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Whether you are someone who wants to get into cryptocurrency or you are a cryptocurrency expert, you always want to get informed by credible cryptocurrency blog sites. There are many blogs out there, but it is essential to know where to get informed. 

As time passes by, blockchain and cryptocurrency are just growing, so is the interest in these two hot topics. Bitcoin was included in Googles’ list as one of the highest searched topics in 2017. Trading is becoming more trendy, especially since now people can trade using trading bots, as shown here

Here are the top 3 credible cryptocurrency and blockchain news sites:

  1. Cointelegraph

There are many factors why Cointelegraph would be ranked as number one. You can find the latest news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain there. Cointelegraph is characterized by a unique design of their website and high quality written articles, followed with a unique animated picture. They have millions of visitors that get informed from there.

  1. Coindesk

Coindesk is also one of the best crypto and blockchain news sites. Their dedicated team of journalist does a great job providing the readers with high-quality articles. The only downturn about this site, I would say, is their design, which is frustrating. But, since the content matters the most, Coindesk will be ranked as one of the best sites, considering that their content is exceptional.

  1. Bitcoin.com News

Bitcoin.com is mainly a bitcoin wallet, but their news section is outstanding, making the site stand right there by Cointelegraph and Coindesk. Their articles are well written and clear. Their design is very simplified also, making everything things easier for the reader. They have the Op-Ed section, also where readers can find opinions from various authors and more in-depth articles related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.


Self-catering can be a bit marmite; many people who love their all-inclusive packages think it sounds just a bit too much like hard work but a self-catering holiday cottage in Cornwall is anything but.  Here are some of the best reasons to go self-catering when you next visit Cornwall or why not consider trying it if this is your very first visit?

  • Flexibility – this is one of the biggest attractions of self-catering, come and go when you please, eat when you like, perfect if you have small children or are in a large group as you can set your own agenda. Self-catering perfectly accommodates different plans within the group without the restrictions of hotel schedules and mealtimes.  Get up when you want, go to bed when you want
  • Space- enjoy all the advantages of a traditionally laid out property so that children can go to bed any time of the day if they need to and if you want to spend time at home watching television when the others are out then you have all those choices.  Large properties can accommodate more than one family – Cornwall has some super spacious farmhouses – so you can holiday with other family members or friends and all stay together in the same place.  The properties are proportional so if the house sleeps eight then there will be a correspondingly large dining area which can seat eight people and a living area too.  If you just like lots of room but are not a big party then why not hire a bigger house than you need and take advantage of some extra living accommodation
  • Meals – don’t think you need to slave away in the kitchen, you can eat out at a modest rate if you are clever (see foodie hotspots from Cornish Secrets) – a pasty on the beach won’t break the bank – and most cottages have a barbeque to make light work of evening meals after a long day on the beach.  For those who really want to take advantage of the lovely local produce and seafood Cornwall has to offer, self-catering cottages come with fully equipped kitchens if you enjoy cooking and want to spend time perfecting your cuisine and self-catering cottages make it easy to manage special dietary requirements for members of your party.  There is a usually a welcome hamper to get you started with some tea, coffee and milk, otherwise, place an online shopping order from a local supermarket to coincide with your day of arrival
  • Housekeeping – a cleaner once a week with a linen change is all you need think about if you are away for a fortnight
  • Privacy – for romantic holidays or families with young children having peace and privacy to organise your day can make life much less stressful.  Choose a hidden hideaway in a quiet leafy lane or tucked away behind a pretty fishing harbour.  Many Cornish cottages have spacious gardens so you can enjoy sunny evenings with friends and family cooking on the barbeque or eating al fresco
  • Peace and quiet – hotel accommodation can be unpredictable and noisy but if you opt for the right Cornish cottage, you can enjoy the sound of silence – no other guests, no traffic noise, no streetlights, just the sound of the sea 
  • Economy – it can represent really good value for money to share a large property across a group of friends or family members particularly if you are doing your own catering.  Source local produce and take it in turns to cook.  Treat yourself one evening to a private chef who can come in and prepare a special meal for your party, all the advantages of restaurant cuisine in the comfort and privacy of your own Cornish cottage
  • Pets virtually every Cornish holiday cottage company has a pet filter on their website so you can select from a list of properties designed to cater for pets (here are some great dog friendly cottages in Cornwall).  Self-catering makes it so much easier for your pets to go on holiday with you
  • Babies and infants – Cornish holiday homes are well equipped and your housekeeper can leave high chairs, travel cots and stairgates for families with little people.  Self-catering offers the ultimate in flexibility for small children and infants
  • Home comforts – take those little bits and pieces that you wouldn’t be without at home although you will find that most Cornish cottages are amazingly well equipped.  Driving to Cornwall allows you to pack all those special extras to make your holiday both memorable and comfortable
  • Location – some of the best located holiday homes are in areas where there are no hotels, caravan parks or campsites and you simply wouldn’t be able to stay in anything other than a house or cottage
  • Variety of accommodation – Cornwall has everything from pretty harbourside fishermen’s’ cottages to uber-chic contemporary apartments, large granite farmhouses and barn conversions plus more unusual properties like converted net lofts, mill houses and chapels

Self-catering in Cornwall is a home from home, with immaculately appointed cottages, houses and apartments, with every convenience right down to the last detail.  Self-catering allows you to experience staying in properties which may be very different from your own home – perhaps, a beamed and pretty cottage or a modern apartment, the very opposite to what you are used to.  With clever planning on the food front, you can eat well and flexibly at a much lower cost and eat the food that you want rather than pay for an all-inclusive hotel package where you are served food you may not want to eat and in large quantities.  All-inclusive packages are priced to reflect all the food and drink and are typically priced higher because of this.

Taking pictures is the best way to capture a memory. We take pictures of things and people that we love at moments that we want to cherish forever. Taking pictures and homemade videos is an ongoing, fun family activity. We take pictures of our children until they’re old enough to start wanting to take pictures of us. There is no shame in wanting to make these pictures better and planning out photoshoots periodically to capture growth and development in high quality images. This way, they’ll look better on the walls and shelves.


If you decide to take your own family pictures or hire a professional, or even if you’re a professional yourself, you might need a few tips on photographing families specifically. Understanding how to make them more comfortable and less camera-shy, especially different age groups, helps your art. To make things easier for yourself, think of the process from the end back to the beginning, not the other way around. 


Knowing that you can fix everything at the end will allow you to feel less nervous during the shoot. Here are some tips that’ll make your family photos perfect. 


Edit the Pictures 

People no longer take raw photos and live with it; that’s old fashioned. We take pictures on our phones that allow us to edit them as soon as we take them. Social media platforms have picture editing tools and filters that are suitable for any kind of image. Everybody looks like a professional photographer on social media.  Start using photo editing applications and customizable presets to make your pictures reflect the right mood and look better. There are tons of free and premium easy-apply filters that you can use to provide you with what you need to make your work pretty. You can also plan to have your pictures edited professionally, or spend some time on a professional editing tool until you know your way around it. This way, no matter how bad the shot is, you’ll know that you’ll be able to fix the colors, the lighting, and even crop out that random dude that photobombed your family. It’ll all be fine! 

The Key to an Awesome Photoshoot is Fun! 

Everything is important in a photoshoot, but the most important thing is how people look. As mentioned before, you have got to plan it out, think about what you’re going to wear so everyone can feel good about themselves and make sure everyone matches the other somehow. You don’t have to wear the same colors ,but you need to make sure no one looks odd. Prepare yourself to be anything the family needs you to be to loosen up and take beautiful pictures with natural smiles and poses. People’s expressions are more important than the setting, background, lighting, and any other aspect. Also, make sure that the kids are not nervous; play around with them and run, laugh, make silly faces. This way you will end up with the best pictures, the ones that actually capture the essence of the family and represent each unique personality. 

Adjust The Lighting, Exposure, and Focus 

Lighting is key. Flashes and artificial lighting will just make your pictures look uglier if used incorrectly. If you actually planned a day, then do it in the sun, an outdoor shoot in the morning is perfect for a family photo shoot. Plan to wake up and start early to take advantage of different sun lighting. You can use filters and reflectors to light up people’s faces. Pro-tip, make sure you are not standing while the light is directly on people’s faces; you want to take pictures from an angle to allow their faces to look naturally beautiful. Also, get some sun in their eyes. Use manual exposure otherwise the camera will set a different one with every picture and will make editing hell for you. Remember, consistency is key and try to lock the focus on people’s faces. You will need to adjust whenever they move farther away or closer to the camera, but if the focus is not right, your picture is ruined!

Finally, just make sure everyone is not standing straight or with still hands, legs, bodies, and facial expressions. Get a tripod so you can freely look around and adjust the setting. Get some props, they’ll be great in helping you balance out pictures and make sure people are not standing in straight lines. Try to adjust heights and weights to make everyone look flattering. The key to a good picture is to make people look their best, not necessarily be realistic. Remember to calm down, get the kids some toys, get the adults some drinks, and have fun! This is how most fabulous pictures are taken. Don’t forget the presets and the filters… you don’t want your pictures looking flat. 


Have you heard some negative things about headphones? Many people think that headphones give more bad effects on health rather than the positives.  Despite their enormous penetration, and track record, people are still confused about it and question the dangers they might bring. 

The upside is that you can get a high-quality sound in an affordable and little package that is hard to beat and is difficult to get any other way. Many people don’t pay attention to the headphone effects. They continuously use it for the better sound and audio, with time they will get unusual effects on their health. So, among all those myths, theories and talk – what are the facts we should consider and take notice of? Is the answer so black and white and can we clearly state if headphones are bad for you or not? Let’s try to debunk some common myths.

5 Myths About Headphones

  1. Best Bass Headphone Has Big Bass

This is the common myth that many users like the big bass headphone. They have the mind that the brand which is producing the big bass will be the best one rather than the simple bass. You do not need to think like this. Every music demands different bass ranges. So, I prefer the medium bass for regular use. At the same time, keep in mind the big bass is used for a house, music, and hip hop music that depends upon the bass.

  1. Headphone Damages Hearing

The use of headphones is not bad for you, but an excess of everything will show many negative and long term health effects. The headphone has different ranges of volume. When the volume is exceeding from the limits, then it is dangerous for the ear.  When we are using the headphones, vibration will go into the bones of the inner ear. The louder the sound, the greater the vibration will impact on the ear health.  So, this myth is true to some extent. No need to increase the volume of headphones to lower the ear damage.

  1. More Expensive Headphone Sound long-lasting and Better

No doubt, you do not need to compromise on the product quality. The myth about headphones is that the more expensive gives long-lasting and better sound rather than the cheaper headphones.  The annual survey proves that paying a high amount does not give the guarantee of long term work.  So, you do not need to pay high and less for this device. Always choose the reviews based headphones with the best price.

  1. Every headphone for every ear

This is a wrong concept as we know that ear size and shape is vary of every individual. Sometimes a good design headphone is not good according to your ear, and traditional design is easily fitted.  It is impossible to fit the headphone with your ear size. If your headphone is not according to the ear size and the shape, you will never get the high-quality sound.  So, no relies on every headphone for everyone. You will easily get the headphone according to your ear size as well.

  1. Loud sound damages the headphone

This is the loud sound myth that is linked to damage the headphones. This is the false concept the product will not give you high volume from some limits.  So you do not need to think loud sound will damage the headphone quality as well.  Just choose the optimum electrical signal that is best for the headphone and body organs at the time.

Noise Cancelling Will remove all Noise

There are many Noise-canceling headphones present in the market. But you do not need to think like this headphone will remove all the Noise. This is the most known myth about the headphone as well.  The headphone noise-canceling feature will help you eliminate the Noise of wind, air, and the road. This noise cancellation option is unable for the high frequency and strong based Noise.  So, no need to pick the headphone that just offers the Noise-canceling option.  Because it is not for every type of Noise.


There comes a time for most people when they realize they need to get their finances in order. Whether you make an excellent living or are barely scraping by, there are things you can do to ensure you are making the best use for what you have. The impulse to get your finances in order may be spurred by something big, such as the desire to buy a house or have a baby, or just the culmination of years of living paycheck to paycheck. Once you are ready to address your finances, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Do Not Overpay for Anything

You work hard for your money, so there is no reason to give it away. There are many ways, both big and small, that money trickles out each month. It is easy to recognize some of those ways, such as grabbing lunch out during the workweek, but there are other ways that you can cut spending that you may not have considered. If you have any loans, such as a mortgage or student loans, consider refinancing. Refinancing your student loans, for example, allows you to save money each month, and when you pay off the loans, you will have saved on interest payments. Subscription services you have not bothered to cancel, streaming services you barely use, and even the healthy produce you pick up at the grocery store each week and then pitch when it goes bad are all places where you may cut spending without feeling much of a pinch.

Track Your Spending

You can never really know where your money is going until you commit to tracking it. Some people enjoy tracking their spending, and there are certainly many apps available that make it easy, interesting, and rewarding. Even if it is not something you want to do forever, tracking your spending for a few months allows you to see where your money goes. From there, you can make choices about what you want to change and what you are happy with. When you first start tracking your spending, do not try to make any changes. You want to keep a record of your average spending. You may be surprised at areas where you spend more or less than you realized. Once you have a baseline of what is normal, you can start making adjustments.

Reward Yourself

It is easy to think that once you commit to your finances, that is the end of fun. The point of getting a handle on your finances is that you can still have fun and your fun can be guilt-free. Once you know where your money goes, it makes it much easier to set both long and short-term goals. If you know how much you are spending, and you cut out frivolous spending that you do not notice or enjoy, you have money to devote to travel, self-care, or other indulgences. Getting your finances on track does not have to mean devoting every extra penny to saving for retirement unless that is what you want to do. Understanding your finances allows you to spend your money more intentionally.


Your How To Guideline For Moving To Paisley Amid The Coronavirus

Paisley is among the largest towns in Scotland with a rich history. The historic town rose to prominence in the 12th century with the establishment of the Paisley Abbey, a key religious hub. Paisley’s charm is its peaceful life in a Victorian setting with modern amenities and entertainment. 


Located just 25 minutes away from Glasgow and one hour from Edinburgh Airport, Paisley is easily accessible via the M8 and the M77.

Home Prices

Perhaps the most important consideration individuals and families need to make before moving is home prices. Scotland’s national currency is the British pound and those coming from the European Union and abroad should do the necessary research on currency exchange rates and trends. It is important to understand in advance if life in Scotland will be cheaper and the key to compare how to save money is by working with an online money transfer service to bring down housing costs as much as possible.


Large detached and townhousestypically range from £250,000 to £500,000 while detached houses range from £130,000 to £250,000. Semis offer a more budget-friendly option at around £120,000 to £330,000 while terraces and cottages can offer more savings at an estimated cost of £110 to £160,000.


COVID-19 Concerns: Moving Plans On Hold

The global COVID-19 pandemic impacted nearly every country and every industry, especially the real estate market. According toofficial guidelines from the Scottish Government, the residential real estate market remains in “Phase 1.” Current law (as of June 2020) states:


“Aside from the work needed to progress reasonably necessary home moves, no home visits should take place by any other person or business in relation to anything connected with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of residential property.”


The law further adds “members of the public are prohibited from engaging in any aspect related to the purchase, sale, letting or rental of residential property, other than for a reasonably necessary move.”


The government’s “Phase 2” stage calls for the relaxation of restrictions on the real estate industry. Only at this point can members of the public view (social distancing rules still apply) and purchase properties.


There is no specific date for the commencement of “Phase 2.” The government notes it needs to see “evidence of transmission being controlled.” In the event that the virus “remains suppressed, and the evidence allows us to do so — then gradually, more restrictions will be removed.”


Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, standard rules and regulations for immigrating to Scotland apply. British citizens and those belonging to one of the European Economic Area (EEA) neighbors don’t need a visa to live and work in Scotland.


It is important to note the United Kingdom officially left the European Union in January 2020 and will continue following European Union rules through the end of the year as part of a transition period. 


Further details will be updated as they become available although it would be reasonable to assume the COVID-19 pandemic might postpone the deadlines.


Lastly, Scotland is known for welcoming people from all across the world. Anyone who isn’t a European Union citizen isencouraged to consult with a registered immigration advisor or even find a private solicitor through the Law Society of Scotland.

While Waiting: How To Transfer Money

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently impossible to move to a new home in Scotland. But the financial aspect of the moving process can still be completed online.


The national currency of Scotland is the British pound sterling although the Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Clydesdale Bankissue their own banknotes. Foreign currencies, including the euro and U.S. dollar are likely accepted at tourist hotspots at an extremely unfavorable exchange rate.


It is highly recommended to open a bank account at a branch that is physically located in Scotland. Most people living outside the United Kingdom but within the European Union can do so online with relative ease. 


After opening up a bank account, anyone can use an online money transfer service to transfer funds at competitive rates traditional banks can’t come close to offering. Typically, online money transfer platforms offer savings of around 4%, especially on large transactions. So, transferring the equivalent of £250,000 to pay for a new home could translate to savings of around £9,000.


The process is quite simple. First, take time to research the multiple money transfer services, and don’t be afraid to inquire if there is a special rate for large transfers. After selecting the best platform, all that is needed is to fill in some forms, confirm bank account details, and submit photo identifications.


At this point, a transfer can be made from the home bank to the new Scottish-based bank. Typical transfer time is less than two days but actual time can vary.


Many online transfer services offer a unique feature called a forward contract. This would be an ideal option for anyone that is moving in one or more years but want to lock in an exchange rate.


The way it works is simple: a forward contract lets anyone buy or sell a currency pair at a predetermined date at a set exchange rate. Doing so all but eliminates potential losses from being on the losing side of exchange rate fluctuations.


Anyone outside of the European Union might want to sign up for one of the British pound “virtual wallets” offered by many of the online money transfer companies. When the time is right, the funds can then be transferred to a Scottish bank account.


If someone is just visiting Scotland and not yet ready to commit to buying a home, some money transfer services offer a prepaid credit card. In fact, most allow for multiple currencies to be loaded onto one card at the same time and it is used just like a standard credit card.

Bottom Line: Be Patient, The Time Will Come

The COVID-19 pandemic makes moving to Scotland nearly impossible, but the time will ultimately come when dreams turn into reality. Stay positive, and keep in mind the decision to limit certain aspects of life is due to public health measures.


Everyone who lives in Paisley or around Renfrewshire knows how important modern technology is to our lives. This has become truer since the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw more Paisley residents than ever relying on the latest tech to live, work and learn. Of course, the major element of modern technology that underpins our way of life now is the internet.

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Websites are the backbone of the internet and help connect users with businesses, platforms and news sources. With cybercrime an ever-present threat, though, it really does pay to ensure any website you use is safe and secure. Entering a site that is not safe could see your computer infected with malware, cause you to fall victim to scams or have precious personal details stolen.


But just how can Paisley residents tell if a website is legitimate? 


Check it out with independent sources online


A great place to start is looking at reputable online review sites. This will help as you can check to see if the website you are thinking of using is listed there as being trustworthy. There are many top-class online review sites, which make it easy to do this check across all industries. SuperLenny is a great example of this concept in action and gives honest reviews of online casino sites for consumers to read. A spokesperson at SuperLenny said that “one of the factors we value highly when reviewing online casinos is how secure they are.” This illustrates just why looking at sites such as this is worthwhile. 


Look closely at the site URL 


While entrepreneurs around Scotland know the key cybersecurity steps for business, ordinary people in their personal lives may not. Another very easy and effective way to verify whether a site is safe to use is to look closely at the actual URL address. If the address of the website begins with ‘https’ and contains a padlock symbol, this means it is encrypted and safe to use. It also lets you know that the site uses high-end SSL technology to protect your data when using the website in question. 


Check their website privacy guidelines 


The importance of looking after your personal data when using websites is nothing new. 2016 saw Renfrewshire locals urged to take care when shopping online and this is still valid. All reputable websites that are secure should have a privacy policy that is clear and easy to find on the site itself. In simple terms, it tells you how your data will be collected, stored and possibly used by the website. A robust privacy policy not only means you can be sure the site in question operates within the law but also that it looks after the people who visit it. 


Are contact details easy to find on the website? 


This is another simple yet effective way to verify if any website you are on is safe. Put simply, if the site is a scam and operated by criminals, they will be unlikely to put contact details anywhere on it. This is because they do not want people to get in touch with them or to leave a trail for the authorities to follow. If a site does have a good range of contact details (such as email, postal address, social media accounts, live chat and a telephone number), this is normally a sign that it is honest and safe to use. Of course, as an extra check, it is worth getting in touch with them first to see if they respond in a professional way.


Do they have the right licences and regulations? 


While not all businesses need specific licences or regulatory accreditation to operate lawfully, those in industries such as online gambling or the financial sector do. To check if a website is safe to use, have a look on the site for details of any required licencing or accreditation. If a UK-based investment website does not hold FCA approval, for example, then it is best not to sign up and invest money online with them. Even if regulation or accreditation is not needed for a website to operate legally, those that are recognised by the relevant bodies in their sector are worth looking out for. 


Stay safe when surfing the web 

Recent cybersecurity statistics show that cybercrime is projected to cost $6tn annually by 2021. This shows just why keeping an eye on what sites you are using and how safe they are is crucial. If you live in Paisley and needed a few tips to get started with this, the above should help. One thing is for sure – you will certainly not regret taking cybersecurity seriously and being able to surf the web with total peace of mind.


Driving at night is a lot more dangerous than driving during the day, that much is for certain. Lack of visibility on the road, reckless nighttime drivers who have consumed alcohol, potential fatigue on your part — these are just some of the hazards that you will be liable to face should you ever embark on a journey after the sun has set.


Fear not, however, as there are ways to make nighttime driving a whole lot safer. Here are two things that you can and should be doing to stay safe while driving at night:


Make sure your vehicle is visible


Should you ever decide to embark on a nighttime journey in your vehicle, a lack of visibility will be sure to pose you a number of problems. Once the sun has gone down and darkness has befallen the roads, you will find it difficult to notice all of the small dangers that you wouldn’t have any problem spotting during the day. Pedestrians, animals, other vehicles, roadside objects — they all become difficult to see once they are shrouded in shadows.


You’re not the only driver that is going to struggle with this lack of visibility. Your fellow road users will also be blighted with this plight, which means that they could fail to notice your vehicle at any moment. This could result in them crashing into you, which could then have a devastating impact on both your health and your vehicle’s wellbeing. 


To lower the likelihood of another road user crashing into you because they didn’t see you coming, simply make an effort to ensure that your vehicle is visible. You can achieve this by ensuring that your headlights and brake lights are in good working order, by making sure that you turn off the interior lights within your vehicle whenever you’re driving, and by investing in LED light bars. The latter will act as a hazard warning should you ever breakdown, which in turn will help your fellow drivers to notice you whenever you are forced to pull up either on or near the road.


Be extra vigilant and defensive


You might not be able to control the poor visibility or the fact that other drivers may tend to be more reckless at nighttime, but you can control your own driving ability. By being extra vigilant and defensive whenever you get behind the wheel at night, you will be far more likely to stay out of harm’s way.


Here are a few things that you must do if you want to become a more vigilant and defensive nighttime driver:


  • Remain focused on the road at all times
  • Maintain adequate clearance space
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Never put your trust in other drivers
  • Stick to the speed limit


Whether you drive at night on a regular basis or not, it’s always good to prepare yourself for this difficult and dangerous task. The more prepared you are in this sense, the less likely you will be to encounter the various pitfalls of the nighttime driving that have been touched upon above.


Living in an older home definitely has its perks: it has character, history and charm. That said, time inevitably takes a toll and certain features will need freshening up now and then. You don’t need to do any renovations to give your beloved home a facelift. With a few small tweaks, you can have your home looking fresh and clean again.

Clean your carpets

The carpets in your house take a beating. They are continually walked on, collecting debris and wearing down. Carpets are one of the dirtiest features of your home, and vacuuming alone won’t thoroughly clean them. Beyond just their appearance, they also soak up and hold onto unpleasant smells. You may not even realise your carpets are becoming discoloured over time, but once they are clean, you’ll be shocked. Investing in carpet cleaning London will make a massive difference to your living spaces.

Update light switch and outlet plates

Outdated light switch and outlet plates can make your home look rough. Older plates are often off-white and slightly yellow in colour. Whether they came that colour, or have yellowed with age, they don’t look nice.

Throughout the years as rooms are re-painted, the plates get different colours of paint on them and are sometimes painted over completely. It’s incredibly inexpensive to purchase new plates, and they will make your rooms look polished and fresh. Other fixtures that become yellowed with age include smoke detectors and thermostats so you may want to replace those as well.

Refinish hardwood

Older homes have beautiful hardwood features that make them cosy and give them character. Hardwood is timeless, but the finish will wear down. You can give your hardwood new life by refinishing it. Re-staining is an option as well, and it will protect the wood, but it will still show scratches. To finish, you’ll need to sand down the current finishing to smooth it out and then refinish. The process is relatively inexpensive, but will make an impact.


Paint inevitably chips as the years go on and becomes dull. Dirt builds up without you even noticing it from where people have touched the walls. If people have smoked in the house, it can discolour the walls. There are many ways that paint can lose its lustre, and a simple coat of paint can change the look of an entire room. If you’re happy with the colour, you can apply a fresh coat of the same colour paint. If you are ready for something different, you can choose a different colour scheme to change the vibe completely.

Fill in nail holes

Years of residents putting nails into your walls can take its toll. When light shines on the wall, you’ll be able to see the holes all over, and it looks messy and uneven. By filling in the nail holes, your walls will be smooth and look brand new again. It’s hard to get it right, and you’re best off to hire a professional to patch the holes and re-paint so they come out perfectly even.


Student accommodation is one of the most common challenges students face in college and university. Finding the right place to live, especially if you’re a foreign student, is a daunting task.

You need to make sure the housing you’re choosing is safe, affordable, and doesn’t have any structural damages or inefficiencies. You can’t make your decision solely based on proximity to the nearest campus.

In this guide, we’ll give you expert advice to help you streamline the process of student living in Swansea. We’ll also recommend some student-recommended locations to further nudge you in the right direction.


  • Where Accommodation Has Adequate Facilities


You need to make sure your accommodation doesn’t cause any living problems. The exterior needs to have none of the following problems

  • The roof doesn’t have broken tiles or allows sound to penetrate through.
  • There aren’t any cracks or blockage in the gutters and pipes.
  • The windows aren’t cracked, worn off, or brittle.
  • The taps work properly.
  • You have the facility of hot water.
  • The wiring doesn’t seem dilapidated.  
  • No signs of water damage, which may provide a breeding ground for mold to thrive.
  • The toilet flush is operational.
  • There aren’t any pest execrates.
  • The doors and windows are equipped with proper locks.
  • The smoke detector and burglar alarms are installed.



  • Where Home Safety Is Guaranteed


  • Gas and Electricity Safety

The law makes it obligatory for landlords to ensure your gas safety. They must ascertain that gas appliances are in good working condition. They also need to provide you a gas safety engineer, who’s qualified to conduct annual safety checks. Remember, only a gas safety engineer has the credentials to repair, install, and service gas appliances — anyone other than that is inadequate.

Incorrectly installed appliances can expose you to dangerous explosions, gas leaks, and worst of all — carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide can absorb into your bloodstream and deplete your oxygen levels, leading to nausea, dizziness, headaches, unconsciousness, and death.

Here are some things you need to sort out with your landlord:

  • Request the landlord to give you a copy of his existing gas safety record.
  • Work with your landlord to acquire the services of a gas safety engineer when a safety check is due.
  • Confirm the identity of the gas engineer by checking their ID card.

In the case of electricity, many landlords have an NCEIC certificate which proves that they’ve had an electricity safety check in the past 5 years, but it’s not a legal obligation.

  • Fire Safety                                                 

According to the Furniture and Furnishings regulations 1988, furniture needs to be fire retardant and have proper labels. This furniture includes headboards, upholstered furniture, sofas, chairs, seat pads, scatter cushions, pillow, and even mattresses. The only things that are excluded are duvets, curtains, and carpets. So, make sure your student residence is adhering to these regulations before moving in.


  • Where Students Prefer to Live


Students who come to study in Swansea have some favorite hotspots, which are ideal for setting up a thriving student life. Here are some recommendations to steer you in the direct direction:


  • Uplands


Uplands is enormously popular among university students, especially those hailing from Swansea and Swansea Meds University. It has a popular tavern — the uplands tavern — nearby, which is a student favorite spot for socializing with their friends and enjoying a delicious pint. Uplands is also famous for providing affordable and safe housing.

There’s also another famous attraction in Uplands — Noah’s Yard. Noah’s yard has an energetic atmosphere, and its main offering is an Italian styled pint, which is highly popular among the locals. The aesthetics of this place are also quite decorative. Books, Bikes, and typewriters glisten the whole pace with a graphic and vintage beauty.

If you’re a vegan, you can also check out Crumb’s kitchen, which is renowned for its mouthwatering vegetarian food.

  1. Brynmill

Brynmill is overlooked by a crown of mountains. It provides ample opportunity to escape from the business of college life, and escape to nature. But what makes Brynmill so attractive for students is its affordable accommodation. This helps students work in tight budgets, especially if they’re willing to rent a place as a group of three or four.

If you’re interested in familiarizing yourself with Brynmill’s cultural flavor and its people, you can visit the following locations for sightseeing.

  • Aberavon Beach
  • Brynmill Park
  • Swansea Bay
  • Limeslade Bay
  • Bracelet Bay


If you’ve decided to move to Swansea and join one of its educational institutions, you must make sure the accommodation you’re choosing has certain qualities. Is it gas safe? Are there any electrical hazards that might expose you to unwanted danger? Are fire safety protocols being followed? There’s a lot you need to consider making the right choice. You also need to check out housing in Uplands and Brynmill and see for yourself why these locations are favored by students.