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The world of online casinos and gaming makes use of industry specific jargon that may be intimidating to not only the novice, but sometimes, even more experienced players. One of the most confusing terms you may encounter is wagering requirements and online slot bonuses, but do not fret, as they are not as baffling as you might initially think. But be warned, in today’s generation, don’t ever attempt cheating on slot machines, as you will surely fail. Let us explain:

Online Slot Bonuses

Online casinos are a business. And like all businesses, online casinos run marketing campaigns to promote their businesses and to encourage new people to join. One of the most common campaigns is an online slot bonus. What these are, are free rewards offered to you to play a specific game on their platform. These incentives can be anything from free cash deposited into your online playing account to increasing your first deposit into your playing account by a certain percentage. Different online casinos will offer you different bonuses to encourage you to join.

Wagering Requirements

As was mentioned earlier, online casinos are businesses. Online slot bonuses are marketing campaigns. A campaign that you can compare to your local supermarket advertising a ‘buy two, get one free’ special. Using this analogy, ‘buy two’ is a wagering requirement and ‘get one free’ is the online slot bonus. A wagering requirement differs per online casino, but in essence, it is a pre-set minimum amount you must have wagered in order to qualify to withdraw an online slot bonus.

Why do casinos offer online slot bonuses that are linked to wagering requirements?

There are many reasons for there being a minimum wagering requirement being needed to qualify for an online slot bonus. In some cases, it may be a legal requirement to prevent criminal syndicates from using an online casino as a money laundering tool. If there were no wagering requirements, criminals could deposit dirty money into their online casino account, then withdraw it immediately. Now this criminally attained money would be considered clean.

This is one reason, but the primary reason for a wagering requirement is to ensure that the online casino remains operational. Remember the ‘buy two, get one free’ example that we used earlier? Imagine if that same company had a ‘buy none, get one free’ special. It wouldn’t be long before that supermarket would be out of business. This is what would happen if casinos offered online slot bonuses without there being a wagering requirement.

How to make use of online Slot bonuses?

Casinos are businesses like any other business. Some casinos are better than others. Some casinos might not be as good as others, but they run better marketing campaigns to attract new customers. So, how can you ensure that you choose the right online slot bonus for you?

Firstly, don’t act on impulse. Read the terms and conditions of any online slot bonus that is on offer.

Secondly, consider the casino making you this offer. Is it a reputable platform or is it a new platform?

Lastly, be patient and search for the offer that suits you best.