Living in a motorhome can be a great way to explore unfamiliar locations without missing out on much of the comfort and convenience experienced in a conventional home. They have become quite popular over the years, some states in the US have even legalized permanent motorhome living. Amid all the fun and convenience, however, not everyone has the pleasure to own a motorhome. This could be due to limitations such as time, flexibility, and finances. In this case, renting becomes the most realistic option to enjoy the motorhome experience, perhaps when you have a few days or weeks away from work.

Nonetheless, there are a few things to have in mind when renting one, so you can get the best experience. These may include the right timing, the ideal motorhome type, parking, safety, security, and everything in between. With this having been said, here are six things you should know before hiring a motorhome.

1. Where to Get One 

Now that you have decided to try out the motorhome experience, one of the first things you will need to know is where to get one. In this case, you will want to identify an established company that provides motorhome rentals near your area. This adds convenience since you won’t have to ferry your personal belongings a long distance. Also, you will want to ensure that the company you are renting a motorhome from is reputable and reliable. Some of the best companies have a diverse range of motorhome options that you can easily choose from to suit your budget. Their fleet is also well-maintained to ensure your safety while on the road. Moreover, a reputable company will have adequate insurance to ensure that in case anything like an accident happens, the costs of repair and other related expenses will be off your budget. 

2. Types of Motorhomes 

Motorhomes are often classified as recreational vehicles. There are two types of RV’s; the motorhome and the trailers. The trailers are attached to another vehicle and towed from the back of the other cars. As for the motorhomes, they are full vehicles with a dedicated engine.

If you are going to rent a motorhome, you need to know the available types because they vary in size, features, and amenities. Well, there are three main types of motorhomes, classified into classes A, B, and C. They are as follows:

  • Class A motorhomes are usually huge and bus-like. They are very spacious and can look intimidating driving on the road.
  • Class B rigs are usually smaller than the A, and a bit larger than the C. They are less spacious compared to class A but tend to be a more economical option. There’s also a class B+, which is a bit larger than class B and offers additional luxuries.
  • Class C is the smallest, with their main advantage being the ability to maneuver them with ease on the roads. They, however, tend to have very limited space.

Your choice at the end of the day will be determined by your specific needs, how many people you are traveling with, and your budget. If you are traveling with family, for instance, you will definitely go for a bigger motorhome.

3. Prepare For the Worst 

If you have been a truck driver, a motorhome won’t be a challenge for you. If, however, you have been a car driver like most of us, driving an RV for the first time is possibly going to be a challenge for you. This is because you are driving a huge vehicle that barely fits in the lanes, perhaps with parts sticking out from various directions. The probability that you are going to hit or scratch something on the way is often high. To be on the safe side, make sure you have insurance cover in addition to the one held by the rental company. It will also reduce stress while driving, and perhaps even keep you more alert on the road.

4. Where to Park 

You need to know that you don’t just park your RV in any parking lot. Also, there are amenities like electrical outlets and water hookups that you won’t find in any parking lot. Therefore, as you go on to rent your motorhome, you should have an idea of the trailer parks you will utilize for the entire route. Fortunately, many places such as the UK and the US have multiple trailer parks in different areas. All you need to do is make an online search of the available ones on the route you intend to use with your motorhome.

5. Carry Layers 

The fact that you are looking for a motorhome means you are looking forward to having some fun out there on the road. If this is so, you need to know that it gets chilly even when the AC is working perfectly. This is even so in the middle of the summer. That being said, you need to bring a variety of warm clothes so you are comfortable regardless of the temperature fluctuations.

6. Beware of Your Motorhome’s Height 

Higher chances are that you are only used to conventional cars, and the motorhome will be a new experience for you. Well, you need to know the height of the vehicle right from the start because you will be literally living in it. Many parts of the road will also require you to be aware of the height and weight capacity so you comply with traffic rules.

RVs are usually fun, especially when you are setting off for a long-distance trip. They cut the cost of having to book hotels and give you ample space to enjoy your trip while bonding with nature. Take a look at the above piece to get useful info before heading out to rent a motorhome.