paisley from drone

Do you have a council house? Are you happy with the quality of repairs? I certainly am not and if some of the emails coming into this website are to believed then the whole process is terrible. Council houses in the area are falling into disrepair and there has been no updating of existing properties in the majority if areas.

One visitor for example has been in his house since 1995 and knew the previous residents who had lived there for 7 years and in all that time there has been nothing done to improve the house yet they pay full rent and council tax? What happened to the promised new kitchens new bathroom suites etc …. Even when they said they had loose kitchen cabinets he was told they wont fix them or replace them. Now I understand a lot of people have bought their own property and would have done most of these repairs or updates themselves but that isn’t the point the council have a due care to update their property’s but they don’t and they just don’t care.

Yet another failing of our council.

Do you have a council property ? Are you happy? Are you dissatisfied? please add your views to either the Paisley message board or the blog.