The winners of the 2021 Janet Coats Memorial Prize are Gemma Livingstone, an S1 pupil at Castlehead High School (under 18s), and Paisley poet, Morag Smith (over 18s).  
The judging panel for the prestigious prize included poet and playwright and Scots Makar, until 2016, Liz Lochhead: poet, writer, and creative practitioner, Nadine Aisha Jassat: and the current Tannahill Makar, Brian Whittingham.
Over 130 poems were submitted in the over 18s category and 27 were submitted in the under 18s category by pupils attending Renfrewshire schools.
Inspired by Green Spaces which many people have taken solace in since lockdown, Gemma Livingstone’s poem entitled Breathe is her response to the air becoming cleaner.
Morag Smith’s poem – Background Paper 3 (Proposed Housing Developments, Dykebar) – is based on proposed housing development plans on green spaces.  
Runners up in the under 18s category:
Emma McCallum (S2, Castlehead High School) – Poem 3
Alisdair Napier (S1, Castlehead High School) – Let That Be Our Green Space
Under 18s Highly Commended
Cameron Walker (S2, Castlehead High School) – Green Space Poem
Dawn McGuire (S2, Castlehead High School) – Treehouse
Sarah Fulton (S5, St Andrew’s Academy) – Upon the Hill
Runners up in the over 18s category:
Marka – The Gulls’ Lament
Angus Bhattacharya – A Trumpeter 
Over 18s Highly Commended
Camilla Bell – Return to Edinburgh
Caroline Burrows – The Only Way Out is to Cycle Through
Sadie Maskery – Where the Wild Things Were

Keira Brown, Co-Producer, Paisley Book Festival said: “The standard of submissions was incredibly high and we want to thank everyone who submitted a poem. It was not an easy task for our sifting team which included members of Renfrewshire Leisure’s Libraries and Arts teams. We are delighted for our winners Gemma Livingstone and Morag Smith. We would also like to thank all the Renfrewshire schools who encouraged their students to write a poem.”
For the two winning poems – see Notes for Editors 
All poems can be found on
For further information contact: Wendy Niblock PR | | 07961 814834
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Living in a motorhome can be a great way to explore unfamiliar locations without missing out on much of the comfort and convenience experienced in a conventional home. They have become quite popular over the years, some states in the US have even legalized permanent motorhome living. Amid all the fun and convenience, however, not everyone has the pleasure to own a motorhome. This could be due to limitations such as time, flexibility, and finances. In this case, renting becomes the most realistic option to enjoy the motorhome experience, perhaps when you have a few days or weeks away from work.

Nonetheless, there are a few things to have in mind when renting one, so you can get the best experience. These may include the right timing, the ideal motorhome type, parking, safety, security, and everything in between. With this having been said, here are six things you should know before hiring a motorhome.

1. Where to Get One 

Now that you have decided to try out the motorhome experience, one of the first things you will need to know is where to get one. In this case, you will want to identify an established company that provides motorhome rentals near your area. This adds convenience since you won’t have to ferry your personal belongings a long distance. Also, you will want to ensure that the company you are renting a motorhome from is reputable and reliable. Some of the best companies have a diverse range of motorhome options that you can easily choose from to suit your budget. Their fleet is also well-maintained to ensure your safety while on the road. Moreover, a reputable company will have adequate insurance to ensure that in case anything like an accident happens, the costs of repair and other related expenses will be off your budget. 

2. Types of Motorhomes 

Motorhomes are often classified as recreational vehicles. There are two types of RV’s; the motorhome and the trailers. The trailers are attached to another vehicle and towed from the back of the other cars. As for the motorhomes, they are full vehicles with a dedicated engine.

If you are going to rent a motorhome, you need to know the available types because they vary in size, features, and amenities. Well, there are three main types of motorhomes, classified into classes A, B, and C. They are as follows:

  • Class A motorhomes are usually huge and bus-like. They are very spacious and can look intimidating driving on the road.
  • Class B rigs are usually smaller than the A, and a bit larger than the C. They are less spacious compared to class A but tend to be a more economical option. There’s also a class B+, which is a bit larger than class B and offers additional luxuries.
  • Class C is the smallest, with their main advantage being the ability to maneuver them with ease on the roads. They, however, tend to have very limited space.

Your choice at the end of the day will be determined by your specific needs, how many people you are traveling with, and your budget. If you are traveling with family, for instance, you will definitely go for a bigger motorhome.

3. Prepare For the Worst 

If you have been a truck driver, a motorhome won’t be a challenge for you. If, however, you have been a car driver like most of us, driving an RV for the first time is possibly going to be a challenge for you. This is because you are driving a huge vehicle that barely fits in the lanes, perhaps with parts sticking out from various directions. The probability that you are going to hit or scratch something on the way is often high. To be on the safe side, make sure you have insurance cover in addition to the one held by the rental company. It will also reduce stress while driving, and perhaps even keep you more alert on the road.

4. Where to Park 

You need to know that you don’t just park your RV in any parking lot. Also, there are amenities like electrical outlets and water hookups that you won’t find in any parking lot. Therefore, as you go on to rent your motorhome, you should have an idea of the trailer parks you will utilize for the entire route. Fortunately, many places such as the UK and the US have multiple trailer parks in different areas. All you need to do is make an online search of the available ones on the route you intend to use with your motorhome.

5. Carry Layers 

The fact that you are looking for a motorhome means you are looking forward to having some fun out there on the road. If this is so, you need to know that it gets chilly even when the AC is working perfectly. This is even so in the middle of the summer. That being said, you need to bring a variety of warm clothes so you are comfortable regardless of the temperature fluctuations.

6. Beware of Your Motorhome’s Height 

Higher chances are that you are only used to conventional cars, and the motorhome will be a new experience for you. Well, you need to know the height of the vehicle right from the start because you will be literally living in it. Many parts of the road will also require you to be aware of the height and weight capacity so you comply with traffic rules.

RVs are usually fun, especially when you are setting off for a long-distance trip. They cut the cost of having to book hotels and give you ample space to enjoy your trip while bonding with nature. Take a look at the above piece to get useful info before heading out to rent a motorhome.

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Optimizing and managing your business properly is one of the most important keys that can determine the success of your business. However, no matter the scale of business you operate, optimizing and managing your business should be given maximum priority and no matter the cost, sacrifice it to achieve these goals. Proper optimization of your business will increase your market levels putting you at the standard of your immediate competitors. However, the general question I know already has on your mind is “how do I successfully optimize and manage my business”. Worry less and relax because this article will provide some tips that will give answers to this question.

  1. Have a written plan

Writing a business plan is the first step to take to successfully optimize and manage your business. A business plan is a simple write-up that explains the aims and objectives, marketing strategy and enlargement plan of your business. Writing out your business plan will motivate you to work harder towards the success of the business. Online writing agency will provide you with a guide on how business plans should be properly written.

  1. Online marketing

Currently, the internet is generally considered as the most powerful business tool in the world because apart from the swift exchange of data and information that takes place over the net, the internet is the biggest market for commerce. This is facilitated by the fact that large numbers of potential clients use the internet daily, increasing the market. As a result of this development, many businesses have established online platforms that make it easier for clients and customers to do business. Hence, in this digital age online marketing is a strategy you must not ignore and you can effectively manage your business online through emails, social media and blogs.

  1. Look for partners within the niche of your business

Competitions are unavoidable in any niche of business and to stand out above your competitors, you can form wonderful partnerships with a business owner that has a good reputation in the market. I know it may look impossible to you, but know that most of these reputable brands in every business niche always welcome a product that will open a new line of market for them. So, instead of pushing all efforts in building a business that cannot survive its competitors, introduce your innovation to a reputable company in your niche and make a name for yourself.

  1. Embrace the latest technology

Technology has shaped the mode of operation of every industry and most businesses totally rely on technological innovations to function. For instance, to drill a hole for the safe flow of crude oil to the surface, oil companies will have to build specialized yet expensive equipment called a rig over the location to be drilled. At the end of the day, oil companies make lots of money when they drill a producing well that supplies oil in commercial quantities. Acquiring the latest technology is a move that will take your business to new levels. Spend money to get the needed equipment that will speed up your productions and lay-off employees if needed. Generally, embrace the latest technology to make the production process seamless.

  1. Follow the latest trend

Some brands have built an outstanding reputation over the years in some business niche for providing the latest trend to customers right on time. This is a strategy that you must embrace to optimize your business because customers are attracted to businesses that provide the latest trend in the market.

  1. Obtain feedbacks from customers

To build a business that will last the taste of time, feedback from customers is valuable information that you must treat with maximum attention. Feedbacks are important yardsticks for the measurement of customer satisfaction. Customers drop clues and hints on some dissatisfaction that you can work to improve. Hence, adopting feedback softwares like Customer Effort Scores or Net Promoter Scores in your business will improve your business immensely.

  1. Deliver impactful business presentations

Business presentations are one of the ways to optimize your business. You can deliver an excellent business presentation to prospects by learning the basics involved in business presentations. Use pictures that speak volumes of words, go straight to the point and most importantly be confident when making business presentations.

  1. Motivate your staff

If you have a business that operates on a staffing system of more than three staff, motivate your staff regularly by accepting ideas from everyone, increasing salaries and bonuses based on performance, setting targets with incentives and rewarding hard work.


Optimizing and managing a business successfully is one of the dreams of every business owner. However, apart from the tips offered in this article  know your limits and improve on your weaknesses, take a break and re-strategize when needed, improve your selling skills to make more profits and most importantly keep financial records to know if you are progressing or regressing. I am sure that you will build a business that will become very successful when you apply the tips in this article.


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The hustles and bustles at the office can make you focus more on some issues leaving other equally important issues unattended. In business, common mistakes such as unanswered customer queries can have devastating results to an organization or business. Understandably, it’s human to err and your abilities to sort out everything can only do so much, hence the need to have tools to help with further assistance.

If you aren’t unsure about this, carry on and find out the duties of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are independent individuals who can offer assistance on a majority of tasks at the office, but remotely from their home or office including. Below are the duties of virtual assistants. They include:-

They Offer Specialized Online Services

One of the perks of a virtual assistant is eliminating training costs for new staff if you ever decide to hire. On top of that, a virtual assistant can perform a host of different duties that would have required multiple staff at the office. Going by the sentiments of the guys at, you may require to be a virtual assistant but need additional training. There are readily available materials and resources online if you ever need such assistance. Having a virtual assistant who is fully trained in all areas of work can greatly help to reduce your workload as well as simplify your workload. 

Additionally, a virtual assistant will provide you with more coverage, especially if you are operating an online business. This means that they will reach out to more people more than you have done when working by yourself. They will help your customers find the services they need, help them with any troubleshooting queries, and provide your clients with answers that can help improve your profit margins. 

Administrative Tasks

It can be very frustrating to lose track of your most important emails just at the time when you are about to finalize an important business deal. Not having a personal assistant or secretary doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. Instead, get a virtual assistant who’ll perform administrative tasks such as;

  • Communications correspondence 
  • Record and bookkeeping
  • Travel and accommodations bookings
  • Scheduling meetings

Social Media and Digital Management

It’s not enough that you have a physical store where you sell those beautiful handmade flower vases. Go the extra mile and start selling them online through Social Media. Nowadays, the majority of businesses have a social media presence to capture the millions of social media users. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant to manage your social media is a full-time task and should never be overlooked. Additionally, this assistant should be tasked with social media marketing to sell your business through all social media platforms. On the brighter side, your business is assured of an optimum and updated online presence.

Time and Calendar Management

As the saying goes, time is money and should therefore be handled with care. In the process of acquiring more business, you might forget to attend a meeting or make a call or even go for lunch! A virtual assistant will handle all other tasks and still manage your time remotely. So you go ahead and get those clients, there’s someone who’s got your back and will manage your time for you.

Additionally, there are various events that you should attend such as trade fairs, conferences, expos just to mention a few. It can be painstaking for you to keep track and attend all these events. Worry not, attending such events is vital for the growth of your business and that’s why your virtual assistant will mark them on your calendar and remind you, daily if possible, to attend.

Remote Link

Some businesses have a customer care center fully fitted with representatives, why not yours? How do you achieve this? A virtual assistant will be the call center and most importantly, the link between your business and your clients. Just be sure to furnish the assistant with all the information regarding the business for better communication.

High-Quality Work

This goes without saying, you should provide quality services to your clients. No client will want to have any business ties with you if you or your assistant offers poor, shoddy, and unsatisfactory work. There are various platforms online where you can get high-quality and trusted virtual assistance at affordable costs.

There you go, now you know what virtual assistants do in case you need one or wish to become one. Nevertheless, before your engagement, make sure you have a clear understanding of the specific duties. Remote assistance should be part and parcel of any business, make it yours as well.

Sma' Shot Day celebrations online (1)

Renfrewshire Council’s spring and summer events programme will be going online over the coming months.

The popular Paisley Food and Drink Festival will take a different shape for 2021 – with an online programme across 10 days in April.

Sma' Shot Day celebrations online (1)

The Festival will showcase the rich diversity of Renfrewshire’s food and drink offer along with interactive culinary experiences, including cooking demonstrations and workshops, ways to grow your own food and much more.

More details about the programme for this year’s Paisley Food and Drink Festival will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Following the success of last year’s event, Paisley’s annual Sma’ Shot Day celebrations will once again be marked with a programme of online events to commemorate the historic victory of local weavers.

This year’s online event will take place on Saturday 3 July – the time when the weavers and their families would traditionally take their holidays.

The move to take the events online for 2021 is in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure celebrations can still take place in adherence with national guidance.

The British Pipe Band Championships, which were due to be staged in Paisley in May, will no longer take place.

Louisa Mahon, Head of Marketing, Communications and Events at Renfrewshire Council, said: “The Paisley Food and Drink Festival is always one of the highlights of our annual events calendar – and this year’s online programme will provide a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on the exceptional food and drink offer we have across Renfrewshire.

“We look forward to telling you more about the festival programme and how people can get involved very soon.

“Sma’ Shot Day represents an important part of Paisley’s heritage and we were delighted with the warm reception last year’s online celebrations received from local people, as well as those from further afield who wouldn’t normally be able to take part in the day’s events.

“This year’s online event will look to carry on these traditions and feeling of community spirit, while offering opportunities for everyone to get involved in celebrating this great day.

“Due to the current restrictions on major events, it’s a great shame that we will be unable to host the British Pipe Band Championships in Paisley this May. The Championships is a fantastic event which draws competitors and spectators from over the UK and across the world and it’s just not possible to stage such an event right now.

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed partnering with the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association since 2016 and it’s disappointing that the last two years of our partnership – 2020 and 2021 – have coincided with the pandemic.

“We wish the Association, and everyone in the piping world, the very best in successfully resuming competition when it’s safe to do so – and we will continue our dialogue with the Association, actively seeking alternative events and activities to partner on in the future.

“Decisions on the remainder of our 2021 events programme will be made throughout the year, in line with national guidance and public health advice. We will continue to work with events sector and other local authority partners to ensure that we can deliver a safe, accessible, and inclusive programme when physical events are permitted again.”

Renfrewshire Council advises everyone to stay safe and continue to follow the national guidance on coronavirus set out by the Scottish Government.

For the latest local updates, visit our ‘Information, help and guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19)’ webpage:

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Are you interested in getting started with cryptocurrency, but have no idea what one you should start with? There are many different strategies that you can use to get the best coin for your ability and risk profile. Choosing the right coin can increase your chances of making money in the long run.

In this article you’ll learn about the different ways that you can choose a coin so you don’t have to continue scratching your head about the right approach. You’ll see that there is a lot of choice out there, so ending up with the best coin shouldn’t be too difficult.

Read the news

Stay up to date about the current news about the coin that are of interest to you. Look for insight into various predictions and what the future of the coin is likely to be. Is the coin likely to increase in value or will it eventually decrease? You need to know these things so you can make good bets with the funding you have.

Every coin offers an opportunity to make money if you deploy the correct strategy. You need to understand the risks and act to minimize them. Furthermore, websites like BitReviews can help you choose as they compare data on one page. You’ll see that choosing the right cryptocurrency is also a matter of elimination.

Choose more than one coin

It’s a smart idea to spread the risk by selecting to bet with more than a single coin. In fact, the top cryptocurrency traders usually have several coins in their investment portfolio. It reduces the volatility of the overall strategy so you are not placing all of your eggs in one basket.

However, it takes more time to manage extra coin so you need to figure out how much time you can spend on trading cryptocurrency. As you gain experience you’ll learn how to trade faster and spend less time on each coin while making money.

Follow the pros

You will see that there are some professional traders that stick with a select few coins. Why not follow in their footsteps and gamble with the same coins that they are investing. You can place the same trades they are doing if the pros are willing to share the information.

It makes sense to go with a formula that has worked for others instead of going with a coin that nobody has had success with. You’ll see that you can risk with unknown coins as you gain experience and confidence.

Final Thoughts

Take the time to explore the various cryptocurrency options out there for traders. Part of the fun with trading is that the landscape is changing daily. Therefore, a coin that was a good trade one day might not be tomorrow for your funding situation. It gives you more to do as you navigate the waters in the pursuit of making money.


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The world of online casinos and gaming makes use of industry specific jargon that may be intimidating to not only the novice, but sometimes, even more experienced players. One of the most confusing terms you may encounter is wagering requirements and online slot bonuses, but do not fret, as they are not as baffling as you might initially think. But be warned, in today’s generation, don’t ever attempt cheating on slot machines, as you will surely fail. Let us explain:

Online Slot Bonuses

Online casinos are a business. And like all businesses, online casinos run marketing campaigns to promote their businesses and to encourage new people to join. One of the most common campaigns is an online slot bonus. What these are, are free rewards offered to you to play a specific game on their platform. These incentives can be anything from free cash deposited into your online playing account to increasing your first deposit into your playing account by a certain percentage. Different online casinos will offer you different bonuses to encourage you to join.

Wagering Requirements

As was mentioned earlier, online casinos are businesses. Online slot bonuses are marketing campaigns. A campaign that you can compare to your local supermarket advertising a ‘buy two, get one free’ special. Using this analogy, ‘buy two’ is a wagering requirement and ‘get one free’ is the online slot bonus. A wagering requirement differs per online casino, but in essence, it is a pre-set minimum amount you must have wagered in order to qualify to withdraw an online slot bonus.

Why do casinos offer online slot bonuses that are linked to wagering requirements?

There are many reasons for there being a minimum wagering requirement being needed to qualify for an online slot bonus. In some cases, it may be a legal requirement to prevent criminal syndicates from using an online casino as a money laundering tool. If there were no wagering requirements, criminals could deposit dirty money into their online casino account, then withdraw it immediately. Now this criminally attained money would be considered clean.

This is one reason, but the primary reason for a wagering requirement is to ensure that the online casino remains operational. Remember the ‘buy two, get one free’ example that we used earlier? Imagine if that same company had a ‘buy none, get one free’ special. It wouldn’t be long before that supermarket would be out of business. This is what would happen if casinos offered online slot bonuses without there being a wagering requirement.

How to make use of online Slot bonuses?

Casinos are businesses like any other business. Some casinos are better than others. Some casinos might not be as good as others, but they run better marketing campaigns to attract new customers. So, how can you ensure that you choose the right online slot bonus for you?

Firstly, don’t act on impulse. Read the terms and conditions of any online slot bonus that is on offer.

Secondly, consider the casino making you this offer. Is it a reputable platform or is it a new platform?

Lastly, be patient and search for the offer that suits you best.

Artist’s rendering of the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Renfrewshire, UK

CPI has today announced an agreement with Pfizer, making it the newest partner of the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre collaboration. The partnership will enable the Centre to draw upon Pfizer’s expertise within the pharmaceutical sector to help address key challenges and maximise efficiency within the medicines supply chain.

Artist’s rendering of the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Renfrewshire, UK

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre is a collaboration between CPI, the University of Strathclyde and founding industry partners GSK and AstraZeneca, with funding provided by Scottish Enterprise and UK Research and Innovation. The Centre aims to advance emergent and disruptive technologies through a series of flagship ‘Grand Challenge’ projects to increase productivity and patient outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The new partnership with Pfizer will focus on Grand Challenge 1, which aims to develop an innovative continuous direct compression (CDC) platform enabling oral solid dosage medicines to be formulated more robustly and efficiently. The CDC platform will feature a digital twin and data predictor model to allow for the modelling of processes in a digital space. This capability will improve efficiency and significantly cut down the quantity of starting materials needed to optimise formulations with the aim of enabling companies to ultimately develop formulations faster and at reduced cost. 

As a partner in the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre collaboration, Pfizer will be providing data, expert skill and knowledge of continuous mixing technology. Pfizer’s contributions to Grand Challenge 1 will aim to minimise costs and significantly reduce risk by providing vital technical expertise for further development of the digital twin and data predictor model for the CDC platform. 

Dave Tudor, Managing Director at the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, said: “We are extremely proud to be working with Pfizer and look forward to drawing on its wealth of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. This partnership will help to further develop the CDC platform as part of Grand Challenge 1, leading to reduced materials requirements and lower costs for the end-user.”

Brian Henry, Vice President, Drug Product Design, at Pfizer, said: “We are excited to begin our partnership with the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre to support the delivery of Grand Challenge 1. Through the support of Pfizer’s Emerging Science Fund, we believe we can utilise our collective knowledge to build predictive models for continuous tablet manufacturing, with the goal of enhancing our ability to accelerate the drug development process and help deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.”


If you’ve been on a train going to Glasgow Central on a weekday morning these last few months, you’d be surprised how quiet it has been compared to what it used to be like. It’s gone from a free-for-all to sometimes seeing rows of empty seats around rush hour.


It is hard to believe we are coming up on a year of being in various forms of lockdown. What a crazy shift many of us have had. While many people are still working out and about and staying safe, a huge chunk of people now call some part of their homes their office. All those people who used to squeeze their way onto the train are swapping the morning commute for a lie-in, or morning yoga, or having the time to take care of family business and not feel rushed. And while so many people are adjusting to the work from home way of living, it would be fair to say that most of us haven’t spent much time updating the home office. You might think it’s a fuss to do so or that it would be an inconvenience. Such thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.

Thanks to the local furniture experts at Hampton & McMurray, who have been proudly serving customers across the Greater Glasgow area since 1952, here are some of the essential areas you should be tweaking and improving to have a fully functional home office, regardless of whether you’re at a small table under the stairs or have a spare bedroom itching to look the part. 

Start with a chair

If I had only one thing to tell you, it would be to get a proper office chair. Regardless of where you’re working or how out of place it might look at weekends, it is better to have your posture right and back supported rather than spend around 8 hours a day sitting in something with no support.

Office chairs aren’t as expensive as you think either. There are big names like Herman Miller, which cost a pretty penny, but everywhere from IKEA to John Lewis to Amazon have budget-friendly options you can get shipped to your door. You’ll be surprised at how different sitting “normally” will feel after so long having not done it.

Learn about eye-lines

Swapping your ergonomic desk and nice mouse mat with raised monitor for the home office for a laptop you hunch over isn’t doing your back any good. Read up on eye-lines and screen distance when using a laptop at home. The majority of people using laptops at home for work are starting to build bad posture habits (just think about what you’ve been doing if you’ve been working at a laptop for almost a year now). 

The easiest way of rectifying the slouch is to ask your work if they can provide a laptop holder, along with a separate keyboard and mouse. They’re easier to use and less cumbersome to store away (if you’re working from the kitchen or dining room table) than a monitor.

Tidy your mind with practical storage

I can’t work around a messy desk. But I also don’t have anywhere for a filing cabinet. Getting some practical storage, even it’s a small desk tidy, really helps clear your space and mind at the end of the work. It’s a terrible thing to have your work hanging over your head after clocking off, so even it means having a desk tidy or box you have to put away every evening, get some storage.

Get some artwork you want to look at

If you were working in an office with a view, and it has been swapped for a box room with a tiny window looking at the garden, you’ll want to get some wall art or artwork up. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or out of the ordinary. You don’t even have to head to the retail parks and look through home décor sections like the old days of flinging through posters at the record shop.

Do a bit of online shopping during your lunch break to find unique prints, artwork, and posters. I’ve found that Etsy is a great place to start. Type in something like “Paisley print/ Glasgow print” or something you’re a fan of, and you’ll be surprised at all the amazing local talents selling their drawings and prints online. Buy a few, support local artists, and hang them up to give your room some character.

Oh, and make sure you have one you can hang behind you, as it will look great when you’re on video calls.

Even if you think the next few months will see some form of routine kick back in with visiting the office once or twice a week, having a home office that is an inviting and welcoming space to work is only a good thing. I hope some of the expert advice here helps you figure out what you need to do with your home office. And don’t forget, if you need help finding anything I’ve talked about here, get in touch with Hampton & McMurray to see how they can help.

paisley from drone

For most people, when they think of caravan homes, they just imagine a towed house and bringing it anywhere they want so they can have the comfort of home wherever they may go. 

However, with a touring caravan, you need to be careful with how you design it as items could fall off, causing damage and accidents when you bring them for a ride. With a static caravan, on the other hand, you can only transport them once and it should be there indefinitely.  

A static caravan works by transporting the caravan once to your preferred destination, such as some holiday parks in Scotland. With this, you can maximize the benefits as you don’t have to worry about falling off any objects while moving. You can add as many free-standing appliances and include central heating for a comfortable night of stay.  

Moreover, listed below are some tips on how you can purchase a static caravan for sale and rent in Scotland: 

  1.     Research The Holiday Park

Before you invest in a static caravan, research the area where the caravan would be standing still first. If you plan to bring children with you, you should verify if the facilities are adequate for young children. In this way, you can guarantee that everyone will have fun. Also, if you plan on bringing your pet with you, it’ll also be ideal if the holiday park is pet-friendly so they get to enjoy playing outside as well.  

For your best bet, you should visit the holiday park first and see if it fits your requirements. By doing so, you’ll be able to see if the park is rich in outdoor activities, art and leisure activities, or shopping and dining experiences. In this way, you can already set your expectations once you’ve reached the place.  

  1.     Set Your Budget

When it comes to renting or purchasing static caravans for sale in Scotland, anticipate that it can be expensive given that different features may charm you into acquiring another caravan. With static caravans, it could be a single unit or a twin unit, which allows more people to join.  

Along with sizes, you also need to consider the features of the caravan’s interiors. Some caravans can be traditional, luxurious, or cabin-like. With better-looking mobile homes, you need to prepare a bigger budget as the interior design cost isn’t cheap. You also need to consider the cost of the furniture and appliance you wish to add to your caravan for a comfortable living.  

Apart from the cost, you also need to consider the holiday park site’s fees. Since you’re parking your caravan in an area where it holds excellent views and activities, you need to pay the cost so you can enjoy it. You need to note that holiday fees can increase annually, hence prepare for the possible price increase. 

  1.     Know The Static Caravan Insurance Cost

Apart from the caravan cost, you also need to purchase static caravan insurance as it’ll help keep your caravan protected from any damage or if anything goes wrong. While acquiring insurance isn’t a requirement, it can help you be at peace when you feel that something’s wrong with your caravan. In this way, you can rest assured that you won’t be spending too much as you’re insured. 

The cost of static caravan insurance may vary depending on the caravan’s size, condition, and age. Consult with an insurance company to give you an estimated price of your caravan’s insurance cost.  

  1.     Consider The Size Of The Caravan

As mentioned above, caravans have two different sizes. With a single unit, you only need to transport it in a single-vehicle on a single trip. With a twin unit, it’s two single units joined together once both caravans had arrived in the location. Even with additional work, a twin unit would be extra spacious, making it perfect for larger families.  

If your family is small, it’ll be ideal if you go for a single unit as you don’t need the extra space. While having a spacious area is comfortable, the holiday trip’s goal is to allow everyone to stay closer to each other. 

If you’re having a small unit but would still love to enjoy the inside, you can add holiday decorations so you’ll truly feel the holiday spirit while inside.  


When you’ve finally decided to purchase or rent a caravan in Scotland, you need to ensure that you look for the best location as you’re going to spend most of your time there. You also need to prepare for the total costs as they don’t come in cheap. You need to consider plenty of things when purchasing or renting a static caravan that’ll fit perfectly for your family. 

Even with a caravan, you shouldn’t forget to bring your valuables for a hassle-free holiday. At the end of the day, everyone’s enjoyment and safety are a priority as it’s the purpose of having the holiday trip.

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People are often worried about how to deal with a disabled person. They might even feel intimidated or anxious if they need to assist them. It’s hard to know whether they want to be treated in a special manner or if they simply want to be treated just like everybody else. If you are taking care of a loved one who is disabled, or are just curious about the correct etiquette when it comes down to how to help and motivate a disabled person, read on.

Ask Before Offering Them Help 

One of the most important ways you can help and motivate a disabled person is one of the most seemingly counterintuitive: to not help! At least, not before you ask whether it is okay to help them or not. Never assume that they need your assistance and always keep in mind that they know how to deal with their disability better than anyone else. If you want to support them, ask them first and make sure you understand their needs and exactly how they want you to assist them. The more specific the instructions, the better. 

Ensure They Receive Their Daily Needs

In the era we are living in where a pandemic is raging on, it is incredibly important for those with disabilities to eat healthy food. This may be difficult, as leaving the house when a highly infectious disease is lurking can be life-threatening for them. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that they regularly have enough groceries in the house. A great way to help them is to teach them how to purchase their groceries online or to simply get them what they need and deliver it, as safely as possible, to their houses. You should also make sure there is someone present to cook their nourishing meals every day. 

Adjust your Posture to Eye-Level 

This tip is for you if the disabled person you are taking care of is in a wheelchair. Often, the height difference between people who are wheelchair-bound and able bodies can create an unintended feeling of superiority. To make sure you aren’t making them feel inferior, try to sit or stand at eye-level with the person with a disability if it is possible to do so. Sitting in a chair is the best way to do this. You should try to avoid kneeling as this may cause the handicapped person to feel like they are a child. 

Buy Them a Power Wheelchair 

Another way you can help disabled people is by buying them assistive technologies to help them become more self-reliant. For example, buying them a folding power wheelchair can help to significantly increase their mobility with minimal risk involved. Power wheelchairs today are also light and can be folded up compactly, with batteries that can keep going for more than 15 miles. Those with dual motors can also add an extra feeling of security, knowing that the motor won’t fail and leave the handicapped person stranded.

Respect their Personal Space 

Respecting the personal space of someone who has a disability is crucial in order to help them. They typically don’t like anyone touching them or their equipment, or interacting with their Guide Dogs, if they have one. If you want to move their wheelchair, it’s a must to ask them for permission first. You should also always knock before you enter the room. Moreover, if they don’t talk openly about their disability, don’t bring it up. If they open up about it, don’t discuss it with anyone else, even with their care workers or family members, without their consent. 

Make Them Feel Confident 

A final way to motivate a person with a disability is to make them feel as confident as you can. Numerous disabled people suffer from low self esteem resulting from their condition. This is often increased due to how people act when they are around them. To help them overcome this, you should make it a note never to stare at them and to instead make eye contact with them when talking. Try to sit down whenever you talk to them and don’t strike up a conversation about their disabilities. You should also remember that the majority of them don’t want your sympathy and would prefer to be treated normally. 


Many people may be uncomfortable dealing with those who have special needs for many reasons. They may feel sorry for them because of their disability or they may be afraid that they will say something offensive or treat them in a way that is abnormal and upset them. In any case, it’s important to remember that they are just people and would more often than not like to be treated as such. Asking before offering help, buying them assistive tools to help them become more independent, and respecting their personal space can go a long way to give them a boost of motivation.


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