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There are many tried and tested things you can do to boost your home’s value, such as refreshing a bathroom or kitchen, adding solar panels, converting a loft and more. However, one way of adding value you may not have already considered is having a fireplace added to your property.

For many of us, the idea of a real fire brings up images of bygone days. The appealing scent, romantic glow and homely comfort associated with a hot fire on a cold winter’s night is hard to beat.

It has been estimated that having a fireplace could add around 5% to the overall value of your property, as for an increasing number of house-hunters, an attractive fireplace is high on the list of desired features.

For those considering selling up, adding or restoring an existing fireplace can be a solid way to add value to your property. If you are moving on and it’s clear that a quick sale is required why not try the UK-wide property-buying firm LDN Properties as a reliable option for a fast and easy sale with no fees.

In this article we will explore how adding a fireplace can help stoke the flames of interest when it comes to prospective buyers.

An appealing design feature

As central heating became ubiquitous in the mid-20th century, many period homes have had their stunning original fireplaces covered up. Therefore, in some properties it may be the case that a fireplace needs to be simply reinstated to its former glory rather than built from scratch.

A fireplace is an aspirational design feature which can pay homage to a home’s past, particularly in period properties. It’s worth noting that a reproduction can be just as effective as an original. However, modern properties may also benefit from a stylish new fireplace or burner, as a fire is a great way of adding character to a new-build which may otherwise lack warmth.

Furthermore, if you don’t particularly want or need a fully-functioning fireplace, simply filling the open grate of your fireplace with mood lighting is a stylish way to add wow-factor to your room. A new fire could also be the perfect solution to a room lacking a focal point.

A way of reducing energy consumption

A fire can also be seen as a great asset to prospective buyers who are concerned about their energy consumption. An open fire may not be the best choice for heating a room, as smaller wood-burners can do this far more efficiently.

While it’s true that wood is a fossil fuel, many new wood burners are carbon-neutral and thus efficient and an eco-friendly choice as long as you source your fuel responsibly. Wood burners have become very popular in recent years, with over 200,000 being sold in the UK each year.

Gas-fuelled fires can also be seen as a more environmentally-sound choice than an open fire and come with the benefit of not releasing smoke into the air.

Which type of fireplace should I choose?

There are a vast range of fireplaces on the market to suit all budgets, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a stylish fireplace for your home.

However, there are practical considerations which may limit your choice when it comes to having a fireplace added to your property. For example, new homes rarely come with chimneys, therefore, structural alterations may be needed in order to create a chimney in your new-build property.

It’s important to take into account all the costs involved, from the cost of the mantelpiece to the installation of the hood and other key components. It’s also always a good plan to have some budget set aside for contingency.

It goes without saying that you should consult the experts, as it’s important that your new fire has all necessary safety certifications and complies with all regulations. If you choose to install a gas fire then it’s vital that you employ the help of a registered Gas-Safe engineer.

Gas fireplaces often have less complicated venting needs, and can be placed in many areas within a home where a wood-burning fire could not be installed. Smaller gas-burning fireplaces can be ideal for kitchens and even bedrooms.

For a wood-burning fire it is likely that installation will have to be on a main outside wall so that a working chimney can be constructed. An experienced installer will be able to give you the best advice as to where your new fire should be installed.

For many, the price tag of having a new fire installed is smaller than first thought. Indeed, the value added by installing a fire may well outweigh the cost of having one built. For example, it may cost in the region of £3000 for a fire to be installed, however, this might mean that £10,000 could be added to your home’s value.

Bright sparks looking for ways to boost their property value should definitely look further into the benefits of getting a fire installed.


Like many parts of Scotland, Paisley has some fantastic golf courses for amateurs and professionals alike.

Golf courses are particularly popular around the time of the US Masters and Open Championship. British golfer Rory McIlroy is the 15/2 favourite in the golf betting to come out on top at Augusta in Georgia later this year and you may watch him on TV and fancy having a go yourself.

If you aspire to follow in the footsteps of McIlroy, who is the number-one ranked golfer in the official world rankings, or just enjoy a round of golf with friends, here are three courses you should try in Paisley.

Paisley Golf Club

Paisley Golf Club dates all the way back to 1895. The current 18-hole course was first played in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Located in the Gleniffer Braes Country Park, this is a golf course which offers fantastic views of Paisley and Glasgow. The Clyde Basin and Ben Lomond are visible to the north of the course.

Paisley Golf Club have different types of memberships depending on your age and how often you like to play. There are also regular handicap tournaments for you to get involved in if you wish to play competitively.

Once you have completed your 18 holes and head to the 19th hole (club house), you can enjoy a bite to eat and have a drink to cap off your day.

Ralston Golf Club

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/G_qw5i6kFXQ” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Described as one of the top golf courses in West Central Scotland, Ralston Golf Club is a well-maintained parkland course which has both a par and standard scratch of 70.

There are practice facilities at the venue for you to have a warm-up before you enter the course. The greens are in great condition all year long, and there is no waiting list to secure a membership.

If you are looking for some coaching, Ralston Golf Club has two PGA professionally qualified coaches who can be booked. One of them is Greg Paxton who finished in a tie for 27th at the 2019 Scottish PGA Championship which was won by Paul O’Hara. The coaches will help you work on your technique which is crucial in order for you to improve at the game.

Barshaw Golf Club

Barshaw Golf course is part of the Renfrewshire Leisure which also includes two bowling greens. Unlike many courses in Scotland, you don’t need to be a member to play. Day passes can be purchased for those who are unable to afford annual membership.

This is a good venue for beginners as it is not as challenging as some of the other courses in Paisley. There are a number of par-three holes around the course which are reachable from the tee. These give you a good chance of making a birdie or maybe something even more memorable.

Best of luck the next time you are on a golf course and always remember to have fun even if your ball isn’t going where you want it to.


When it comes to getting the diploma done, IB Math can be a real struggle. Alongside the difficult math exam, when it comes to doing IB Math, you are also required to write an IA Math exploration topic. The only silver lining is that the topic can be of your choice. But in reality, it is indeed a very difficult task to come up with a topic and fulfil it.

Writing on topics related to History or even Science is easy but when it comes to IB for Math, that can be really tricky. However, you can always find the correct tricks and techniques to make things work. Even when you feel this is something you cannot manage, you can always buy Math IA or hire an IB IA writing service to do the job for you.

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/badflippy/art/Lie-down-try-not-to-cry-cry-a-lot-COMBO-351284918

If you are an IB student and consider studying in Scotland, read this article. Before we dig deep into IB math studies internal assessment topics, let’s talk about how you can choose the right topic for yourself.

First thing is first, you need to go for a topic that has sufficient relevance and amount of Math in it. The internal assessment should calculate and explore the solution towards a real-life problem. This needs to be done by making sure you utilize the skills that you have earned while studying the course. Another thing that you need to keep in mind that a topic or task which cannot be questioned or explored further must not be included. Be careful – you do not want to waste your time. It is essential that you aim towards finding a topic which allows you to utilize a variety of mathematical knowledge and skills that are relevant to the course and allow you to find the right solution for it.

Through this topic, you should be able to explain Math as a subject and demonstrate your personal motivation behind it. The topic needs to be explorative where you calculate the answer. Keep in mind that you should be able to explain the needed steps with clarity. Also, make sure you use the right sentence structure, vocabulary and tools, by the way, you can find more about the best IB IA tools here. Using complication language is always a no when it comes to doing IB essays.

Keep in mind that you need to show yourself as a mathematician and not an English major student. Furthermore, showing your engagement in the topic is equally crucial. You can do this by either utilizing complex structures of math or by indulging in a topic that is of your choice. You need to make sure that you attempt the IB math essay because you are interested in the study.

Now that we have some basics out of the way, here are some IB Math IA topics ideas:

  1. Pascal’s triangle: looking into the patterns of the array of numbers
  2. Birthday paradox: how does the number of people in a room dictates the probability of their sharing birthdays?
  3. Sum of all positive integers is -1/12: looking into the Physics phenomenon through series and sequences
  4. Harmonic series: explore the certain chords and notes in music through the ratios of the frequencies
  5. Flow of traffic: how do we see math in the traffic jams that we face every now and then?
  6. Optimizing volumes: find the maximum volume of the subject through a constraint

So, here are some Math studies IA topics you can consider when doing the assessment. These may seem common ones, but they can really get you the results you are looking for if you indulge in them in the correct manner. Keep in mind, math is present everywhere. From locations to our day to day activities, you can easily find the right topic just by looking around yourself.


You can hardly turn down a road in Paisley and not be met by the site of a house or two undergoing renovations. There is a growing trend for improving your living environment as well as increasing the desirability and value of your home with well-planned updates and building projects.

When undertaking a project like this, especially when you are managing it yourself, site safety can be somewhat of an afterthought. However, if any issues with safety are faced during your renovation project, this can seriously impact on your deadlines and at worst may result in costly legal action.

In this guide, we give you the rundown on what must be considered when safely renovating your home in Paisley.


Selecting the best contractors

 There are plenty of options for building contractors in Paisley, so picking which one is right for you can be a little tricky. Recommendations are always a good place to start when picking your contractors. However, you must also undertake your due diligence to make sure they are suitable for the job at hand.

Whether you chose to work with a recommended contractor or not, taking the time to sit down with them and question their understanding of site safety is a good starting point. Just because they have experience in building, doesn’t necessarily mean they will do it safely.

Checking contractors qualifications is especially important when it comes to more technical and regulated areas such as gas and electricity.


Planning safety

Once you have selected your contractor, you can work with them to make a clear plan for keeping your site safe. This can be as simple as noting down the full renovation plan and assessing any risks that may be faced at each stage.

You can then use this list to build in mitigating actions to increase safety. For example, if a particular area is hazardous, you may choose to fence this off with clear signs highlighting the hazard.

Although no one should be on your site except yourself and your contractors. It is also important to ensure that any access to the public is well blocked and signposted to ensure no accidents occur.


Responsible person 

If you are project managing the build yourself, you will likely be the person responsible for site safety. This is a role that should be taken seriously and you should not be afraid to pull people up on risky scenarios, as this could have serious implications for yourself.

When you are not on-site, you need to make sure that there is always an allocated responsible person in your place.



 If you are undertaking work at height, you will likely need to use scaffolding as part of your renovations. In these cases, you must use a competent and qualified scaffolder for its construction.

When scaffolding is being placed on public pavements of highways, you will also need to ensure that any relevant licences are applied for and received before beginning.


 Heavy materials

 In larger renovations, there is a high possibility that you will need to have heavy materials delivered to site. This can be a hazardous process and must be considered before execution.

For example, if you plan on using reinforced concrete, you will likely need heavy materials such as A393 reinforcement mesh delivered to site. When this is that case, you need to ensure that access is clear, a safe area is allocated to the truck and a detailed plan for unloading is in place.

Undertaking a renovation project is an exciting time. Taking a smart approach to planning site safety will ensure that everyone is kept safe and the risk of anything going wrong is limited. This will drastically increase the likelihood that your project will be completed in time and to budget.


Games and recreation are integral parts of human lives, as we have all heard the saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. There are several forms of leisure and recreational activities that we humans partake based on our likes and tastes. While some enjoy outdoors and adventures, others enjoy being indoors with a plethora of board games. One such interesting indoor game is bingo.

What is bingo?

Bingo is an indoor game played in a group of more than two and uses the principle of probability. A single person, aka caller, presides over the game. The game consists of a slot with multiple rows. Each row has a defined set of numbers. The task of the players is to guess all the numbers correctly in each row before the caller calls them out. The rows and the numbers in each row depend on the type of bingo. The evolution of bingo is a bit hazy. The most popular assumption is that the game originated from Italy in about the 16th Century.

Bucky Bingo: Bingo with a twist

In the modern-day, Bingo is often associated with gambling. It has evolved technologically and has digitized as well. Multiple online bingo sites in the UK are used for recreational gambling activities. One such famous online bingo-playing site is the Bucky Bingo. The USP of this site is that along with the regular bingo playing activities it offers, quest themed slots thereby making the experience much more engaging and enjoyable.

The selection that catches the Eye

Bucky Bingo has been in the market for more than 40 years. It shifted to the digital platform since 2007 and has been entertaining the British crowds since then. What makes Bucky Bingo interesting is the nature and the quality of the games that the platform provides. 

Some of the most famous slots that Bucky Bingo offers are:

  • Rainbow Riches
  • Gonzo’s Quests
  • Cleopatra
  • Caravan to Cairo
  • Gold series
  • Shangri-La

For browsing more slots, you can visit their page Buckybingo.co.uk.

Special Services at Bucky Bingo

The chat community at Bucky Bingo has been deemed as one of the best chat services in the market. Real-time users have nothing but praise about the Chat hosts at Bucky Bingo. Another interesting thing about this site is the VIP Club feature. The VIP Club is exclusive only to its members. The club grants them wonderful services like bonus/cash drops, deposit matches/get spins, free spins, win boosts, etc. Besides special treats are also in store for exclusive VIP Members on birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Responsible Gaming and Fair Play

Bucky Bingo considers responsible gaming quite seriously. The site is equipped with methods to protect minors from gaming as well as combat compulsive gaming. There are predefined limits that are set on the website to cap out excessive gaming activities. The site also deploys various measures to ensure fair play is observed across all the slots. An ensured RNG is used by the site for all slots except for the live-games where a dealer is present.


Why do most people love betting on sporting activities? Betting is simple, fun, and profitable. However, this doesn’t mean rushing into placing bets. Without proper strategies, you risk losing your money. Remember, betting is volatile in nature. On the surface, betting looks simple. However, it takes strategies to become successful in betting. Getting it rights entails employing the right approach. So, if you want to make it to the top, employ the right betting tips. Below are some of the most practical tips from betmaster used by successful bettors.

The Power of Taking Regular Breaks

Like any activity, taking breaks in sports betting can have a huge impact on your betting. You cannot bet all day. Similarly, betting all week long can be monotonous. So, in your betting plan, incorporate regular breaks. These breaks will rejuvenate you and make you a better bettor.

Set Attainable Objectives

Don’t be over-ambitious with your betting endeavors. Remember, betting is a game of numbers. It carries risks. Today you will win and tomorrow you lose. So, be realistic with your objectives. Plus, consistently making a real profit can be difficult. Remember, bookies are designed to make your work difficult. So, beating they may sometimes boil down to luck. Being overambitious will only give you unnecessary pressure. Even more, unrealistic expectations will bring more frustrations and disappointments.

Get the Basics Right

Consider learning all the basics before risking your money. Doing so will be putting you in a good position to win and make profits. Consider learning things like fixed odds, the main components of a wager, and betting on bookmarkers. Also, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with why most bookmakers make cash, types of wagers, and alternatives to betting. 

Budget and Staking Plan

Regardless of the amount you have, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. Also, device a working staking plan. Setting a budget will prevent you from making losses and chasing them. Also, it will eliminate surprises in betting. Remember, you can make profits and losses. A betting plan will keep you within your budget. Otherwise, you might end up wagering rent money. Budgets can be set on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. How you set your budget is dependent on your pocket. However, if you have difficulty setting a realistic betting budget, consider asking a financial expert to help you out. Also, consider using a tracking plan.

Consider Being Selective

Of course, the sports betting world offers a myriad of opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean jumping in and taking any opportunity you come across. Betmaster advises you to be extra selective. Choose a betting option that fits into your explicit needs. Don’t place too many wages. It can destroy your betting strategy.

The Bottom-Line

Who loves making losses? Nobody, right? Well, avoid making losses in sports betting. Don’t lose your hard-earned money. Equip yourself with the right tips and conquer the betting world. Use the above tips and tricks to kick start your sports betting journey.



Slot games have an incredible variety of themes. You can be an archaeologist and chase after the forgotten treasures in the pyramids. You can be a pirate and keep that treasure yourself. Or, you can become an astronaut and solve the mysteries of space. In short, it is possible to find everything you can imagine as a slot theme. This includes, of course, television shows. In fact, we can even say that TV is one of the popular slot themes. Although IGT is the most prominent in this category (most of the license rights belong to IGT), almost every developer has a slot game adapted from famous television shows. So, which of these games are worth playing? What are the best and newest TV-themed slots? We answer these questions below. Get ready to embark on a profitable adventure with your heroes on TV!


Developer Blueprint Gaming
RTP 95.80%
Variance Medium
Reels & Lines 5 reels & 20 lines

If you don’t know who or what Ted is, let’s say it is a teddy bear who can talk. But he does not talk pretty. Instead, he talks like an adult. And by saying adult, we mean it: This show is for 18+ only. Well, you can try TED free play and see for yourself. After all, this slot is adapted from this rude but funny show. The game contains 6 modifiers, and Ted itself can trigger one of these anytime during the main game. You can win a super re-spin, a psychedelic bonus boost, beer shuffle, and many other things.

Landing three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels trigger the Thunder Buddies Bonus that awards one of five different bonuses. Basically, you can spin a big wheel and win big, or get free spins with multipliers. TED slot game is at least as absurd and fun as the TV show. If you’re looking for something different to play, don’t miss the TED slot. The range of bets changes between 0.2 and 200 coins per spin.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Developer Skywind Group
RTP 95.18%
Variance Medium
Reels & Lines 5 reels & 50 lines

No, this is not the one with sunglasses. This is the original CSI set in Las Vegas. The game contains video files of the original show, and you can watch them after scoring a win or completing a mini-game. So, first of all, we can say that it offers a very immersive experience –  you feel like watching a new episode of CSI. The game is designed like an interactive CSI episode. It has a story, and you have to visit lots of crime scenes during the bonus rounds.

But an immersive experience is not the only thing you get. CSI slot offers free spins and bonus games, that can be triggered by landing three special symbols. The bonus games ask you to pick 4 marked items at the crime scene to reveal 4 prizes. If you can also collect hidden items, you can win a 2x multiplier too. These are fun games that suit the theme perfectly, and they can award quite big amounts.

Game of Thrones


Developer Microgaming
RTP 96.40%
Variance Medium-High
Reels & Lines 5 reels & 243 lines

Yes, we did not like the eighth season too. In fact, we do not even think that there is someone who liked that season. We can’t do anything about it, but at least we can try to make a profit by trying the game adapted from the show. Game of Thrones slot has two versions. One with 20 paylines and the other with 243 lines. Obviously, we recommend trying the 243-line version. It costs a little much but offers and increased RTP rate.

Luckily, the game is not about the eighth season. It is about the show in general and contains all the main characters with original voice-overs. You can win up to 121.000 coins with a single spin and a random cash prize (up to 1.200 coins) by landing two throne symbols anywhere on the screen. Three and more throne symbols trigger the free spin bonus round and ask you to select a feature.

You can pick between 8 and 18 free spins with different multipliers (up to 5x). And if these are not enough, know that the wild symbols can stack to increase your winning chances. In short, the throne is ready for you.


Developer IGT
RTP 96.25%
Variance Medium
Reels & Lines 5 reels & 15 lines

Baywatch is a TV show with many spinoffs, but the slot version is adapted from the original release. You know, the one with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson in it. High-value symbols of the game are pictures of the cast members Hasselhoff pays the most, as can be expected. There is a wild symbol that can substitute all other symbols (except bonus) and a free spin round with multiple features. You can win between 3 and 12 spins based on your pick. (Simply put, you can pick to get more stacked symbols or more spins.)

There are two bonus features that can be activated during the main game too. Both are random and can be triggered anytime.

  • First, there is the symbol replacement feature. This one randomly chooses lifeguard symbols for specific lifeguard pairs. For example, for pairing Hasselhoff and Anderson.
  • The second one is called teamwork feature, and it transforms all lifeguard symbols into a combined team symbol for enhanced wins. If you ever dreamed about swimming with Pamela Anderson (or David Hasselhoff, we don’t judge) here is your chance.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Developer Skywind Group
RTP 95.50%
Variance High
Reels & Lines 5 reels & 50 lines

If you are a Trekkie, this one can be your dream slot. It contains hours of art, sound, and video content from the TV show. Whenever you score a win or trigger a bonus feature, you can see the face of Picard, Data, and all other characters from Star Trek TNG. This is also a multi-platform game and offers different interfaces for different devices, so you can play on mobile with an interface designed for touch-based controls.

  • As for features, lading three free games symbols awards 15 free spins with transport wilds. And if you are wondering what that is, think is wild symbols transporting between the reels, increasing your winning chance.
  • You can also win free Enterprise re-spins and multiplier rewards.
  • The game area is a 5×4 grid so there are more spots for the winning combinations to occur.
  • The betting range of the game is in between 0.5 coins and 250 coins per spin, so any Trekkie can enjoy it.

Wheel of Fortune: On Air

Developer IGT
RTP 92.55%
Variance Low – Medium
Reels & Lines 5 reels & 20 lines

Wheel of Fortune may be the most iconic TV show of all times, and it has multiple slot adaptations, all developed by IGT. Some of these are quite old, and some are new. More importantly, some contain progressive jackpots. The “On Air” version of the game offers both features. It is released quite recently and contains the “Mega Jackpots” bonus, which is a progressive grand prize.

There is a wheel at the left corner of the screen, and it contains multiple prizes: additional wild symbols, multipliers (up to 600x), re-spins, and, of course, the mighty jackpot itself. You spin the wheel, pick an envelope, and reveal one of these prizes. The gameplay is fun and fast, and the minimum bet limit is only 0.4 coin. Anybody can play Wheel of Fortune On Air and try his/her luck on the Mega Jackpot.


When it comes to gambling, there are many differences in habits across the world with countries that are passionate about betting and others in which this trend is less to be observed. Brits and Scots in particular, are known for their interest in betting and gaming, from supporting their favorite horse during Cheltenham or Grand National to themed slot machines of all kinds whether they spin the reels in the shop around the corner or on the internet in one of the many online casinos on the market. The UK Gambling Commission has made it its focal goal to promote responsible gambling and regulate gambling advertisement as well as raise awareness in the society in order to avoid this leisurely hobby of many passionate punters getting out of hand.

But which nation actually has the highest number of gamblers worldwide?  We will be taking a look at two of the heaviest gambling groups in the world and discuss how this affects them and why gaming is such crucial aspect of their national identity.

Gambling in Scotlands

Scots love betting and gambling on sports, social events or just for fun. They’re ranked the top gamblers in the UK with more than 66% of adults partaking in some form of gambling each year, ranging from horse races to greyhounds or social events, especially around the Royals. A study which had been conducted by the UK Gambling Commission, the regulatory authority within the region’s gambling industry, had revealed that Scotland’s natives had surpassed the national average of 63% when it came to gambling.

Scotland has the highest level in terms of online sports betting with a figure of 10%, with 5% of gamblers making use of bookmaking machines which can be found at kiosks or in betting shops. However many of these small shops are closing due to fierce online competition from internet sites with more attractive product offers and massive bonuses.

Another reason why small shops are not sustainable on the long run was the government enforced decrease of the maximum bet from ₤100 to ₤2 per wager on fixed-odds terminals which could be found in every single betting location. Reduced profitability led to removal and decreasing customer numbers leading to bankruptcy of many local retailers.

Even more passionate gamblers in Down-Under

If you thought Scotland’s population was into gambling, you’ll be surprised to hear that Australia is topping them by far! Slot machines, locally known as pokies, are incredibly popular and await their clients in common places such as hotels, sports bars, and pubs. An estimated A$24 billion is generated on slot machines alone, this is 50% higher than second-place region, Singapore, a known gaming Mecca for Asian and international tourists. This means that Australia’s gambling revenues are $12 billion higher than Singapore’s, a crazy number, indeed.

At the moment, there’s conflict rising between casinos and people lobbying against the act of gambling, with both parties trying to win over the government. There is no denying that the government is more than happy to accept the tax revenue being generated by these machines which are highly profitable and fund public treasury budgets substantially.

There are those who are opposed to how the government has allowed pokies to be placed within communities fearing responsible gaming is not taken seriously by everybody. And while these machines are a popular source of entertainment for Aussie players, conflict around them continues to create tensions in this generally so laid-back society.

The situation is similar in neighboring New Zealand, where Kiwis’ passion for pokies has no limits. Since online gambling is on a rise, players from remote corners of the country have gained access to the best real money online casinos nz via the internet. No need to travel far to enjoy gambling related entertainment, it’s available from the comfort of the Kiwi’s individual home. Statistics have shown that New Zealanders and Aussies are like minded heavy spenders in this particular category.



How often do you think “If only I were more confident”?

The thing is, confident men, get the raise, charm the smart woman who impresses everyone, and find investors for their business idea. At some point in their life, all men questioned their confidence. But for some, the desire to be more confident spreads far and wide and affects their life. Everyone faces challenges that make them want to lock themselves inside the house. Sometimes it’s a lost promotion, other times a failed business, and often a rejection. But these are the moments that help people grow and build up resilience.

Questioning your confidence isn’t something wrong; in fact, your self-perception can help you improve your self-esteem because it allows you to identify the challenges and find solutions. But before getting into how you can grow your confidence, we should define it. Dictionaries explain the feeling as the consciousness of reliance and power, the belief in your skills and trustworthiness, the full trust in yourself.

Now let’s jump into some practical tips.


Use a signature fragrance

You use ten different colognes right now. Why would you spend hundreds of bucks on a single fragrance when you can buy more and wear another one each day? Well, using low-quality products and changing switching between them doesn’t give you the confidence boost you need. Successful men have a signature smell, and when they enter a room, people immediately associate their fragrance with their personality. Finding the perfume that works well with your chemistry is essential because aromas change your behaviour and impact your mood.

The fragrance you wear when you head to a meeting plays a crucial role in how you feel and can provoke a specific range of emotions. An aroma can take you from shy to relaxed and confident in a couple of seconds.

Your olfactory and limbic systems are connected, and they trigger memories and emotions. When you spray cologne, you unearth confidence; you didn’t even know you had. If you don’t know where to start with picking a signature fragrance, try a citrus scent because they’re often associated with confidence.

Take grooming to the next level

Your appearance can lift your spirit. You are the type of man who doesn’t need anything except a sharp hairstyle and a clean shave to leave the house. But they may not complement your features. Have you ever seen the before and after pictures with men who let their beards grow? They often look like different individuals, and it’s always an improvement. Women use makeup to look better; men can use their facial hair. Trust your look to an expert, and ask them what cut and shave would enhance your appearance. Going the extra mile and changing the style of your hair can make you feel better about yourself, and people won’t be late to observe it.

Use skin care products to moisturise and exfoliate your skin, and stimulate your body’ natural collagen production with rejuvenating products. Microabrasion tools do wonders on your complexion.

Get your own Superman pose

We don’t advise you to get the exact Superman pose when you’re entering a room, but finding a power pose, you feel confident with. Social psychologists state that your body language can influence your mood, so a pose similar to the one Superman sports can boost your confidence levels. Stay with your chest lifted, hold your head high and keep your arms in place.

Often, men who are unsure about their self-esteem cross their arms over their chest, hunch over or avoid eye contact. Finding your power pose will make you feel more confident and boost your testosterone levels. Practice it at home before leaving for work, and once you master it, you’ll feel more powerful.

Make sure not to exaggerate; you don’t want to look like a character when walking around the office. A lifted chin, straight shoulders, and hands in your pockets can work at the start.

Getting rid of your clothes builds confidence

Getting naked can make you feel more confident, especially if you’re afraid of rejection. You can start with standing in front of the mirror and self-talk to lift your spirits. After you take a shower, walk around the house with a towel around your hips, it’ll make you feel better. If you have troubles with getting naked in front of your partner, you can hire local escorts to help you in your struggle with body image. They often deal with people with low self-esteem, and know how to handle you and make you feel better. Even if getting naked seems like a bizarre trick, you should try it to find the results on yourself.

Take action

The difference between insecure and confident men can be as simple as one daring to explore his passions and the other isolating himself from the world. Everyone experiences anxiety, apprehension and fear, but some don’t allow their emotions to hold them back.

If you want to gain confidence, take action daily and fight your fears and anxieties. Exploring the things you like, empowers you to move forward and work on a version of yourself you like better. Have a workout routine, do something that you don’t regularly do, find ways to challenge your fears, and create tangible goals.

Push your body

Do you have friends who take insane risks that baffle you? Do you admire their confidence? They look the most self-assured individuals in the world, and you wonder how they reached this level of self-esteem. It comes from continually pursuing their goals and pushing themselves their limits. It can start with the exercises you perform in the gym. Accept the discomfort and do the difficult tasks over and over again until they no longer inhibit you. Always do the most challenging exercise at the beginning of the training session. Face one fear a week, and monitor your progress. Your workout will soon be a list of goals you achieved, and exercises you never thought you’d be able to do, but which now you master.

Shredding your body is another way to build self-esteem. People who are confident in their appearance show it in the way they walk, speak, and relate to other people.




Viewing your Instagram feed with more number of likes and comments will surely draw a perfect smile on your face, regardless of whether it’s your personal or business post. Given that social media platforms play a prominent role in boosting businesses, entrepreneurs are highly reliant on Instagram where they bring out the best versions of their services or products in the name of images.

Yep, a photograph having a potential to speak a thousand words, raises the business and help it see the light of the day through social media channels. But, truth said, without a great free photo editor, a photograph seldom finds grounds to define its purpose. Watch out for the definite steps to create a killer Instagram post.

Giving importance to the power of carousels

Unless you give importance to the power of carousels, you might not present the best of you at designing a killer Instagram post. A whole lot of debates have happened so far, with half the number of Instagram users finding significant grounds with the use of carousels images, and others simply going old-school. The prior strength of users obviously wins the bet, given that this type of images has garnered immense popularity on Instagram.

Filters and collages speak half the story

You might be eagerly finding ways to build a cohesive aspect of the post. Don’t get surprised to know that you can create one such post only by using the right themes and filters. Sure that the boomerang effect or vintage filter might give you promising grounds on building a killer post on Instagram. But, you should also stress more on using a reliable collage maker to present a story with your photo.

Messages are meant to be played with words

Ever wondered how business leads can present an Instagram post with a message spiking people’s interest? Yep, it’s because they know the right way to play with words. Plus, it would be better if you can incorporate details on DIYs, events, giveaways, contests, and more. These representations are signs of appreciations from brands.

There should be a limit to your caption length

The next step is to limit your caption length. They say that a perfect Instagram caption is the one that comes under ten words. So, now you know how the good choice of words is pretty much significant for describing the post within a ten-word limit? It also increases the engagement rate.

How about emojis?

Emojis are a recent creation that enhances social media engagement. The next step to creating a spectacular post is by including emojis. Remember one strategy – the more, the merrier!

Right use of hashtags

When it’s about Instagram feeds, there’s no denying the significance of hashtags. But remember, hashtags are supposed to be used like keyword. The only rule you need to maintain is using them in a small number. So, the fewer, the merrier!

Questions are no longer engaging

Gone are the days when questions used to be the encouragement for audience to answer. In fact, it’s better not to ask question.

All the things you do to increase likes and comments on your Instagram feed, don’t forget to portray it in an extreme friendly manner! And, th