The Paisley community is a generous and supportive one which is always willing to support a good cause. Fundraising events, in particular, are always popular as they bring the community together for fun and relaxation while giving them the opportunity to do some good for the world. But how do you plan an event to raise money and awareness of your cause? The key to success in charity fundraising is all in the planning to ensure it runs without problems. From coffee and cake mornings to family fun days and black tie balls, here are six tips for planning charity events in Paisley.

  1. Make sure you have a fundraising target

You need to set a fundraising target which is achievable so you can motivate your fundraisers and donors. Without a goal and a clear vision of what that money will achieve you will find it hard to convince people to part with their money. You may want to set the target a little higher than you need so encourage generosity in your donors.

  1. Choose a popular theme

Try to plan an event which will appeal to your target donor. For example, a cake sale or family fun day will appeal to lots of people, but they may not have the disposable income to give much money. On the other hand, a black-tie ball may attract wealthier attendees, but there are likely to be less of them.

  1. Contact local businesses for support

Contact local Paisley businesses to ask if they can support or sponsor the event in some way. They could sponsor the catering costs or pay to display their posters around your venue, for example. If you are running a raffle or an auction they may be able to donate a voucher or prize in exchange for their logo in your programme.

  1. Work as a team

Even if the event is your idea and the charity is a personal cause for you, it’s important to remember that you will achieve far more if you work with a team than you would on your own. Build a team of people with diverse skills and contacts as you will be able cast a wider net in terms of raising awareness and gathering support.

It’s often useful to create some sort of uniform for the event itself or fundraising activities so the team has a stronger sense of identity and you advertise the event and/or your social media accounts. For example, a Manchester based t-shirt printing company can create unique designs which will reinforce your message and create a bond within the team. Make sure that everyone in the team understands their role and responsibilities and that communication is clear and regular.

  1. Get the right insurance

While most charity events will run smoothly, you need to plan for the worst. Carry out a risk assessment for all of the activities which you will be running at your event and make sure you have the right insurances in place. If an attendee was to be injured or a supplier’s equipment was damaged, you and your charity could be financially liable if legal action is taken.

  1. Thank your attendees, donors, and sponsors

When the event is done, it’s essential that you take the time to thank all your attendees, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. This can be done through personal letters, emails, and social media as well as through the press if you can get some local coverage. By showing people who much their support has helped and what their money will achieve you can create long-term relationships.



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