YOUNGSTERS can spend the school spring holidays in outer space if they take off and land at intu Braehead.

MFG intu Braehead Soar Astronaut

The free activities for kids at the shopping centre and in Soar at intu Braehead are truly out of this world from now until April 22.

A Mission to Mars is the theme for would-be space travellers in the central atrium with dressing up, arts and crafts and ride-on rockets. And a 50-feet high artificial giant sun will be hanging above their heads to shine a light on everything going on below.

Over in Soar at intu Braehead youngsters are invited to come along to an Astronaut Academy and witness the amazing pop-up planetarium where they can learn about the galaxy and take part in arts and crafts.

MFG intu Braehead Soar Astronaut

Free shows at the planetarium run throughout the day at various times from 12.15pm until 4pm and kids can find out about different things on each day of the week.

On a Monday it’s astronomy; Tuesday, the solar system; Wednesday, exoplanets; Thursday, Mars; Friday, spacecraft; Saturday, human space exploration and on Sunday, it’s sci-fi in space.

Marketing manager for intu Braehead, David Lyon said: “We’re getting ready for take-off and the countdown is well and truly on for youngsters to come along and conquer the galaxies.

“Our activities are certainly fun and enjoyable, but there is also an educational element and the kids will certainly learn something.”

These events are organised in association with the intu Braehead Family Club and are open to everyone for children and their families to enjoy. You can sign up to join the intu Braehead Family Club at and you’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts.

Meanwhile, here are some interstellar space jokes to keep everyone amused as they jet along to intu Braehead.

How does a man cut his hair on the moon?
Eclipse it.

How can astronauts get more protein in their diet?
They make it meteor.

If athletes can get ‘Athletes foot’, what can astronauts get?
Missile Toe.

How does NASA organise a birthday party?
They planet.

And finally….
I was up all night wondering where the sun had gone for so long, but then it finally dawned on me.

MFG intu Braehead Soar Astronaut


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