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£20m is the sort of figure lottery fans expect to win as a top prize on the National Lottery. It’s not a prize value thatplayers typically associate with online scratchcards. All that is about to change thanks to one of the world’s biggest online lottery providers – Lottoland.

The scratchcard with the eye-watering prize recently launched to much fanfare. Its release was announced alongside a second high-value scratchcard; this one with an almost equally impressive top prize of £15m.


How to Win These Fabulous Prizes

The USA is well-known for enormous lottery pay outs, and online scratchcard games are beginning to rival them. So far, the honour of the largest American prize went to a couple in Lexington when they picked up $10m (£7.5m).

This is not the first time Lottoland has given players the chance to play scratchcards with such a large prize. In 2018, the online lottery provider launched a highly-successful card with a top prize of £10m.

The company reported an incredible response to last year’s game and were determined not just to do it again, but to go one step further and offer even better prizes.

The game with the £15m jackpot will cost players £17.50 per ticket, while the £20m top prize game will cost players £20 per ticket.


The Rise and Rise of Lottoland Prizes

Needless to say, players are delighted with Lottoland pushingthe boundaries of online gaming once again.

These new scratchcard games are online only, available exclusively through the Lottoland site. They have worked out that over half of players will win a prize on the new scratchcards, although not everyone will get to take home the multi-million pound jackpot!

Lottoland is an online gaming platform allowing site users to bet on lotteries anywhere in the world. The one condition is that they cannot bet on lotteries available to play in their country of origin.

It’s proven a great model for success and Lottoland boasts many multimillionaire winners. Their biggest winner to date is a woman named Christina from Germany. She claimed €90m (around £81m) playing the Eurojackpot in 2018 and was able to give up her job as a cleaner to enjoy her winnings.


Lottoland Offers Players Choice

For Lottoland, online gaming is about giving players choice. The company is best-known for online lottery betting, but there is an ever expanding portfolio of games available on the site. Players place bets on lotteries taking place outside their home country and win equivalent prizes. Unlike standard lottery gaming, players:

Can hedge their bets with multipliers and in selecting 7, 8, or even 9 numbers to maximise their chances of winning a 6-number lottery
May join and leave online syndicates with complete strangers instantly – bypassing the problems of a syndicate of friends and family members
Can protect their prize so that if multiple people win the top prize, you win the total value of the prize instead of sharing

Lottoland is not just about online lottery betting; the site is not a one trick pony. You can play slots and video slots, live casino such as card games and roulette, and much more. Sign up for free to find out why Lottoland is the site that offers the chance for its players to dream bigger!