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Just noticed the big spin on the Scottish News about Renfrewshire Council agreeing to spend 11m on housing improvements this year and more over the next five years, funny that because at the end it says they are still waiting on the council tenants coming back to them with their ideas and views, so the council once again makes its own mind up without asking what you think.

Don’t get me wrong improvements to the council housing stock is way overdue, have a look up next time your walking by some council housing stock and you will notice a lot of slates still off from last years storms, or if you see a patchwork like quilt effect on someones roof you know that the council just put any old tile no matter if it wasn’t in keeping with the property on the roof.

this is the link for the councils website asking your views and also seeing if you are prepared to pay more for your rent for modernisation. I want to ask though where has all our rent money from the last 10 years or so gone? It certainly hasn’t went back to modernising housing stock.

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Being brought up in the west end of Paisley, it saddens me to see the decline of a very close community in that part of town, the people have had to endure their part of the town being ignored by the council and watching the area head into decay, a lot of the buildings have just been left to decay, and the answer is to board them up, then they are set on fire then they are demolished or ear marked for demolition, you see concentrations of Junkies roaming the streets and making it feel unsafe for the community.

We know the people of the west end have a great community spirit but this isn’t enough to help them, they need the area improved and looked after and helped back into the vibrant area it once was…

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Do you have a council house? Are you happy with the quality of repairs? I certainly am not and if some of the emails coming into this website are to believed then the whole process is terrible. Council houses in the area are falling into disrepair and there has been no updating of existing properties in the majority if areas.

One visitor for example has been in his house since 1995 and knew the previous residents who had lived there for 7 years and in all that time there has been nothing done to improve the house yet they pay full rent and council tax? What happened to the promised new kitchens new bathroom suites etc …. Even when they said they had loose kitchen cabinets he was told they wont fix them or replace them. Now I understand a lot of people have bought their own property and would have done most of these repairs or updates themselves but that isn’t the point the council have a due care to update their property’s but they don’t and they just don’t care.

Yet another failing of our council.

Do you have a council property ? Are you happy? Are you dissatisfied? please add your views to either the Paisley message board or the blog.

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Now you know this website is purely aimed at promoting the town of Paisley via the means of the Internet, and by doing this we promote the town and encourage people to visit the town and talk about the town positively.

I have a question to ask, when was the last time you seen Renfrewshire council doing the same thing? Erm Never .. Yes I think they have left it up to us to do that and over the years not helped us in any way, we have been doing their job for them, even when we offered to work with them they decided to work with someone else who doesn’t have the town at their core principles.

I have heard plans for this and plans for that but where are they? The town centre is dying and has been for a long time, we have pubs going out of business at a tremendous rate, we hear of business and even the YMCA now leaving our town centre. Do the council care? I wonder if they actually care for the town at all, I know they don’t use Paisley business and don’t encourage anyone coming to them to use a Paisley business to trade with. Why?

Here is some photo’s taken from our high street and notice the lack of people and also the amount of for sale signs, sale signs and empty shops.

Moss StreetPaisley High Street

Wheres the shoppers?

Alright there is a recession on and the government are proposing to do this and that to help small business, what does it mean for our High street?

Renfrewshire Council need to get their finger out and stop our town from decaying further into the pit its heading.. We are fed up with inaction.

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Passed by the old T.A building in Paisley today and had a peek inside the now boarded up windows and was shocked to see how much damage there actually is inside the former territorial army building on the high street, after a fire ravaged much of the inside a few weeks back.

I wonder is this building to share the same fate as buildings such as the Half timers school or the now to be demolished ABC – County bingo building?

Why do we let it happen and then when its too late there is nothing we can do to bring them back?

TA Building Paisley

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I just read from one of our admins on the website that Renfrewshire Council are going to introduce Fortnightly bin collections in the Renfrewshire area, see the link, I know what I think and I don’t like it, I want to know what your views are on this decision. I recycle more or less everything but still have a lot of refuse to due to having a small family but I stay near the skips in foxbar and already see the effect of fly tippers on our doorstep and I am worried it will only get worse..

Anyways please let us know your views on this issue in the message board click here for the link.

Also we are going to start running features on the future of our town and the effects of the current recession on the town, if you have any story’s of any business’s, pubs, clubs or anything that’s closing or even better new shops and business’s that are opening in the town.. Good stories are always better…

One other question is Renfrewshire council doing enough for the town?

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Paisley is loosing one of it’s most loved Historic Art Novau Buildings under the West End regeneration, the former ABC Cinema which latterly became the Regal Bingo hall located at the corner of High Street and Lady Lane.

The Regal opened it’s door’s on the 26th November 1934 with 2054 seats with a grand ceremony performed by the provost.Designed by Charles macNair for Associated british Cinemas, it took the ubiquitous ABC name in 1963.The opening attraction was the film ‘The House of Rothschild’. Plans for the building by CJ McNair were submitted in 1930, although James McKissack has also been listed in connection with the building.
It was taken over by Caledonian Associated Cinemas in 1978 then sold to County Bingo in 1982, the sale of that company to Gala had triggered its closure on March 5th, 2006.

There has been activity at the building since early November maybe with hope we were all awaiting news it was to be re-opened and bring back the days of the ABC Minor’s but sadly it has fallen to Central Demolition of Bonnybridge to do the unblightening task of demolishing the entire building to pave way for a landscaped area, recent activity was this sunday morning 11/1/09 when the power to the building was disconected and Gas supplies being cut 14/1/09.
Paisley’s Most Palatial Super Cinema
The Regal
Specially designed to provide superlatively good entertainment, is certain to achieve an immediate and overwhelming success. In the spacious comfort that so increases ones enjoyment – and in an atmosphere of dignified and entrancing beauty – all the pleasures of perfect entertainment are yours.

Perfect Reproduction is provided by the most modern type of Western Electric apparatus, incorporating all the latest tangible improvements, including the new wide range System.The heating and ventilation plant is a marvel of modern engineering. It provides a constant supply of perished air, which provides a perfectly wholesome atmosphere.The cinema featured a Compton organ with an illuminated console. In the 1960s, it was renamed simply the ABC. Bought by CAC in 1978, it regained the name Regal, before finally closing in 1981. It has been a bingo & social club ever since.
Opening Advert

Charles James McNair, Architect Born: 1 November 1881 Died: 17 August 1955, Charles James McNair was born on 1 November 1881, the son of Henry McNair, butcher, and Catherine Sloan. He was articled to James Archibald Morris of Ayr from 1898 to 1903. In the latter year he moved to Glasgow to become assistant to John Nisbet and took over his practice on his retirement in 1910, with Robert Norman Houghton McKellar as his chief assistant from 1913.

McNair was primarily a cinema architect mainly through his partnership with George Urie Scott in the Cinema Construction Co: between the wars he worked with Robert Elder who was first chief assistant and then partner from 1936. It used to be said that McNair got the work and Elder designed it: Elder was an able designer but was remembered by an assistant, Robert Forsyth, as ‘a very shy man who didn’t want to take the credit’. Some of their later work was considerably influenced by T S Tait.

McNair was married twice: first to Agnes Jane Hamilton, and later to Margaret Coutts Jack. He died of coronary thrombosis in Victoria Infirmary Glasgow on 17 August 1955, his home address at the time of his death being 16 Carolside Avenue, Clarkston. He left estate of £8,902 17s 10d.
No doubt as the memories of the ABC come floding back and as you look out your old photographs with a tear in your eye please come into the message board on this site and share your memories and photos.As i write this this now the Demolition company will only state Demolition is Imminant but i expect within 3 weeks.

For images of the building please click here to go to the Flickr group page

Written by M Fedigan

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Thanks to Mhairi once again for the events.

Friday 9th January 2009

Houston and Killellan Kirk New Year Ceilidh, Houston Bowling Club.  Tickets are £7.50. Music from The Elderberries
Includes a light supper. (Over 18’s only) 7.30pm till midnight

Saturday 10th January 2009

Sark, Kilmacolm Village Centre, Don’t miss our January sale – Hugh reductions – up to 75% off ladies clothes, accessories & Jewellery. Tel: 01505 874439 Mob: 07808 774209 Email: 10am till 2.30pm

Saturday 10th January 2009

Arts & Crafts for Young Teens, Lochwinnoch,RSPB Lochwinnoch,  Anyone aged 12+ who wants to try some arts and crafts workshops should come along to the classes led by professional artist, Cait Gould. Each session costs £10 which covers all materials too.
In the past the group have created stop-frame animation from characters they made in clay; mosaic frames; clay piggy banks (but being creative types, we ended up with a bird, haggis and a cat as well!). If you have a particular area of interest Cait will always try to incorporate it into the workshops. We hope to see you soon.

2pm till 4pm

Sunday 11th January 2009

A Winter Serenade of Strings, Chamber Strings of Melbourne present A Winter Serenade of Strings.

This young string orchestra who are touring the UK will perform a selection of music from Purcell, Telemann, Barber, Arensky, Sibelius and Vivaldi., This event is free to attend, with all donations going towards the Abbey’s organ restoration fund. 3pm

For more information, call Paisley Abbey on 0141 889 7654 or email

Monday 12th January 2009

Please Give Blood!, Boglestone Community Centre, Port Glasgow, You’ve got it in you to save a life! Visit for more info. 2.30pm till 3.45pm

Wednesday 14th January 2009

Senior Citizens, Cargill Hall, Bridge of Weir, Willie Kirkwood & Friends, 7.15pm

Wednesday 14th January 2009

Please Give Blood!, Community Sports Centre, Kilpatrick Drive, Erskine, You’ve got it in you to save a life! Visit for more info. 2.30pm till 3.45pm
Read more