Coacha Supporting Grassroots Sports Clubs with New Track and Trace Feature

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UK-based sports club software developers Coacha has introduced a new tool that should help sports, recreational and pastime clubs of all sizes adhere to new government re-opening guidelines. As we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, it is important that all businesses are doing everything in their power to prevent new transmissions. Thanks to Coacha’s new Track and Trace tools, people that have come in to contact with a COVID positive member of their club can be identified and notified quickly and efficiently.

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How the Software Works

Many sports clubs up and down the country employ some sort of membership management software to help them control those with access to their venue and classes there. Coacha develops software to help with this management, so it only made sense for them to then introduce a new Track and Trace software for grassroots clubs of any type to also use.

In particular, sports clubs in the UK re-opened on 25th July after several months of closure. This is a massive step forward, but the UK government has introduced many guidelines to help keep members safe as they return to their clubs.

All members who attend the clubs need to be recorded for a minimum of 21 days. There needs to be particular attention paid towards who else they come in to contact with at the club whilst attending any classes or sessions. Should a member test positive for COVID-19, this will be recorded in the software and an alert can be sent out to any of the other members who may have come into contact with them.

This Track and Trace functionality is going to be crucial in getting clubs open again. The data needed by authorities can easily be downloaded from Coacha in just a few clicks and quickly passed on. This all helps to prove to members, parents and local authorities that their clubs are serious about creating a safe environment as we come out of the crisis.

Supporting the Smaller Clubs Too

Coacha has always had a strong ethos of helping out smaller grassroots clubs to help them meet their full potential. Their membership management software with added Track and Trace functionality costs just £25pcm, but they understand that this can be quite an ask for the smaller clubs.

Due to this, they have developed Coacha Lite, a free version of their advanced software. This software is free for life and includes the use of the Track and Trace features. If a club chooses not to pursue Coacha Premium once the free trial is over, they will automatically be switched to Coacha Lite.

These tools can securely store the details of up to 50 members, including their medical info and next of kin details. This information already exists and so there is no risk of breaking GDPR regulations. It will also allow clubs to organise classes and events – including taking attendance – in addition to helping with Track and Trace. These new features will be crucial in ensuring that grassroots clubs are able to meet important government re-opening guidelines.

Worldwide Support

Though Coacha is based in the UK, they have already launched versions of their membership management software across the world. Sports clubs across the EU, Australia, the US, and Canada are now able to take advantage of what the Coacha system is offering them. This only helps to strengthen Coacha’s commitment to grassroots cl