Renfrewshire Council to bring in fortnightly bin collections

Paisley food Festival

I just read from one of our admins on the website that Renfrewshire Council are going to introduce Fortnightly bin collections in the Renfrewshire area, see the link, I know what I think and I don’t like it, I want to know what your views are on this decision. I recycle more or less everything but still have a lot of refuse to due to having a small family but I stay near the skips in foxbar and already see the effect of fly tippers on our doorstep and I am worried it will only get worse..

Anyways please let us know your views on this issue in the message board click here for the link.

Also we are going to start running features on the future of our town and the effects of the current recession on the town, if you have any story’s of any business’s, pubs, clubs or anything that’s closing or even better new shops and business’s that are opening in the town.. Good stories are always better…

One other question is Renfrewshire council doing enough for the town?