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Renfrewshire residents are invited to check they are getting all the benefits they are entitled to as part of Talk Money Week this November.

Talk Money Week is running from Monday 8 to Friday 12 November and is an opportunity for everyone to be more open about their finances. This year Renfrewshire Council’s Advice Works and Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau have teamed up to offer free benefit check appointments to ensure Renfrewshire residents are receiving all the benefits they are due.

advice-works paisley

Appointments will last up to 60 minutes and will take place by video, over the phone or face to face. The appointments will cover benefits for older people, like Pension Credit, income-based benefits like Universal Credit, Scottish benefits like the Scottish Child Payment and Best Start Grants, and local benefits like Council Tax Reduction and Free School Meals.

Lynne Kerr from Renfrewshire Council’s Advice Works team said: “Our advisers speak with people every day who think they’re not entitled to any extra financial help but have never checked.

“We often identify benefits that people didn’t know about, for example help with Council Tax, benefits for those with disabilities including children, and support for carers.

“We know working out what to claim can be confusing, but our trained advisors can make sure you and your family are getting everything you should be.”

Appointments can be booked online at or by calling Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau on 0141 889 2121 or Advice Works on 0300 300 1238 and asking for a Talk Money Week appointment.

Paisley food Festival
We are delighted to announce that this year winner the Three Best Rated Business of Excellence award.
Thank you for your support throughout the takeaway and delivery service.
Let’s Celebrate, online code BEST10
Regards Multan team.
pro score academy

ProScore Academy offers UEFA qualified football coaching to boys and girls aged 4-18. We provide 1 to 1 sessions, run player centres and are involved with improving local football teams.

pro score academy

Based at Pro Fives Paisley, ProScore aims to deliver a professional and fun coaching experience to players within Renfrewshire. Get in touch to book now!

Go glamarous

Winter is best time to get your summer body ready.  

Environ Body Sculpt treatment 

Harnesses state of the art soundwave technology to improve the appearance of thighs, arms, buttocks and stomach.

  • Firms and tones 
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite 
  • Leaves skin soft and supple 
  • Helps improve inch loss

Go glamarous

Go glamarous 1x treatment £45 

For best results I recommend course of 6 treatments 

Check out Go Glamorous PaisleyCheck out Go Glamorous Paisley

aesthetic suites
Booking your first aesthetic treatment can be daunting and understandably you will have a lot of questions
At aesthetic suites each person has a thorough medical consultation with the  nurses Nichola and Lorraine.
aesthetic suites
 Regulated under strict guidelines with health improvement scotland you will be in safe hands.
We will give you informative advice, assess your suitability for treatments, and clarify expected results in a relaxed environment.
aesthetic suites
Contact aesthetic suites on 0141 2371750
119 renfrew road paisley pa3 4ea

Why not learn a new instrument, develop your skill and keep yourself occupied during this time!

Register your interest via Facebook or at 07896689816

Musicianship – The Diane Mitchell Music School

New 12 Noon Musicianship class for kids age 5-9 years
Come and learn musicianship, basic ukulele and make friends in a fun, interactive environment!

Nik Makeup Artist has teamed up with https://www.stevenallanimages.comto come up with a new look for her customers.

We hope you like our new look just as much as we do we feel it’s in keeping with the luxury services that we offer.

Here is the motion video of our new logo.



Morning yogis, it’s me again, blethering about mental health and why it matters, and, of course, how yoga can help.

So, there’s two parts to your nervous system – the sympathetic Flight or Fight part that’s the reptile brain the bit that saves you from being eaten by a bear, and the parasympathetic Rest and Recover, the bit that helps you heal, digest your food, maintain your mental and physical health, for want of a better term – the useful bit.

Sympathetic is good but I’m not likely to get eaten by a bear, and my reptile brain hasn’t evolved to realise that just because the man in front of me has put his fish at a weird angle on the conveyor belt and if he’d just straightened it slightly I could get my whole basket laid out neatly and properly and I wouldn’t have to still have this cheese in the basket and now someone’s put their stuff down on the end of the thing and I can’t….

That sympathetic response is fine, muscles are primed for running or fighting, pupils dilated to take in any movement and make full use of the available light, breath is shortened, blood pulls back to support the muscles, heart rate increases, adrenalin floods the system.
All done unconsciously, led by the wee lizard at the controls.

So how does yoga help, baldy? you ask.
I’ll tell you, but don’t call me baldy, I was just about to fight a bear in Morrisons, you’ve no chance.

Yoga puts You back in charge, not the wee lizard, not the wee bunny that runs the parasympathetic either, YOU, the essential being that is YOU.
What? How? Who’re you calling YOU? 

You can control the body’s response to stress, breathing, controlled and moderated, releases the tension brought on by the stress response, conscious mindful control of what’s going on inside will calm the system and put you back in charge.
There are loads of helpful strategies to bring you back from the edge of a panic attack, the most effective one is breathing, Take Control of your Breath and you take back control of your body and of your self.
A wee free exercise for you: breathe in for a count of two, then out for a count of four, keep going, if two’s not enough try three in and six out, controlled, breathing through the nose deep into the lungs, keep going, increase it to four if you have to but that’s a long exhale at eight, if you’re going for five in try five out, feeling calmer? how about six and six, too much, go back to two and four, or anywhere in between, you’re in control.
That’s yoga.

Paisley’s independent live music venue The Bungalow and popular town centre community convenience store RSA along-side organiser Darren Scott have teamed up to present GROUND ZERO a new music event dedicated to Rap and Hip-Hop on Saturday 8th July 2017 in The Bungalow on Shuttle Street, Paisley from 8pm.

Crowds can expect to witness rap battles between 12 different MCs through-out the night and the winner being presented with a £200.00 cash prize! Local DJ ‘Big Div’ will be launching sounds all night long with more additions to the night due to be announced over the coming weeks with beatboxers also welcome to take to the stage.

#1BLUD DANCE COMPANY will also be taking to the stage and Shuttle Street to perform inside and outside of the hosting venue during the evening to show off their dance skills.

Organizer ‘Rekz’ said: “I have always been interested in expressive music such as Hip Hip/Rap. The Scottish scene in comparison to the English scene has been lacking in the mainstream. Paisley is an integral musical hub in Scotland it would only be fitting for the Scottish Hip Hop/Rap talents to take centre stage in the Bungalow Paisley, which will no doubt create noise and inspire people through it. Paisley having had turbulent times socially, music such as this can unite people and in many occasions be helpful to the mind and soul.”


GROUND ZERO will also be a free entry event for all those who wish to attend with donations welcome to go towards Sense Scotland’s ‘One Giant Leap Programme’ who support young adults with disabilities through music and arts.

Confirmed MC performances will be from:
Nity Gritz . Kayce One . Wee D . Jailz .
GBh . RDS . Subkonscious . Strong Tone
Fuzzy . G-mo . Mako . Scott Stewart . Ill Az. Macc.

Work on the next mural in the Paisley First Walls Series is underway in the town’s Lawn Street thanks to the creativity of one of the town’s community groups.

Made in the Mill worked with Paisley based artist Duncan Wilson to create a design concept which raises awareness of mental health.

The group, an artists’ collective based in Mile End Mill Paisley and supported by the NHS, works with artists who use art and creativity as part of their recovery.

Sarah Grant, Creative Arts Co-ordinator with the NHS Network Service, who supports

Made in the Mill, said: “The mural was designed to represent recovery and the clients involved liked the symbolic image of ‘getting your head above the clouds’.

The words ‘and breathe’ were chosen as a relaxing, open message about wellbeing which could apply to everyone.”

Artist Duncan Wilson said: “It’s great to be part of Paisley First’s Walls series and I’d just like to thank the participants of Made in the Mill for their creativity and input into developing this mural, it has been a pleasure working with them.”

Paisley First Vice Chairman, David Wallace, said: “It’s really important that community groups are involved in these projects; these murals are for the people of Paisley, by the people of Paisley.”

“This is just one of a number of projects aimed at getting local people actively involved in what’s happening in their home town.”

This is the third Paisley First mural with two other murals on the town’s Storie Street and Johnston Street also attracting visitors to the town.

The Paisley First Walls Series is part-funded with a grant through Renfrewshire’s Culture, Heritage and Events Fund.

Paisley 2021 bid director Jean Cameron said: “The existing murals already make wonderful additions to the town centre and we are delighted to have helped Paisley First fund this great project.

“One of the key aims of Paisley’s UK City of Culture 2021 bid is to create opportunities to harness the power of culture makes people’s lives better – involvement in cultural activity has a proven impact on health and well-being.

“For this latest mural to be raising awareness of mental health issues is a perfect way to bring that message to life.”

After Lawn Street, work on the fourth mural will get underway at Lady Lane with the winning design for this location, which was open to Renfrewshire’s creative community, due to be announced shortly.