Renfrewshire Council agree before you agree

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Just noticed the big spin on the Scottish News about Renfrewshire Council agreeing to spend 11m on housing improvements this year and more over the next five years, funny that because at the end it says they are still waiting on the council tenants coming back to them with their ideas and views, so the council once again makes its own mind up without asking what you think.

Don’t get me wrong improvements to the council housing stock is way overdue, have a look up next time your walking by some council housing stock and you will notice a lot of slates still off from last years storms, or if you see a patchwork like quilt effect on someones roof you know that the council just put any old tile no matter if it wasn’t in keeping with the property on the roof.

this is the link for the councils website asking your views and also seeing if you are prepared to pay more for your rent for modernisation. I want to ask though where has all our rent money from the last 10 years or so gone? It certainly hasn’t went back to modernising housing stock.