paisley from drone

Promoting yourself can feel a little unnatural and, for some people, a little arrogant. However, it’s essential to back yourself and showcase your achievements so that current and future employers can see them too. 

Whether you’re self-employed or a member of a corporate company, self-promotion is a vital part of success in whatever you are doing. Here are a few ways you can promote yourself both on and offline. 


Make the most of opportunities

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to meet your goals and professional targets. You need to make sure you are talking about these accomplishments with your employer and colleagues. If you have recently received positive feedback from a client, make sure to share this with your boss. They need to know that you are excelling in your role and may be ready to take on more responsibility. 

Performance reviews are the perfect opportunity to show off your accomplishments and excellent projects of the year. Identify your achievements and the challenges you faced and overcame before heading into the meeting. The chances are that you have made much more progress in the last year than you realise. 


Have your business cards ready

You can access a whole host of opportunities and contacts at face-to-face networking events. It’s a simple and easy way to meet people in your industry – and they are more likely to remember you if they have met you. Online networking has its advantages, but face-to-face events are also effective. Make sure your business cards, presentation and reports are branded with your company logo and contact details. 


Your business cards should reflect who you are and your values, as well as the company you represent. If you are self-employed, make sure your logo, company description and other details feature the same branding on your company materials. People will remember your visual identity as a brand, and well-designed graphics can help you stand out in a very competitive industry.  


Help others

You need to be a team player to work in business. You need to listen, learn, and support your peers so that you can succeed together. Working effectively with your co-workers shows your boss that you understand the value of a team and may be ready to lead one. Besides, if you feel uncomfortable promoting yourself, why not share the achievements of those around you instead? They will probably return the favour one day. 


Use social media to share your success

LinkedIn is the best place to network online. Make sure to update your profile with recent accomplishments, career news and anything you are particularly proud of at the moment. A strong network and social presence can help you to stand out from the crowd and make you a more desirable candidate for future roles.

Promote yourself to your professional network and take pride in all that you have achieved.