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Long durations of sitting have been linked to a range of health problems, including early mortality. But, if you’re like most of us, you’re unlikely to quit sitting, so do everything you can to safeguard your body if you must use a chair. Using a chair pillow is one simple and ridiculously inexpensive method. Even though individuals spend much too much time sitting, most of the items used for sitting on aren’t pleasant or well-designed to assist good posture. Chairs tend to pinch your hips, misalign your pelvis and spine, and compel you to either lounge or slouch. Chair cushions are one option for people confined at a desk for long periods, but they may be costly, and they don’t assist in other scenarios like driving, sitting at home, or in public areas. On the other hand, chair pillows are cheap, portable, and can be used in several locations. They provide a wealth of health advantages in a tiny, convenient package. Some of the benefits of utilizing chair pillows are listed below.


Chair pillows make sitting with excellent posture simpler, which helps your body establish a more natural posture. Having a perfect natural posture reduces your risk of chronic discomfort and boosts your energy and attention. It enables you to feel better and more confident, as well as improves your physical look. It even helps you age gracefully, so you’ll still be strutting your stuff when your pals use walkers.

Improves Circulation

Few people realize it, but sitting for extended periods can put a burden on your circulatory system. Sitting for long periods strains the blood flow into your pelvis. Additionally, sitting makes it harder for blood to circulate into your legs and back. This implies that the muscles and tissues in these bodily parts will be deprived of the oxygen they require to be healthy. As a result, the metabolic process that your body goes through may be slowed. You could even realize that your lower extremities are in excruciating agony. You may improve blood flow into your pelvis, back, and legs by utilizing a chair pillow. Chair pillow may be obtained on a variety of websites, including Everlasting Comfort.

Enhances The Level of Comfort

It’s critical to focus on comfort while you’re sitting for lengthy amounts of time during the day, whether in an office chair or a vehicle seat. You may have stiffness in your back, neck, and hips if you sit in an uncomfortable computer chair. The materials within a chair pillow will adjust to the particular contour of your body if you use one. You’ll receive the sport your body demands when the seat adapts to your body’s contour. In addition, your body weight will be equally distributed throughout the seat.


You’ll feel more invigorated and less distracted with better posture and circulation, as well as reduced discomfort. When you utilize a supportive seat cushion, you might be amazed at how much more you get done, plus you’ll still have energy for life outside of work. If you’re seeking the ideal chair pillow that’s comfy, long-lasting, and won’t aggravate your allergies, you should get one now. It’s available on websites like Everlasting Comfort.

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Today there are a huge number of opportunities for self-expression on social media. One of these is blogging, which makes people feel incredibly connected to their audience. To empower your account and share your content with more users, it is recommended to buy reddit upvotes. This is one of the most widely used ways on the platform to optimize your account and increase demand for your content. You can buy them with Reddit Marketing. There is still some debate about whether reddit upvotes are really beneficial for blogs and business accounts, let’s find out the truth.

First of all, you need to understand that no promotional tool will help you if your content is boring, strange and irrelevant. For reddit upvotes to be effective in your case, don’t put all the responsibility on them, but do your best to create unique and popular content. 

The difficulty is that new accounts on Reddit are treated with suspicion, they have a high risk of being blocked because users and the administration do not trust newcomers who may turn out to be bots or fakes. It is important to declare yourself as the real owner of the blog and share sincere and interesting posts, this will allow you to raise your karma level so that your further promotion actions will have a positive result. 

If you want to become an authorized user with a high level of credibility from your audience, you need Reddit upvotes. This purchase is very profitable not only at the initial stage but also later on. They work especially well for those who create discussion topics in subreddits. This will greatly increase your ranking and karma. Immediately after purchase, you will notice that your account traffic has increased, you will begin to receive more feedback from the audience. 

Numerous comments by themselves can push the post to the top, where even more people will see it. Especially relevant are Reddit upvotes for business accounts and online stores that want to promote their services or products. They will help you attract more customers and tell more users about your offers. If you are a pro on a topic, creating a subreddit in combination with Reddit upvotes is a great way to increase your target audience. 

This promotional tool will help you make not only your Reddit account more popular but also other social networks. Users interested in your content will click through to your other profiles on other platforms and subscribe to your updates. 

This method is used by many well-known bloggers, owners of business sites, educational platforms, and so on. Its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven because, unlike other promotion methods, Reddit upvotes keeps your traffic at a high level for a long time. Next, it all depends on how much you improve your content and work on the topic of the blog. Once you hit the top, you will already be remembered by many users, if what you broadcast is worth people’s attention.

To summarize, Reddit upvotes are worth buying if you aim to win the love and recognition of your audience. It is a working technique that will significantly improve not only your karma but also cement your reputation as a decent and honest blogger. 

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The stock exchange acts as a secondary market that allows shareholders to negotiate transactions with potential buyers. It is essential to be aware that listed companies do not regularly buy the shares they hold (companies can participate in share buybacks8 or issue new shares9, but these are not day-to-day activities. and absence that trading on an exchange). Therefore, if you buy a large number of shares on the stock exchange, you are buying from another shareholder rather than directly from the company. Also, when you sell a stock, you don’t sell it back to the company, but to another investor.

The first stock exchanges appeared in Europe during the late 16th or 17th century. They were primarily in ports or trading hubs like Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London. The first stock exchanges were more like bond markets because the small percentage of businesses did not offer equity. Actually, the majority of early corporations were classified as semi-public entities since they needed to get chartered by their governments to be able to operate.

Start of Stock Exchanges

In the latter half of the 18th century, the stock market began appearing in America and, in particular, that of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which permitted equity shares to be traded. The distinction of having the very first exchange of stock in America is attributed to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), which still exists today. It was founded in 1792. The NYSE was created in 1792 following the signing of the Buttonwood Agreement by 24 New York City merchants and stockbrokers. Prior to its official establishment, brokers and traders gathered informally under the Buttonwood tree on Wall Street to buy and sell stock.

The advent of modern-day market systems for stock trading brought about the age of regulation and professionalism which ensures that those who buy and sell shares are assured to take place with fair prices and within a reasonable amount of time. There are numerous stock exchanges across the U.S. and throughout the world, and many of them are electronically linked. This means that the markets operate more efficiently and fluidly.

Unregulated Exchanges

There are also a variety of unregulated exchanges that are not regulated also known informally as bulletin boards which are known under the name OTCBB. OTCBB shares are riskier as they are able to list companies that do not satisfy the more stringent listing requirements of larger exchanges. For instance, the larger exchanges could require that a business has been operating for a specified period of time prior to listing and also that it fulfills certain requirements regarding the value of its business and profitability. 

In the majority of developed countries, Stock exchanges can be described as self-regulatory entities (SROs), non-governmental organizations that are able to develop and enforce regulations for the industry and standards. The primary goal of exchanges is to protect best robo investor uk establishing regulations that encourage integrity and equality. SROs located in the United States include individual stock exchanges and stock exchanges of the National Securities Industry Association (NASD) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

How Share Prices Are Set

The prices of shares listed on an exchange for shares can be determined in a variety of different ways, but the common method is via the auction process in which sellers and buyers make bids and offers to purchase or sell. The term “bid” refers to bid is the amount that someone wants to buy, while the bid (or ask) is the amount that someone would like to sell. If it is the case that the bid and the ask meet, a deal is concluded.

The entire market is comprised of millions of traders as well as traders who could have different opinions about the worth of a particular stock and the value at which they’re willing to purchase and sell the stock. The hundreds of transactions that take place when traders and investors translate their thoughts into actions buying or selling a stock result in minute-by-minute fluctuations during an entire trading day. Stock exchanges provide a platform for trading that is easily carried out by matching the buyers with sellers. To be able to access these exchanges, they will require an experienced stockbroker. This broker acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Finding a stockbroker is typically accomplished by opening an account with a reliable retailer broker.

Stock Market Supply and Demand

The stock market is also an intriguing example of laws of demand and supply that are in action in real-time. In every stock transaction, there has to be a buyer as well as a seller. Due to the unchangeable laws of supply and demand when there are more potential buyers for a certain stock than sellers and the price of the stock will increase. On the other hand, if more buyers of the shares than buyers and the price is trending down, it will go downwards.

The bid gap and price of a particular stock, and its ask or offer price, the bid-ask or bid-offer spread, is the gap between the highest prices the buyer is willing to pay. The lowest price of the stock and the seller of the stock offer. The transaction occurs when the buyer takes the asking price. or the seller is willing to accept an offer at the price of the bid. If buyers are more numerous than sellers They may be willing to increase their bids in order to purchase the stock. Sellers will consequently, demand higher prices, pushing the cost up. If buyers outnumber sellers They may be more willing to accept lower bids for the stock, whereas buyers might also decrease their offers, thus pushing the price down.

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Like almost all countries around the world, the United Kingdom is home to a variety of great lottery games. From internationally played draws to ones that are more popular locally, there is certainly something for everyone.

However, like with any other country that has a lottery, there is a distinct way in which the lottery came to be. In this article, we will discover the history of the lottery in the UK. We will also discover why this history has helped make lotteries such as UK Lotto so famous.

The First Lottery

Historically, it is agreed that the first-ever lottery in the UK began in 1566—certainly long before any lottery we may know of today was even thought of.

The lottery was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I and was to be started to raise funds for charitable efforts throughout the UK. As a start, 400,000 tickets (or “lots”) were sold for the price of 10 shillings each (around £116.66 in today’s economy).

Because this price per lot was equal to around 16 days’ worth of wages, the lottery battled to gain traction—even after the jackpot was announced. And the jackpot was certainly worth dreaming of winning.

The jackpot amount was scheduled to be paid using cash, tapestries and other prizes. The total value of the jackpot, however, would be equal to £5,000 (around £1.16 million today). Of this total worth, only £3,000 (or £700,049 today) would be paid in cash.

Eventually, in 1567, after trying for a year to sell the lots for the lottery, Sir John Spencer advertised the draw and included incentives for people to purchase lottery tickets. One of these incentives was indemnity from arrest for any crime committed aside from murder, piracy, treason or a felony.

Eventually, in 1569—three years after the lottery was commissioned—the first draw took place. Sadly, the lottery died out shortly after this.

Tried and Failed Attempts of Early Lottery

After the failure of the first lottery, not much else happened in terms of lottery in the UK until 1694. At this time, the state again introduced a new lottery. In addition to this new state-run lottery, a law was passed in 1698 that made all lotteries not operated by the state illegal.

Not much is known about this lottery other than the fact that it ran for over 250 years and eventually came to an end in 1826. It was in this year that the English government ruled to abolish the state lottery. The final draw was held within the same year.

Nothing further happened until 1934 when UK law changed to allow small lotteries to operate—as long as they were regulated. This law was further expanded on again in 1956 and 1976. However, no lotteries of note appeared to make use of the change in the law.

The Dawn of the UK National Lottery

After a number of years without any lottery, the UK finally introduced a new state-run lottery in 1993. This lottery was to be run under government license and would be regulated by the Gambling Commission in the country.

The operations of the lottery were opened for public tender, and the private operator Camelot Group was awarded the license in 1994.

Wasting no time at all, Camelot organized what is today known as the UK Lotto and held the first draw on 19 November 1994. This was the start of what is today one of the most well-known lotteries in the world.

In 1998, a new game called Vernons Easy Play was launched. It was meant to emulate football pools. However, the game did not catch on and few players ever purchased tickets. The draw was eventually cancelled in 1999—just a year later.

In the same year that Vernons Easy Play ended, Camelot launched another new lottery draw. This new draw, titled Thunderball, held its first draw on 12 June 1999. This draw quickly grew in popularity and helped boost lottery sales.

Unfortunately, by 2001, both lottery games began to suffer from a lack of sales. After being awarded the license to operate the lottery again, Camelot Group decided to try to change things.

With this in mind, in 2002 the National Lottery underwent a massive rebranding to try and rekindle players’ love for lotto. This clearly worked, as the lottery again began enjoying massive sales as people tried to make their dreams a reality through a big win.

Part of this rebranding was the introduction of another new draw. First known as Lottery Extra, Lotto Extra began in November 2002 as an add-on to the main Lotto draw. This draw helped boost sales and keep the lottery sales steady.

Bolstered by the success of Lotto Extra, another lottery was introduced on 22 September 2003. This lottery, called Daily Play, was started to offer a daily chance at winning up to £30,000. However, this was not enough for Camelot.

In 2004, the lottery introduced yet another new game. This lottery was the first pan-European game available in the country and was titled EuroMillions. The first draw was held in Paris on 8 October 2004.

All lottery games in the group appeared to be operating normally until 2006. Six years into its existence, the National Lottery announced the cancellation of Lotto Extra. Instead, a new draw called Dream Number would be launched.

Dream Number was playable as an add-on to the main UK Lotto draw or independently and quickly became popular throughout the country. It, and the other available draws, seemed to ensure lottery ticket sales remained constant until 2007.

In 2007, Camelot was again awarded the contract to operate the lottery in the UK. Holding steady, the group stopped introducing new games for a while.

However, in 2011, the National Lottery announced the cancellation of the Daily Play draw and the Dream Number Draw. In place of both lotteries would be a new game called Lotto Plus 5.

This draw was launched to take place five days of the week—Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The game seemed relatively popular until changes to the main Lotto game made more players opt to play that instead. Due to falling sales, Lotto Plus 5 was cancelled in October 2013.

The UK National Lottery Today

From 2013 till the present, Camelot has done a fantastic job at running the great lotteries available from the National Lottery. As it stands, UK Lotto, EuroMillions and Thunderball have grown into massive lotteries that are popular around the world—thanks to the best lottery sites making them playable online.

Because of all this, it is clear that the UK Lottery has grown beyond what Queen Elizabeth I could have ever dreamed of back in 1566.

So, if you would like to be a part of a lottery that has been 455 years in the making, you can’t go wrong with anything offered by The National Lottery.

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It’s a nightmare scenario for phone owners: while you’re midway through a text message, the handset slips from your hand and lands screen-down on the pavement. Fortunately, there’s a way to protect against this: through a protective case designed to absorb the impact.

Phone cases do more than protect, of course. They help you to spot your phone at a glance, and lend a certain degree of visual distinctiveness that’s often a good thing in and of itself. Modern phone cases also improve the function of the phone itself, with things like built-in battery packs. Along with specialised phone insurance, they’re a great way of protecting your device against damage.

The best cases tend to come with a significant price tag attached, but they’re worth it for certain applications.

Otterbox Defender

If you need your phone to be resilient against damage, perhaps because you’re taking it out into places where it might get dropped, or because you’d simply like to protect your investment, the Defender is difficult to beat. It features a polycarbonate chassis, with synthetic rubber guarding against slips. It feels rugged, too – to the extent that you might feel comfortable taking it on a camping trip.

Totallee Thin Case

If you’d prefer something that’s a little more discrete, then you might investigate the Thin Case from Totallee. It’s mostly there for stylistic reasons, as it won’t absorb impacts in the same way as a Defender might. In fact, you might not even notice it’s there at all.

Mophie Juice Pack

The juice pack is designed for people who use their phones a lot. When your battery has almost drained, you can simply activate the juice pack and top it up again. If you need to connect to a USB or Lightning cable, then you’ll find alternative versions of the juice pack available, too.

Pela Honey Bee Case

If you’ve got an environmentalist mindset, then you might find it difficult to justify adding to the amount of harmful plastic in the world. That’s where the Pela cases come in. This is the world’s first ever compostable phone case, according to the manufacturers, and creates 80% less waste during production. Given the rise in concern about the environment, it’s likely that other phone-case manufacturers will follow this lead – but if you’d like to get in at the early stages, then here’s a great way to do it.

Casetify Aphrodite

This case is also built using sustainable materials, and comes in a range of colours. The rear comes emblazoned with a picture of one of the world’s most famous sculptures – the Venus de Milo, along with a short description, just like an encyclopaedia entry.

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FaceTime not only took off but became a vital component of surviving when the lockdown started, and Apple looks to be learning from that, updating FaceTime with a bunch of new features to keep you there.

There is a new grid view, but with the added perk of Spatial Audio, where a voice will come from the direction of the speaker on the screen. Users who need to show their “receipts” can share their iPhone screen on a call for the first time. Perks like upgraded mic modes and portrait mode will keep the attention on you rather than the kid’s 100th rerun of Frozen in the background.

But the big announcement is SharePlay. Host a long-distance movie night with movies or music playing alongside your conversation. AirPlay your media like the GGPoker WSOP to your Apple TV and watch in sync with your friends across all devices. Somewhere down the line Apple has promised to introduce third party apps like TikTok to this idea.


Photo sharing improved by delivering multiple photos in a stack for your friend to browse through, rather than scrolling one by one.

“Shared With You” will appear all over your device. If something from Apple News, Apple Music or Apple TV+ is shared with you, you don’t need to go hunting through the conversation to find it again, it will be in a respective app under “Shared With You” and users and can pin objects in a conversation for easy discovery.


In an upgrade of the idea of customising your Do Not Disturb option, Focus gives you the option to create different modes for work, sleep, personal time, etc. Set co-workers to break through the notification block during work mode. Or only certain contacts to be able to call in sleep mode. Customise your home screen and app library to show only relevant apps during work hours or minimal notifications while driving or asleep.

Maps, Safari & Wallet

Maps will appear to the travel bug in us by rendering 3D images of iconic locations, with day and night mode. See the San Francisco skyline as you plan your next trip.

Safari has been redesigned to be more suitable to single-handed navigation, solving a workout us iPhone [insert here] Plus users are lamenting.

Wallet will finally allow users to download their driver’s licence into their phone, with money, loyalty cards and your kids’ photos also stored in your phone, it almost eliminates the need for a physical wallet at all. Unfortunately, it’s thus-far only available in the US, but if it’s successful it’s probable it will be available elsewhere.

You will also be able to add HomeKit keys and Car Key is to be improved with Ultra Wideband support for select vehicles so users can soon unlock their car by just approaching it with their phone in their pocket.


The feature making most waves online is by far the background noise option. @br0itsmari0 said: “So I found out accidentally you can do background noise on iOS15 while listening to music, I think rain is going to be my new favourite feature.”

Photos can now be dragged and dropped between apps. Have you scrolled through your photos trying to find the one to share only to do the same thing when you get into iMessage? Not anymore.

Speaking of photos, physical text can now be scanned into apps like Notebook by scanning it with your camera.

A release date isn’t confirmed yet, but Apple has a pattern of releasing their iOS update a week after its September event. But if you can’t wait that long there are guides to trying the beta version posted online.

The upgrade is available to download to the iPhone SE (1st gen) through to iPhone 12.

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As Scotland prepares for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Paisley’s Hamza Tahir will be doing all he can to help his country cause a few upsets at the major tournament.

The likes of the heavyweights of Australia, England, India, and New Zealand will have their eyes on the business end of the competition. But Scotland will be happy to go under the radar and might well cause a few problems for the big hitters in the UAE and Oman.

Tahir Looking to Make the Cut

Left-arm bowler Tahir has been named in Scotland’s provisional 17-man squad for the highly anticipated tournament, in which New Zealand are the 6/1 favourites in the cricket betting with Betfair. It’s fair to say not many will be giving Scotland much of a chance in the cricket betting tips for the tournament in the UAE and Oman, but the Scots have caused upsets in the past. Tahir will be focused on making the cut for the final 15-man squad, while two reserve players will also be heading out for the major event over October and November.

The 25-year-old made his Scotland T20 debut against Pakistan in June 2018, and has since gone on to play 11 times for his country in the shortest format of the sport. The Paisley native will be looking to help Scotland reach the Super12 stage of the highly-anticipated World Cup this autumn. The Scots start their qualifying journey on October 17 when they face Bangladesh in Oman. Head coach Shane Burger will then see his side take on Papua New Guinea on October 19, before a final qualifier against Oman two days later.

Scots Not to Be Taken Lightly

A top-two finish in qualifying would see Scotland progress through to the group stages of a T20 World Cup for just the third time in their history. Wins over the more established cricket nations have been few and far between, but the Scots can look back to some landmark results. Scotland managed to beat England in an ODI encounter in Edinburgh back in 2018. They came out on top by six runs at The Grange, to record what was a second victory against a full member of the ICC. Scotland’s first win over a full ICC member came the year previous, with another landmark victory in Edinburgh against Zimbabwe. That match required the D/L method to be used with rain affecting play, but it still went down in the books as a Scotland victory.

Burger’s side certainly won’t be counting on rain to help them out on their qualifying journey in the UAE and Oman in October. The side will be determined to make the group stages on merit, and with Tahir preparing for his first T20 World Cup, Paisley will be watching to see what he and Scotland can achieve.

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With medicinal cannabis getting attention from the world over, many people are now considering growing marijuana and are even researching how to start growing weed inside their homes.

Now growing weed at home is very different from growing any other plants. It requires an understanding of a few vital factors for your safety and ensuring the best yield quality.

Let us look at the five most critical elements that you must consider when growing weed by yourself.

    1. Seed characteristics- The first thing that impacts the quality of cannabis is the genetics of the seeds. The legality of cannabis is still debatable in most places. This factor poses a problem for getting high-quality strains online. Try to find hybrid seeds that are much more robust and durable than the traditional strains. There is the option of auto-flowering cannabis that is easy to grow. You don’t need to worry about increasing or decreasing the light for this type to flower.
    2. Cannabis laws in your state- You must be well aware of the legal status of marijuana in your state. Please keep in mind that marijuana is still not legal across all states. If you grow weed in a state that hasn’t legalized cannabis, you could be in trouble. The jurisdiction could convict you for a felony, and you may have to spend time behind bars. If growing is legal in your state, you should know about the maximum number of plants allowed to grow. You need to get a medical marijuana license as well. It is best to grow marijuana inside as cannabis thieves are common in states where it is legal.
    3. Optimal lighting is extremely critical for growing cannabis- Whether growing indoors or growing out on the terrace, make sure you consider light properly. If growing outdoors, find a place that will be exposed to sunlight for long hours. Indoors, you can control the lighting as per your choice and the flowering pattern of the strain, but make sure to use LED lights. Too much light can burn your plants. The season is vital for growing outdoors. Spring is considered the harvesting season.
    4. Balanced nutrition- Be careful with the supply of nutrients to your plant, according to the different phases of its growth. Cannabis plants need a different set of nutrients while growing and different ones while flowering. The hydroponic nutrient system is perfect for the best results. Again, too few nutrients can impact your harvest, and so can too much.
    5. The variables that can impact cannabis are many- Among them, temperature and ventilation are vital. If you are growing your marijuana indoors, you should keep fans to control the heat generated from growth lights. Temperature is known to impact the density of the buds. Ventilation is vital because lack of ventilation can cause molds to develop. Molds can destroy your plant.

To grow cannabis at your home, make sure you carefully ensure that these five factors have been considered. It will surely help you in a better yield and save you from legal implications.

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Sports betting began a long time ago when people used to bet on chariot horse races and early Olympic Games. Today, this activity is considered a billion-dollar industry that keeps getting better with time. In the UK, sports betting makes up around 13% of all gambling revenues earned, with 40% of all wagers being football-related. These numbers are impressive and they include both locals and foreign nationals from different countries including Thailand. So why do Thai nationals living in the UK like to bet on football? Here’s what we know.

The UK is a holy grail for football betting

Football betting is a widely common way of seeking thrill while winning for Thais. So for Thais living in the UK, betting on football becomes twice as easy because the sport is already popular and well-loved. Additionally, learning how to bet on football and how a match works is easy. At the time of writing this article, it was discovered that most players first visit Top Thai Bet, a global gambling guide and news site, to know the best bookmakers in the UK

Football has been the Bookmaker’s favourite for years

Football is the most popular sport in the UK, which means that the majority of bookmakers offer football events. With so many bookmakers offering football events, Thai gamblers are guaranteed to always have something to bet on.

Major Football leagues are closer to home

Betting on football is popular among Thais living in the UK due to the high number of tournaments available. For instance, bettors can find major tournaments such as the FA Cup, the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the English Premier League. Bookmakers also offer events from the Copa America, Serie A, Bundesliga, LaLiga and Ligue 1.

You will also find other smaller tournaments from countries such as China, Belgium and Japan. There are also bookmakers who offer college football tournaments plus other competitions that are not widely viewed. These tournaments feature dozens of football matches so gamblers are unlikely to get bored. It’s also worth mentioning that football tournaments happen annually or after every few years such as the World Cup.


The surge in betting markets

Football has a ton of betting opportunities. Currently, players can bet on the full-time result, half-time result, double chance, both teams to score, and over/under 2.5 goals. People can also predict the correct score, goal scorers, first goal-scorer, and player most likely to be carded. Other popular bet types include Draw No Bet, winning margins, total corners, total cards, and clean sheets.

Thai gamblers can also handicap their bets. Handicaps are popular because they provide better winning opportunities for the underdogs. The number of football betting markets is undeniably impressive. However, it is good to remember that not all bookmakers offer the above-mentioned markets. So do thorough research first before placing a bet.

The odds are friendly

There can’t be any gambling without odds. So it’s essential that you find a bookmaker that offers fair odds that will increase your chances of winning. Fortunately, there’s a long list of UK bookmakers who offer great football odds. Before placing a bet, ensure you take a quick look at what different bookmakers are offering in terms of odds.

The difference may not seem large but it may ultimately affect your bankroll in the long run. Additionally, football odds are easy to understand because many bookies use the decimal odds system. For example, a match between Chelsea and Manchester United can have decimal odds of 2.35 and 1.45. This means if a player bets £100 on Chelsea winning, they will receive £235 if the bet becomes successful and the same goes for Manchester United.


A huge percentage of online gamblers loves football betting

Thirty years ago gamblers had to visit a land-based bookmaker to place their football bets. Today, there are more than enough online betting sites available to people living in the UK. This means, there’s no need of taking a long-trip to your favourite bookmaker’s shop if you want to bet. Instead, you can simply visit their desktop or mobile website and find all football betting services plus other gambling products you may need.

While this sounds amazing, it’s essential that gamesters check the bookmaker’s reputation first before creating an online betting account. This is due to the fact that there are many bookmakers who are currently running fraudulent services online. It’s also important to check whether the bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Football mobile bookmakers are open 24/7

Today, almost all bookmakers have land-based shops as well as online websites that allow players to lay wagers while on the go. While desktop and mobile websites perform all the required tasks, some UK bookmakers have taken further steps into ensuring everyone receives their services. This includes developing mobile applications that have little to no restrictions. The majority of bookmakers develop applications for both iOS and Android devices and they can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Some bookmakers also allow players to download the applications from their official websites.

Thai players are exploring bonuses and promotions

UK bookmakers are known for their lucrative bonuses and promotions. The most popular betting bonus is the welcome bonus. In this bonus, bookmakers reward new members with an amount of funds that can be used to wager on football and other sports on the website. The bonus is automatically deposited into a punter’s betting account after making their first deposit. Bookmakers also offer free bets, reload bonuses and money backs. There are also plenty of weekly and monthly promotions as well as loyalty programs available.

It should be noted that these bonuses often carry wagering requirements that must be met before withdrawing any winnings. Nevertheless, they are a good way of kick-starting your football betting journey.

Live Streaming and Betting

Bookmakers offer live streaming and betting services for a wide variety of sports. However, football is often given special attention. Today, all major bookmakers in the UK offer some form of live football betting or streaming. This has become quite popular among Thai sports fans because it allows them to place their bets during the game. Additionally, most bookmakers develop their websites or applications using high-quality graphics which ensure that the live streaming process has little to no lag.

Football betting in the UK is secure

Thais living in the UK can take advantage of the security that the betting industry in the country has. For instance, all bookmakers operating in the UK are required to obtain a license from the Gambling Commission. With this license, punters can rest assured that their money isn’t being used to funnel criminal or other improper activities.

The rise of interactive football betting forums

In recent years, football fans have come together and shared their ideas on third-party websites. These forums allow punters to learn more about the betting techniques and strategies they can use to increase chances of winning. They also offer helpful information regarding bookmakers and their services.

Betting on Football is Lucrative

Some people gamble because they want to win fast and easy money. Fortunately, betting on football can yield decent returns if smart and logical decisions are made. Other people bet for inner satisfaction, not for money and this doesn’t make any big monetary difference. Either way, gamblers must exercise caution and practice responsible gaming so as to prevent addiction. Usually, bookmakers offer responsible gaming features on their website such as allowing to set limits or take breaks after gambling for a certain period of time.


There’s no denying that there are numerous advantages of betting on football and for Thai punters living in the UK, football betting opens up a new world that is both lucrative and entertaining.

Online sports betting sites and mobile applications have made it easier to bet. Depositing and withdrawing are simple procedures. Furthermore, there are bookmakers who accept cryptocurrencies. All these new innovations and more are the reason why Thais as well as other foreign nationals are joining the UK football betting community.





Do you think it’s time to buy a new mattress? Are you unsure what to do with your old mattress? The complete size of a mattress, not to mention the weight, can make it hard for you to move your mattress, even if you have help. 

Some people choose to switch out their mattress because they’re interested in a new model or mattress type, and some people try to find out a new mattress because their comfort desires have changed over time, because of factors like age, losing or gaining weight, or injuries. 


Over time, every mattress sooner or later is going to lose its ability to offer the support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. This means that everyone will need to change their old mattresses a few times during their lifetime.

The reason why there’s a growing need for learning how to remove an old mattress is that people nowadays buy their mattresses online. When you buy a mattress online, it’s harder to find someone who can take away the old mattress when a new mattress is delivered.

There are different ways to get rid of a used mattress, from recycling to donating to throwing it away. The method that’s right for you depends on a number of different factors, especially the state of the mattress, where you live, and which services are close by offering which types of disposal and donation facilities.

Responsible mattress removal is very important. That’s why we found out the 3 most responsible ways of how to remove your old mattress.

Recycle or Repurpose.

You can recycle an old mattress for free. There are some recycling companies that can reuse many parts of the old mattress – wood, steel, cotton, box springs, foam – repurposing these parts into new products. You can also break the mattress down yourself, reusing the parts yourself or donating them to a recycling company. 

  • Hiring a Mattress Removal Company 

Mattresses are heavy, hard to destroy, and there are all tons of guidelines about how to properly remove them. Plus it takes a lot of time and effort. Also, you won’t be able to fit a mattress in your own vehicle and get it to where it needs to go. But before you decide to rent a truck just to move a mattress, consider making mattress removal easy by hiring experts. Mattress removal services can take away your mattress, lift it up for you and take it wherever it needs to go. Furthermore contacting a rubbish removal service, to take away your old mattress, is easy to do and it can save you money.

On the other hand, you may encounter a slightly stressful and unpleasant situation. When it comes to not just one or two mattresses or many mattresses, but when you have different debris with the mattress. Rarely do some companies only accept the mattress. What to do with other waste? Click here and take a look at the tips for rubbish removal by experts in this field.

    Give It Away Or Throw It Away

If you can’t find an institute or charity to donate your mattress too, there’s always the choice of giving it away to someone directly. But, if you can’t find someone to give your old mattress to, then probably the best way is to throw it away. First, you’ll need to check with your city’s local mattress disposal rules, in order to make sure you dispose of the mattress in the right way. You should also ask if there’s a mattress removal or disposal fee, so you know what to expect. 

 Donate Your Old Mattress

You can also donate your old mattress. Donated mattresses must still be functional, so they can be used again. There are a few standard rules: Do not donate any mattresses with plagues of any kind, especially when it comes to bed bugs and mould.  Issues like broken, prominent, or bending twirls can make a mattress unusable. Do not donate a mattress with large, obvious rips, tears, or holes. Also, mattresses with stains should not be donated. So, you have to be careful about your old mattress condition before you decide to donate it.

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Unibet has been rated as a top sport betting site for its credibility, customer-friendly approach alongside the experience that it offers its users. The sportsbook has been an ever-growing reputation; a status that experts say befits it as one of the first digital bookmakers. It is now more than 24 years old since it started as a betting advice telephone service. Its root as a source of information and advice to players is evident up to date. Its adoption of the latest technologies including Unibet mobil allows it to compete with upcoming betting sites.

Unibet betting still offers comprehensive statistics alongside an extensive catalogue of events and well-informed recommendations. When it comes to payment options, players can use Unibet paypal among other options. Unibet online and Unibet Android are other features that players can enjoy as they look for the convenience of betting anywhere and anytime. MightyTips has carried out a comprehensive review of the sportsbook and this is their verdict.

Betting enthusiasts in Hungary will be happy to note that reviewers have rated Unibet Hungary for its customer-friendly approach. This is one of the aspects that have enabled the sportsbook to enjoy a steady growth where it now records more than 1.5 million active users. It has also come to be recognized by multiple entities where it has won awards including being named the best sportsbook in 2016 at EGR Awards.


MightyTips review gave the bookmaker a rating of 9.3 out of the possible ten. This is one of the highest rates that the reviewer has ever given a sportsbook. With such a rating, punters can confidently select it for all their betting endeavors. However, it is important to note that the review is based on time and space, so this may change. Also, it should not be lost that the sportsbook has been in existence for the last 24 years and they have maintained a high ranking for the time they have been in operation as a bookmaker.


Advantages that bettors will get out of wagering at Unibet include:

  • Welcome bonus that each of the new customers gets
  • A wide variety of markets and bets
  • Convenient payment options
  • An easy use website and a responsive mobile application
  • In playing betting on several sports
  • Promotions and bonuses among other benefits


On promotions and bonuses, Mighty Tips reviewers see the sportsbook as the pacesetter. They have over the years given their users great offers, right when the customer is opening a new account to deposits. These bonuses can be used to make bets, for the new customers, they can comfortably use the welcome bonus in testing out the bookmaker before they start using their funds. The other offers that are available at the sportsbook include:

  • Cashback for new customers
  • Free bets
  • Odd boosts
  • Referrals, and
  • Profit boost

Unibet odds

Like many other sportsbooks, Unibet performs pretty well when it comes to odds. They are at the same levels as the industry’s leaders, especially when it comes to popular sports and markets. One thing that has made the sportsbook stand out and even win awards over the years is its competitive odds. Bettors have chosen it as a good bet when it comes to betting odds. Whether it’s football, baseball, greyhounds among other sports, users are never disappointed with the Unibet odds.

Mobile experience

Online sports betting is enjoying a great following courtesy of the mobile experience. Bettors can now bet at the convenience of their houses, offices among other places all courtesy of Unibet mobile among other mobile sports betting platforms. Unibet Android and iOS have provided bettors with an experience that has changed the way they bet. 

They can now deposit and withdraw at their convenience, place bets, and even get tips easily through their mobile devices. Unibet mobile can be downloaded in app markets easily. Users are required to complete a registration process and enjoy all the offers that come with opening a new account. It is a simple process, just like the one that users follow when they are opening a normal website. Everything else is the same; the only difference is that you are doing it on a mobile phone.

What types of bets do you expect in Unibet Betting?

Mightytips gives the sportsbook a rating of nine when it comes to the types of bets. Customers have a wide range of bets through which they can wager. All the popular sports and markets can be found on the site. For example, in football, a customer can bet on top markets such as the winning team, the scorer, the correct scorer, among other options. 

Unibet has done everything possible to ensure that platform offers satisfactory betting options where no customer is frustrated when it comes to the choices. And it is not only sports but even unique events are also covered, talk of elections and political outcome among other non-sporting events, all the betting enthusiasts are covered. With these non-sporting events, people who love betting but are not into sports are well catered for.

What about credibility

Any betting enthusiast is interested in knowing the credibility of a betting site before any engagement. This knowledge is very important as it dictates the kind of experience that awaits a bettor. When you know that a site is highly rated in terms of credibility, you go in with confidence, knowing that what you see is what you get. Unibet has a high credibility rating; Mightytips has given it a score of 10, the highest rate that any sportsbook can get. According to Mightytips, it is safe to engage with the sportsbook. This is based on the parameters such as reputation, the complaints and how they were handled, the experience among other aspects.

Unibet scores highly in many aspects, this is an indication that choosing the sportsbook might be the best decision that any punter does. It is also important to note that the review is done at a given time, the situation might change and a player might have a different experience. To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking the current reviews; they provide the users with a clear perspective of how the site is performing at the moment.


Top sports betting site

EGR Awards

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One of the strangest coins ever created, Dogecoin has emerged as the hottest new craze in the cryptocurrency industry. According to CoinMarketCap, Dogecoin was the fifth-most valued cryptocurrency on the market on the same date, with a gain of almost 6,000 percent in 2018. Sixty-nine cents worth of Dogecoin, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency, set a record on Wednesday. Dogecoin has become one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies, along with bitcoin, which set a new high of nearly $63,000 last month. Bitcoin SuperSplit in this article can be found if you read it thoroughly.



A “safe” cryptocurrency does not exist; nonetheless, Bitcoin is less hazardous than Ethereum and Dogecoin. While this does not imply it is without danger, it does have a few benefits over its competitors. In addition to being the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin boasts the highest level of brand awareness and trustworthiness of all cryptocurrencies. Few shops accept crypto as payment, but those that do are more likely to take Bitcoin than other digital currencies. This means that Bitcoin has an advantage over its rivals in terms of adoption. Due to the limited amount of tokens accessible — 21 million tokens to be exact — Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as “digital gold.” In addition to boosting its worth, this scarcity also can push up its price.


Cryptocurrency Has a ‘Built-In Scarcity’

Over time, a limitless supply might have a detrimental influence on value. According to CNBC contributor James Ledbetter, Bitcoin has a finite quantity of 21 million, which provides a “built-in scarcity” similar to how gold and diamonds are valued because they are scarce. As a result of this scarcity, Bitcoin supporters urge investors to hang on to the cryptocurrency for a lengthy period, arguing that as demand grows, so should the price.



Dogecoin has had a phenomenal year so far. A 14500% increase in price has occurred in the last six months. Around 350 percent has been added in just the last month alone. It should be noted that Dogecoin is also, by a wide margin, the riskiest cryptocurrency on our list. However, Dogecoin does not have a substantial competitive edge in the crypto market, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum. Few shops accept Dogecoin, making it of little use to the average consumer.

Because of online buzz, Dogecoin’s price has skyrocketed. For a fast payday, online speculators have been pushing up the price of Dogecoin, and celebrities like Elon Musk have also been promoting it on social media. It’s just a matter of time before a stock’s price falls out of line with its fundamentals. Indeed, Dogecoin’s price has plummeted by 40 percent in the previous week. Buying Dogecoin right now is more like gambling than investing since nobody knows if it will bounce or continue to drop.


To Put It Bluntly, Dogecoin Was “Made For Sillies.”

Between Dogecoin and bitcoin, there’s also a distinction in the underlying concept on which each was established. A highly comprehensive white paper, authored by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym used by bitcoin’s inventor or developers, accompanied the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. Originally, Nakamoto wanted bitcoin to be a widely used decentralized digital money. Inflation is a concern for Bitcoin enthusiasts, who regard cryptocurrency as a form of digital gold.

Institutional and individual investors’ trust in bitcoin has increased over the past 12 years, contributing to the cryptocurrency reaching record high values this year. While Bitcoin was founded as a joke by software developers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin was created in 2013. Markus and Palmer didn’t intend Dogecoin to be taken seriously because of the “Doge” meme, which depicts a Shiba Inu dog.


When it comes to Dogecoin, how does it vary from Bitcoin?

When compared to Bitcoin, Dogecoin has several significant distinctions. Due to the ease with which miners can solve the mathematical equations that carry out and record transactions, Dogecoin is a more efficient method of processing payments. Many new Dogecoins are released into the market every day since there is no limit to the amount of Dogecoins that may exist in the long run. Because Bitcoin has a lifetime restriction on the number of coins it can create, its value has continued to rise, despite this. Dogecoins may be mined indefinitely, which is another notable distinction.


Choosing the Crypto

Bitcoin dominates cryptocurrency, but Dogecoin has potential — and greater danger. The optimal selection for your case can only be made after a thorough investigation and careful consideration of all possibilities.



But the issue of whether Dogecoin is a smart investment option remains. Due to the very volatile nature of even a currency, as widely traded as Bitcoin, Dogecoin is also at risk of imploding. Nevertheless, it is impossible to deny its sudden and astonishing increase in 2021.


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