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free app

Smartphones these days are occasionally used for taking or making calls, as most people are hooked to the apps that they can download and use. There are thousands of standalone apps that are made to serve a specific purpose, and more are in development.

There’s an app for most of the things that you can think of. Be it for games, restaurants, flights, hotels, reading, gambling, shopping, etc. – if you can think it, there is an app for it.

Apps specifically for Android and iOS

Most of the apps are designed for two most popular platforms – Android and iOS. There are apps for other platforms as well, such as Windows and Blackberry, they really occupy a very small percentage. The operating system that your smartphone uses determines which app store they can download form. For android, it is Play Store; for iOS, Appstore of course you could hire one of the many facebook advertising agencies who can advise the best platforms.

Some of the apps are free to use, others need to be bought, while some have in-app purchases that you can make. For this article, we have compiled a list of 10 apps that are, in-essence, used by most of the smartphone users.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is an instant-messaging service that really makes making calls seem obsolete. It is free to download and use to send messages, photos, videos, make video calls over the WiFi. If you are using 3G or 4G, data charges may apply.

  1. Google Maps

Thanks to Google Maps, all our maps have become compressed and neatly organized in our smartphones. Using GPS-navigated real-time maps, you can easily get from point A to B on the quickest route. It also highlights various other establishments such as banks, restaurants, gas stations, and much more.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses

If you want to unwind and play a few casino games such as Spin Palace casino NZ login you can even avail casino bonuses on your smartphone for free and require only a sign up on a casino. After only a few taps, you will be playing all your favorite pokies for free.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox allows users to store and share large files on a cloud-like storage platform. The basic account is free and has a storage space of 2GB. The file sharing allows users to send files even to people who do not have a Dropbox account. The shared folder capacity allows users to choose who gets to share or edit their folders.

  1. Facebook

With more than 1.4 billion users, Facebook is the world’s most used social media platform. It can easily be downloaded on smartphones for free and comes in a lite version as well. Users can also make use of the standalone app Facebook Messenger which is similar to WhatsApp.

  1. Quik

If you like to record and edit videos, then this video-editor app is a must-have. You can even add up to 200 photos to your videos and make a montage with some music behind. Thereafter, you can add effects, texts, or titles before you share it across different social media platforms.

  1. Kindle

Kindle is a free e-book reader built by the ecommerce giant Amazon. It allows you to read various books that are available on Amazon as well as those on your smartphones. You can also get free books if you give their search a shot, some of which are classics that are a delight to read.

  1. Google Translate

Given the multi-cultural nature of our world, a language translating app is a boon when it comes to communicating with people who hail from starkly different backgrounds. Use it to type in a phrase or dictate it and get the translation instantly in your preferred language.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular app where users can display their creativity through photos and short videos. You can follow other Instagram users, be they your friends, or celebrities. The posts on Instagram are designed to be shared with other social media as well.

  1. Twitter

Twitter allows users to share their thoughts and opinions with their followers, and has been around for a while now. With only a maximum of 140 characters, it limits the users from dumping a ton of information on the followers, thereby keeping things succinct and light. You can also respond to, retweet or call out to other tweets as well straight from your smartphone.

frozen tree

christmas feet up

Now that winter’s well on its way you might think the best thing to do is batten down the hatches, put on the fire and settle down in the warm – especially as they’re predicting weather that’s going to make the Beast from the East in 2017 just seem like a bit of cold snap. But staying in’s boring and there’s so much to do for almost everyone that there’s really no excuse. With that in mind, here’s a round-up of ten ways to get out and about over the next few months and have the time of your life.


Paisley Winterfest


Let’s start with a great event that’s very popular every year. The Paisley Winterfest runs from November 23rd right through till December 30th with only one day off for Christmas. There’s going to be plenty of fun including Santa to visit, food stalls and much more besides. At the heart of it all will be a fantastic open-air ice rink where you can get your skates on and see just how good you’d be if you found yourself competing in Dancing on Ice!


Christmas Lights


Nothing says the festive season is coming quite like the big switch on of Christmas lights and this year’s event in Paisley promises to be one of the best ever. It’s on Saturday November 16th and the day starts off at 12.30 with the ever-popular reindeer parade. Then there’s an afternoon of music and dance on the main stage culminating in a special performance from the X Factor stars Reggie ‘n’ Bollie at 5.25. Then, at 6, it’s the big switch on and the real festivities begin.


Christmas Craft Fair


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for friends or family, then you’ll be sure to find it at the Craft Fair at the Kilnside Evangelical Church. It runs from midday till 3pm on Saturday November 23rd. Pop along and you’ll find all kinds of crafts for sales from delicious jams and chutneys to pictures, Christmas cards and even hair bands and other accessories. It’s also the perfect place to get a bite to eat and a hot drink too – a very welcome treat on a cold November Saturday!


A Night at the Bingo


Here’s a great way to brighten up a dark winter night. Bingo’s fun at any time of year but it’s best when you’re inside in the brightly lit hall alongside all your fellow players. The best place for a traditional bingo hall experience is in the Mecca Bingo in Saucel Place. And it’s not just open at night, it’s there for you all through the day, seven days a week. Of course, you might want to stay indoors and play online instead. In which case just a quick search will make finding the best bingo sites easy.


Fountains Gardens

frozen tree

For a real breath of fresh air then why not head for Fountains Gardens? As long as you wrap up warm – as Billy Connolly famously said “there’s no such thing as bad weather, it’s more a question of wearing the wrong clothing” – it’s a great place for a walk on a crisp winter’s day. Make sure you check out the spectacular fountain that gives the park its name as well as one of Scotland’s very best statues of Robert Burns.


Renfrew Museum


If museums are your thing then the one at Renfrew is a must. Open every day of the week and free to enter, it may be compact, but it packs an awful lot in. The galleries are divided into the four elements with Earth looking at the area’s social history, Fire exploring heavy industry, Air highlighting the importance of Renfrew Airport and Water revisiting the area’s shipbuilding heritage. After just one visit you’ll appreciate that, for a relatively small place, Renfrew’s had a big influence on the world.


Hogmanay Ceilidh


If you want to see 2020 in with style, then there’s nowhere better than the Hogmanay Ceilidh that’s going to be held at the Salvation Army meeting rooms in Paisley from 8pm till midnight on December 31st. You’re promised a traditional accordion band who will play all the traditional favourites and there’s even a light supper included in the £10 ticket price – plus under 16s go free.


Glennifer Braes Country Park


If one of your new year resolutions is to be more fit and active then Glenniffer Braes Country Park could be a great place to start. There are miles of trails to cycle, run or walk. Wherever you go in the park you’ll come across unexpected and spectacular views as well as all different kinds of wildlife, even in the middle of winter. If you want to take things a little easier it’s also ideal for a gentle stroll and you can even download some routes before you go.


Snow Factor


It could be that we’ll be lucky with the weather and avoid heavy snow. In which case you can satisfy your urge for the white stuff at Snow Factor. Just off Junction 26 of the M8 half way between Glasgow and Paisley, it’s the UK’s premier ski and snowboard centre with the country’s longest indoor natural snow slope. There’s also an ice wall to try and scale and a sledging track to speed down. You’re certain to also build up an appetite and where better to satisfy it than in the centre’s Bavarian-style restaurant?


Music Medicine Fest


Running from 10am until 4.30pm at the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church, Paisley on Sunday January 26th this is your chance to work with others to make some great music. Even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before, by the end of the day you’ll know all about how to collaborate on pieces that use rhythm for the body, melody for the heart, harmony for the soul and silence for the mind.


Hopefully these suggestions will give you more than enough to keep you occupied through the long winter months – and you could even pick up a new hobby or skill in the process!


The popularity of online gambling in the UK is undisputed. One only has to look at the statistics to realise this. According to Statista, the gross gambling yield in Britain in 2018 was a total of £14.4 billion. That’s not the type of gross intake of a struggling industry – it’s that of a thriving one. Statista also tells us something interesting about the most searched for and most visible online gambling websites in the UK over the years. 

Using the very same resource (Statista), we can uncover a few tell-tale signs of how online gambling has grown in popularity in the UK over the years. Let’s compare 2015 to 2018, just to get an idea of the growth.

Gambling statistics 2015 2018
Number of active online gambling accounts in UK 21,78 million 33,58 million
Value of funds held in online gambling accounts in UK £533 million £784,78 million
Remote gambling totals in the UK £817 million (2009) £4,5 billion


We know that online gambling is wildly popular in the UK, but why? What has made online gambling grow at the rapid rate that it has? Why is there such a massive difference in the figures and stats in just 3 years (2015 to 2018)? If you take a close look at the market, you will find that there are several reasons why online casino revenues are booming and a lot of it comes down to trust. Let’s look at a few of the reasons (and how) the online gambling world has flourished in the United Kingdom…

Online Casino’s Spruce up Their Act

Casinos have taken the time to invest in improving the public’s perception of online gambling and as a result, they have come out on top. Gone are the days of the shady casinos – at least in the UK. Thanks to their strong social media games and all-around greater interaction with the public, the better known online casinos are flourishing. Leading casinos are viewed as fun, modern platforms offering adults a way to pass the time and potentially earn a bit of money at the same time.

One of the reasons why the UK online casino industry is booming is down to the fact that casino affiliate sites are informing would be casino players on where they can find the best online casinos for their needs. These affiliate sites point out to players the best strategies for winning money. For example, players can find out which slot games represent the best value for money – i.e. which online slots pay-out the most amount of money. Players can then choose which casino to sign up to depending on whether they offer these exceptionally good value slot games or not. The statistics prove that online players are winning more money when they have a choice of which casinos to pick from.


Other Possible Reasons Why Online Gambling in the UK is increasing…


As well as casinos stepping up their game here are a few more reasons why online gambling is becoming more popular, particularly in the UK:


  • Top online casinos in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which ensures more transparency and instils a sense of trust.
  • Top paying casinos now offer advanced payment systems that are both convenient and secure. 
  • Leading online casinos now allow mobile play and have apps that are fully supported, making them more accessible.
  • Online gambling is made fun and entertaining with new immersive experiences. Just take adventure gambling, for instance. 


Slots Currently Spurring on the Popularity of Online Gambling in the UK

Not all online slots games or online casinos are made equal. It’s important to choose the right online casino as well as the best paying slots, if you want to win your share of the takings. To ensure that you increase your chances of winning, you can suss out the online casinos with the highest return to player. 

Some of the best paying slots currently spurring on the popularity of online gambling in the United Kingdom, include the following (these are our top 5):

  • Monopoly Big Event with a 99% return to players.
  • Mega Joker also with a 99% return to players.
  • Jackpot 6000 with a 98.8% return to players.
  • Joker Strike with a 98.11% return to players.
  • Blood Suckers with a 98% return to players.

You might be wondering how the RTP (return to players) percentage affects your wins in the long run. The RTP percentage lets you know how often players win when playing those slots. If the RTP is a high percentage, you have a higher chance of winning. If it is a low percentage, you have far less chance of winning.

The trick: check out the slots ‘return to players’ percentage before you start gambling.

Embrace the UK’s Online Gambling Scene

With the popularity of online gambling in the UK ever increasing, casinos only have to further improve the experience for the consumer to supply this ever-growing demand!



Worried about travelling with contact lenses? We bring you the latest tips and advice on how to travel abroad as a contact lens wearer, based on insights from Brendan O’Brien, head optician at Vision Direct.

Pack your eye-care essentials

Whether you are jetting off to another country or hitting the road for a stay-cation, you’ll need to pack some eye essentials to ensure that you have everything with you for your travels. Wearing daily disposable contact lenses from a reputable brand minimises the need for extra solutions and so on, as they are pre-packaged in solution and can simply be thrown away when you are finished with them. That said, being prepared with a few extras in your bag doesn’t do any harm. All contact lens wearers should pack:

  • Enough lenses from a trusted retailer for the trip, and a couple of extra pairs as spares
  • A copy of your prescription
  • A lens case (crucial if you are wearing fortnightly or monthly lenses)
  • Glasses and your glasses case
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Solution
  • Eye drops for dry eyes
  • A bar of soap (to wash your hands with before handling your lenses)


Don’t wear contact lenses on long-haul flights

Although it may be tempting, your eyes will thank you for it if you keep your lenses out during (any) flight. Because the air in a plane at high altitude is very dry and pressurised, your contact lenses will dry out very quickly during your flight, making your eyes very uncomfortable. It is strongly advised to take your lenses out if you are on a flight that is over two hours in duration.

 If your flight is under two hours, be sure to have plenty of contact lens solution that you can use to re-moisten your eyes pre-flight to prevent your lenses from becoming too dry and sore to wear. Make sure your eye drops or solutions are in a container that doesn’t leak, and that they comply with airline liquid regulations.

If you tend to fall asleep on a plane and take a nap, make sure you remove your contact lenses before you board the plane and wear your glasses instead. If you are on a long haul flight, unless your optician has said that you are wearing lenses that are suitable for many hours on a plane, do not wear your contacts and stick to your glasses instead. Not only will your eyes be able to breathe more easily, but you also won’t have the hassle of taking lenses in and out during the flight.


Be aware of liquid restrictions


If you’re taking solutions through security at the airport, make sure they comply with carry-on liquid restrictions and are no more than 100ml. You can’t bring liquids that are more than 100ml on board a plane. Many airports have trusted retailers like well-being and health shops located after security where you can purchase liquids such as eye drops, etc. 


Wear UV protection lenses

Whether you’re planning on going to a hot and sunny destination such as a tropical island so that you can hit the beach, or you’re hitting the ski slopes in winter, make sure that you pack special contact lenses that have UV protection built in. There are many good UV lenses available. Did you know that UV sunlight can reflect off of snow? Because UV light can be so damaging to the eyes, wearing protection against it is essential to protect your eyesight. Another protection option is to wear UV sunglasses to shield your eyes from UV damage. Wearing contact lenses with built-in UV protection can also help reduce the risk of you developing cataracts and other eye issues. 


Hygiene first  


Never wear your contact lenses if you decide to go swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool. Although it contains salt, seawater isn’t sterile, and there could be harmful bacteria in either sea or pool water that could cause an eye infection. If you do need to swim with your contact lenses in, opt for a disposable (daily) pair and replace them as soon as you get out of the water. It’s also worth wearing swimming goggles to stop water contact with your eyes. 


It is very important to maintain good hygiene when wearing contact lenses, but especially when you are travelling. Carrying a bar of soap and some disinfectant wipes will ensure that your hands are always clean before handling your lenses. If you’re travelling in some countries where water hygiene isn’t great, using a hand gel sanitiser or an antibacterial hand wipe after washing your hands with soap and water will keep bacteria at bay. 


Always wash your lenses with saline solution, not water. Washing your lenses in water could put harmful bacteria onto your lenses that could damage or infect your eyes. Finally, always wash your contact lens case every day, and discard saline solution within it. Never re-use saline solution multiple times. 


When it comes to cold weather, many homeowners find themselves dreading astronomical power bills. Luckily, throwing out your portable heater and compromising your warmth is not the only way to significantly reduce your electricity consumption. There are tons of methods of improving the general energy efficiency of your home during winter months. Considering these top tips will help you save while keeping your home cosy in winter.


Switch To Gas Oil

Homes that are powered entirely on electricity boast extremely high power bills. Considering gas oil is up to 30% cheaper in comparison to electric, it would be wise to consider making the switch. You can also further your savings by purchasing your gas from reliable suppliers such as Beesley Fuels. Purchasing directly from a supplier rather than filling your canisters at a filling station will be significantly cheaper. Keeping a backup generator would also be a fantastic choice that will prepare you for potentially harsh weather conditions that may result in blackouts.


Keep The Heat Low

Rather than avoiding the use of your portable heaters, you could reduce your energy consumption and keep your home warm by keeping the heat settings low. However, it would be wise to make the effort of keeping heat in by shutting windows and doors. Heaters are often the perfect solution for homeowners who do not have a fireplace installed. Even though keeping a fire burning would be ideal for your pocket and your comfort, switching to a gas heater on a low heat setting can be an effective alternative.


Install Storm Windows

Storm windows are the perfect solution for preventing heat loss in your home. Even though these fantastic window additions are not new to the market, they have definitely been improved. You will be able to leave them on all year long and are simply great for improving the energy efficiency of your home. The small investment will go a long way in reducing your energy bill and keeping your home ideally warm through the winter months.


Seal Air Leaks In Your Home

The effort of sealing air leaks throughout your home is essential for maintaining heat levels. It would be wise to purchase an infrared thermometer to help you detect locations of air leaks. The handheld device will help identify warm and colder areas which will be greatly beneficial for locating tiny air leaks that you would otherwise not be able to find. 


Insulate Your Attic

Installing insulation in your attic will drastically reduce heat loss. Even though most homes should have insulation in attics, although it would be a great idea to assess the quality of the insulation and determine whether or not you may need to install additional or new insulation. If you need to add more, you should opt for a loose-fill rather than fibreglass batts as loose-fill will be able to get into the crevices. You could also consider saving by handling the project on your own. However, it would then be wise to rent a blower and prepare adequately.


Whether you’re retiring with the hope of purchasing a new home, or if you’re younger and are lucky enough to have come into money, then a second house might be on the cards. While it is a second asset, there is still the same pressure to get it right. You don’t want to invest your hard-saved cash into a place that feels neglected, or has a surprising catch to it. If you are ready to buy a second home, then here are some aspects to prioritise. 



Where you want to relocate to is just as important as the quality of the home you want to move into. Ideally, you want your second house to be a retreat like one of the luxury villas in Marbella, where you can escape to when times get tough. Choosing a place that is sentimental to you will help to ensure that your second home is somewhere you actively want to spend time. 



Depending on your budget, you will want your second home to feel as if it was worth the investment. You may wish to pick what many people term as a ‘fixer-upper,’ but this can sometimes be risky. After all, if it’s in a separate country you will have to take time out to fix up the home and get it to peak condition, which may put you at a loss, particularly if you have a full-time job. 



The size of the mortgage you will need to pay off your second home is very important. Can you afford to pay off two homes at the same time? You can indeed remortgage if you’ve successfully managed to pay off your first home and there are other options such as equity release. This means you extract some of the value from your current home to pay off the second one. This method is not without its risks, so always make sure that you contact a reliable, impartial financial advisor first for advice, not an equity release provider. 



If you have £150,000, say, and you want to invest in a luxury villa, then make sure you have some leftover budget for extra costs. It might be worth your while to pay a smaller deposit, take out a slightly higher mortgage and keep some of your stockpiles to pay for extra costs and maybe even some rainy day incidents. You might think you have everything covered, but then experience significant damage as a result of a natural disaster. Always reserve some cash, even if the worst never happens. 


If you have enough savings or windfall profit to invest in a second home, then congratulations are in order! Remember to be cautious with your deposit: within that sum, you need to factor in infrastructure and decoration changes, and also solicitor’s fees. Once all of that is out of the way, you can kick back and enjoy the luxury of a bonus property. 


Many of us believe that playing casino or bingo online must be expensive at first, difficult and also that it requires some extensive knowledge. Nothing more wrong than this! With the emergence of new £3 minimum deposit casinos, players can enjoy the quick, simple and fun experience, trying their luck to win some nice sums of money!

Don’t worry, we got you covered. If you’re not a well-experienced casino player, you can refer to the guide that we prepared for all casino newbies. Find out more about how you can make the best out of online casino games!

Hassle-free fun!

You don’t need more than a fiver on your bank account to try your luck and gamble great winnings. The online gambling market in the UK is booming and you can easily find low, or no deposit casinos that will ensure you a great experience. One of the best benefits for a player is a lack of financial commitment. Playing bingo or other casino games online does not require you to invest big amounts of money before you’re entitled to play for great prizes.

The registration processes are easier than ever before. It usually takes less than five minutes to complete all the steps and become a legitimate online casino member. You will have to provide your personal details (which later will have to be confirmed with the help of your ID copy, or other official documentation) and banking information. Once all has been set up, you’re good to go and enjoy the game.

Risks worth taking

It’d be unfair to say that playing casino online doesn’t entail any risks. It surely does, however, none of them should come as a surprise to you, as the way casinos have been operating hasn’t changed in tens of years, even when we’re talking about online operators. They say knowledge is power, and it’s not any different in this case.

The more you know in advance, the better and easier it will be for you to play. The most important thing you should bear in mind is to get familiar with the terms and conditions of the casino and the games of your interest. By knowing your rights, and details of the offer, including the wagering requirements, you’ll have a better chance of having an enjoyable time. You’ll avoid disappointments and unexpected outcomes of your gaming experience.

Make sure you know whether the casino you chose is licensed in the UK and, therefore, is a legible and trustworthy site to play on. You might want to get to know other players’ opinions – there’s plenty available online, you’re a quick search away from them! And, last but not least, check out the banking options – it’s important to make sure they match with your preferences, otherwise, you might not be able to withdraw your winnings.

Small deposits and big wins

Now, let’s see if options such as £3 minimum deposit casinos can actually pay off for players. They surely are, especially if we take into consideration any extra bonuses that can come with our choice. You might want to compare different operators who offer bonuses varying from free spins with your first deposit or extra cash and bingo tickets to play with. Remember to not blindly choose a casino, as some of the worse-looking offers can turn out to be more lucrative for you, considering their wagering requirements, withdrawal processes, etc. These and many other factors have huge impact on your further experience with the casino!

Due to the above reasons, it’s hard to give a straight answer whether it’s possible to secure massive winnings when playing in low deposit casinos. However, many cases of the winners, that we might have heard of in the past, prove that no crazy cash is needed to become rich. The famous case of John Orchard is one of them – the ex-worker of Jobcentre bet 30p on one of the online bingo slot games and secured £5.9 million in return, becoming the largest jackpot winner back in 2012! The key to success is luck… and a clear mind that helps us have gambling under control!

Playing on the go

We have already listed multiple reasons why playing in low deposit casinos is fun but there’s definitely more to it. Modern technology, although scary for some, is nothing but our friend in the case of online casinos. Most of the well-respected online casinos in the UK provide mobile versions of their games to give players extra flexibility. A quick bingo game on the bus from work? No problem. Spinning some slots to kill the time on the queue to the bank? Possible.

While £3 minimum deposit casinos and many of other low deposit casinos offer great fun with little risk, players happily engage in gambling in places one would have never thought of a decade ago. Mobile versions of online casinos offer the same experience players get while logging in on their computers at home. While gambling using your phone, you’re not required to provide any more than, or different to previously shared details. Sounds fun, right? You bet it is!

Ready to play?

The traditional casino environment we’re familiar from the past has nothing to do with the online casino experience. Okay, the thrill remains the same (if not bigger!). Better, easier and more accessible for people casinos attract a bigger number of players, who never had the courage to visit any of the brick-and-mortar gambling venues. No crowds, noises, annoying people who interfere with your business – online casinos give you the comfort of enjoying gambling in your own way.

Now that you know that you don’t have to be an industry expert to enjoy a good casino experience, feel free to choose an option that attracts you the most. Bingo, slots, blackjack… the list goes on and on. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon become a baccarat enthusiast or a poker hero? The options are endless, it’s now all up to you where your casino experience takes you. Just remember – casino should be nothing but exciting and always safe fun! Enjoy!


instagram likes

At this, time every person get struggles to find out the best way that will surely promote their work and the name. In the past, peopledobattleand take much time to get the name in the world; they work day and night and active all the time on the television and any other platform for popularity. Now the trend and ways are totally changes. People make their accounts on social media and start the work that they want. The main benefit of social media is the person can easily choose the specific and interest niche. On which they will know how to work and how to get a name. Either you are rapper, musician, singer, and any other businessperson; your name will be promoted on social media, to take best advantage hire one of the many Instagram advertising agencies.

instagram likes

The Best Social Media Network

No doubt, at this time, many apps are present for the people. They just registered and start making the quality time with friends, fans and any other family member. If we are finding out the best app on the social media than no other will be like the Instagram. The use of Instagram is high and under every person. , this app millions of people are registered and make more fun and the money. This app has a dual system it will use to promote the work and start a business. On the other hand, a famous personality will make the count get more fame and popularity in a short time.

How to Get Fame and Money from Instagram

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Where to buy likes on Instagram

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While there’s plenty to see and do in Renfrewshire, when the cold weather hits, you’ll most probably be looking for an excuse to stay indoors. 

So why not ensure that your home is fit and ready for winter, and for those cosy days and nights spent at home?

Here are a few ideas that will make you feel warmer in no time. 

Light Up Your Fireplace

Nothing says winter and the Christmas season more than a crackling fire. A fireplace can often make or break a room if you’re looking for an attractive focal point. If you’re looking for home improvements to be made this season, a working fireplace should definitely be at the top of your priority list if you’re searching for a more inviting home. 

Or, if you already have a fireplace and it’s fallen a little to neglect, spruce it up a bit with seasonal candles and ornaments and direct your furniture towards it for a better winter hideaway.

You could even consider a balanced flue gas fire; this energy-efficient option eliminates all drafts, meaning you can stay warmer for longer. 

Roll Out the Area Rugs

If you don’t have carpet in your home, this can make your home feel a lot colder in the winter months (unless you have underfloor heating, of course!). Area rugs replace the need to get a new carpet fitted entirely and allow you to place something soft and warm beneath your toes. Area rugs also help to make your room look more comfortable, especially in warm colours like red or orange. 

They can easily be rolled up and stored away during the summer if you don’t want rugs laid down all the time. 

Pillows and Throws Galore 

There’s nothing that a good squishy pillow and soft throw can’t do when it comes to improving a room. Kit out your sofa and living space with large, comfy cushions, perfect for those winter nights in watching a movie or reading a book. 

If you have a leather sofa, large fluffy throws are great for eliminating the cold material and making your sofa a little more bearable during the cold weather. 

Keep Cosy Clothing by the Front Door 

It can often be unbearable to step into your cold, dark house after a long day at work before it’s had chance to heat up properly when you arrive home. Why not keep some cosy attire in easy reach for as soon as you walk through the door? That way you’re best prepared as soon as you arrive back. This could be a pair of fluffy socks, slippers, cardigan, or dressing gown, ready to pull on and hide away from all your responsibilities (for as long as you can, at least). 

There you have it! Now you have no excuse not to make your home the cosiest and most inviting it can be this winter. Just do whatever makes you happiest (and warmest) and use soft furnishings to bring out the comfort.

7 World Wonders

Do you love traveling through different worldwide locations? Are you excited about possible visits to historical locations? Check out the following competition and get the most of it!

7 World Wonders

Promotions Details:

If you have heard about NetEnt’s World of Wonder, you have probably thought about slot chance. However, we have to dissuade you as World of Wonder is a type of promotion. The offer comes from NetEnt collaboration with Guts casino.

If you come across casino promotions, you may consider them all the same. It is a real state of things as casinos don’t offer many interesting promotions. However, NetEnt has decided to turn the tables and introduce something completely innovative. The provider is running World of Wonder promotion with the Guts casino site.

Promotion Duration:

Prepare for amazing promotion released from NetEnt. The offer is available between 26th September and 6th December 2019. Just make a minimum of €50 wager and receive €1 entry for the special prize draw. You can place a wager on any possible NetEnt game.The winner will be selected using RNB. RNB meaning – Random Number Generator.

Available Prize:

But what is the prize for happy winners? You will stay breathless…NetEnt provides a tour for two people all over the world. The tour will last 27 days and winners can enjoy 7 Wonders of the World. What an amazing offer!

Online casinos are available across the internet and supply customers with regular offers. When you choose top-tier sites, you can enjoy interesting games, valuable bonuses, exclusive offers and utmost security. If you are enough happy, you can receive an amazing jackpot amount and change your life completely. But, which online casinos to choose? There are many casino providers with greet customers with a wonderful offer. Just pick the reputable provider which includes license from the offshore body, variety of gaming options, SSL encryption technology, and professional customer support. Once you find the right platform, you will see the benefits of the casino journey. Meanwhile, you should visit casinoluv.com for more information.

Elements of the Prize:

If you are enough happy to receive the NetEnt prize, you should check its content as soon as possible. Here is the detailed content of the possible award:

  • Two business class tickets for around the world visit (departure is scheduled from European city)
  • Accommodation in luxury hotel with 4 or 5 stars (it includes all transit cities around the globe. Breakfast is included)
  • Airport Chauffeur and private return transfer from every world destination
  • Exclusive and private visit of 7 World Wonders
  • Costs for visas are includes
  • Restaurant meals are offered (In Michelin or similar restaurant throughout all tour cities)
  • Dinners in the hotel at each world destination
  • Full management of casino winner (full-time services available through 27 days of stay)


Sounds great? Yes, it sounds perfect. But how can you receive this wonderful offer and visit all these amazing locations? Just open an account at Guts casino and get ready for participation. Make sure to open an account via the Casinoluv.net platform. And, if you win the journey, make sure to share impressions with all other customers who are waiting to receive a similar casino award.

About Guts Casino

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