot machines and classic games such as Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. Almost all of these games are also available in online casinos.

Here are several best land-based casinos in the United Kingdom. For online casino players we refer to

Also read our own guide to: Admiral Casino: Just the best Land Based Casino in Paisley

Aspers Casino

Aspers Casino was founded in 2011. It is located in Westfield, East London. Aspers Casino is the biggest entertainment center in Stratford City. Aside from its extravagant gambling atmosphere, Aspers Casino also offers eateries and bars. The sports venue at this casino holds every major sporting event on several widescreen televisions if you’re a sports enthusiast. Since you’ve got every source of entertainment in the close area, this is one of the perfect places to visit in London.

Les Croupiers Casino

Croups, also known as Les Croupiers, is located in Wales. It is an old casino. Les Croupiers Casino has been operating for almost 50 years now. The casino provides a huge poker room that contains 20 tables. This room can accommodate around 200 hundred individuals. It provides every well-known table game such as Three Card Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. This casino also offers dice games such as Craps. In addition to that, Les Croupiers Casino also offers a lot of various slot games, which are also available in a lot of online casinos.

Park Lane Casino

Park Lane Casino provides an excellent chance for people to play casino in private clubs. This casino is located beside the Park Lane and Hyde Park. You can reserve the table at the Park Lane club or play outdoors and have the most bizarre casino playing experience here. Park Lane Casino offers casino games such as slot games, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. Park Lane Casino welcomes people warmly. Usually, the membership fee runs around $1,000.

Furthermore, Park Lane Casino has an open terrace area for screening well-known sports events live.

Genting International Casino

Before it was named Genting International Casino, it was previously known as Resorts World Birmingham. This casino is the first-ever Resort Casino in England. The Genting Group or the Resorts World has casinos at well-known places such as Malaysia and Singapore. According to the group, they are going to open a new casino at Las Vegas this upcoming 2020. The Genting group has more than 35,000 employees worldwide and they have 40 casinos in England alone. Genting International Casino is located in one of the most crowded places in England. It provides a variety of games that suits the preferences of every player.

To attract casino players, Genting International Casino creates tailored Go casino packages. It also offers all types of casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Electronic Roulette, American Roulette, and much more. Genting International Casino also holds poker tournaments.

Modfest at the paisley Spree 20.10.18-0597

The ever-popular ModStuff Scooter Rideout at this year’s Spree festival is being sponsored by the area’s destination brand…and local businesses are being invited to the party.

As part of the deal for to become headline ModStuff sponsors, event organisers LNP Promotions were invited to pick some local traders to be named as sponsors of the individual awards.

Modfest at the paisley Spree 20.10.18-0597

This year’s ModStuff takes place in The Spiegeltent on Saturday 12 October with a free afternoon show featuring the now-legendary scooter rideout, followed by a sold-out evening show. Paisley Vespa Scooter Club are organising and hosting the Scooter Rideout and Competition in aid of Renfrewshire Carers Centre.

LNP chose the following on the basis of their contribution to the town: Burger and Keg, Castelvecchi, Jewelfare, the Bungalow, the Old Swan, and Café Malatso.

Each one of the businesses will present an award on the day and receive tickets for the sold-out ModStuff evening show or another Spree show for a prize draw for their customers. Pop into each shop or follow them on social media for details of how to enter the prize draws.

The spectacle of up to 100 scooters gathering outside the iconic Spiegeltent before riding off round the town is one of many great reasons to visit Paisley in the weeks ahead as the area’s busy winter events programme kicks in. was launched last year by Renfrewshire Council to promote everything that makes Paisley and Renfrewshire a great place to visit, live and invest – and is the go-to place for what’s on in the area.

Gary Kerr of LNP Promotions said: “We are delighted to team up with as headline sponsors of this year’s ModStuff – which has allowed us to give something back to a small selection of the many businesses who add value to the town. LNP wanted to recognise their contribution of those businesses to Paisley and highlight the value they place on community and customer service.”

Renfrewshire Council’s head of communications, marketing and events Louisa Mahon said: “Paisley town centre is home to a great variety of shops, cafés and restaurants that provide a wonderful welcome to visitors and locals alike. We want everyone who visits Paisley, or lives or learns here, to Spend Local and support traders who go the extra mile every day and are huge supporters of events in the town.

“Through Paisley Is, we want to recognise their contribution and are delighted to get behind LNP Promotions at ModStuff 2019 and share sponsorship of the Scooter awards. ModStuff is a highlight of the annual Spree festival and attracts a great audience from all over Scotland. This is a perfect platform to highlight what makes Paisley unique and say thank you to some of the traders who make Paisley great”.

Since its launch in March 2018, Paisley Is has achieved almost 500 million opportunities to hear and see something positive about the town through local, national and international media, and our events programme has gone from strength to strength with over 160,000 people attending events in the town.

Renfrewshire Council recently launched a Spend Local campaign to encourage residents, visitors and staff to support businesses based in the area. For more info see

paisley from drone

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