Things have changed dramatically when it comes to traveling and entering the United States of America; different governmental changes are taking place to change how immigrants and tourists enter US soil. The traditional Visa systems, there are slowly being brushed aside, and soon it will be a thing of the past thanks to ESTA. Take a look below at some important information about these changes if you’re thinking of traveling to the US.

What is ESTA? 

It stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization, and this is the new method that allows people to get in the US. It’s developed by the government’s DHS, and it’s basically a visa waiver program that allows people from specific countries to enter the US, whether it’s for a vacation or business. It can last for two years as long as your trip duration isn’t more than 90 days. It’s an automated system that makes things a little clearer and easier for the DHS to track who enters and leaves the country.

How Can I Get One?

If you’re going to the States soon, there is only one way to get it done, and that’s available online only. You will need to fill out the ESTA form on their designated website, and you will need to put in your credit or debit card details to pay the fee for requesting the form. Your passport should be an electronic one with a digital chip that contains all the information about you, and it should have the machine-readable part of its biographic page. This is an important requirement for your form to be fully accepted.

Will I Need One With My Initial Visa?

Even though a lot of people had visas approved, some of them were revoked depending on the purpose of why it was issued. But if you have an old visa with you that is still approved, it will continue to work for you and you will not need an ESTA to enter the country.

Is It Safe?

People shouldn’t worry about their information being submitted through the ESTA channels as they go through the same strict privacy process that is similar to the traveler screening programs. Their website is operated and monitored by the DHS and the government, so it will have all the necessary technological programs for protection and ease of access. 

The Future of ESTA

This program is not a visa, but soon the regulations regarding the visa requirements will change and it might act as one. It does make things a lot easier because of its automated nature; it saves time and manpower, and there is a nice money-back guarantee feature for people who try but get their form declined. So it’s a lot different than the visa systems we are used to.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation when you want to travel to the US, this new program can actually fix a lot of these problems. It’s a win-win situation because you want to enter and the government there wants to know exactly who you are. So fill out the form perfectly and wait it out. Hopefully, you will be accepted and get approved to enter the country with ease.


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