Doors Open Days 2019

From medieval underground structures and buildings steeped in history, to allotments, fire stations and music schools, there will be plenty to celebrate about Renfrewshire at Doors Open Days (link is to 2012 photos enjoy) 2019.

Doors Open Days 2019

On Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September, venues all over Renfrewshire – many of which do not normally allow access to what’s going on behind the scenes – will throw open their doors and invite people to delve deeper into their history.

Doors Open Days is Scotland’s largest free festival that celebrates heritage and the built environment, old and new. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Doors Open Day nationally, with more than 1000 buildings set to open across the country.

This year in Renfrewshire, more than 50 venues will welcome people of all ages across the weekend.

Many of the old Doors Open Days favourites – including Sma’ Shot Cottages and Paisley Abbey – are getting involved again this year, and a few new venues have stepped up to share their stories.

There will also be the opportunity to see inside Paisley’s medieval Abbey Drain. Look out for more detail on that in the coming weeks.

Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron is encouraging people of all ages to get involved across the weekend.

Doors Open Days Lamont Farm

Provost Cameron said: “We’re so lucky here in Renfrewshire to have such a fantastic array of beautiful, historic buildings, but we don’t often get the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.

“Doors Open Days is a great opportunity for people of all ages to find out more about these buildings and to hear stories about our culture and heritage which will help inform our future.

“Venues have organised a brilliant range of activities across the weekend and learning will definitely be fun.

“Major events like this are great for the local economy as they get people out and about and spending money with local traders.

“We should be very proud of our history and heritage here in Renfrewshire and I hope that people of all ages take time out to get involved.”

Activities will be taking place in Paisley, Renfrew, Linwood, Johnstone, Lochwinnoch, Kilbarchan, Bridge of Weir, Houston, Erskine and Inchinnan.

Doors Open Days is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust and is part of European Heritage Days supported by Historic Environment Scotland.

A full list of venues can be viewed online at

For a look forward to what’s coming up across Renfrewshire visit or

For the uninitiated, Paisley is a historic town bordering the city of Glasgow in Scotland, located in the scenic central Lowlands. A warm and welcoming place, it is often called the largest town in all of Scotland. Located close to the Glasgow Airport, Paisley has plenty to offer even the most discerning traveler looking for sights to see and things to do.


Summer is often the best time to visit the fair town, and there are plenty of attractions all around the city to keep you busy. From historic landmarks to modern museums, to shopping and dining experiences, outdoor adventures and more, Paisley has them all. Here is a quick look at some of the experiences that await you in our town this summer:


A visit to the Paisley Abbey


This 12th century Abbey is located at the heart of the town and is intricately linked to its history. William Wallace, depicted by Mel Gibson in Braveheart, was a student at this abbey in his youth. It was burned down once by King Edward I of England but was quickly rebuilt within a century.

In 2019, you will find the Abbey in tranquil surroundings, close to the river, and the midst of well-tended grounds. It is a great landmark for history and architecture buffs, with its tombs, many archaeological artifacts, stained glass windows, and the Barochan Cross which dates back to the 10th Century. The latter is among the oldest surviving examples of the Govan School sculptural style.


Of special interest to sci-fi fans are the gargoyles located on the exterior of the Abbey. One of these became an internet sensation, due to its close resemblance to the Xenomorph from the Alien movies. It was crafted by a stonemason who undertook restoration work of the 12 gargoyles at the abbey in the 1990s!


Explore the Rouken Glen Park Waterfalls


Located south-east of Paisley in the Rouken Glen Park is a series of waterfalls that has mystified countless visitors due to their unique appearance. Over the centuries, these natural falls were modified countless times to power textile mills in the region during the Industrial Revolution.

The falls are a great place to experience the natural beauty of the Renfrewshire countryside around Paisley. They also offer you a window into the industrial past of the town of Paisley and its surrounding regions.


The Rouken Glen Park is a great place for walks and treks, as it is dotted with woodland trails. Summer is the best time to visit, as there are marshes and steep paths which can get quite slippery in the rains.


Shop at intu Braehead and Soar


The intu Braehead is the premier shopping and entertainment destination in the Renfrewshire council area and Glasgow metropolitan area. This place has everything, a huge mall, an entertainment arena, a massive food court, and even an ice rink and ski slope.

Shopping is the primary attraction at Braehead, with over 100 different stores and retail brands. There are many dining options including both fast food outlets as well as fine restaurants in the food mall, which had 20+ establishments as of 2019.


If you want a fun day for kids and family, the Soar is the place to be. The entertainment arena has tons of activities, including cinemas, rock climbing, skiing, ice skating, adventure gold, dodgem cars, laser tag, and even a roller disco. They have their own dining area here with even more restaurants and outlets.


The centre is located within easy reach of both Paisley and Glasgow. Parking is available aplenty, and there are plenty of buses connecting it to major towns and villages nearby as well.


A spot of gambling at Glasgow casinos


If you want something less family and more adult-oriented, then the city of Glasgow is right next to Paisley! If you desire some gambling or betting action, Glasgow is the best place to be in all of Scotland. Of the dozen casinos in the country, at least half call the city their home.


Alea Glasgow is considered of the best gambling destinations in the city. Located on the shores of the River Clyde, this place is open 24 hours and has everything you would need from an offline casino. There is a spacious gaming floor filled with slots and live tables, two amazing bars, and even a classy restaurant.


The Genting at Glasgow is slightly smaller with fewer slots but has a good number of live tables (around 12). Other similar-sized casinos around the city include the Grosvenor Casino Merchant City and the Grosvenor Casino Riverboat. All these offer a balanced game selection of slots, blackjack, poker, and other games like Punto Banco and Baccarat.


As you can see, you have a fair amount of choice when it comes to legal gambling in Scotland. But if offline casinos are not your thing and you prefer playing online make sure to check out



Go for a Walk at Gleniffer Braes Country Park


Waterfall, lake, scenic hills, and tranquil farms, Gleniffer Braes Park has them all. And the best part is, if you are visiting Paisley, the park is just a 10-minute drive away from the town center. It is a great place to visit in summer as well as winter.

Yes it’s that beautiful


From the park, you can soak in majestic views of Ben Lomond, one of the most famous mountains in the Scottish Highlands. The braes (hills in Scottish) around the park are perfect for moderate hikes and offer you stunning views of Glasgow and surrounding countryside.


The park even has its lake. With a very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, the park is an ideal place for families as well as solo visits. And it is also quite dog-friendly. There is plenty of parking available but the park does not have any cafes or dining options. So don’t forget to bring your own snacks and drinks!


Now Just Plan Your Visit


These are just some of the top destinations that wait for you in Paisley. There are plenty of other things to visit here, including an observatory, a Cenotaph, gardens, art galleries, museums, and more!  

aesthetic suites


Treating Hyperhidrosis – Addressing a common but not so familiar problem

There are some health issues which, while not being serious, are widely known and offer clearly defined treatment paths. Then there are conditions like Hyperhidrosis
..despite affecting between one and three in every 100 people in the UK remains largely unknown and leaves patients struggling to identify viable solutions.
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This is a condition that causes people to sweat excessively, It can also become a huge source of embarrassment, stress and anxiety when left untreated. Although it most commonly affects your underarms and the palms of your hand, it can afflict the entire body and leave people struggling to live their everyday lives.
At aesthetic suites our medical experience and training enables us to fully recognise this condition allowing us to deliver a suitable treatment for sufferers. This is how it works:
aesthetic suites

You will attend an initial consultation to discuss the extent of your condition and to ensure that you’re suitable for treatment. We’ll also make sure that you’re not allergic to any substances that we use as part of the treatment plan.
Similar to our anti-wrinkle treatment, we’ll then superficially inject Botulinum Toxin Type A into your underarm region.
You may begin to notice that excess sweat production has ceased within one week of treatment, while a single set of injections will deliver results that last for up to 6 months.
aesthetic suites
This simple treatment is both clinically safe and effective, with a personalised plan of action laid out during your initial, no obligation consultation.


Sweating is just the human body’s way of cooling down known as thermoregulation.
A normal adult will sweat from the eccrine glands up to a maximum of around 2_4 litres per hour or 10_14 litres per day, dependant on exertion and hot weather, which will cause people to produce more sweat than normal inactivity and a cooler environment. Unfortunately, in some people this mechanism of thermoregulation is broken and becomes overactive, with the body sweating 4 or 5 times more than needed as it attempts to cool down .
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Bridging Trends’s latest reports reveal that investment property continues to be the number 1 most popular reason for taking out a bridging loan. Bridging Trends collected its figures from the following lenders and finance brokers within the industry: Brightstar Financial, Clever Lending, Enness, Complete FS, Impact Specialist Finance, MT Finance, Pure Commercial Finance, Positive Lending, UK Property Finance and Y3S.


This is the area’s second quarter for the year as the most popular reason for taking out a bridging loan, contributing 22% of the entire lending sector in Q1 (for 2019) and 25% in Q2 (also for 2019). Following investment property, the second most popular use of a bridging finance loan was a chain-break, contributing 18% of the entire lending sector.


The amount of loans that the contributors of Bridging Trends handled went down to 37.5% in the second quarter for 2019 compared to 38.3% in the first quarter. by Following this reduction in transactions, there was a subsequent decrease of £500,000 from Q1 to Q2 for this year, going down from £185.32 million to £184.82 million respectively. Monthly interest rates increased by 0.05% from the first to the second quarter, being 0.79% in Q2.  


Impact Specialist Finance’s managing director Dale Jannels has commented on these results, stating that “I’m not surprised that chain break finance was the second most popular reason for obtaining bridging finance in the last quarter. We’re in uncertain times and this uncertainty transfers into property transactions also.” 


Jannels furthers their point, reflecting on the fact that “Customers are also being gazumped and looking for short-term finance assistance to speed up the purchase of their dream property. Add in the complexity of many property transactions and the high-street lender will say no, yet short-term finance might get them over the initial line.”


MT Finance was one of the major organisations that Bridging Trends used in their reports. Launched in 2008, MT Finance is a lender in bridging finance that has won numerous awards. Awards received by MT Finance include the following; Business Moneyfacts award for the Best Service from a Bridging Finance Provider (2014), Financial Reporter Awards for the best Short-term/Bridging Lender (2015), and Property Wire Awards for Bridging Lender of the year (2018). It has helped to provide finance to a multitude of different property investors as well as businesses and individuals, helping to further their customer’s growth and success. 


MT Finance’s commercial director Gareth Lewis has made the following comments in relation to the property investment sector, stating “Now that Boris Johnson has been announced as the new PM and has made Brexit top of his to-do list, this should help to give the market the certainty it needs” 


Royal Scottish National Orchestra performance kicks off Airport’s ‘Best of Scotland’ celebration


Passengers at Glasgow Airport were today (Wednesday 31 July) treated to a first-class performance with a Caledonian twist from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.


RSNO Chorus Director Gregory Batsleer led over 50 orchestral musicians for two performances in the main terminal this morning (9.30am and 10.30am) to mark the start of Glasgow Airport’s ‘Best of Scotland’ celebration.

The Best of Scotland festival provides passengers with the opportunity to celebrate and experience Scotland’s finest food, drink and culture, and will see the terminal and surrounding areas showcase some of the best tastes, sights and sounds of the country during the month of August.

As part of the celebrations, the RSNO performed a selection of the country’s most iconic pieces of music, including Flower of Scotland, Auld Lang Syne and Loch Lomond.

Adam Ashe, Number Eight for the airport’s commercial partner Glasgow Warriors, was also be in attendance and swapped the oval ball for the conductor’s baton to lead Scotland’s national orchestra.

Mark Johnston, Glasgow Airport’s Managing Director, said: “For many visitors the airport is their first and last impression of Scotland, and our Best of Scotland campaign is a great way to celebrate the quality of our country’s fare while also providing exciting and interesting entertainment for our passengers.

“The Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s annual performance is one of the highlights of the year for both the terminal team and of course our passengers. We’ve enjoyed a fantastic partnership with the RSNO over the years and once again these fantastic musicians put in a first-class performance in the terminal.

“It was also great to welcome Adam Ashe along for the performance and good to know that when he eventually retires from rugby he will be well-versed to tackle a career as a chorus conductor!”

Gregory Batsleer, RSNO Chorus Conductor, said: “It’s a complete joy to surprise passers-by with the thrilling sounds that come from a large professional orchestra, especially in one of Scotland’s busiest airports.

“It’s really important that we as musicians are able perform music outside of the concert hall and I’m excited that passengers arriving to Glasgow Airport from all over the world were welcomed with music from Scotland’s National Orchestra.”

Clyde Waterfront Renfrew Riverside - Clyde bridge-1

Three international engineering teams are in the running to build the first opening road bridge over the River Clyde.

The crossing connecting Renfrew to Clydebank and Yoker will require hundreds of construction staff and forms the centre-piece of a major infrastructure project to transform the Clyde waterfront.

Clyde Waterfront Renfrew Riverside - Clyde bridge-1

Following an initial selection stage earlier this year, Renfrewshire Council has now invited three bidders to participate in the detailed tendering stage of the procurement process.

These are:

  • ARC – a joint venture of Roadbridge and American Bridge supported by COWI as design partner, whose previous projects include the construction of the iconic Queensferry Crossing and the Tappan Zee Bridge over New York’s Hudson River
  • A Balfour Beatty team, comprising Cleveland Bridge, Qualter Hall and consultants Atkins. They have delivered the Media City Swing Bridge in Salford and are currently replacing the Surf City Swing Bridge in North Carolina.
  • Construction and civil engineering company GRAHAM, working with Hollandia and Ramboll – GRAHAM and Hollandia were both involved in the construction of the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin whilst Ramboll led the Design Joint Venture of the Queensferry Crossing.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson said: “This project will transform the Clyde waterfront and connect communities on both sides of the river, improving access to jobs, education, hospitals and leisure pursuits. I am very pleased to see this project progressing well and it is no surprise that it has attracted such high calibre teams bidding to secure the design and construction contract.”

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson

Jointly funded by the UK and Scottish Governments through the Glasgow City Region City Deal, the £90.7million Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside project includes a 184 metre-long, twin-leaf cable-stayed swing bridge accommodating vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians and opening horizontally for passing ships.

Scottish Government Infrastructure Secretary Michael Matheson said: “I’m delighted to see the progress being made on the Glasgow City Region Deal as our partners look to drive inclusive economic growth, utilising the Scottish Government’s more than £500 million investment in the area.

Clyde Waterfront Renfrew Riverside - Clyde bridge-2

“It’s particularly pleasing that this project will open up access to new opportunities around the River Clyde and help further spread the benefits of our investment made in other key infrastructure locally, such as the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the upcoming National Manufacturing Institute Scotland.”

UK Government Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said: “It’s great to see the progress being made on the first and largest growth deal in Scotland, which the UK Government is supporting through its £523 million investment. The funding is already delivering real benefits for people who live and work in the region and this particular crossing will make a huge difference to the Clyde waterfront.

“To date the UK Government has committed more than £1.39 billion of Growth Deal investment to support sustainable growth in Scotland and create jobs and opportunities for the future.”

Leading engineering firm Sweco worked with Kettle Collective – the architects behind the Falkirk Wheel – to draw up initial designs for the bridge which draw on the area’s rich shipbuilding heritage.

Also included in the project is more than 2km of new and improved roads and shared cycle and pedestrian routes, including connections into the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland being developed next to Glasgow Airport.

Each team has received the full tendering pack which comprises more than 750 documents and 300 drawings.

It is anticipated the successful team will be appointed in early 2020 and construction is scheduled to start later that year and be completed in 2022.

“More than 470 people will be involved in the initial construction and a further 2300 jobs are expected to follow over the next decade through the new developments and business growth it attracts,” added Councillor Nicolson.

“Independent analysis ranks it one of the top-performing economic growth projects in the west of Scotland and we’re excited by its economic potential and by the benefits it brings for residents on both sides of the river.”

Bob Grant, Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is a hugely exciting project which will bolster business growth along the Clyde – adding to the significant job opportunities coming to the manufacturing innovation district being developed next to Glasgow Airport.

“I would urge local businesses to ensure they are registered on Public Contracts Scotland as this is where sub-contractor opportunities will be published.

“Renfrewshire has a highly skilled workforce and I’m sure the opportunities ahead will also be of great interest to students at University of the West of Scotland and West College Scotland.”

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Krabi, a gorgeous location on the west coast of Southern Thailand, is an incredibly popular tourist destination. Characterized by its sheer limestone cliffs, jagged-edged rocks, and dense mangrove forests, Krabi has become the number one destination for people who want to take in breathtaking natural sights and explore the beauty of this area. Some of the popular destinations here include the Phi Phi Islands and Railay Beach, which has become one of the most popular rock climbing spots in the world. If you are traveling to Krabi, there are many things that you need to consider. One of the first things you need to do is to book your hotel in Krabi. Here are a few tips for booking a hotel.

Find a Reputable One

The Ao Nang hotels in Krabi have become an incredibly popular choice for many people. Whether you are going simply for sightseeing or want to get the best out of your honeymoon trip, these are an excellent choice. The hotels are centrally located and give you access to many of the major destinations throughout the province. Not only that, but they are very well-maintained and you will be able to enjoy some of the best days of your life here.

What Kind of Hotel?

Should you book a 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star hotel? It primarily depends on your personal interests. A 5-star hotel will obviously cost you more money, but the level of service provided and the kind of amenities you will have access to will also be considerably better. It’s incredibly important that you read about each kind of hotel and see what amenities are offered before making a decision.

The best way to narrow down your options is to set a budget first. There are plenty of websites that allow you to compare the rates charged by different hotels and then make an informed decision. By narrowing down your options, you will have a better idea about which hotel to book. It needs to fall within your price range, because you will be staying at the hotel for several days to come.

Check out the Features

What kind of hotel room do you want? More importantly, what services are included along with the hotel room? It’s important that you do your research carefully and find the best hotel in your price range by checking out the cost of various hotel rooms. Some rooms are available at a discounted price from time to time as well. This is a great idea for people who are interested in saving money and who want to get a good upgrade on their room. You should also check the location of the hotel. It should be situated in a central location to make getting around easier for you. These are just a few simple things that you should know about booking a hotel in Krabi.


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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has stated that new proposals will impose a ban on contingent charging when it comes to pension transfer advice


This will mean that pension advisers will now need to provide evidence and demonstrate as to why any scheme that is recommended to customers is better than the consumer’s workplace pension scheme.


Why has the FCA implemented this ban?


The watchdog has said that it is implementing these new rules in order to help better protect customers against potential conflicts of interest. This can happen if the financial adviser aiding them with pension transfer advice only receives money when a transfer is successful.


In a statement given by the FCA following their announcement, they said that ‘the proposed ban would apply unless consumers have specific circumstances that mean a transfer is likely to be in their best interests.’


Are the FCA enforcing other measures?


Tackling pension transfers and ongoing fees


Yes, the FCA has also stated it will be looking at the issues that can arise when a financial adviser stands to receive ongoing fees for pension transfers, which could lead to a situation where the customer does not necessarily receive the best deal available. 


These ongoing fees could last for 20-30 years after the transfer has taken place, which increases the chance of conflicts of interest. 


As a result, the FCA has outlined new proposals that means that financial advisors will now need to provide evidence as to how their recommended scheme is better than the consumer’s workplace pension scheme.


Providing abridged advice


The FCA has also revealed proposals that looks at addressing the issue of how financial advisers manage and provide pension transfer advice to its customers.


How does the FCA intend to tackle this? New proposals include making sure abridged advice is provided, so that companies provide inexpensive advice to customers who shouldn’t transfer their pension. 

The FCA also wants more transparency in terms of the charges imposed, to make the system fairer for customers who look for pension transfer advice.


In addition to pensions, the FCA is currently reviewing car finance, guarantor loans (and non guarantor loans), rent-to-own and catalogue finance. Since the regulator started overseeing the UK financial industry in 2015, there has been a notable and successful crackdown on payday lending, consumer credit and bank overdrafts.

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£20m is the sort of figure lottery fans expect to win as a top prize on the National Lottery. It’s not a prize value thatplayers typically associate with online scratchcards. All that is about to change thanks to one of the world’s biggest online lottery providers – Lottoland.

The scratchcard with the eye-watering prize recently launched to much fanfare. Its release was announced alongside a second high-value scratchcard; this one with an almost equally impressive top prize of £15m.


How to Win These Fabulous Prizes

The USA is well-known for enormous lottery pay outs, and online scratchcard games are beginning to rival them. So far, the honour of the largest American prize went to a couple in Lexington when they picked up $10m (£7.5m).

This is not the first time Lottoland has given players the chance to play scratchcards with such a large prize. In 2018, the online lottery provider launched a highly-successful card with a top prize of £10m.

The company reported an incredible response to last year’s game and were determined not just to do it again, but to go one step further and offer even better prizes.

The game with the £15m jackpot will cost players £17.50 per ticket, while the £20m top prize game will cost players £20 per ticket.


The Rise and Rise of Lottoland Prizes

Needless to say, players are delighted with Lottoland pushingthe boundaries of online gaming once again.

These new scratchcard games are online only, available exclusively through the Lottoland site. They have worked out that over half of players will win a prize on the new scratchcards, although not everyone will get to take home the multi-million pound jackpot!

Lottoland is an online gaming platform allowing site users to bet on lotteries anywhere in the world. The one condition is that they cannot bet on lotteries available to play in their country of origin.

It’s proven a great model for success and Lottoland boasts many multimillionaire winners. Their biggest winner to date is a woman named Christina from Germany. She claimed €90m (around £81m) playing the Eurojackpot in 2018 and was able to give up her job as a cleaner to enjoy her winnings.


Lottoland Offers Players Choice

For Lottoland, online gaming is about giving players choice. The company is best-known for online lottery betting, but there is an ever expanding portfolio of games available on the site. Players place bets on lotteries taking place outside their home country and win equivalent prizes. Unlike standard lottery gaming, players:

Can hedge their bets with multipliers and in selecting 7, 8, or even 9 numbers to maximise their chances of winning a 6-number lottery
May join and leave online syndicates with complete strangers instantly – bypassing the problems of a syndicate of friends and family members
Can protect their prize so that if multiple people win the top prize, you win the total value of the prize instead of sharing

Lottoland is not just about online lottery betting; the site is not a one trick pony. You can play slots and video slots, live casino such as card games and roulette, and much more. Sign up for free to find out why Lottoland is the site that offers the chance for its players to dream bigger!

A new fund designed by and for young people will support individuals, groups and organisations to take forward projects which will directly benefit their fellow young people in Renfrewshire.

As part of the Local Partnerships in Renfrewshire, the fund provides a chance for young people to shape the activities and opportunities available for them in the local area.

Previously known as the Youth Challenge Fund, youth groups across Renfrewshire have come together to form a steering group which will facilitate the fund, as well as renaming it the ‘Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund – by young people, for young people’.

It will allocate £150,000 to projects which will make a real difference to the local area, such as removing the barriers to participation or the stigma around mental health, with the maximum award to each project being £3000.

Successful projects must focus on at least one of five priorities decided by young people, which include increasing youth involvement and participation; making sport and physical activity more accessible; improving health & wellbeing; creating a positive image of young people, and community and road safety.

Adrian McKechnie, Chair of Renfrewshire Youth Voice said: “This gives young people the exciting opportunity to decide how public funds are spent, putting them in control.

“I think the participatory budgeting process is a fantastic opportunity for young people to be engaged in the distribution of public money particularly through this new Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund.”

The fund is open to anyone aged 12-25 as an individual, although they would need a guarantor, as part of a group, or as an organisation who works with young people, to submit ideas for projects that would benefit the young community in Renfrewshire.

Councillor Michelle Campbell, Renfrewshire Council’s Young Persons Champion, said: “What a fantastic chance for young people to shape their local area and create opportunities for their peers to benefit.

“It is a chance to make a real impact on what is available in the area, with the real key being that the younger generation are able to choose what matters most to them and turn their ideas into reality.

“It can often be thought that we know what’s best for young people, when really they should be afforded the opportunity to tell us what will benefit them most and, more importantly, make it happen.

This fund is a chance to do exactly that and I’d encourage anyone who has an idea to get in touch now.”

The application period is now open and the deadline to apply is Tuesday 27 August 2019.

Voting will be open to all young people to choose which projects they believe will make a difference to Renfrewshire on the Young Scot Website from 16-25 September.

Gavin Crosby, Young Scot Local Partnership Development Manager, said: “Young Scot are delighted to support the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund using our accessible online voting platform and our website,

“We know that young people in Renfrewshire will create innovative project ideas and make decisions that will benefit Renfrewshire for years to come.

“When the vote is open in September, young people can vote using their own device in their own time, or if they need support they can vote in their school or youth group.“

For more information, visit

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When you are about to forget about the boring role of a hired employee and start your own company, there is a lot on your plate. Your mind is occupied with finding the most effective strategy to enter the market and attract the attention of your target audience.

When you are about to forget about the boring role of a hired employee and start your own company, there is a lot on your plate. Your mind is occupied with finding the most effective strategy to enter the market and attract the attention of your target audience. You spend days and nights looking at spreadsheets trying to foresee a probable revenue and break-even point. Diving too deep into the economical part of the process you might miss some of the points beyond it that can actually play a great role. Being a good writer is not the fundamental thing that comes to mind when you think about the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. However, there are several reasons why this skill should not be overlooked in terms of the reality of modern business processes.


Bonding with the audience

Even if writing is not your forte and you used some college paper writing service during the university years, you still can create great content to bond with your customers. They will always feel dishonesty and artificiality. It is your chance to be honest and write what you think on your blog. You will reach your goal if the audience feels that it is a real person talking to them and not artificial intelligence of some kind. Be natural and write about the inspiration you get and what makes you resilient. Everybody fails from time to time and it’s good to show the world your imperfection. Your prospective customers will appreciate this approach. 


Social media effect

According to the new stats, the power of popular influencers begins to decrease. People tend to trust the ones with a fewer number of followers. That is why if you are only beginning to promote your business through social media channels, it is your chance to gain the attention of the audience. Remember that it is better to versatile your content in terms of different platforms. Your Facebook and Instagram posts will look completely differently because of the specifics of the target audience. It is easier to ask the people for their forgiveness if your company gets into a difficult situation. Due to the fact that you will work under the conditions of total transparency, you won’t be able to hind or ignore some of the scandals that may happen. Online platforms are the best place to comment on the incident and make your point. 


Personality power 

You might have noticed the significance of a person’s individuality in the era of ever-changing business rules. It is something that not only differentiates your company from the rest but also helps you to engage the audience more. It will be easier for a customer to express loyalty when there is a specific person standing behind a brand. Find your voice and use the same tone and modality throughout all the information channels you use to promote your company. Today people value small companies that have their own personalities. You can save money and write the content on your own if you feel like it. Alternatively, you can get help with assignment of writing an appealing piece by hiring an expert. Either way, you should be involved in this process to make sure your company has your voice. 

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Whether you are visiting the Paisley area or you are a native, it is the perfect starting point for a quick and fun day trip. Since Paisley is in a central part of Scotland, there is are a lot of fun places to check out on all sides of the city. Today we’ll highlight these places so you know where to go next time you find yourself visiting Paisley.


Plan a Beach Day

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? Paisley is located close to Troon Beach. At Troon Beach, you’ll find a bay-shaped body of water that is lined with a sandy beach. It is popular among those on holiday because of beach-access. You’ll also have access to fish and chips as well as ice cream just steps away from the shore. If you are looking for a sit-down meal, there are a variety of restaurants just inland of the shore that you can check out.


If you are into water activities, you’ll be happy to note that you can windsurf here or if you prefer to stay out of the water you can easily fly a kite! If you are traveling with kids, there is also a play park where they can play safely. The beach is dog-free from the months of May to September.


Day trip to Glasglow

Glasglow is a short commute from Paisley and is filled with fun things to see and do. For example, Glasglow is known for its unique architecture and historical sights that you can easily see by foot or by bike. If you are looking for something else to do in the city, the city is filled with fun museums and centers that you can spend endless hours exploring. Specifically, you should stop at the Glasglow Science Center to see fun new technological exhibits. Additionally, if you want to take a step back in time, you can check out places like the Museum of Piping or Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery. If you prefer outdoor activities you can take riding lessons in Glasglow or visit the Botanic Gardens.


Bask in Nature in Glencoe

If you are looking to spend the day outdoors, Glencoe is definitely a place you have to visit. In Glencoe, you will have the opportunity to take to the trails to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this area. You’ll have your pick from a variety of trails so you are sure to find something one that you can explore regardless of your skill level. Glencoe is also home to Lock Leven which is a lake that is filled with small islands. Here, you’ll also have to make sure to visit the Loch Leven Castle that is estimated to be built around the year 1300 and still standing today! It even once held Mary, the Queen of Scots a prisoner.


Live Like a King or Queen

Speaking of castles, another place you must visit is Inveraray Castle. It is a bit more up-to-date than the Loch Leven Castle. You can take a tour through the inside of the castle and experience what life was like during medieval times. You’ll have a great day exploring the castle and the grounds surrounding the castle. You’ll also have the opportunity to stalk or shoot on the castle grounds! If you don’t have time for those activities, you can stop by the gift shop to take home a souvenir to remember your trip to Inveraray Castle.


Spend Time Giving Back

If you have a little extra time, there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer abroad when you are visiting Paisley. You can visit Engage Renfrewshire to learn about volunteer opportunities in there. This organization supports groups in the community by promoting their volunteer opportunities. If you do not want to go through a formal organization, you can do a quick web search for organizations needing help near you. You’ll find a host of places near Paisley who need volunteers for a variety of projects. Do not stress if you can only offer one day of your time as every minute helps!


Overall, you’ll find that there are a variety of trips you can take from Paisley. Some of these trips include visiting fun and historical castles. Others include spending a relaxing day at the beach and enjoying some local cuisine. You could also spend your day volunteering your time to help others in the surrounding communities.